The boss of Holden New Zealand has reportedly revealed to his dealers the car that will replace the Commodore when Australian production ends in 2017.

Managing director of Holden NZ Jeff Murray told the New Zealand Herald he privately showed dealers the new large sedan in June, giving them a glimpse of the new model roughly three and a half years before it is destined to go on sale in Australia and across the ditch.

CarAdvice understands Australian dealers have also been shown images of the vehicle that will replace the Commodore.

Holden’s Australian corporate affairs executive director George Svigos would neither confirm nor deny whether dealers had seen the new car, but told CarAdvice the car maker had regular discussions with its dealers about future products.

Murray allegedly revealed that the new model would be sourced from either General Motors’ US line-up or Opel in Europe, and was one of three large sedans available overseas.

Yahoo NZ Autos reports the Commodore replacement will be a new version of either the Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Impala or the Opel Insignia. Unlike the Commodore, which is rear-wheel drive and offers customers the option of V6 and V8 engines, the three cars rumoured as its successor are powered by four-cylinder and V6 engines only and are based on front-wheel-drive architectures, though the Buick and Opel are available with optional all-wheel drive.

Murray also reportedly ruled out the Commodore being succeeded by the next-generation Malibu or the Cadillac ATS – the latter being smaller than the Commodore but featuring similar rear-wheel-drive underpinnings.

The German-made Insignia is the only model of the trio that is available in sedan, liftback and wagon body styles, potentially heightening its chances of succeeding the Commodore. The LaCrosse and Impala are offered exclusively as sedans. None offers a direct replacement for the ute, however, to which Murray suggested: “There may be another variant that is introduced to cater for that market. It potentially may become a different family.”

The NZ boss said a decision on whether the iconic Commodore name – which will be 40 years old when the replacement model is due in 2018 – would stay or go would be made “in six to eight months”.

He also said the VF Commodore would get a mid-life ‘Series 2′ update at the end of 2015.

Murray made the comments while speaking with New Zealand motoring media at yesterday’s launch of the Holden Trax turbo in Melbourne.

  • Golfschwein

    Our new large sedan might be sourced from Europe, eh? Hmm. What goes around, comes around. Same applies to US sourcing, come to think of it.

    • Karl Sass

      I’m in NZ and Holden are currently running an ad which ends with the tag line “where ever the future takes us” and clearly shows a Holden badged Insignia. The video is on Holden NZ’s youtube channel.

      • Jack Yan

        Right down to an INS15 number plate.

        It’d probably do well. Vectra A and B were strong sellers in their day. Epica was never a true successor to the Vectra C and left Holden with a gap in the CD segment. I’m curious whether Malibu and Insignia B would be too close in size though.

  • Exar Kun

    The triumphant return of the Opel Omega then?

    • Regie

      they could maybe call it the ….”Commodore” – beats Premier, Kingswood and Belmont.

  • Aus_poppa

    there would seem to be only three cars currently produced by GM which would fit the bill, as to general size. Opel Insignia from Europe – which is additionally produced as a Buick Regal, in China and the USA (actually Canada) – Chevrolet Impala from the USA, or maybe the Buick Lacrosse, produced in the USA, China and Korea.

    Actually the Impala is the newest car of this bunch – an all new model for 2014 – and would be available in 2017 at its mid-life face-lift point.

    • TE Kuga owner

      “or maybe the Buick Lacrosse, produced in the USA, China and Korea.”

      Its a FWD with 4cly 6 speed auto sedan only (so if you want a Holden wagon, you better go and buy the VF Sportswwagon because its the last of the line) … Also with the FTA with Korea, one would think that GM Australia will be sourcing all there vehicles (excluding commercial which will come from Thailand) from Korea (a.k.a GM Daweoo).

      As for the name, General Motors should do what Ford AU have done and that is end the Commodore name, and while they are at it, its time for the Holden name to be replaced by Chevrolet.

      • lk-90

        Malibu, Impala, Insignia and LaCrosse – all the same car, drivetrains developed at the Powertrain divisio in Detroit and bodyshell and trim designed at the San Francisco design studio. All the local divisions do is choose the trim levels and do a bit of local roadtesting.

  • suomi95

    Opel has the Insignia as it’s largest car…so more likely to be for the US…..maybe built in Korea….who knows.

  • blue

    Could not possibly be any worse than the Commondore- unless they go for a US based successor.

    • Cobrajet

      It will be if it is front wheel drive.

  • Aus_poppa

    Whatever the car it will clearly be FWD. GM do not produce anything which is RWD, except Cadillac, which is not a starter for Australia, because that would require a whole new car. Whatever it is it will be a re grilled version of something already produced. For my money I would certainly bet on it still being a Holden, probably bet on it still being called a Commodore, and as none of the possible successors come as a wagon, it will be Sayonara Holden wagon.

    • TE Kuga owner

      Worst decisions they can make is still calling it a Commodore …

      They would have more success by using a new name for it and starting fresh and that includes dropping HOLDEN, its time since 95% of there vehicles are Chevrolet based which are in fact GM Korea a.k.a Daewoo

  • JB

    So we will get a car that will be three years old in 2017 ???

  • AG53

    I hope the Cadillac CTS is our new Commodore! Although I doubt it will be.

  • justin

    If there are no more rwd v8 from holden then I wont be buying a new holden ever again

  • Jerome s

    Impala makes the most sense, it’s design language mirrors the Malibu and Chevy could actually build a brand that has styling continuity in Australia finally.

    • Phil

      or they could ditch the Malibu and Cruze and get styling continuity from Opel via Astra, Insignia, Corsa etc.

  • Rocket

    A FWD car larger than the Malibu will be unwanted even if it has the Commodore badge stuck on it in my opinion. GM fans will have to pray for the Camaro or Cadillac to get a RWD V8.

  • barry

    It will be a spectacular fall for General Motors in AU +NZ post the Commodore end.

  • Aus_poppa

    The only place in the world which will build a V8 in volume anymore will be the USA – and even the full size utes – Ford, Chev and Ram (Chrysler) are shifting away from V8s to V6s. So far as cars are concerned the prospect of ever seeing another RWD V8 car sold in this country will be if Hyundai brings in one of the models which it produces for the USA market – Genesis V8 or Equus.

    • There is this one

      Two words = Ford Mustang

      • Bring it On

        Two more words: Corvette Stingray. What I would give to be able to drive the 2015 model here!

    • pro346

      Or a merc bmw lexus etc…..

  • horsie

    buy a SS commodore now and mothball it.
    will be worth a lot one day.

  • m1n1s1n

    ‘Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Impala or the Opel Insignia’ they are all the same car

  • AJS

    Interesting looking at all 3. They all have similar styling. I think out of the three I like the Impala most. It heads back to the angular purposeful look. But sadly FWD, not as exciting.

  • john

    After 2017,I don’t give a rats what Holden does. I won’t acknowledge anything in their range as being Holden. The spirit of the FJ,EH, HK,LX Torana ,and VZ Monaro will be gone. By continuing the ‘Holden’ and possible ‘Commodore’ branding, they’ll try to continue as if all is as before. But your average Commodore buyer won’t see it that way. They can’t be confused with Toyota or Proton drivers who couldn’t care less where their wheels were shipped in from.
    Holden=1948-2017. RIP.

  • Geeman049

    For my money if they are going to send front wheel JUNK down here GM may as well save time and money and don’t bother. I think “No car” is better than FWD rubbish. I will buy a Jeep.