• Cheap way to get about; regular Falcon traits; seamless driving.
  • Abysmal omission of safety features; old hat technology; torque.

8 / 10

2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test

2011 Update: Ford Falcon LPG   

Paul Maric reviews the New Ford Falcon G6E and finds safety is placed on the back burner for this Falcon.

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– Review and pictures by Paul Maric

I remember my first experience with gas. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and I was driving my friend’s EA Falcon back to his house after a night out. A little light under the steering wheel was flashing red at me and it didn’t take me long to realise I had run out of gas.

No dramas I thought. I’ll flick it over to petrol and limp it home. Well, being the cheapskate he was, it was out of petrol as well. This was the day I learned that an EA Falcon isn’t the lightest car on the planet – not even close! A couple of bystanders helped me push it to a nearby petrol station where we were good to go again.

The moral of the story is that dual-fuel is confusing – mostly for stupid people like myself. Ford has avoided this issue by introducing dedicated LPG. It’s nothing new, in fact it was first available with the AU Falcon and at the time was quite an impressive feat.

2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test

Since then, 10 years has gone by and the system is…err, almost identical.

If you’ve been following CarAdvice closely over the past year and a bit, you would have noticed that we have been generally quite impressed with the offerings from Ford in the large car market.

Although the sales figures don’t show it, the FG Falcon has been a resounding success for the Australian carmaker. Built quality, build material and that pearler inline six-cylinder engine have improved to offer a real bang-for-your-buck family hauler.

It was with this train of thought flowing through my head that I grabbed the keys to the Ford Falcon G6E LPG.

When you inspect the car from the outside it’s anyone’s guess that it’s LPG powered, aside from the red LPG badge on the number plate, you really can’t tell the difference.

Inside the cabin, it’s must the same story. There’s no aftermarket switchgear to move between petrol and LPG, there’s no additional fuel indicator that you need to keep an eye on, it’s all just one stitched together package.

2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test

The first hint of anything different is in the way the car starts. Catch it on a cold morning and the engine cranks for almost three times longer than it would in an equivalent petrol G6E. It makes it sound like a sick car from inside and out, especially to those walking by.

Once it’s on though, it’s hard to tell any difference.

We’ve already covered much of the interior/exterior of the G6E in our four-car large car comparison, so I’ll focus mainly on the drive and the way the LPG system makes the Falcon feel.

When the FG Falcon was released early last year, there was a collective sigh of relief to hear that the 4-speed automatic gearbox, which had followed – or haunted – the Falcon for many years had gone. However, unfortunately that trusty Australian-built unit still lingers in the LPG powered Falcons.

Yes, although the petrol powered G6E gets a German six-speed ZF Sachs transmission, the equivalent – more expensive – LPG powered version is stuck with a four-speed automatic. Ford claims it cannot make any other gearbox work with the LPG arrangement, not good enough in my opinion.

Ford uses an archaic LPG system that doesn’t allow direct gas injection into the combustion chamber. It claims that this is why it can’t offer a better gearbox with the car. It also claims that this is the reason it isn’t able to offer Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) or even traction control as standard fitment to the vehicle.

2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test

A well built directly injected LPG system often actually improves the vehicle’s performance and improves fuel economy in comparison to the technology Ford currently uses.
This is in comparison to Holden, which currently offers a direct injection dual-fuel LPG system as an option on its V6 vehicles. Its system includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard fitment.

Behind the wheel of the Falcon, you can’t really tell that LPG is powering the engine. Moderate acceleration is linear and there are no discerning torque slaps or lumps when accelerating uniformly.

It’s only when you stand on the gas, pardon the pun, that you begin to notice the difference. Ford’s LPG powered Falcon feels quite lethargic and lacks the mid-range acceleration burst you would find in any other petrol powered Falcon. It is really noticeable when overtaking; there is a total lack of burst as you move to overtake, which finds you standing on the pedal for longer to get past slow moving cars.

I also found out the exciting way that DSC wasn’t standard fitment to the LPG Falcon range. I didn’t bother checking and just assumed that DSC was fitted. As part of our test regime, a swerve test on our private dirt circuit is a must for all vehicles fitted with this life saving technology.

At about the point DSC normally kicks in I noticed nothing was happening. After straightening the car up again, I realised there was no DSC, there wasn’t even traction control. This meant that Ford’s 5-star FG Falcon was thrown back into the dark ages of automotive history, missing out on features that are standard among most $20,000 vehicles!

Handling and braking is much the same as a regular Falcon, it’s good enough to keep you happy. Boot room is only compromised by the fact the spare wheel now sits above the floor line of the boot compartment. A donut shaped LPG tank sits where the full-size spare tyre normally goes. You could simply remove the spare tyre to have a normal sized boot again.

One of the other disadvantages of the old hat LPG technology Ford uses is the added fuel consumption. On test, the average fuel consumption was around 16.3-litres/100km. Engine power is some 39kW down on the petrol version at 156kW, likewise with torque, which is down 20Nm to 371Nm.

Well, that’s the end of the story with the LPG Falcon. It really is nothing special when it comes to driving the car, along with the safety credentials. Priced at $50,490 ($2000 extra for LPG conversion), it’s a lot to be paying for a car that really lacks in comparison to its direct competition.

Where Ford could really excel with LPG technology, they have dropped the ball and fallen way behind. A direct injection dedicated LPG system, along with more power and less fuel consumption would be a good start.

