OMG its “boy racer” theme, thought we where beyond that>?

    • John Doe

      Apparently not, I suppose someone out there must ‘get it’ but I’m not one

  • What

    Not a fan of the red lipstick look :(

  • matt

    white one, love it.

  • crouchy35

    Suspension is tuned for drifting.

  • MisterZed

    Pearl white on a work truck? You’ve got to be joking. Do you know it’s impossible to ‘touch up’ a scratch on pearl white, whereas on flat white it’s dead simple. You just can’t match it. Repairs are more expensive and harder to do.

  • Phil

    No sooner than Toyota drops the Tacoma X-Runner, Isuzu adopt the name. But at least Toyota built a 4×2 pickup truck with X bracing added to the chassis to improve handling. This is like a TRD Hilux, without the grunt. Awful.