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The current Ford Falcon FG is almost certain to be the last of its line with Ford Australia giving increasing hints that the next Falcon will be a ‘world car’ and could be either front-wheel-drive or even all-wheel-drive.


In fact the next Ford Falcon could well be largely based on this FWD Ford Taurus platform from the United States, or something very similar.

In perhaps one of the broadest hints so far about the future of the Ford Australia icon, the President and CEO of Ford Australia, Marin Burela, has told a briefing of motoring media in Melbourne that the next Falcon would have to compete in a ‘world’ marketplace and could not be an isolated Australia-only product if it was to have any real chance of survival.


Mr Burela said he was in a somewhat more fortunate position than his rivals, something of a hint that GM Holden had already locked away the next update of its rear-wheel-drive Commodore before the current economic crisis hit, saying that he did not have to make a decision about the future of the Falcon until late next year or into 2011.


Ford has given the FG Falcon a life through to as far as 2015 with the decision to retain the in-line, six-cylinder engine produced at its Geelong plant, outside Melbourne, but making it Euro Four emissions compliant.

It would be possible for the car to be replaced by a future development of a global platform used for the likes of the front-wheel-drive Ford Taurus, currently powered by a range of V6 engines, including a 3.5-litre twin-charged engine that is reputed to produce V8-like performance.


At the same time he gave a few hints at what could be expected from a new Falcon, saying that Ford’s business was in meeting the needs of consumers.

“Increasingly those consumers are making lifestyle driven decisions and in relation to cars those decisions are showing a definite shift towards all-wheel-drive cars.”


Mr Burela said that Derrick Kuzak, Group Vice President, Global Product Development, had made it Ford’s policy was to develop cars on global platforms.

Using his own previous position in leading the first such program, the latest Ford Fiesta, Mr Burela said this meant understanding the global customer and it also had shown that Ford could deliver tailored products to different markets using global platforms.


“If the market clearly says to us there is no significant difference between a rear-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive in terms of consumer preferences, we will respond accordingly,” Mr Burela has said.

He said he believed there was still a reasonable market in Australia for the large car, predicting a market of about 90-110,000 cars a year would still exist in 2020.


Mr Burela said that what the future held for the Falcon nameplate and product was very much in the works at the moment as far as Ford was concerned.

He said many questions were being assessed about the future of the car including just how Australian consumers felt about the question of rear-wheel-drive versus front-wheel-drive.


He added that in his opinion all-wheel-drive was becoming much more the norm in Australia and maybe this also needed to be considered.

He said the prospect of an all-new Falcon and just what it had to provide to consumers were currently open questions.

Mr Burela conceded that an Australia-only product would be a “very risky strategy for us to adopt.”


“Such a move would limit the car to the Australian market only, whereas to survive now products need a global reach and they need to access the support of global suppliers.”

Mr Burela said that Ford Australia needed to meet the needs of the market in a credible way.

However, he added that at the same time Ford in this country was a source of excellence within the global company that understood large cars.


Mr Burela said that Mr Kuzak, who was his boss on the Fiesta program, had been delighted with the work he had seen undertaken in Australia.

He added that ‘one Ford’ was all about using global resources to the best advantage.

“If we are to stand alone then we will have a very small outlook with a limited potential market.”

Mr Burela said that utilising the group resources could allow for different regional interests while better utilising those resources.

He added that the world was changing rapidly and Ford was changing with it.

  • Frenchie

    An AWD Falcon now that would give them a heads up into US.

  • Howie-VL

    Didn’t read the whole article, just seen FWD faclon and thought what a joke. An all wheel drive platform would be great though. Why copy the Taurus which is a POS when the FG looks and is so much better? (apart from all the oil leaks etc.. :P)

  • lazybones

    Mr Andrew M, I hope you haven’t forgotten about our bet mate. Not to mention I drink Crownies. Given this article it could be a very close call.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    yeah yeah ….f#*king yeah ……..what ever !

    This is just Fords way of replying to that idiot Clive Matthew Wilson saying we have future plans in Australia and we are moving ahead……

    Their plan of or talks of a FWD Falcon here in Australia is old news……

  • http://integra crusty


  • Falcodore

    Its a pity Dearborn didnt give Ford Oz the go-ahead for an export program for the Falcon.

    Hopefully things will turn around quickly for Ford and a RWD platform will be back on the agenda.