The gearbox and then the safety aspects would surely top this off to be a very appealing option for buyers – one that you’d be nuts to pass up. At the moment though, I’d be giving the LPG Falcon range a wide berth.

Midway through writing this review a press release from Ford hit our desks, advising us that LPG powered Falcon sedans would now be equipped with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), in line with the rest of the FG Falcon sedan range. So keep in mind that at time of writing, this feature wasn’t fitted and wasn’t available on the car we tested.

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  • Engine:
  • Power: 156kW @ 4750rpm
  • Torque: 371Nm @ 2750rpm
  • Induction: Naturally aspirated
  • Transmission: Four-speed automatic
  • Differential/Driven Wheels: Rear-wheel
  • Brakes: Ventilated front with twin piston calliper. Solid rear with single piston calliper
  • Top Speed: N/A
  • 0-100km/h: N/A
  • 0-400m: N/A
  • CO2 Emissions: 240g/km
  • Fuel Consumption: 14.9l/100km (claimed)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 93-litres
  • Fuel Type: LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)
  • ANCAP Rating: Four star
  • Airbags: Six
  • Safety: ABS brakes with EBD and BA.
  • Spare Wheel: Full size spare
  • Tow Capacity: 2300kg braked/750kg unbraked
  • Turning Circle: 11.0m
  • Warranty: 3-years/100,000km
  • Weight: 1754kg
  • Wheels: 16-inch alloys with 235/50R16 tyres

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2009 Ford Falcon Review & Road Test
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  • Tom

    Definitely worth going the petrol version, is the Holden system far superior? Ive heard good things said about Holdens LPG offerings.

  • http://www.thomasr.org/ Tom Reynolds

    So you can save money, but risk your life in the process?

    Gee Ford, that’s just a terrible outcome. This will damage LPG as a “brand” and really damage the FG’s reputation. Why do something like that in these trying times? A cash grab? Silly, silly, silly.


  • Al Juraj

    What should be the FG’s strong link is actually its weakest. The base XT is better than the Omega in just about every way, up until the V8-crushing turbo models. Relying on an old LPG system and an ancient 4-speed auto is something Ford could have been smarter than. Converting your car to an injection LPG system would cost about 2 grand after the government rebate, which is the same money Ford is asking for this primitive setup. To add insult to injury, you lose a great deal of power and at least one cog over the equivalent petrol version.

    The E-gas should have been the most appealing of the Falcon bunch. Yes, it costs less to run than petrol, but at the back of your head, you always know a more advance system could save even more money with better economy, yet with hardly any performance loss. Ford, please update this ASAP.

  • Sam

    Ford Failcon

  • Captain Mainwaring

    However you package LPG it is a third less efficient at propelling your vehicle than the same quantity of petrol. Depending on how you program the car’s computer, you’ll either get a third less performance or a third more fuel consumption, or a compromise between the two. If it’s all taxed on an equal basis LPG is a total loser, but the greenies will find a way of telling you that you’re saving the planet.

  • Devil666

    Holden’s current LPG injection system sees losses of just 5nm and 5kw in V6 versions, but burns LPG more efficiently than the old Ford setup.

    HSV is currently testing a Liquid Injection system similar to Direct Injection, similar to the system currently being sold by LPG Warehouse. LPG Warehouse has found that converting to Liquid Injection LPG has found a gain of 30kw on an LS2, with increased torque and fuel economy much improved over current LPG setups, and within 10-15% of the efficiency of regular 91 petrol.

    Apparently the kit is about $4000 with either a big boot mounted cylinder or a doughnut shaped one in the boot. The Gov’t has grants of up to $2000 for switchers.

  • jeikz

    Hmm sorry to burst your bubble but Dynamic Stability Control as of vehicles built this month do infact come standard.

    1Dynamic Stability Control standard with optional E-Gas engine on vehicles built after April 2009 only.


    Can’t say the same about the 4 speed Tranny though

  • ComradeVodka

    pfft, a four speed automatic… And people had a go at the new Cerato for having a four speed automatic.

  • Paul Maric

    Captain Mainwaring:

    Not necessarily.

    A properly installed, well tuned liquid injected LPG setup will only use around 10% more fuel than an equivalent petrol model.

    In addition, it will also give the car more power and torque as a result, as it burns at a lower temperature.

  • Paul Maric


    If you actually read the entire review, you\’d note that in the closing line.

    Regardless of whether Ford are now offering it or not, it should have been available at launch, along with a far better LPG setup.

  • jeikz

    No worries just the inner keyboard warrior coming out. my mistake

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Quote Mr Maric “I remember my first experience with gas.”

    mmmmmmmmm so many reply’s in that statement hahaha but I wont.

    Only 2 1/2 stars for performance hey, did you drive this after your performance car weekend ………..I guess after a weekend of sports cars this has to look a little ordinary 😉

  • SamR

    How is this car a “Cheap way to get about” ???

    $50,490 will buy you TWO medium size cars and THREE small cars, quite nice ones too.

    Some will use half the fuel.

  • the fact

    please don’t worry about some bogans Mr Paul Maric,they will not agree or accept anything unless its suit them.just ignore them.keep up the good work.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Not so good then, sensible folk will stick to the petrol or buy a diesel donk in something else and do 6’s/100km.

    Still prefer the Fordie over the Commie somehow.

  • Frenchie

    Both Ford and Holden have been slow to pickup on LPG.
    Its only when petrol hit $1.70 litre did they start to promote it more.

    Look at Holden, they’re going to bring out a dedicated LPG car. As the article states Ford brought this out 10 years ago.

