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  • Iz

    The M6 wheels fitted look too small if you ask me. I’m reminded by the Wheels article on these two cars:

    “…we can’t help but like these two for standing facing into the overwhelmingly grey-green tide of public opinion, middle fingers extended, misguided, brave…and probably doomed.”

    I feel the same way =)

  • SumoDog

    One would be lucky to get those under 20L/100 let alone 13.9 .

  • Steve-Poyza

    I love these two cars, but the only thing is the colours they’re in look really cheap. Also, those bodykits look a little cheap. Maybe in another colour it might look better. Now the X5′s face looks just like the X6′s.

    I agree with you on those wheels Iz, too small.

    Otherwise, I’m sure I will grow to love these cars. BMW is my favourite manufacturer at the moment.

  • Devil666

    i suppose an X6M is actually the most logical model in that range.

    No point getting a car like the X6 and putting an efficient diesel in it. That’s just stupid.

  • Devil666

    CA, you didn’t put up the photos of the engine cutaways!


  • smokin’R32

    I don’t see how these cars carry any more class than an STi or HSV, everything is just so overdone- bulging kits and air dams. As far as I’m concerned the only car in the line up that sticks to the original understated BMW philosophy is the 335i. They’re being beaten at their own game by Audi

  • The Realist

    Was at Auto Classic in Perth last week – there were some much nicer wheel alternatives shown to me by the sales guy.

    I’ll take an X6-M in sapphire black thanks.

    Beautiful interior – how on earth a guy on the Ford Forums rated the Ford Territory interior to an X5 is beyond me!!

  • spetty

    The Realist. Not sure about the Territory interior,but the FG XR8 with luxury pack interior sure looks better than the BMW.

  • Simon

    I hear your opinion Smokin’R32, but frankly I just don’t get it. The similarities between the cars you mentioned pretty much stops at their roughly similar 0-100 times. Apart from that, they are all in different segments of the auto industry and vastly so. A base model BMW, while not everyone’s cup of tea is always going to be regarded as a cut above the norm. Hardly surprising being a premium euro.
    How anyone could regard a STI as a classy car is something I struggle to comprehend. Sure they are fast, but they aren’t called boy racer cars for nothing. The interior is cheap, the looks are hardly something to be proud of.
    The HSV, well have a look at any old model HSV. They look dated so damn quickly.
    I guess it’s true beauty is in the eye of the beholder and “class” could be regarded as subjective.
    The X6 certainly doesn’t do it for me but being a new BMW, I think class will come with the ticket price irrespective.

  • nobody

    SumoDog is right, I don’t see how anyone will be averaging 13.9L/100km on those. I doubt anyone who buys an M division car will be treading lightly on the pedal.

  • luvalambi

    ohhh look everyone another BMW ?? WWOOOWWWW I cant wait for the triple X…

  • luvalambi

    Devil666 Engine cutaways ? engine cutaways ?? Your an idiot!

  • Alex

    Not bad, could be better but not quite as tacky as they could have looked. No taste but I suppose the market for these cars doesn’t have any in the first place. The X5 certainly looks better with that body kit than the horrible M Sport one for the X5.
    I am quite disappointed that there is no manual transmission though. I know that about 95% of sales would be for an automatic anyway but I feel that if you are pushing yourself as a brand for drivers then you should offer a manual, even on the SUVs. I want the choice, I don’t want them to make it for me. I’d like to have seen a manual 7 Series as well. A manual can almost make a car like this cool, it shows that you’re not lazy and you don’y just want to be seen in it, you want to drive it.
    I love automatics but if you are making drivers cars, you need to give drivers the choice.

    Say what you want about BMWs looks but you really can’t call them boring right now.

  • The Realist

    spetty Says:
    April 5th, 2009 at 7:31 pm
    “The Realist. Not sure about the Territory interior,but the FG XR8 with luxury pack interior sure looks better than the BMW.”

    April Fools day was four days ago.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Love the X5M colour,looks like an old M colour,estriol blue.