  • Local Guy

    Its all just talk at the moment so dont get too excited!! So what if the Falcon goes FWD or AWD …………if this is what it takes to keep making Ford cars here then so be it. I think it is smart to talk about it now rather than later. Who cares if Ford dont have a V8? Turbo 6 is better than any Holden or Ford V8 anyway. FG until 2015 anyway so things may change by then …..because as we all know things can change very very very quickly in the automotive world.

  • the fact

    b m….stop swearing….noting can save these dinosaurs now.just face the facts.get over it.do not show your true color by swearing…..all bogans are the same….

  • Local Guy

    The new Focus RS is front wheel drive isnt it? And what a cracker of a car that is …….so if Falcon goes FWD i am sure it wil lstill be fantastic. Anyway, and I am only guessing like all of you here, the performance models of a FWD Falcon would probably be AWD to make the most of the power and handling.

  • Old CarAdvice Reader

    We still have up until 2015 before this would possibly happen and that model wouldn’t be the successor to the FG – It would be a completely new generation Falcon because Ford would have to update the Falcon between now and 2015.

    A face-lifted FH Falcon next year or the year after perhaps? If so, it probably would be the newest Falcon I would ever buy and the last model Falcon you could safely call a Falcon if it becomes based on a Taurus in 2015.

  • lazybones

    BAV, clearly Mr Wilson has rattled your cage. Please don’t drag that idiot into every blog. He’s a journo and his comments were designed to provoke reaction. At this rate your going to give that Mr potato head look at like a space on Wikipedia!

    “so if Falcon goes FWD i am sure it will still be fantastic”

    FWD Falcon = Taurus = American Car = sh*te handling, lets hope some local talent has some input on this car and its not just a yankie badge engineered effort.

    But Focus RS…now your talking :)

  • Local Guy

    Thats the thing, Old CarAdvice Reader…………..IF IT BECOMES BASED ON A TAURUS. We dont know and Ford dont know yet so it is pure speculation.

    What will the FWD Commodore be based on?

    Oh i know……..THe Daewoo Epica……lol lol

  • Mr. Sh!t

    No “The Fact” , that is not a fact…. Just your opinion.

  • Local Guy

    Lazybones…….If , thats IF it happens, it wouldnt be based on the current Taurus !!!!! It would be a totally new generation of car. Wouldnt have anything to do with any current car at all. Lets wait and see………

  • Old CarAdvice Reader

    I think you’re right Local Guy, Holden would probably replace the “Epica” badge with the Commodore bage on that Daewoo in the near future.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    I didnt swear “GET THE FACTS” its just your reading between the lines………AGAIN! Now whos a bogan ?

    Now stop talking back to your elders and go wash your hands 😉

    Old Caradvice Reader, face lift……..mmmmmm no maybe a
    Mark II FG………

  • Yanzo

    wtf no don’t go front wheel drive. all cars should have a button that says awd, rwd, fwd so you can switch from whichever one you want.

  • lazybones

    Yes Local Guy your right, it would be all new, and the article CA did on the new Taurus did look good. But I have no confidence in yankie cars when facing those unusual anomalies in our roads called corners.

  • Falcodore

    The Fact, did you change your name from Sick of Bogans? Because you seem to have the same comprehension of the english language, dont make much sense mate. 😉

  • HAL

    yes, Yanzo, that makes a lot of sense. The local car makers are already struggling to compete with the Koreans, so lets increase the build costs further……a lot of einteins on here today. sheesh.

  • The Truth

    The Fact you make me sick,all you do is keep draging up a social class to link with your hate of Ford and Holden,sad,shows you could be rasist as well.

  • lazybones

    Yanzo, you forgot the TC off button,you just like going sideways don’t ya? :)

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    hahaha yeah Lazybones he did………I even emailed the guy asking him to read the thread on CA ,requesting he please reply………alas nothing :( ………he simply replied I dont know what your question is :S

    I just think its a bit weird for Ford Australia to come out commenting the day after Holden made a media response,I still think this is theirs,but thats the last HOPEFULLY you will hear of it Lazy ;)……….

