We are going to try a little harder to cover some more, “manly” cars for our expanding reader base. Whilst we do talk about some “manly” cars sometimes – Anthony had a week in the Range Rover Sport Supercharged – we tend to give a little more coverage to the everyday cars (and supercars for that matter).

Recently however, we had a reader tell us that “there are a lot of girly cars” on the site. Of course by girly cars he was referring to anything that doesn’t have the potential to go off-road (and whilst the Range Rover has the potential, whether or not it would actually ever go off-road is another story). The Pajero seems like a good choice to begin with, specially the 3 door variant.

The 3 door Mitsubishi Pajero is an odd car, it is not a Toyota RAV4 or Honda CRV (as its a larger car), and its not exactly a massive off-road 4WD either. It sits nicely somewhere in the middle. Weighing around 2,175KG the 3 door Pajero has a choice of either a Petrol or Diesel engine.

You can opt out for the 3.8 litre 24 valve V6 MIVEC engine, which will give you a very respectable 184kW at 6,000RPM and 329Nm of torque from only 2,750RPM. Fuel consumption figures are around 13.5L/100km for combined city and highway.

Or there is the option of a 3.2L CDI DOHC 16-valve Turbo Diesel engine which has 125kW of power (at 3,800 PRM) and 358Nm of torque at an even lower 2,000RPM. Better yet it has a fuel consumption of around 10.5L/100km (combined).

2007 Mitsubishi Pajero 3 Door

Which ever engine you chose, you still get Mitsubishi’s 5-speed INVECS II “smart login” automatic transmission. The gearbox offers a “sports mode” as well as the usual sequential shifting functions. The sports mode will make it great around town, whilst the cars many off road capabilities will give the off-roaders a great deal of confidence.

As far as towing goes, both engines have a rated towing capacity of 2,500kg. The car can do a full turn (turning circle) in 10.6M. The best part though? The 4WD system can easily be engaged and disengaged at speeds of up to 100km/hr.

Of course the Pajero is not short of driver aids either, with a list including

  • Anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
  • Engine Brake Assist Control
  • Active Stability Control
  • Active Traction Control

Mitsubishi Australia backs this car with a 5+5 year warranty, the best available from any manufacturer in Australia. The Pajero Petrol is priced from $40,990 while the Diesel starts from $42,990 – both variants are available now.

  • Damo

    Looks pretty sweet, I checked one out for myself at the Mitsubishi dealer and I loved it. The rear end altezza-style lights looks great on the VRX, the interior is nothing to complain about; although it could do with a little more rear leg room, but I love the exterior styling, and the INVECS2 gearbox is nothing but smooth and responsive, and a MIVEC version of the 3.8l SOHC engine in the 380 is great too. Even though I personally, would opt for the turbo diesel. An over-developed and sophisticated full-time 4wd chassis (which can become RWD or part-time) just comes to show exactly why Mitsubishi manufacture the best 4wd system and the world’s best handling production car; Hence, the Evo X. They also developed the first 4wd traction control system. Gee, some of that almost sounded like brochure material.

  • 280ZX

    This is a girly car as well!

  • 280ZX

    Sorry sorry i take it back i have just read what Pajero translates to so its not a girly car: Read on: For the curious, the Spanish word pajero means ‘wanker’, from paja meaning ‘wank’ (literally, ‘straw’), in the expression hacerse una paja, (literally ‘to do oneself a straw’). These slang expressions come from the fact that both a straw and the penis are similar in being pipe-like. LOL…… But seriously if you want a manly car why dont you look at a HSV Maloo or a V8 Vantage ?

    • trail

      unfortunately, mitsubishi is a japanese company, and “pajero” is actually a japanese word – roughly translating to “mountaineer” or “man of the mountain”. and the phonetic for J in this word is like it is in english, as in “joke” or “just”. while in spanish the word that translates to “wanker” has a similar spelling, it’s pronounced differently – the phonetic for J in spanish is like H – which makes it pronounced like “Pahero”.

      them folks at mitsubishi foresaw the joke coming, though, so they renamed it for the spanish and spanish-speaking markets to “Montero” – which is the spanish term for, yup, “mountaineer” or “man of the mountain”.


