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Sequential shift | Tiptronic-style

Sequential shift also known as “Tiptronic-style” automatic. Although the name sounds fancy it is simply an automatic transmission with the ability for the driver to change gears up or down (without a clutch) as desired. It is not a clutchless manual, which dispenses with a clutch pedal (the clutch is controlled electronically) but in most other respects it operates as a manual transmission.

The Advantages for a Sequential shift:

  • It is quicker. For example, to go from 2nd to 3rd gear in a manul gearbox using the “H” pattern, the driver has to push the lever up, over and up again. Which takes a great deal more time then simply pushing the lever up
  • It is the same motion to change every gear up, or down.
  • Hard to cause engine and gearbox damage by putting the car into the wrong gear.

The Disadvantages for a Sequential shift:

  • Doesn’t feel like a manual
  • Not as fun (but we are just splitting hairs here)

The Majority of race cars (for example Formula 1) use this type of transmission. A great deal of everyday sports (Porsche) cars also use this type of transmission.

  • aakash

    i hav a mitsubishi lancer MR 2002. it has a auto/tiptronic gear. i would like to know if there are any potential damages to engine or gearbox when tiptronic is used

  • Lazybones

    Another disadvantage (for tiptronic), is in a manual you don’t always go up & down the gears sequentially. You usually skip a gear in hard acceleration.

    And also, tiptronic gives you no control over how you engage the clutch. IE soft or aggressive.

    In a word, you are more in-tune with the engine driving a manual because the transmission isn’t making any decisions for you. Automatics are more about lazy convenient driving.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/297/sequential-shift-tiptronic-style/ Coupes

    hay all i just brought a new Toyota Corolla Fielder and is a tiptronic tansmission, i just need some tips on how to drive using it

  • Spud

    I recently bought a Euro Tourer with tiptronic, shifting up is fine however shifting down leads to a huge lurch even when travling at a low speed. anyone got any tips on how to drive in tiptronic, as for now i just accelerate to the required speed and put it back into auto gear.

  • http://automatt.cogitact.com/ Matt

    A few things. First of all, Tiptronic is a registered trademark of Porsche and its licensees (such as VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda). It’s unlikely that anyone posting here actually has a real Tiptronic gearbox, but it’s a common mistake, like calling all vacuum cleaners, hoovers.

    Lazybones… who on earth skips gears under hard acceleration??? If you do, you certainly won’t be accelerating very hard.

    Coupes… not much to it. If you feel you’re accelerating too slow, bump it back to a lower gear. If you’re braking hard from a high speed, you can change down gears once the revs have dropped, but don’t change too early or the car will lurch… see below.

    Spud… any car (auto or manual) will lurch when you engage a lower gear as the engine is spinning too slow. The real proper auto systems blip the throttle when doing so to avoid that. In a manual you can blip it yourself with a bit of heel and toe.

    Hope that’s helpful.

  • jon

    hey i have a question can you convert a manual car to a tiptronic gearbox and if so how much does it involve doing

  • Ellen

    I’m going to buy a Subaru AWD. With the triptonic can you rock the vehicle like a manual transmission does when you are stuck in snow or ice?

  • amanda

    i just bought a 2010 toyota se camry and i just need some help on how to use the tiptronic? i use it once in a while and i practice downshifting and everything but i am scared i will mess up my transmission. HELP!

    • Ray Stone

      It’s a Camry not a Porsche, just put it in drive push the right pedal to go and the other one to stop. Don’t forget to stay in the right lane at all times and put a box of tissues on the back shelf.

      • Grandma

        Gee Whiz Ray, kinda harsh “It’s just a Camry.” I’ve driven manual transmission since I learned to drive and love the control and pep it lends to a little 4 cyl. I want a slightly bigger car than the subcompacts I’ve had so I’m considering buying a Camry SE with this feature ’cause I thought it may give some of the control a manual gives. I hate automatics. I can’t find a manual trans. in a Camry or Accord which is what I really want. The website says they make ’em but dealers say no such thing exists. True or not?

    • http://- Duke

      Hey Amanda, tiptronic isn’t that hard, i use it when i want to have a little fun, and let my car go, i own an 09 corolla XRS. i’m still getting the hang of the tiptronic, but i think it’s easy enough. Basically keep your eye on the RPMs, when it reaches i’d say about 2500 or 3000 then shift up gears(for basic driving), you can ‘redline’ it (get the rpms to go almost to the red portion near 6-7000 rpms) but that kills gas(but more fun), you’ll get the hang of it, but if you don’t know when to shift in triptronic, or want to up-shift later you’ll end up wasting gas. To downshift just do it while braking gradually, slow down while downshifting till u reach a stop, then get it back to 1, same with slowing down for turns, but never get down to 1 unless you’re stopping. Normal driving use automatic, when you really want to rev the engine and let your car accelerate quick, use tiptronic. This may be the blind leading the blind, but i thought it may help more than some of the other idiotic narcissistic comments on here…cough RAY cough. Good luck and all the best!

  • Al Juraj

    It needs to be taken into account that tiptronics are just conventional automatics or CVTs with virtual ratios. Tugging the lever + or – does not improve performance. You’re just able to control the shift times somehow, but won’t change the 0-100 time as compared to sticking it in ‘D’ and flooring the pedal.

    Manuals still tend to be quicker than all but a handful of autos. There’s not as much fun as giving your left foot some work and shifting up and down the H-pattern.

  • olman zuniga

    If you are a good stick shift driver,you should never skip gears,that is a no no,now if you are losing your feeling on your gear box.might as well go autolazy,atte ozr.

  • Spv

    the advantage of triptronic is when driving up hill.  Many auto transmission today up shift to high gear and want to stay there and lug the engine.  By using the triptronic, you can down shift to 4 or 5 and leave it there until you are over the hill.  You can then go back to D if you want.

    • myxklptk

      I’m over the hill.