    However the FWD Falcon……..ewwww got to agree ,unless they can bring some of that technology over from the RS…but then we obviously can kiss any performance cars away! Can you imagine F6 torque going through the front wheels…….. unless Ford are planning on new technology ,quoting a great one liner from good old Aussie Car Movie “technology cost money and money we aint got”

    Only the oldies will know that film Im guessing,and maybe AndrewM….hahaha

  • the fact

    i do not hate ford or holden….if they sell 100,000 or 50 cars…none is my business and i won’t lost any sleeps.but some blindness people here won’t accept anything unless its suit them.there will be only a few handfuls of bogans left in the coming months anyway.the less bogans on the road the safer for community.the less bogans on this website the clear for everyone.

  • The Truth

    Well facts can be wrong,But The Truth is The Truth.

  • Acfsambo

    My opinion.
    If the Falcon does become FWD, it won’t have the current Falcons I6 as it would be hard to make it work in FWD, also that any performance models will be AWD, maybe with an Audi like RWD bias (25/75 or 20/80). Personally I don’t want the Falcon to go FWD. This is again my opinion, but the Falcon is what Ford US had been needing for some time.

  • Tom

    Those Taurus are shockingly overpriced.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Yeah Ricers RULZ……hahaha they make the roads soooooooo much safer…..

    Heres some news for you “GET THE FACTS”……even if HOLDEN AND FORD went tomorrow your are still going to get those you call “BOGANS ” on here….terrible how us car Holden and Ford lovers are actual car enthusiasts and enjoy reading and blogging about them.

    I think I have your accent now ,amazing what you hear through words………Have you been in Australia long ?

  • technofreak


  • Frontman

    Reading it differently, a/ didn’t we read the same comments last year?? Wasn’t it the exact same statement?
    b/ I would have been extremely surprised… ney bloody annoyed if Mr B had answered any other way. A company that isn’t prepared to look at and react to market trends is a very poor company and I for one know that Ford isn’t that way. After all how long is the list of automotive comapnies that started planning for the current situation as far back as 2006? (btw there is an australian forum that has been talking about the US economy collapsing since ’06 so it isn’t some big surprise to some of us)
    As to the 2010my Taurus, I wouldn’t be so quick to write it off, it isnt that bad a car for a standard family vehicle. Far better (by all reports) than any other vehicle in it’s market. The SHO AWD with the EcoBoost is also getting rave reviews and being compared to rather lofty competition. A smaller version (Taurus is A8 sized) with EcoBoost and AWD could well be very very sweet.
    Also in Fords Global Floor plan menu and closer in size to Falcon (as we know it) is the AWD EuroCD under S80 complete with I6 or V8 drivelines. Just a hypothetical 😉

  • Captain Mainwaring

    BM (.)(.), I love you like a sister (which means that the pointy things are irrelevant) but you need to know that Ford is talking reality on this one.
    There is no way in the wide world that the current Falcon platform is going to get an extension past 2012. That is when Falcon will become part of a world platform, based on a FWD/AWD layout designed in the US (and already in use on the current Taurus).
    Sorry OZ, we didn’t get you with the old Taurua, but we will get you with this one, and it’s likely to be fully-imported rather than made in OZ.
    But at least Ford may be still in business in 2012, which is more than we can say for GM.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Awwwwwwwwww do you Captain…….

    I hear what your saying and understand that if they do its for their survival,I can only hope they have a “cunning plan” to be able to keep performance cars coming and the front wheels pointing in a straight line when you stomp on it;)

  • Cupid Stunt

    Ooh the fights started, “FWD better than RWD” “no it isn’t RWD’s btter than FWD”.
    Think the bigger picture is the global thing is taking over & sadly the Falcon will go the way pretty much every other midsteam manufacturer has gone and thats FWD. In future if you want to tail slide a saloon car you’ll have to save for a BMW.

  • realcars

    I cannot believe that current Falcon buyers would settle for a FWD Falcon by and large.

    RWD is the main differentiator in this segment in Australia.

    THE fact should have been at the Sydney Easter Show to see how the Hilux Heros struggle to get sideways even on a wet track.LOL

    One of the shitboxes even lost control and spun out kissing the wall when I was there last night.

    Bring back the Holden SS utes please next year Royal easter show.

  • Al Juraj

    Australia, get over your Commodore syndrome and buy the Falcon instead. The future of RWD relies a lot on sales. The FG is a much better car than the VE but unfortunately, the charts don’t show it.