    Ford launch its FG (LPG) with no DSC, (although they have fixed that). Still it lost sales.

    Finally both car companies should have a 6 speed auto. Doesn’t Hyundai have a LPG 4 cylinder that has a 6 Speed?

  • Mega

    They’ve STILL got that 4sp shitbox? God help me, in our falcon its in a perpetual state of leaking.

    The only thing good about it is it generally picks the right ratio. But that’s not such a great achievement when you realise its only got four flipping gears to choose from.

    Disappointing ford…


    well limited slip,looks like your new car has arrived…

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    ‘The Fact” get over yourself…………Paul knows what Im talking about………..it was tongue in cheek.

    Do you know what he got up to over the weekend ? No didnt think so……..keep watching this site and you may get a clue….

    You dont like FORDS and Holdens we get it,nuff of the Bogan crap its getting boring…..

  • Andrew M

    Firstly I would like to know why you considered its Torque as a negative point????
    If you take what is considered to be the “Most powerfull” large car the Aurion, the LPG falcon has 35nm more torque and it reaches it 1950 revs EARLIER down the scale.

    It also sports 46nm more than the other competitor the Commodore.

    I think you also compared it too much to the petrol G6E in that if you look at it, the closest competing LPG vehicle (the commodore) also only sports a 4sp auto. Even less excuses there they are menat to have the “fandangle” system.

    On fuel consumption,
    Its worth noting that the E-Gas uses 14.9L (officially)
    Its also worth noting that the 08 model LPG injected “fandangle” systemed commodores used 16L officially.
    It wasnt until recently when holden cut power and made a few other changes that the commodores figure just snuck under the falcons for consumption.
    Cant be that far behing if the old hat tech only got pipped a matter of months ago.

    Now in saying all that, (and this may sound funny)
    I Agree with the sentiments that you displayed in terms of Needing the injected system, (Ive been lobbying for that for ages, same with the next point)
    Needing another choice of Transmission (perhaps even bring back the manual)

    BUT, I certainly dont think it deserves the huge negative bit of light you put upon it when you actually compare it to the competition.

    I actually think a lot of the driving difference you picked up on in terms of power etc could also be blamed on the 4speeder not being a blot on the world class 6speeder in the petrol version

    I currently have an FG 6speed manual and my previous was an E-Gas 5 speed manual. The biggest difference I found (and i know you did touch on it) is that the petrol version revs outthrough the higher revs much better.
    the E-Gas tends to flatten out around the 3500rpm mark.
    Bottom end, the LPG is just as capable.

    When i first got the new petrol FG, I thought it had far less bottom end than the E-Gas. With my regular trailer weighing an easy tonne on the back and stopped at the top of a hill at the stop sign on the way home, I instanty noticed the petrol needs many more revs to get it off the line. It got instantly better after its first service though????? Perhaps they limit them till the first visit like their turbo brothers???

  • Andrew M

    Im sure the “cheap motoring” Plus refers to the running costs, not the initial cost.
    this E-Gas engine is also available in a lower (and much cheaper) spec

  • Andrew M

    Oh, and just to conclude my story before,

    Im sure you are wondering why I didnt return to E-Gas after my protective essay on it…..

    Well I like manuals, and they no longer offer it with a manual. I might have considered it a little closer with the ZF6 though.
    Also I was starting to think the E-Gas was starting to get left behind.

    I know you have stated the same, but i dont think it deserved the scalding you gave it.

    Compare it to what you get in a small car that costs the same to run, and also compare it to the competition.
    Sure the E-Gas is now getting caught in the market place, but its taken 10 years!!!!! and its still not fully overtaken.

    If it was this versus a small car, i would take this every time.
    I think it deserves praise as being a good substitute for the alternative fuel cost saving alternatives

    Oh, I just realised that the pre current build E-Gas is still safer than the aurion
    even more reason why i feel it didnt deserve the heavy roasting

  • Andrew M

    Oh and just a tip on the slower cranking,

    mine did a battery 4 odd years in.

    when i replaced it i went for the higher performance battery with more cold cranking amps.

    cranking time was dead set cut in half

  • Vince

    I wouldn’t buy this even if it was free.

  • Andrew M

    I wouldnt buy this if it was free either because once you buy it its techniclly not free

    only an idiot would hand over the money after they were given the car for free.

  • star

    4 odd years battery?not good enough.my oringinal japanese made one last 9 years.

  • Wheelnut

    Star – We’re talking about a Car Battery not the ones in your Maglite torch.

    If it’s lasted 9 years It’s most likely not a Dry Cell battery but a more expensive Deep Cycle type – used by a number of Street Machiners [with cars producing serious power]; or those with Show-standard “In Car Entertainment Systesm” [those who have a $30K stereo in a $15K car]

  • Paul Maric

    Andrew M:

    The 4-speed auto petrol Omega feels just as bad as the LPG Falcon when it comes to overtaking.

    They both have very little torque in the mid range. So when you pull out to overtake, both engines rev like crazy to put on speed. When you counter in their weight, they really struggle with such tasks.

    At the end of the day, it’s hard to sway blind brand supporters. But as someone who drives countless cars each month/year, I know how widely Ford has missed the mark with this car.

    It has the overtaking characteristics of a 4-cylinder medium sized car and the fuel efficiency of a high-capacity V8.

    If Ford put enough effort into this car, it could actually have a world class LPG system. Especially when you consider Australia is the world leader in LPG powered vehicle sales.

