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Volkswagen eyes on the road1

Volkswagen has taken a bold step in its attempts to stop drivers from using their mobile phones at the wheel, surprising cinemagoers at a packed Hong Kong theatre with an interactive shock campaign.

The ad, which was shown as a trailer to a feature film at the MCL Cinema in Hong Kong, shows a point-of-view account of a person getting into their car and setting off on a drive.

It all seems quite peaceful at first – but then a text message from a location-based broadcaster is sent to everyone in the cinema with a mobile phone, causing many to look away from the big screen for a quick glance at their personal screen. It’s at that point the film takes a traumatic turn, and the ensuing silence is quite chilling.

Watch the video above to see how the Volkswagen Eyes on the Road campaign panned out.

Using a handheld phone while driving is illegal in Australia, and fines and demerit points apply across all states and territories. The statistics surrounding phone use while driving vary greatly – so much so that NSW Police admits “we don’t know exactly” how many crashes are caused by distracted driving due to “severe under-reporting”.

  • LC

    Tsk tsk…why are these people’s phones on in the cinema to begin with? That’s not very considerate, to say the least.

    • Spence90

      It proves a point that people can’t live without their phones. Its actually quite a good clip showing how we can’t leave our phones alone!


      They would have been told at the start of the ad to keep their phones handy for a text, this wouldn’t work if no one looked away from the screen to check their phone.

    • Guest

      Because it’s staged.

      • Ben

        Staged, but accurate. PPL Look away to play with their stupid phone because they think themselves that important (actually they are just arrogant morons) and bam they just killed themselves or some innocent party. No great loss if they only take themselves. Natural selection at work, but taking someone else is less palatable.

        Great instant ad response. Wonder what the message said? “Perhaps look up stupid”

  • Lack of Concentartion

    From a safety point of view, cars should be made to be more engaging to drive so drivers are not distracted from the primary role of driving the vehicle, too many new cars are to removed from the road and there occupants are just watching TV with plenty of ad breaks.

    No wander Motor Bike riders and cyclists fear them!

  • AhChu

    That is a very strange place to stage such a test. I wonder how many young people featured in that video actually own a car or drive regularly. Hong Kong is a densely populated city but the number of vehicles per capita is not very high compared to many other countries. Traffic jam, cost of ownership etc means the preferred transportation method for the majority is by public tranport in Hong Kong. It would be much better off to have the experiment carried in Australia, NZ or USA.

    • Autoholic

      ..or Europe.

  • Autoholic

    This type of risk is the reason why I use Siri

  • F1orce

    Far too much emphasis is put on speeding & ‘drink driving’
    Both of which have been largely reduced

    Whereas the biggest hazard on roads today are the distracted drivers using their phones texting and updating facebook statuses