    The current chassis can simply form a base for the next Mustang. Endow it with the same 4-litre engines, turbo or not, and it will be one hell of a car. The 4WD platform can also be derived from the Territory and build something like a big Lancer Evo, which could appeal in Europe and America. Beside, the US needs a replacement for the Crown Victoria, and what we have here is a better looking, quicker, better handling and more economical large car.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Ha Ha Salesman – if you were from Nebraska you might love the pointy things on you sister!!

    That Falcon thing aint half bad looking either.

  • Wheelnut

    I think if/when the Falcon switches over from the traditional RWD platform; most Ford Fans would prefer Ford to make it AWD [like the SAH AWD Taurus] rather than FWD.

    Same applies for Holden – they could use the Insignia’s AWD set up.. They have already said the next generation Commodore willbe more compact

  • Captain Mainwaring

    BM (.)(.), we’re getting close to agreeing on something. The ‘cunning plan’ is AWD on the top versions of the next-generation Falcon. And the platform is already engineered for it. A worthy substitute for V8s in the future market I would say.
    Think ‘Audi for much less money’.
    But it won’t be built in Australia. Neither will any other car. You need to get over that one.
    But….. you have more interesting things to say about the car business than my sister does.

  • The Realist

    A Taurus based FWD Falcon?

    Makes me almost desire a RWD FG ABC POS XT G6ET Falcon!!

  • o

    Ironic my spam word is falcon

    Why should the US be allowed to have its own individual cars[mustang,flex,edge] and why should we have to do it there way why cant a RWD global car be developed?

  • nobody

    Screw the Taurus, when is Ford going to bring the Mustang over?

  • Andrew M

    There will always be a market for RWD.

    This is just a press release to get the feelers out there and it clearly states that.

    What they save in turning FWD, they will lose in sales that demand RWD.

    people who drive FWD dont give a toss, but most RWD’rs do.
    RWD will kill both birds at once, FWD wont.

    where did we make that bet again???
    I didnt think it was FWD related. What article was that on, i think i need to revisit it……

  • lazybones

    “where did we make that bet again???”

    Can’t remember i’ll have to search, the bet was about the Taurus replacing the Falcon not RWD vs FWD. But i think I said by the end of 2013. And its looking possible it will happen later…could be close.

  • Lukaas

    All wheel drive would be ideal…

    However, you guys are forgetting that AWD technology/systems are expensive, hence Subaru’s Impreza at under 30K for AWD is a bargain.

    If FORD ever opts for AWD on their big sedan, it’ll raise price by approximately 5~7K.

    Now… the purpose of dropping the RWD system is to save cost in manufacturing, make the car more efficient, cost effective so Ford can sell at cheaper prices to compete better hence to improve their market status.

    Going AWD will increase cost, put them on the upper echelon of sedans such as Liberty, Impreza, then you go to Audi territory…. and we all know Ford sedans are not “premium” class sedans to compete in that market… Currently Ford Mondeos are aimed for the same market as Camry, but Camry is cheaper, Ford Falcon is aimed against Holden Commodore which are classified as big RWD sedans at very affordable prices…. the market is very different.

    You have a buyer with 45~50K to spend on a 4WD sedan, he would most likely opt for the known AWD company…. Ford AWD sedans are unheard of atm.

    High risk..

    So I think a FWD is the direction, should change market significantly.. no more of the young 20 somethings who buy a cheap big sedan for its RWD appeal….

    But then, the dilemma of going directly against Toyota, Honda, etc in terms of FWD sedans…. so the advantage of RWD (fun excitement factor for young demographics) go away…. its the better direction for Ford, their image improves also.

  • Hjalle

    Heres an idea, why dont we make a Falcon that can go world wide. Insted of importing some piece of american sh*t.

  • lazybones

    Hjalle, they are making a world wide car. It just unfortunate that Ford being a US company has selected the Taurus.

    Lukass is on the money, Toyota did already say making the TRD aurion AWD would add weight and about 5K to the price, but those interested in AWD would have been happy to pay that. But my feeling is the same. RWD is for fun & the experienced! There are far too many young drivers who are very quick to become the other kind of tree hugger!

    AWD at least allows for a fun platform for premium models, then FWD for your budget conscious A to B drivers who don’t care what wheels drive the car.