    The petrol powered Falcon is so much better than the LPG that it’s concerning Ford haven’t significantly updated the system since the AU E-gas Falcon was released.

  • star

    did i say anything about torch?you are dead wrong.my car is just normal sedan that made in japan.don’t assured that u knew everything.you are not.the world is bigger than you think.

  • Local Guy

    Paul maric…….you need to adjust your rating of this car now DSC is available. I agree it needs the new gas injection system and 6 speed auto but it still is better than alot of the VE rang in this form. Berlina and Omega are a joke as their drivelines are nowhere near as good as this cars. I have driven one and while the 4 speed is not as good as the 5 or 6 speed it is still very good. Have you driven a 4 speed VE lately………..crap.

  • Motorhead

    I drove an Egas Falcon from Sydney to Melbourne for the F1 & it cost less then $50 in gas which I was pretty impressed with.
    I can’t think of many cars that could match that especially with 4 big blokes & their luggage in space & comfort.
    Coming home we still had over 100kms on the dte from St Kilda to the Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

  • Cupid Stunt

    “They both have very little torque in the mid range. So when you pull out to overtake, both engines rev like crazy to put on speed. When you counter in their weight, they really struggle with such tasks.”

    Sounds like you lot need an oomphy diesel donk with plenty of grunt and economy to go with it. Save up more and buy an A6. Tee Hee.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    So Star is “The Fact”……cant half tell……….Enlighten us “Star” {briefly off topic} and tell us what type of car is it and the year please !Dry cell battery is it ?

  • Andrew

    E-gas should be a No-Cost Option (NCO) on G6E considering that it is using the 4 speed auto box. And there is no development cost Ford would have to recoup on the gas system itself to explain the price hike compared to $900 eight years ago.

    A family member has one of the last AUIII Dedicated LPG Falcons and he swears by it. He gets around 9L/100km on the highway and it has over 260,000km at last look.

  • Andrew

    Devil666, you’ve got a great point about Holden’s system too. However, I don’t know if anyone remembers the Mitsubishi 380(…), they were offered with a factory fitted Impco vapour injection dual fuel system and Mitsubishi claimed no loss in power or torque. Compare that with Commodore’s 5kW/Nm loss and it makes you wonder.

  • Andrew

    OH, and we’re stuck with the 4 speed for a while yet. In the midst of DSI’s bankruptcy, Ford announced it’s plans to continue ordering the 4-speed into 2010! So unless they plan to make a lot more BFIII wagons, we’ll be waiting that long for an injected LPG Falcon.

    Over and out.

  • http://bent Millatime

    Paul Maric

    A professional journalist who takes pride in his craft would have re-written the article incorporating this “new” information, not simply added a footnote.

    You have made CA look silly, disorganised and out of touch when you consider CA ran this story on the 2nd of April, “Ford improves FG Safety & Fuel Economy”, which goes on to say in only the 2nd paragraph, “Revisions to the safety of Australia’s only dedicated LPG vehicle, the E-Gas Falcon, have also improved with the vehicle now scoring a five-star ANCAP rating.”

    The story later elaborates, “E-Gas powered FG Falcon sedans and utes plus BF MkIII wagon models have also managed an upshift in safety thanks to the introduction of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC – also known as ESP) across the range.

    A unique DSC calibration has been developed for E-Gas vehicles, combining brake intervention, throttle control and spark retard, to improve active safety levels on E-Gas vehicles.”

    So how is it possible that 2 weeks after running that story a “journalist” can lead a story on the 09 Falcon with comments like, “Abysmal omission of safety features..” and, “Safety is placed on the back burner for this Falcon”

    The instant this “article” was published it was out of dated, out of touch and irrelevant. Surely you have the integrity and ability to include the latest updates in a manner we’ve come to expect from CA?

    Or is this something as ugly and abhorrent and obscene as bias?

  • HAL

    Millatime, I doubt that any of the article writers on CarAdvice are aspiring to win the Walkley Award for journalism. I doubt they could care less about being a “professional journalist”, as you put it.

    Suggest you take a hefty dose of chill pills and get down of the high horse dude.

  • Tony M

    Everyone is trying to tell Ford and in some cases Holden what to do regarding their current big cars. Reality is , Holden and Ford are just trying to survive the current economic climate. The truth of the matter is Ford should have put a diesel in the current Falcon and Territory which I might add also can be used with LPG. I hope our Aussie cars (Holden and Falcon) survive this downturn in big car sales because BOTH of these cars are world class.

  • http://bent Millatime

    HAL, thanks for the advice, I’m off my horse and reclining on my couch wishing there was more motorsport on TV..

    ..and now that I’m chilled I’ve re-read this “story” and as it is presented it is still grossly misleading and inaccurate.

  • Tom

    Totally agree with Millatime, the time for this article was when FG was first released, not waiting until the LPG safety issue is fixed, and then smashing Ford for a mistake they have since rectified. Lets be honest, plenty of people will not read every word on this report. They’ll read the headline, the scoring, and the first one or two paragraphs, and then their opinion will be made. Its no worse than newspapers who print a story on the front page which is grossly wrong, and then write an apology in size 8 font buried on page 38 that takes up all of 1″ of column space.

  • adam (aka mada)


    So the LPG variant only comes with a 4 speed auto.

    What about the LPG version of the VE commodore, how much does Holden charge for the DI LPG dual system compared to Ford’s older version? it’s relative.
    Holden still only offers the omega AND berlina with ONLY a 4 speed in PETROL versions of VE commodore. why?