    Saw a black X6 in St Georges Tce Friday ,4 big beefy blokes on board all the windows down hanging on to the roof………and they say FPV and HSV owners are bogans,hahaha

    408kW,bet the next M5 is getting this engine . Power to weight in that will be better again !!

    Luvalambi triple xxx mate,thats p o r n,then again the M in Motorsport goes with that ;)

  • Alex

    Another thing, say what you want about the colours but at last, you can get colours on the X5 that aren’t boring! Has anybody else either been to order one or configured one on the internet? The colours are so boring! Everything looks slightly grey. Nice to see some bright and interesting ones.

    Smoking R32, you are right about BMW not being understated enough anymore. I miss cars like the 2002 and the early 3 Series. Even the last 3 and 5 Series followed that recipe to a degree but the latest ones are too flashy. I wish you could order these cars without the body kit, that would do it. Same with the M3 and the M5.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Go individual colour Alex then your definitely not boring.

    The guy that owned my car originally spent the extra 7k to be different,only 4 in the country like it and from the M3 sites Im part of few and far between world wide the same colour.

  • spetty

    The Realist.I have both in the garage so i should know.After four days who is the fool then?

  • ComradeVodka

    Spetty, a Ford interior better than a BMW interior, bull crap.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Oh my Gawd, the heinous X6 is up for discussion once more. I think I’ll go to bed.
    But good to see BM has the (.)(.) back again.
    Good night.

  • spetty

    ComradeVodka,Obviously not all Ford interiors.
    XR8 compared to a 325sport(2007 model)yes.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    hahaha Captain glad ya appreciate them ,night hun…….

  • smokin’R32

    @simon: I was referring more to the addition of unnecessary plastic and go-fast bits rather than actually comparing those cars, its just BMW usually does it more subtly than these examples, but it seems that was ‘old bmw’. cheers

  • Mark

    After having driven a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with 6.1L 313kw V8, and being frightened by that, I can\’t even comprehend how fast these things will be, another 100kw is just unreal.

    Don’t like the looks, but would have one in a heartbeat.

  • Jimmy

    Sweet baby jesus…

  • Devil666


    Yes, the engine cutaways. Where said manufacturer shows cut away sections of the engine.

    for example:

    full gallery:

    Fairly self explanatory, but perhaps your severely impaired mental capacity needed it spelled out. Shall I cut up your dinner as well?

  • Tek

    BMW have really lost the plot. Can someone enlighten me to the purpose of an X6 M? Looks like BMW are really trying to corner the wanker market.

  • Pickup trucks

    That’s really exciting for the bimmer fans. Also, there are a few interior changes on the facelifted version

    @ Captain Mainwaring : yea BM has the (.)(.) back again … lol .. dat was a good catch

  • The Realist

    spetty Says:
    April 5th, 2009 at 8:49 pm
    “The Realist.I have both in the garage so i should know.After four days who is the fool then?”

    I haven’t driven a FG BF ABC POS XR8 but have driven a XYZ FG EA POS G6ET rep mobile – and it’s interior cheapness was shocking for a car that’s over $50K.

    If Honda can do a nice inerior in a fully imported $32K Euro, there’s no excuse for 100% American owned and Australian tax-payer subsidied Ford Australia. ;-)

  • luvalambi

    Devil666 do you often ask dealerships ” Can i look at the engine cutaways” before you by a car? “No worries Sir we will cut the engine in half for you right now “Forget about cutting up my dinner idiot your to busy cutting up engines! You proberly have no idea anyway about how an engine works but hey ill give you ten points for trying to look good

  • Readallthemagsfirst

    I sold my X5 diesel last year. I started to miss it though. I just spent a month reading lots of mags and trying to workout what to buy. I went to BMW and test drove the X6 diesel. Went well, but surprisingly didn’t thrill me given the extra snail. Then I drove the X6 V8 twin turbo…..anyway it gets delivered in about two weeks. I like the high driving position, the grunt, the cornering, the space for the golf clubs and the pile of included features. Anybody comparing this to a commodore or making comments like “I can’t see the point” should probably stay silent until they’ve been for a test drive!