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by James Cleary

Details of the new additions to Ford Australia’s showroom in 2014.

All-New Ford Transit

Ford Transit (January, Q2)

Ford Australia will overhaul its Transit commercial vehicle line-up in two waves in 2014. The short-wheelbase Transit Custom will arrive first in January, promising more car-like dynamics, styling and technologies, including the Sync connectivity system from Ford’s passenger car range. The front-wheel-drive Transit Custom is powered by a 92kW/350Nm 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. The regular Transit will complete the line-up in the second quarter of the year. The larger, long-wheelbase, rear-wheel-drive variant will be available in a range of body styles, including vans with multiple roof heights, single- and double-cab chassis utes, and a 12-seat bus.


Ford EcoSport (February)

Currently, Ford’s pint-sized, front-wheel-drive EcoSport SUV is only available in top-spec Titanium trim, complete with premium touches like Sync voice-control system, high-end audio and multi-function display screen. Engine choice is between a turbocharged 92kW/170Nm 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine matched with a five-speed manual ($25,790), or an 82kW/140Nm 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol four mated to a six-speed auto transmission ($27,790). In February, the range will grow with the addition of an entry-level Ambiente model, powered by the 1.5-litre, with a choice of five-speed manual ($20,790) or six-speed auto ($22,790). A mid-range Trend variant, in 1.0-litre manual ($22,290) or 1.5-litre auto form ($24,290) will arrive at the same time.

Read CarAdvice’s Ford EcoSport Review.


Ford Ranger (Q2)

Ford will expand its Australian-designed Ranger workhorse line-up in 2014 with a new body style of the XLS and the brand-new XL-Plus. The more generously specified XLS will be available as a double-cab ute with a 110kW/375Nm 2.2-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel ($45,590) to join the already available 147kW/470Nm 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbo-diesel ($48,090). The XL-Plus is essentially a heavier-duty Ranger, featuring the 3.2-litre diesel engine, auto transmission, locking rear differential, a towbar rated to 3500kg, daytime running lights, running boards, 17-inch steel rims, a second battery, and an expanded, heavy-duty wiring harness. Aimed squarely at industry buyers in mining, forestry and government, the macho Ranger will be available as a single-cab chassis ($46,280), double-cab chassis ($51,760), and double-cab ute ($52,760). Ford is also adding sat-nav to the existing XLT range, and the XL single-cab chassis (2.2-litre) will pick up side airbags as standard.


Ford Falcon (Q4)

In a bitter sweet unveiling for Ford Australia, the final iteration of its long-serving Falcon will break cover in 2014 before production finishes and the nameplate is retired two years later. Likely to be coded FH, Ford says the design is signed off, to which an insider added that it was the easiest program because it was unanimously loved internally, with a “great design” promised. Ford has only released a teaser image of the final Falcon so far, though, which shows a sharper front-end that appears a cross between the European family face of the Fiesta and Focus – in the large, low mounted trapezoidal grille – and the American Mustang – note the angular, aggressive headlights. The FH will also mark the return of the V8-powered XR8, briefly re-joining the mainstream Ford line-up; its release coinciding with the closure of Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV), as announced earlier this year. The XR8 will almost certainly use the FPV-developed Miami V8, a 5.0-litre supercharged engine currently producing 315kW/545Nm in the FPV GS and 335kW/575Nm in the FPV GT. The engine line-up will otherwise carry over unchanged, Ford execs confirm, also adding that little new tech will be introduced.

  • barry

    Lets forget Proton and Skoda and Vw and Eco Sport for a while.Lets get some testosterone back and talk about the FH XR8.A 5.0 LTRE Maimi 315kw @ 545Nm.Bring on Q4.

    • JooberJCW

      Well I hope they increase the width of the tyres for one. If they dont its going to be second fiddle to hsv performance wise

      • barry

        That would be good.Also as Robin saids look at the interior,me say look at the seating position.

  • Robin_Graves

    Not a bad line up. I hope they have done a good job on Falcon’s interior, the drivelines certainly don’t require any changes. I noticed the Transit is FWD, imagine a full payload in the back trying to take off on a wet hill over a white line on the road!

    An AWD Focus ST would be nice too, I hate FWD.

    • Sydlocal

      The Transit has been FWD for a good few years now. Hasn’t seemed to have affected it that much. FWD does have some advantages and after all, it isn’t a sports car!

      • Robin_Graves

        Yeah I thought it might have been but I wasn’t sure. I knew the merc and other euro vans were FWD. Seems weird but would save costs and weight and be more efficient.

        • Grave


        • http://www.ozmazdaclub.com/ Tien

          Mercedes Vito and Sprinter vans are RWD
          VW Craft (Sprinters cousin) is also RWD but the Transporter T5 is FWD and the little Caddy also is FWD

          • Robin_Graves

            Vito was fwd for a while too. Interesting they went back to RWD.