    Does Toyota offer a factory LPG system for aurion??

    I agree The LPG versions of the FG are underdone, it’s also relative.

    We have a tiny market in the big scheme of things and i think we are lucky to have Ford even offer a package such as the FG, let alone an LPG offering.

    When Toyota can offer the broad range of product that Ford and Holden do then i might think about giving Toyota the same kudos.
    I don’t see Toyota offering LPG, V8’s, utes or wagons in thier ‘local assembly’.

  • adam (aka mada)

    I agree with motorhead and maillatime.

    What other vehicle apart from the VE will compete in the LPG class?

    Not many and that is point that many forget.

  • the fact

    At the end of the day, it’s hard to sway blind brand supporters. But as someone who drives countless cars each month/year, I know how widely Ford has missed the mark with this car by Mr Paul Maric.
    yes….you are right Mr Paul Maric,please ignore some bogans.they won’t agree with you unless its suit them. even if someone wrote 3 speed auto dinosaurs are world class,these blindness people will cheering up for sure.please keep up the good.thank you.

  • Frontman

    Hmm VE has 4speed as standard box unless HiPo V6 is optioned, yet Ford (who under the current regulations cannot adjust the gearbox till everything is Euro4) is hailed down? E-Gas Suffers from lack of Torque yet still out torques VE’s HiPO Engine and the 200 killer wasps jobby from the big T?
    In my experienc the punter buying an E-gas Falcon is looking for economy NOT drag racing power.
    As for economy, as Motorhead pointed out the E-gas, as a family or company vehicle, is extremely hard to beat. As a Family vehicle, on current fuel costs and average mileage of say 15k a year, it will only take 8 months for mum & dad to recoupe the cost of the option (after govco’s rebate).
    As for the pre 0409 vehicles, whilst yes DSC is a very very good thing, there are a lot of other vehicles out there without it that are managing to stay on the road and they don’t even have the handling or body integrity that has been built into FG so, in real life, I don’t see this as a major draw back because again the kind of buyer for E-gas tends to be more conservative and cautious.
    THe slackness towards the Dlpg and uprated Gearbox systems (as well as the Diesel Territory) can be attributed to one main factor, Tom Gorman. Notice how much has changed now that an Australian is back in charge???

  • Hummerbug

    I agree with TonyM diesel is the way to go this day & age

  • Frontman

    Sorry Mr Maric and The Fact, but if you were to drive countless cars a month and do so objectively,you may well have looked differently at this vehicle.
    Yes the performance IS down on the standard Falcon, and the DSI Tranny is NOT as good as the ZF (some would argue it is better than the Bordeaux unit though) again I stress that the market place that this option is being delivered to think little of those factors. This is the market that will consider a top line Camry and Hyundai Granduer along side the G6E. Or going down the models, Camry & Sonata and Omega versus XT. Using those vehicles as you equation then the performance of the E-gas still is way above them. As for the DSC (problem now solved anyway) but in base models of the Camry?

  • tonyn

    I usually like reading your reports, there ususally spot on, yet this time you have just made it sound negitave, the commodore still has a 4 speed auto on its base model yet you seen to cain ford for doing it on this car, as you noted you bagged it for not having DSC, yet ford have rectified this problem? i have owned a VE and have had the pleasure of driving a G6E gas for a long time (10,000klms) and i would still have to falcon over the commodore any day of the week. I think its disgusting that you could bag out ford for having a go at making there lage car more environmental yet holden continues to patch up the VE to keep up with the FG and you guys love them…. I know everyone has brought up the same things with this post but i cant understand why you continually bagged this car yet the problems you have said have been fixed…

    and for the record, holdens dual fuel system still cant get the same fuel economy as the dedicated falcon….

  • http://Antilag.com Joe

    This whole system just smacks of “aftermarket installation”, and its a damn FACTORY fitted system.

    Shame on Ford (and Holden too for that matter) for whacking a donut tank in it, when there is a space under the car for a tank….right where the fuel tank would normally go on a petrol powered Falcon.

    The only reason that Ford and Holden continue to do a sub-standard job with their factory LPG powered vehicles (compared to the petrol versions), is because there is no COMPETITION from any other manufacturers in regards to LPG.

  • Andrew

    Tonyn, I agree with your points about the VE having a four speed also, and the real shame about this is that it is accross the base range. Ford is at least offering 5 or 6 speed autos on petrol models.

    However I must say Ford have not tried to make their car (speaking only of E-Gas models) more environmental, as this system has been around since AU days and in itself has not undergone any further development. I agree they are offering an environmental option, but if they were trying to be more environmental they would have picked up a more efficient injection gas system at the model change like Holden or develop their own, as they are apparently doing now with liquid injection development.

  • adam (aka mada)


    The Fg has a DEDICATED LPG system fitted, hardley underdone as a whole.

    The fuel tanks on VE and FG are located under the rear seats, try fitting a gas tank there!!?? You want to try?

    Yes they have have no other competition, does that tell you something?
    At least they are offering something!

    Find me another vehicle like the FG that can be as practical, the same overall package and achieve the same fuel cost savings!?

  • Will

    For those of you that are Fordophiles, this is the most compelling argument yet for the private buyer to view the Mondeo diesel as an alternative, in fact you would probably be a monkey if you didn’t.

  • Some Useless Facts

    Stop with the LPG bashing,

    1. Ford had a choice 2 years ago spend 50-60+ Million on upgrading the DLPG system for FG on an engine with a two year life span (remember Ford was going to Axe the L6 in 2010 for Euro 4) do some quick math about how much extra cost involved per car for two years that would cost.
    2. Ford also must crash test (they fit it at the factory as a regular production option) aftermarket or reto fitted must meet standards but they are no where near as tough.

