The Rinspeed XchangE concept has been shown in computer generated renderings ahead of its debut at next year’s Geneva motor show, revealing an innovative interior designed to increase comfort in future autonomous vehicles.

A project by Swiss manufacturer Rinspeed – renowned for developing left-of-centre concepts such as the Micromax and the Bamboo – the fully electric XchangE is claimed to redefine automotive transportation by incorporating aeroplane-style business class comfort.

Featuring seats with “elaborate functionality” and a movable steering wheel, which can be “parked” in the middle of the dashboard, the XchangE sedan can be configured in numerous ways to ensure ‘driving’ is never a hindrance.

Rinspeed XchangE Concept - 1

The infotainment and operating system is also said to allow passengers to interact with a host of entertainment, safety and service functions relating to work tasks, music, internet, gaming and watching movies, all while enjoying autonomous transport.

With no specifications or details given regarding powertrains, Rinspeed says it will leave car makers to put “the finishing touches on the vehicle technology”.

Rinspeed boss Frank M Rinderknecht says the concept is one of the first to take autonomous vehicle transport to its “logical conclusion” from the perspective of the driver.

“After all,” Rinderknecht said, “traveling in a driverless car will no longer require me to stare at the road, but will let me spend my time in a more meaningful way.

“I am given free time that I can use for myself any way I please, while the sensor systems and the computer chauffeur me safely and reliably to my destination.”

The 2014 Geneva motor show begins on March 6.

  • jzab

    Cool idea, but with the raked windscreens of cars these days I doubts that the “driver” would fit if his/her seat was rotated around.

  • Jerrycan

    I really do not know how Rinspeed survive. This layout is far from original, it has been used in many concepts and nearly every ‘futuristic’ drawing since the 60’s.
    Why use a steering wheel when a joystick can replace it, the accelerator and brake pedal.
    I suppose it does not matter, humanity is doomed anyway

  • m1n1s1n

    Could be the future, What I don’t understand is why have a conventional car shape?
    The future of cars is electric and the best proven method is hub motors which are with in all 4 wheels or 2, No need for driveshaft’s, conventional transmission and conventional diffs, realistically the future look of cars would remove long nosed vehicles.
    Not unless the consumer cannot move on from that shape, and you get double the luggage space

    • Vid_Ghost

      crumple zone my friend :) the more crumple zone in a head on the better… and with AI driving.. we may need it on Aussie roads with kangaroos