          • Guest

            That must be the first generation Vitos you’re referring to

          • http://www.ozmazdaclub.com/ Tien

            That must be the first generation Vito you’re referring to

      • Alexander Sambuco

        The smaller vans are FWD as it frees up room for more cargo space as you don’t have to account for a drive shaft and rear axle. Also especially empty you have less drive traction issues as there is more weight over the drive wheels. The Custom is a smaller van while the Full Transit is RWD and a bigger van.

        • Darryl

          There’s actually 4 different Transit vans in Europe. The Transit Connect which is VW Caddy size and a smaller one again called the Transit Courier which looks like a Fiesta van. The load height of the Custom is 100mm lower than the “big” Transit according to Ford UK website. Also we were over in NZ in July/August and saw a couple of Transit Customs in Toll livery back then, so why does it take Ford Oz so long to bring out models here. The Mondeo will be due for replacement by the time it gets here. Not so sure about this One Ford thing, when other manufacturers specifically tailor cars for individual markets. Ford have had to modify the Fusion to meet European expectations, so that and the closing of the Belgium factory where the current one is made is why it’s late here. Even then, if you read most US road tests it does not rate against the Mazda 6 anyway.

      • http://www.ozmazdaclub.com/ Tien

        Only the SWB Transit is FWD while the other sizes are RWD

        I’m not too sure but from the looks of things Ford is removing the SWB line from it’s Transit line up and bringing in the Transit Custom to replace it

    • Slap

      The large transit pictured is rwd, but it’s the smaller car like transit that’s fwd. Nothing wrong with that! It’s not like all the couriers are going to be getting it sideways.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, the current falcon is a great car that deserves a new interior!

  • Marka

    Isn’t the new mondeo due this year as well?

    • MisterZed

      Yep, sure is. Goes into production in Europe in 2014, so we will definitely see it here sometime during the year.

      • Spanner

        We won’t get it until 2015 according to Caradvice’s previous articles

        • O123

          Wow only 3 years after it was revealed in detroit, F***ing useless.

          • JooberJCW

            Yep, a coworker had their sights on one and hoping to arrive in 2014. But now has opted for an audi a4. Because its taking that long to come to Australia

          • Marka

            A4 is a lot more expensive, but i know what it’s like as I want to upgrade the mondeo I own mid 2014, but it doesn’t look like i will be able to upgrade it to the new mondeo :(

          • JooberJCW

            No doubt about it, but money wasnt an issue for him, he was hooked on the almost jag front end looks, but alas its just too slow to get to us

      • Andy

        Probably 2015 knowing Ford Australia…hopeless

        • Simon

          Might try and phase it in as the Falcon replacement when the end of that tunnel is near (not saying it will or won’t work)

        • ixlplix

          It’l be due for a new one

    • Zaccy16

      it is but apparently its not coming to aus until 2015, looks like a good car but it should be already on sale

      • Marka

        yeap ”ts a Pathetic effort by the European division

  • m80

    Shame there is no upgraded 4.0 turbo

  • MisterZed

    You left out the new Mondeo!!!

    • matt

      because it wont be here in 2014, if ford australia want to launch with a wagon they have to wait till at least mid 2015. as that is when the wagon “mondeo” goes into production

  • laurie

    You all mean the OLD Mondeo by the time its released, the Mazda 6 will be that far in front in sales

  • MalR

    At least Ford isn’t importing the lowest cost stuff from China or Korea and expecting us to believe that if it has a Holden badge on it that it is still Australian.

    • LowRezFez

      F-ing A man!

    • Chad

      Top comment and very true ,Holdens here to stay campaign is a insult to there workers and a lot of Australians ,what a joke

      • Robert Ryan

        A lot of Australians have reacted negatively to that campaign

      • Marka

        Spot on!

        A strange miss from what is normally a very good marketing dept

      • Zaccy16

        it is, very cringeworthy commercial, they will be staying but with inferior korean models with a holden badge!

    • Phil

      no, they import the lowest cost stuff from Thailand instead. Ford don’t need to run a campaign like that because Ford is a global brand, unlike Holden. I agree the Holden campaign was poorly thought out. It certainly isn’t helping their cause. Shame, because their agency did a good job on the VF commodore ads.

      • Guest

        “Ford doesn’t need to run a campaign” – yeah, why would they start now, eh? Most useless marketing mob on the planet. Just yesterday speaking to a 30y.o. guy thinking about a bigger sedan for his next car – knew nothing of Ecoboost or the concept of a 4 cylinder Falcon. Seems that for the last 10yrs Ford has been ashamed of anything with Aussie links to its manufacturing.

    • aball

      You’re right, they’re bringing their low cost stuff in from Thailand and India.

    • Zaccy16

      exactly! fords global models are all great cars and are far superior to GM’s korean POS

      • barry

        Theres nothing Korean about a sv6 or ss or hsv.

        • Zaccy16

          did i mention commodores? i agree the VF commodore is a great car but i was talking about the rest of GM’s S##t range

  • Joshua

    I like the Ecosport personally. It is probably one of the better jacked up hatchbacks getting around.

    Is the 1.0 Litre 3 Cylinder Ecoboost Engine better than the 1.5 Litre 4 Cylinder Engine?

    I can not imagine the little EcoBoost being any good for highway driving.