    Give them a break, it’s taken only a year from launch to get DSC, unlike some (insert the big T and Corolla) whose volume is larger with a petrol engine it and it’s taken the better part of 2 years and still only an option on high seires models.

  • realcars

    I own a AU2 EGAS which I used for my business.280,000klms on the odo and done over 900klms over the easter break for less than 60 dolars worth of lpg.

    Not bad considering I paid 70 cents a litre for a top up in the bush and sitting on 120kph on the highway!

    I recently bought a BF EGAS sedan for a family car and the size,comfort and economy is without rival.

    Call me a bogan if u will but i’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when the good times return and oil rises again.

  • Andrew M

    Paul Maric,
    You have pretty much proved my point, when you agreed that the petrol commodore is no better(possibly worse)

    What i was initially getting at is that even when on LPG the falcon performs better than the PETROL commodore yet you still labelled the falcon as well behind the 8 ball compared to the competition and gave it a big roasting.

    fair comment you may drive a lot of other different cars etc, but you failed to compare this one to any of its other competitors. Sure, on paper the LPG commodore has a more advanced LPG system, but it counts for little since the LPG falcon betters the better performing Petrol commodore to start with.

    Once again fair comment, you do drive many different cars day in day out, but I lived with an E-Gas model for near 6 years, and I owned petrol equivalent I6 motors with the same gear boxes either side of the E-Gas model.

    I have also driven plenty of miles in the falcons competing vehicles. Ive only experienced the LPG commodore once, and i assure you its definately no better.

    So what if i havent driven an Aston Martin or the new Kia Rondo, this vehicle in question and its competitors I am very familiar with.

    I do agree that ford could have done sooo much more with the E-Gas, but hardly worth a roasting since their competitors arent even close to putting the effort into LPG that ford currently is.

    For the record, holden doesnt offer a factory fit LPG system. The system is actually Termed as an aftermarket fitment. Holden just warrants the fitment if you chose for their technitions to do it at the HSV workshop.

    Also you wont escape the tacky led fuel gauge for LPG in the commy

  • Andrew M

    compare the torque figure against a similar diesel…..
    enough said.

    The falcon has more torque than whats possibly the biggest selling diesel donk in OZ….. the Hilux Diesel

  • Andrew M

    Star, when i actually look back at my receipt for the battery, i find that it actually lasted 5 years to be more precise.
    The vehicles build plate was also dated at just over 12 months before i took delivery of it.
    Techniclly 6 years in service when you look at it like that.

    My other halfs car did 2 batteries in that time

    Even 4 years would be good for battery life anyway

  • the fact

    ummmm…Mr Paul Maric,i think you cannot win here.the bogans will still attacking you whatever you said good things or bad things about these 2 dinosarus. dinosaurs VS dinosaurs.but no winner here.both will be history in just a flick of eyes.please keep toyota out of your meaningless war your bogans.

  • Falcodore

    I know its off topic, but the original battery in my car lasted 7 and 1/2 years and i had to replace a tail light globe about 6 months ago. The only electrical problems ive had with the car.

  • Andrew M

    The fact,
    please scrape the poo off of your nose and next time try not to get soo close hey???

  • Will

    A diesel will enter it’s maximum torque at approx. 1500 to 1750 rpm. There are a few more notable bits, or less bits…no stability control and a four speed slush box, and those without even entering the outsourced electrical system and quality control. Go the Mondeo Andrew, the Mondeo.

  • Andrew M

    what about the much better interior in the falcon.

    Also just to note the falcons electronics and technology certainly has no flies on it either.

    its actually 1750-2240rpm for the torque in the mondeo

  • Andrew M

    OOOOps didnt finish.

    Its actually 1750-2240rpm for the torque in the mondeo, and it has just over 50nm less.
    The E-Gas gets all its torque at 2750rpm which is pretty bloody low aswell especially since it has plenty on tap.

    The LPG motor will also get to 2750rpm a lot quicker than a diesel donk will

  • Motorhead

    The Fact I can put up with your hopeless spelling & grammar as I’m guessing English is new to you but I’m getting sick of you insulting anyone who doesn’t agree with your outdated & simplistic views in every post so could you give it a rest so we can have some meaningful discussion here please.

  • the fact

    are you talking to yourself motorhead?you bogand are a joke…right?fighting for nothing.

  • http://bent Millatime


    LPG Falcon DOES come with ESP.

  • the fact

    no one asked or wanted to know how good your dinosaurs are.
    every smart people knew they are craps.

  • the fact

    should i say it again?the less bogans on the road,the safer for the community.get over it.

  • http://bent Millatime

    the fact

    why are you on this site? You are yet to make an intelligent contribution, are you able to?

  • Golfschwein

    Mondeo wagon is now on Ford website. The Zetec is arriving in July. Should’ve been the diesel, but never mind. Buyers will have a choice of newish SUV, old work horse or modern wagon, at last.

  • Golfschwein

    Millatime, whoa! Be fair…be fair. It’s fun looking at stupid people.

    To return to topic, this LPG car isn’t for me. LPG still struggles to lift itself above its cottage industry roots. The proof is here, whatever its justifications.