  • XR6T GOD

    At the end of the day FORD are still going to need a RWD platform. Since the Falcons is the most advanced RWD platform for ford, you prob say the falcon will stay RWD. FORD are more progressive with world platforms than GM, one of the reasons while they will pull out of this economic downturn in a better position. FORD OZ knows that a FWD Falcon will be the end of the falcon, but then again they are tooling there factories for a FWD car next year……Only time will tell, i only hope it doesn’t go FWD, but AWD would be very cool with a twin turbo ecoboost engine :)

  • Tony M

    We are currently in 2009 and we are talking about a car that might or might not be front wheel drive in 5 years. Well my guess is that in 10 years 20% of cars will be running on petrol and the other 80% will be hybrids/electric. I also believe that the big car market will represent 30% of sales. The automotive world is changing dramatically over the next 10 years and FWD or RWD or AWD will not be as big and issue.

  • Andronicus

    “the fact Says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 7:13 pm
    i do not hate ford or holden….if they sell 100,000 or 50 cars…none is my business and i won’t lost any sleeps.but some blindness people here won’t accept anything unless its suit them.there will be only a few handfuls of bogans left in the coming months anyway.the less bogans on the road the safer for community.the less bogans on this website the clear for everyone.”

    You sound like my local Chinese Tucker Hut owner. Not being racist but this is how he speaks…. broken but passionate. And he makes a killer Sweet and Sour Pork.
    Good for a laugh but not much else. Bit like all of the comments by ‘The Fact.’

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Ill have plawn clackers with that Andronicus………

    Yeah Tony M…………but if they could give us a nice lightweight AWD wouldnt that be good for FPV and the prospect of Barret’s HO……ahhhhhhhhh a girl can dream !

  • Tony M

    100kw electric motors in each wheel, a carbon fibre/plastic body weighing in at 900kg, fuel cell technology for energy with basically zero emisions, yeah that could be a good platform for FPV.

  • Frontman

    Lukaas the part where going global and AWD would become economical is the volume. If we are sharing the same drivelines as the rest of the world then we will be Euro 1,117 compliance before the Australian Government aproves Euro7. (after all we are generally 5 years behind) The manufacturer say haldax would give a better price on 1 million units tha say 750,000 and the engineering cost would be spread further and not carried by Ford Aus alone (see Toyota as an example). TRD Aurion was considered to expensive because of volume, Subaru is cheap becaus eof volume.

  • Andrew M

    Im with XR6T God with my reasoning pointing to that they will still need a RWD platform somewhere, and with OZ being the best at it, they should clearly get the gong

  • Steve-Poyza

    The 2010 Ford Taurus is a lovely looking car. I’d love one of those in Australia. It looks like what a car should look like in my opinion.

  • jason the american

    i get tired of this “we got to make FWD to get better fuel economy.” i say b.s. seeing that BMW doesn’t seem to have this problem with their RWD cars.

  • Pious

    I havent driven extensive numbers of cars, but my experience with AWD (the turbo Volvos) has been that they tend to lose a bit of grunt, and feel heavier in the front end than FWD or RWD, so they are not as “nice” to drive. Is that typical of AWD? I know the WRX drivers will say not, but I’m interested in other marques.

  • Andrew M

    jason the american,
    totally agree that the FWD route to get better economy is BS.

    look at the much heavier RWD falcon which gets the exact same economy as a 4cyl FWD camry.
    enough said,

  • macca

    Car Advice, how about a poll on the AWD v FWD, should these be the only options available beyond 2015 for the Falcon…which is the preferred?

  • Tony

    Trust ford Australia to f**k things up again. Mr Buela, if you read this (or word gets around to you about this) get the message. DO NOT FOLLOW THE AMERICAN EXAMPLE!!! Leave the falcon as Rear wheel drive and leave the I6 where it is. The product is already world class, no need to change for the world!!! If anything, the Americans wish they had what we have… A front wheel drive V6 Falcon is an invite to shut Ford Australia’s doors. DONT FU*K IT UP!!

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  • Dog Man

    Those corporate fellas need to watch Mad Max 1 in dolby digital surround sound. Maybe it will encourage them to plan cars that matter!

  • sir morrison

    leave our rear drive aussies rear drive !
    if a front drive falcon arrives tens of thousands of customers will depart the brand .
    this will spell the end for ford australia and many many jobs with it .
    if it aint broke dont fix it