    • Robert Ryan

      Not a fan of mini cars on stilts defeats the purpose of having a SUV

    • Phil

      Yes, the ecoboost is a better engine than the 1.5L. 92kw and 170Nm are very useful figures, 10kw and 30Nm better in fact. And that torque is from as low as 1400rpm, 3000rpm less than the 1.5L. It’s far better for highway driving. Time to change your preconceptions about small displacement engines, because the little ecoboost is simply brilliant.

    • Zaccy16

      yes the ecoboost engine is far superior because of its bigger torque figure at lower RPM’s and has a wider torque band, the 1.5 would struggle overtaking on the highway because of lack of torque but the ecoboost would go well overtaking

  • ExdoubleU

    has any one heard what they have planned for the G6E Turbo update?
    This I would like to see …

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, the G6E turbo is the best allround falcon ever made IMO, it looks great, is quick, handles well and has the nicest interior of any falcon

  • Daniel D

    Any new Ford dealer network? No? Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter then what new models they have. Ford still havent fixed the problem.

  • 42 = The Answer

    FH – Final Hurrah?!

  • Golfmother

    ford AU is a shambles , persisting with the dino falcon , bring the superior german mondeo already . what a mismanaged joke .

    • barry

      Serious Golfmother.The Mondeo just looking at it puts you to sleep.

    • matt

      do you even internets bro??, nothing to do with ford australia, or the falcon, the belgium plant is being shut down and the new mondeo will be built in…. god knows where.Wont even start being built in RHD till late 2014, wagon 2015.

    • Mikkos

      Oh all right replace the Falcon with some under engineered FWD rubbish. Every person who drives VW has their head up their a##… Thinking they’ve got the best car in the world (you included) After all the problems VW have had, I’ve seen Falcons clock one million kilometres how is that “Dinosaur” (That is called proper engineering not under engineering) FPV F6 was put as the best four door performance car for under 100K in the world by top gear UK. You love boring 4cyl, FWD, over priced cars that won’t even last even last 10 years! My relative bought an A4 and it was burning oil and needed a head gasket after 40,000 km, oh yeah fantastic car, brilliant especially a car company owned by VW!

      Have you even seen the Falcons drive train? It’s more bloody advanced than any crappy WP car that they’ve got! You spend 70k for a BMW, which has nothing in it and to buy to the top of the line you need to spend over 100k! You’d might as well purchase a G6E, that has every thing in it and before you say “Dinosaur” go test drive one! The issue you have is that you are badge snob, I test drove a Focus with that awful Dual clutch auto and yes it was made in Germany. The car overall was rubbish, constant shuddering and jerking.

  • Golfmother

    ford was never an australian company , holden is completely different story . your comment is pointless .

    • MalR

      OK that’s true, there is that tenuous link to an old saddlemaker that makes GM Holden an Australian company .However, in the here and now both Ford (Australia) and Holden will become importers only. As far as I know Ford isn’t planning to re-badge something made in China/Korea and expect us to believe that it is Australian and they ‘are here to stay’ and somehoe providing a benefit to the country more than any other car importer. (Just for the record, I still miss my old EH)

      • lk-90

        “Ford” Ranger – Thailand.
        Ford Fiesta – Thailand.
        Ford Focus – Thailand.
        Ford Transit – Turkey.

        • MalR

          Fiesta ST – Germany
          Mondeo – Belgium
          Focus ST – Germany (Rest of Focus – Thailand)
          Ecosport – India
          What’s your point?

  • Sean

    Yeah. Ford would never do something like import low cost stuff from China or Korea. They import a Brazilian designed low cost car from India instead. That makes much more sense, doesn’t it?

    • MalR

      Easy big fella. Most car companies manufacture cars at plants in various locations around the world. (BMW 3 series in South Africa, Ford Mondeo in Belgium, Nissan Pulsar in Tahiland, Toyota Hilux in Thailand you get the idea) but they are not trying make us believe that they are looking after our best interests by shedding thousands of jobs.

  • barry

    Have to admit without Commodore in the GM stable.Gm do look quiet average in Australia.

  • wandom

    Why don’t they bring the Ford Transit Connect? That things beast!!! or the S-Max!

  • Rocket

    Have you driven a RWD Mitsubishi Express without a load in the wet? Weight over the driving wheel helps with traction.

  • Rocket

    Still no 1.6 Ecoboost Focus?

  • lk-90

    The last Ford plant in the UK is being closed. The “new” Transit is being made in Turkey.

  • lk-90

    The Mondeo came out before the Fusion, which was de-specced because mid-sizers are economy cars in USA.
    The new Transits will be made in Turkey so the models you saw my no be made there.

  • Rod

    They would do better to spend all that money on advertising its locally made vehicles instead of here to stay ads.

  • Zany

    I’m looking forward for the new FH reveal. I’d get one in ecolpi. I can’t understand why the government is letting them overcharge us. Gas is now around 90.9. Even the middle eastern governments won’t let the big fossil fuel companies overcharge their people. So much for freemarket it’s only another name for let’s rip them off.