  • the fact

    your bogans can fight,insult one to another regarding to your dinosaurs.but do not drag other world class car makers to your meaningless war.smart people drives smart cars.want some more news?…this is from drive.The head of Holden says car buyers are shifting permanently away from large cars, while the boss of Ford Australia will not guarantee the company will produce a rear-wheel-drive Falcon after 2013. The managing director of Holden, Mark Reuss, said sales had weakened in the private market as had fleet sales to governments and companies. Fleet sales form the bulk of the market for Commodores and Falcons.just accept the reality.

  • http://bent Millatime

    The Fact

    Do you know much about mental illness? Do you hear voices? Who are you having a conversation with? It’s just that you’re starting to get a little freaky…

  • Frontman

    Will, the Mondeo is a fantastic car (i should know, I drive one) but for the average Australian coastal family it doesn’t cut it. It’s a fantastic car for a young family or couple until you try to tow two jetski’s. The car would do it but not under aust design rules. It is also not cheaper than an egas to run and whilst it is good on torque, the Egas matches it from 1900 and carries it through to over 4000 rpm. But (important to me) the boot is way bigger on the Mondeo and I love the toys in a Mondeo.
    just for the record, Falcon doesn’ use a donut tank it has twin tanks under the rear of the car in accordance with ADR’s

  • Phil Athanasiadis

    Hi, i’ve just bought a brand new 50K Merc Vito diesel to replace my 2004 EGAS falcon ute, because i could use more space.
    Early days yet, but i gotta say, this is the first time in my life that i preferred my old car over the new one. Overall running cost, in DOLLARS PER KILOMETRE, smoothness to drive, sensational reliability, and a torquey engine where it counts.

    True, it may have an old school auto and gas system etc, but in reality, that only matters on paper. In the real world, it’s irrelevent.
    In a straight line, the Egas would suck the doors off any auto diesel (and most petrol) utes or vans, so power is definetely not an issue with this car.

    In 4.5 yrs, apart from regular servicing, the only faults have been a battery (after 4 yrs), tyres at 80000K and a sticking seat belt. After 130000K, i’m about to replace my FIRST set of brake pads!

    I’ve had many new cars and i pay for them myself, so overall running costs are important to me.

    The Egas BA11 ute, is the best car i’ve ever had.

  • thenameless

    The Fact is, in fact a Toyota driving drone.. Lacks personality and quality features, just like his Toyota.
    Ain’t that a fact..

  • BH_Adelaide

    Re: the Mondeo wagon, the best part of last year’s Motor Show display vehicle was the bigger, more powerful diesel engine. Yet now they’re only bringing out the petrol Zetec version… *sigh*

  • Barry Dale

    Direct injection? Ford Oz and Orbital did have a direct injected petrol engine under development in the early 90’s as part of the then government GGAP funding. Converting to LPG would be easy. I think Orbital still has the development engine.

  • Barry Dale

    did i say 90s i did mean 00’s.

  • Kevin

    I am new to the country. I was given the new Falcon XT LPG as a company car. After being told it is one of Australia’s best cars and ‘up there with the World’s best’ I thought I was being spoilt. I have been horribly dissappointed, over and over again. This is what led me to read some reviews and every thing in the review here is true. For the engine size the responsiveness on the road is pathetic. I hate the gearbox and I didn’t know it had a history of dislike by others. The engine was replaced at 15 000 km’s by Ford. I’ve had it in for oil leaks before the 30 000 km. I don’t feel half as safe when it comes to handling and braking as previous cars I’ve owned. I’m very sorry I can’t choose my own company car. I have always had jobs where I drive extensively and have always enjoyed driving. Not now that drive a Ford Falcon, I find it a chore and irritating to drive. I also feel very unsafe! I have owned 10 vehicles, driven many many more rented vehicles and probably driven 2000 000 km’s in my time. Now that I’ve driven the falcon extensively I think it would be last on my list of cars to consider when I get to choose a car! I can’t wait to get rid of it! The only thing I like is the integrated bluetooth hands free, it works very well. I previously owned a 2 litre turbo, petrol, Opel OPC. I believe the running cost would have been lower due to the economy I achieved, 7 litres per 100 km on the open road. The vehicle had all the safety features, ABS, Stability control, anti skid, 11 air bags, incredible handling, leather recaro seats, exhilirating to drive and about the same money! Ford has a long long long way to go….

  • Gilly

    Simple solution! Buy the petrol version and fit an aftermarket LPG system whilst retaining the 6spd box and traction control etc!
    The Factory E-gas is a lazy shortcut and a cash grab because it suits the taxi-fleet, their first priority. A proper developed Vapour injection system can make the Falcon more economical on the wallet on fuel than a Corolla with the comfort, power, space and mile eating ability the Falcon is renowned for.

  • dan

    These are the cars for life.

    Wait till 2011, I6 will receive DIRECT-INJECTION ” i heard! ” and GAS models might make just over 200kW and 400Nm, and petrol version will be able to run on ethanol and petrol making close to 260kW and over 440Nm from N/A stock I6 4.0Liter!!!!

    so , keep ya ear out, you might hear this too, i did , as early as December 2008.


  • lola

    yea but i have been told that dual fuel with ZF does not really work properly. The ZF really needs the right torque input and power input to actually operate properly.

    More power = bad, less power = bad, that is why the Barra230 Falcon with 6 ZF was so unpopular because if you did any work at the engine, the gearbox would not respond to it, so basically if the car had to make say 275kW from 230kW at the flywheel, the gearbox would electronically limit the torque, hence those additional 45kW would go to waste and you’d only make a car more economical but not quicker. That is why you can usually see people with older 5.4L 3V SRs and Fairmonts, Ghias and Utes beating their very similar Barra230 which were modded, because the old 4 speeder would not care about the power change, while ZF would.

    so in the I6 application, with GAS conversion + ZF 6 speed = not so much fun, unless you do some expensive computer EEPROM recalibration.