  • Damo

    Ahhhh. so whered you pull tha from? Your ancient Nissan… No but it’s a classic he sez a classie!!!!! You see girly cars are usually these pretty consmetic things and are not all that sophisticated. This thing is modern, rugged, and a bit ugly and brute like but gets away with it. It actually has a sophisticated engine and do not even try and contest Mitsubishi’s over-engineered 4wd chassis.

    …Yells”BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” towards 280ZX you bogan!!!!!

  • Sam™

    can hardly see a man driving that

    another 4wd that i dont want blocking my view and endangering my life on urban roads


  • 280ZX

    Yayyyyyyyy Damo’s back ! True Sam same here it just has that Rav 4 look about it for some reason i dont know but we have emough of these on the road rather than where they keep saying they should be and thats “off road”..Hmmmm i will give it one thing and the price isnt too bad for what you get but i think all the extras would be a waste if some boppy bird got one and drove it around the city for the rest of its poor life..

  • Adrian

    Damo what are you paying out Nissan’s for? A 280ZX is a sick car! What the hell does bahhhhhhh mean?

    I wouldn’t really call the Pajero girly, too big for girls to drive. No doubt this new Pajero looks awesome, I just don’t know about the 2nd window at the back, I reckon they could’ve made it look a bit different. The front end looks tops and the back end is awesome too. I really like the 5-door exceed. But I would definitely opt for the 3-door Pajero Ralliart due in late ’08. Oh and btw.. the Pajero and Outlander are already getting an UPDATE at the end of this year. But still a Pajero Ralliart 3 door, with 215kW + of power… hmmm, the power.

    And a Vantage V8 is a manly car… I would love one.. but who can afford one???

  • Damo

    LOL, I’m not even going to go into that BAHH bullshit. But nah, I was just pissed, I love the whole Nissan 240/260/280 Z series. Was considering puchasing one on my small teenage budget in the coming months but have instead opted for a classic Mitsubishi Starion. Speaking of girls cars, my Mum’s first car was a 260Z, so does that make it a girls car? Nah, I love those cars.

  • celtic

    280Zx….manly cars..HSV Maloos and V8 Vantage…trying to compensate are we?

  • http://www.dealermitsubishi.ru/ Pajero

    Mitsubishi Pajero – nice car.

  • Dario

    Finally a new swb 4×4!! Not one of those ‘soft’ off – roaders.. Great looking car… buying one next week…

  • Jessica

    I own one of these and I love it, its a great car. Yes, I am a girl. No, it is not too big for me (and no I don’t have side steps). I wouldn’t really call this a girl’s car; most people are surprised when they realise that this is what I drive! Still, my dad and brother drive the 5-door pajero’s so I guess maybe the “baby pajero” is a bit pigeon-holed for girls due to it being shorter and ‘little’ in comparison to the original. My boyfriend won’t admit it but he loves driving it. Give it a go, you might realise what you’re missing!

  • Abou Assali

    No one can neglect the fact that Mitsubishi Pajero 3-door is the most beautiful 4×4 ever built. It embeds the feeling of energy, youth, and modernity. You might say it is girly car and not a rugged 4×4 as a Patrol or Landcruiser but still this 3-door pajero stands out in the crowd for its fabulous design, features, electronic systems,…etc. Therefore, I am gonna buy it this week…Pajero is the best.

  • Ralliart

    Mitsubishi pajero-nice car & hero —-> looking dakar race baby

  • khawaja_fakher

    pajero is a great Jeep ever built as I,ve driven Prado, grand cruiser, nissan petrol and many more.
    The pajero is too good for drive as it is very easy to handle and tackle in off-road and on the road.

  • John Forster

    Hi Team and I wish to confirm The three “DOOR” Pajero is a great car.
    My wife and I were not really keen on the GLX Pajero we had for two years, it was a bit in need for a few extras and as for the “BOX” being the first Pajero we bought in the late 90’s again not a petty job didn’t miss out on ????
    Along comes the TREE DOOR PAJERO
    The drive and comfort is great and very comfortable to travel on highways roads
    We saw the 3door Model Pajero and along we went Good news,

    As we have the lot and recently moved onto 150000 KLs the mechanics have performed beyond expectation.
    Our travel is a mixture of short trips to the shops 15 KLs or a round trip to melbourne and back I think we shall keep this car for some time
    It was nice to be able to find out of the past History as I knew so if someone wants to buy it one day I might have to give the driving and pass it all to my wife