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The updated Volkswagen Polo GTI will finally see the addition of a manual transmission, according to a report from UK publication Autocar.

The current-generation Polo GTI, which went on sale in Australia in November 2010, has only ever been offered with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. However, Autocar claims the facelifted Polo pocket rocket will see the addition of a six-speed manual gearbox which could prove a key addition for enthusiasts.

By offering the car with a manual transmission it is expected that Volkswagen could cut up to $2500 from the price of the Polo GTI, which currently starts at $27,990 plus on-road costs for the three-door base model. If that were the case, the updated Polo GTI could undercut the impressive Ford Fiesta ST, which currently sets the price benchmark among its turbo hot hatch rivals at $25,990 plus on-road costs.

Other changes to the Polo GTI include a power increase from 132kW to 141kW, although it remains unclear as to whether the car will continue to be powered by the current 1.4-litre turbocharged and supercharged engine, as some reports suggest the new version will gain an updated 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbo engine instead.

The original Polo GTI launched in 2006 with a 1.8-litre turbo and manual transmission, and enthusiasts have been crying out for a more pure driving experience since the new twin-charged, DSG-equipped model was introduced.

The updated Polo range will go on sale in Australia later in 2014, while the GTI is expected to arrive in 2015.

  • nomanualnosale

    Are you listening Renault?

    • suomi95

      Obviously haven’t driven the dual clutch Clio……wonder if the lack of a manual will affect Renault sales…probably not. Good to see VW in the Polo offering a manual….but with demand as strong as it has been the lack of certainly hasn’t dented sales.

      • filippo

        You’re just referring to Australia. In the UK the GTI represents less than 2% of Polo sales (probably even less in continental Europe). This makes it, globally speaking, a flop.

  • Phil

    Finally, a real successor to my 9n. With a manual box and a 1.8T, tuners will go mad for this. Using the EA888 1.8TFSI is a no brainer, as we’ve already seen the EA888 in 2L form for the Polo R, and the twincharger is too costly to build in comparison.

    But is this really for the facelifted model, or the all new model due in 2015? I’m thinking that there’s blending of details between the two, with a slight tweak of the twincharger to 141kw but little else changing for the facelift, and the new model in 2015 matching that output and offering the manual because it’s simpler to do on MQB, as is the adaptive suspension etc.

  • Zaccy16

    Sounds good, Renault should do the same with the Clio, a successful hot hatch in this day and age should have a manual for enthusiasts and an auto for people who just want a faster hatchback

  • McF1

    A 6 speed manual for the updated Polo GTi is fantastic news. Very happy.

  • KKK

    Someone’s dream came ture

  • bob

    About freckin time! Not that I would ever buy one of these, but a car in this class should come with the option of a manual no questions asked.

  • J

    Might consider selling my Fiesta ST in 2015 then…

    • Dave

      It won’t drive anywhere near as good as your ST!!

      • Robbie

        I’ve been looking at the fiesta St but can’t get a test drive till mid Feb and wouldn’t have one delivered till June so supply sucks and they wont discount.
        Also reading some other forums an owner of one wants to get rid of it … he used it as a daily work car and due to bad roads and traffic (basically rocking between 1st and 2nd). He also said the build quality is terrible, stereo really cheap and the engine symposer becomes tiring after while. He basically said if you want a run around car or need a 2nd car get the St otherwise forget it.
        I’m still booked in for a mid Feb test drive but having another competitor is very welcomed!

      • Glenn59

        Probably true but it will have a far better interior, better ride, better finish, 5 doors, be cheaper and generally be easier to live with.

    • bob

      I would have to agree with Dave on this one completely. The ST was engineered to be a proper little hot hatch. Firm suspension and chassis, tight gearbox. The Polo will still cater to those who want “performance and a family hatch”. It will never drive as well as the FiST.

      • Peter Pebbles Stone

        How about we leave the speculation till the 2015 model gets released. remember it comes with adaptive dampers now…

        • bob

          So does the new GTI, and that still doesn’t drive like a proper hatch should (think RS265). VW never makes cars geared towards purists. They always make good all around cars.

  • DanR

    Great move to potentially remove the two biggest problems in VWs today, the DSG and the TwinGrenade engine. Now if only the car was made and sold be someone other than VW, they would be in a winner.

    • Peter Pebbles Stone

      You have no idea, seriously… How about you go and comment on things you like, and a make of car you have ACTUALLY driven and leave us to like the cars we like.

      • DanR

        I was waiting to see who would make a fool of them selves first, it was you. We have two VWs, both with DSG, one with the TwinGrenade engine. Thanks for playing. In the mean time, ill comment anywhere I like.

    • Glenn59

      The Twin Charge engine is long gone and I have heard very little negative feedback on late model DSG transmissions. VW do not have the best reputation in the industry but they get worse feedback than they deserve. Checkout international reliability surveys like TUV, JD Power’s UK survey and the British Aftermarket Warranty Provider Warranty Directs survey. They all show average to good results for VW’s including DSG models.