    And by the way, in real life there is no difference between a typical 4 speed and 5 and 6 speed Falcons.

    They have so much torque that the 1st and 2nd gears on the 5 speed torqueshift and ZF are just too close, they should be tall as always.

    The only advantage may be at 100km/h, where a typical BA with 3.23 final drive would do 1750rpm at 100km/h in 4th which is 0.68 ratio.

    While ZF would do around 1550rpm at 100km/h in 6th which is 0.69 ratio on a taller 2.73 final drive.

    And when in Fairmont Ghia BF1 and BFII with V8 5.4L , then we are talking 2.53 ratio, moon reaching gears, which means 1350rpm at 100km/h in 6th plus lock up torque converter.

    Which means consistent cruising at 1350rpm at 100km/h in 6th, while the similar car with 4 speed and 3.45LSD would do 1900rpm, and with 3.23 would do 1750 rpm.

    And if with an old EL-AUIII diff which is 3.08 in 4th it would do 1680rpm at 100km/h 4th being 0.68 still.

  • Stewart

    Firsly (before I start with my gripe), I think the FG Falcon is overall quite a good package – my car excluded, of course. I do have a major gripe with mine, and with Ford and hoping someone may be able to offer some advice. So here goes:

    I purchased a new G6 Limited Edition from Jefferson Ford late Oct 09, My car is a petrol model, with the std 5 speed auto. Ever since day 1, I noticed what appears to be a driveline vibration apparent as the engine passes through 1500RPM Range. It seems even more noticeable in the 70K – 90K range when the car is cruising, particularly up a slight incline. That said, you can still detect the problem at both higher and lower speeds. Now with over
    over 5000ks, and after numerous visits back to the dealer and long waits on hold to the Ford CRC, the problem is no better, and has in fact worsened a little.

    I’ve always suspected that it’s something to do with the Torque Converter, and knowing what dealers are like, before I took it back to them, I first went to two transmission specialists and asked their opinion. Both said they thought it was a torque converter lockup problem, and both put that in writing for me. I Then went back to Jefferson Ford, hoping to get it fixed. First visit – yes there’s a problem but we don’t know how to fix it. You’ll need to call Ford CRC (Customer Relationship Centre). Called Ford CRC, and eventually arrangements are made to take the car back in to Jefferson Ford and “technical expert” from ford will be on hand as well to analyse the problem. The result was, “no fault found”. Again I went, back to the dealer and demanded a senior mechanic come for an extened drive with me, and left the vehicle overnight for the workshop manager to drive home. The result this time, yes there’s definately a problem and we’ll get back in touch with Ford. Next,another visit finally arranged and the same “technical expert” from Ford comes back out, and again refuses to acknowledge any problem, despite the fact that the dealer’s own mechanics agree that the problem does exist and has
    not been rectified. The printed service reports from the dealer (of which I have copies)state that there is torque converter lockup boom evident, as well as a driveline vibration, and that the problem has not been rectified! End result was a letter from Ford stating that “we are satisfied your vehicle is operating to manufacturer’s specification and is similar to other vehicles in the model line”. Basically the’ve said my only option now is to take action via my solicitor!

    BTW, I do know that others are haveing similar issues, as evidenced by the posts at carsguide

  • Dennis

    So i heard today that Ford US have confirmed that the Falcon will die and be replaced with the Taurus.

    Bad news for Ford Oz and Australia in general. Holden will drop it’s game once the Falcon is gone.

  • Mark

    Bought a DED LPG 2006 BF UTE, 2 years ago. I am a tradie and it is always loaded up, have done 70,000 kms in it and it has never had any problems. It has been reliable powerful, comfortable and I have saved a small fortune on fuel costs. Stop complaining,it works well and no one offers as good a package, keep the wheels moving.

  • Geoff

    I have ex-Telstra LPG wagon. Nice comfortable 6 cyl car that drives my family of 5 Bris to Syd on $65 fuel. I cant believe there arent more on the road. Oh, it’ll tow almost anything too.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah


  • Peggy4110

    I am no car wiz by any means, but my last two cars have been fords. I bought one that ran on gas and petrol, I found I had alot of trouble with the gas and buy the time I spent money on mechanics, found it was cheaper to run the car on fuel. Where I live the humidity is very high and some days if the humidity was high the car would constantly cut out on LPG.Sometimes it wouldn’t even start on LPG which is pretty scarey when you have to be at work. I sometimes wondered was it the LPG system itself or that the mechanics aren’t that great with working on LPG???
    Being an owner of horses and having to haul horses, I have found that Fords are better for towing, than any Holdens I have driven. That’s just my personal experience. If in the near furture I buy another Ford suited engine for towing  weight? Has anyone had similar experiences with towing, especially with LPG?

Ford Falcon Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$8,030 - $9,130
Dealer Retail
$9,530 - $11,330
Dealer Trade
$6,500 - $7,300
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
391Nm @  3250rpm
Max. Power
195kW @  6000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
11.7L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/60 R16
Rear Tyres
215/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Control Link, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Leaf spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels, Traction Control System
Premium Sound System
Aluminium Tray, Metallic Paint, Tow Pack
Safety Pack
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin