by Jez Spinks

The Chrysler 200 has been redesigned inside and out as it continues efforts to latch onto the success of its more celebrated bigger brother.

Debuting at this week’s 2014 Detroit motor show, the smaller sibling to the Chrysler 300 almost seamlessly blends grille and headlights in a wraparound-effect front end that contributes to a far more stylish exterior than before.

Chrysler 200 rear side

There are also significant changes underneath for the Chrysler 200 that has much work to do to catch sales of key segment rivals such as the Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion.

The 200 sits on the FiatChrysler alliance’s Compact Wide platform that also underpins the likes of the Dodge Dart, Jeep Cherokee and Alfa Romeo Giulietta – and brings a multilink rear suspension. It’s a touch longer and wider than the model it will replace in the northern hemisphere’s spring.

Chrysler 200 cornering

A new nine-speed auto – which debuted in the new Cherokee – is a first for the medium car segment in Australia, with the transmission teamed with either a 2.4-litre four-cylinder or ‘Pentastar’ 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine.

The 200 is front-wheel drive again, though an optional all-wheel drive system (again first seen on Cherokee) is available for the V6 – with a rear axle capable of decoupling electronically when not required to aid fuel economy.

Chrysler 200 dash

Drivers operate the gearbox via a rotary transmission dial on the centre console that is an obvious copy from Jaguar.

It’s still one of the notable features of a completely revised interior that also features a Volvo-inspired cubby hole beneath the centre console bridge, as well as the Chrysler Group’s excellent large colour infotainment touchscreen.

2015 Chrysler 200C

The Chrysler 200 will be offered in four trim levels: LX, volume-selling Limited, sportier 200S, and 200C.

The original 200 replaced the unloved Sebring in 2009. The model is currently built in left-hand drive only, and FiatChrysler have yet to state any plans to cater for RHD markets.

  • Rick

    I think they would be on a winner if this was to come on sale in Australia

    • pal

      Agreed 100% Rick.Glad to see Chrysler heading back to the design language it had at the end of the 90’s before it was taken over.
      @ Jez the rotary transmission dial is not a first for Chrysler. It’s currently in the Ram but still probably not been as long as Jaguar has had it.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, i think it looks fantastic, much better than the 300, if they get the ride and handling right they would be on to a winner in aus!

  • Nathan


  • Andy

    Very nice Chrysler….bring it to Australia!!

    • Alborz Fallah

      Not coming :-(

  • Zaccy16

    Hopefully the 9 speed auto which is very impressive is matched to the engines better than reported to be in the new Cherokee

    • pal

      They have had a lot of software updates on the transmission which apparently is so much better than what was tested in those pre production Cherokees. The last reviews i saw with the production models were very impressive.Time will tell though.

  • gtrxuone

    The Koreans must be doing right stuff at the moment.This 200 looks very Korean to me.I am a fan of most current Chryslers in Australia.

  • Shak

    Looks very nice, but then again so do the Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai i45 and Holden Calais that it seems to have gotten its inspiration from. A very unoriginal, if not attractive design.

    • Phil

      They can steal ideas from whoever they like, if they can make their cars look this cohesive.

    • Rick

      The stylings not the headline it should be the powertrain . 220kw , 9 speed and all wheel drive