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by Jez Spinks

Falcon gone. Territory gone. Ford showrooms here will have an unfamiliar look in 2017 after the US company ceases local manufacturing in October 2016.

The Ford Falcon large car has been around for more than 50 years, the Territory SUV since 2004, but both disappear into history to make way for an import-only line-up in Australia.

The Mustang featured in our previous article will become the Blue Oval’s new hero model from 2015, but what other vehicles will be offered in its showrooms locally from 2017 onwards.

CarAdvice brings you a guide to the 11 Ford passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles you’ll be able to buy here, as well as one that insiders have told us is being considered.

Ford Ka (subcompact city car)

Ka Concept

The smallest model on this list but the only one with a big question mark against it. However, Ford sources have indicated the company is studying the latest-generation Ka for the Australian market. A concept of the third-gen model was unveiled in Brazil recently where it is being developed. Our insiders say the Ka’s chances of coming here could rest upon where it ends up being built – somewhere such as Thailand being ideal to benefit from the free trade agreement already favouring the Fiesta, Focus and Ranger. Regardless, Ford Australia knows it needs a sub-$15,000 vehicle to combat the raft of increasing micro-sized and micro-priced vehicles not just from China but that include the likes of the Mitsubishi Mirage and Volkswagen Up.

Ford Fiesta (city car)


Next year will mark 10 years since the Fiesta replaced the Festiva in Australia as Ford’s city car contender. Sales numbers remain respectable though they’re smaller than deserved for what is one of the finest cars to drive in its segment. No city car is more dynamic out on the open road, though it’s the Fiesta’s smooth ride and steering that also mark it as a great urban companion. There was a dip in quality, however, when the Fiesta moved from European to Thailand production for Australia. Fiesta is currently priced from $15,825. A new 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder ‘EcoBoost’ engine joins the range this month. With the latest (sixth) generation Fiesta having been released in 2008, the next iteration would be expected in 2015.


Ford Focus (small car)


It’s not so long ago this small car was pencilled in to be built in Ford Australia’s Broadmeadows plant before an expected U-turn saw the company decide instead to spend government money on more efficient versions of the Falcon and Territory. The Focus has embedded itself as a solid player for Ford Australia, even if it can’t match the small-car powers that are the Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla. With the latest-gen having only emerged in 2011 it will head into 2017 close to replacement. A new halo model in the form of the latest RS hot-hatch, however, will provide an injection in 2015. The Focus had also been expected to gain the 1.0L EcoBoost engine, though it may instead get a 1.4-litre turbo because Ford Australia is concerned a 1.0L version may overlap too uncomfortably with the Fiesta.


Ford Mondeo (medium car) 


This is the car that will essentially replace the Falcon in 2017 as the option for buyers looking for a big Ford sedan. The current Mondeo is already not far shy of the Falcon’s length and the new-generation model grows in size again. The Mondeo is another European-focused Ford that took its time to reach Australia – despite a brief and unsuccessful dabble with the nameplate locally in 1997 and 2000 – but has now settled as a solid medium car contender. The new Mondeo, however, is taking its time to get here. It debuted as the Fusion, as it is known in the US, at the 2012 Detroit motor show, though will arrive in Australia in late 2014 – a year later than expected. Expect engines to include EcoBoost direct inject turbos in 1.6L and and 2.0L sizes, plus a diesel.


Ford Mustang (sports car)


If you want a V8-powered Ford in Australia from 2017, the classic American muscle car will be the only choice. Ford has just unveiled the sixth-generation version that will become the first Mustang to be built officially in right-hand drive and be sold around the world – including Australia. It’s due here in late 2015 in coupe (‘Fastback’) and convertible body styles, powered by a choice of 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder or 5.0-litre V8 engines. Pricing is expected to start from $45,000. A stiffer, lighter body and the introduction of an independent rear suspension – in place of the basic live axle – bodes well for both ride and handling.


Ford EcoSport (subcompact SUV)


This subcompact SUV based on the Fiesta city car launched in November 2013. It’s currently built in India though its production source is tipped to switch to Thailand, where the Fiesta and Ranger are also built. It measures just over four metres long and is priced from $20,790 to make it one of the most affordable SUVs locally. It also debuted Ford’s 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo engine in Australia, producing impressive outputs of 92kW and 170Nm.


Ford Kuga (compact SUV)


Ford was late bringing the first-generation Kuga to Australia, as a replacement for the ageing Escape. It was initially available in just one specification – and an expensive and thirsty one at that. In early 2013, however, the second generation was released locally with not only a broader range but also vastly better pricing – starting $10K cheaper from $27,990 – to take on a hugely competitive segment including the likes of the Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Forester. The range includes front- and all-wheel-drive models, and turbo petrol and diesel engines.


Ford Edge (mid-sized SUV)


Unveiled in concept form only at this stage at November’s Los Angeles motor show, Ford insiders have confirmed to CarAdvice that this is the SUV that will effectively replace the Territory. (Ford Australia, though, would have the option of retaining the Territory name that has been so successful.) It will certainly be a more technologically advanced vehicle than the Territory, offering the likes of radar-controlled cruise control, semi-automatic parking, lane keeping assist, blind spot warning and obstacle detection/avoidance. The Ford Edge concept, however, points to a five-seater, meaning families who bought a Territory for its seven seats will need to instead consider the Everest (see next model).


Ford Everest (large SUV)


This SUV spin-off from the Ranger ute has been anticipated for some time though was only confirmed in August 2013 with a concept model. Ford Australia is in the process of developing the Everest for release in 2015, where it will be pitched as an SUV with genuine off-road capability (which the Territory never had) to compete against rivals including the Toyota Prado, Holden Colorado 7 and Mitsubishi Pajero. Ford insiders say while the Ranger and Everest come from the same T6 project, there’s plenty of differentiation between the architectures beneath them.


Ford Transit Cargo (commercial van/cab chassis/bus)

All-New Ford Transit

Ford’s stalwart commercial van reaches its 50th anniversary in 2015 with more than seven million sales behind it. A new range goes on sale in Australia in early 2014, comprising Custom and Cargo versions. Cargo offers plenty of variations as with the outgoing Transit – with multiple roof heights, single-cab and double-cab chassis (with trays), and a 12-seater bus option again.


Ford Transit Custom (van)

Ford Transit Custom

Ford is pitching the new Transit as its most stylish, safest yet – and the Custom is also a new variant that still offers plenty of carrying ability though is designed to offer a more car-like experience in the cabin and on the road. Already available in New Zealand, the Transit Custom is powered by a 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine with six-speed manual and stop-start technology. Features include a retractable roof rack, 3.5-inch infotainment screen with Bluetooth connectivity, and there’s a useful 10.9m turning circle.


Ford Ranger (ute)


With dual-cab utes continuing to make impressive sales gains in Australia – and at the cost of car-based utes such as the Commodore and Falcon utes – the Ranger will continue to be a crucial player. The current model was designed and developed by Ford Australia for markets around the world, and if not necessarily always impressive on pricing is a terrifically engineered and designed utility. With utes traditionally having longer lifecycles than passenger cars and SUVs, this 2011-launched model has many a year left before it’s due for a change.


This article first appeared in the December/January 2014 issue of the CarAdvice iPad magazine. Download your free copy from the iTunes store.

  • crouchy35

    The Mondeo is seriously underated. Its a shame they havent found more buyers in oz.

    • pixxxels

      The new one or the old one? I agree the old one is a very good car, but it really is unforgivable that Australia has to wait 2 years longer than the US for the new Mondeo.

      • crouchy35

        I was referring the old one but the new model looks great as well.

      • O123

        Its a joke and shows the contempt ford has for Australia. Mazda got the new 6 here within 2 months of its debut. Only Honda beats Ford in taking their sweet time to get models to Aus

        • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

          So based on your comment, Ford must have contempt for all of Europe as well, because that’s were our version will come from & it’s not available there yet either

          • O123

            Its just as much a joke there as it is here. If the car wasn’t ready it shouldn’t have been revealed. They did the same thing with the Focus, Detroit 2010 reveal yet not in Aus until mid 2011

          • suomi95

            Groannnnnnnn…get informed mate.

          • O123

            In any other industry revealing something and not actually selling it is called vapourware. Ford is clearly run by idiots if they hadnt nailed down where it was going to be built.

          • Karl Sass

            They did the exact opposite with the ecoboost Falcon; build it and tell as few people as possible.

          • Hermesbemused

            Mazda keeps Australia close to new releases because Australia is one of the few countries in the world that they list in the top 5 for new car sales. Three years ago they were technically broke when Ford pulled their money out, although they have improved since then. Australia is the only country other than Israel where Mazda have had a number 1 for new car sales, and is seen as a small player in Europe, and only marginally better in the USA, so there’s your answer O123.

          • Sydlocal

            You missed one country Hermesbemused. The Mazda3 made it to number 1 in Canada a few years ago and is often in the top 3-5 over there.

          • suomi95

            Interesting as could only manage 46th in the US in 2013. Maybe Canadians have better taste. Interesting to see how the new one fares.

          • Darryl

            No. 1 in Israel last year was the Kia Picanto!

          • Sydlocal

            Hermesbemused didn’t specify a year Darryl.

          • suomi95

            If you ask Europeans they are gobsmacked that the Mazda 3 sells so well here. Most other countries it is a bit player at best….just like Subaru

        • suomi95

          Hahaha…yeah sure Mazda did…then had to recall them as they were catching fire. Only reason Mondeo is so late is Ford Europe deciding to change production facilities at the 1tth hour…..so we wait along with Europe and other markets. Not good….but that is how it is. Hahaha…Peugeot takes it’s time getting new models here and Skoda isn’t so flash at it either.

        • Realist

          Australia is Mazda’s strongest market and the only place in the world where it operates on a decent margin so of course everything comes here quickly or get launched here.

      • Vti07

        There was also a model series of Mondeo that Australia missed out on a number of years back.

        • Vt07

          1) Ford really have the SUV market covered.

          2) Hope the entry level Mustang sells for under $50K.

          • not surprised

            What’s it cost in the US ? 30k ?Our dollar is at 0.88. Therefore we should pay about 35k inc some transport costs right ? Faaaaaaaaaaat chance we get slammed in this country by all the manufacturers because of our size and because we are willing to pay anything for a car. Anything under 50k and I will be surprised .

      • suomi95

        It was a decision made in Europe to close the current production facility in Belgium and shift production to Spain that was made at the 11th hr. So like Europe, Sth America and Asia we have to wait.

    • guest

      It’s probably because of the badge. Excellent driving and engineering doesn’t necessarily always equate to sales success.

      • suomi95

        If only Ford had better marketing and better dealers with more competent sales people….how we wish.

    • Exar Kun

      The Fusion is everywhere in the States/Canada where it stands out as a really good looking and well finished car for its class. Interior looks the goods too. A shame the Mondeo still hasn’t surfaced in production form.

      • Robert Ryan

        Still beaten by the Camry in sales. Camry has been the sales leader in the US for sedans for the past 12yrs.

    • m1n1s1n

      offer in mondeo in AWD then it might be rated correctly

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, it is a great car, even the dated current gen still handles and rides better than much newer medium cars such as the horrible malibu, altima, camry etc…

    • Chris

      I just wish they didn’t make the front of the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo all have variations of the same look, it dates them all the same time. The risk for Ford once the Falcon and Territory are gone they will just become a bit player of imported vehicles from Thailand, and we all know the quality build from Thailand is second rate….hence why the Thailand built Fiesta and Focus sales now have gone backwards

  • I just noticed

    Jez Spinks? More like Jez Hemsworth.
    Who else agrees?

  • JoeR_AUS

    The Mustang will suit the performance crowd….

    but some Ford performance fans will be left out, ute and sedan buyers will not be looking at a Mondeo or anything else in this Ford line up.

    • ixlplix

      Once the Mondeo hits Euro Ford good possibility that an RS version will be developed.

      • Rick

        So …… Do you really think people who would have bought a falcon will buy a mondeo ? That’s like thinking people who would buy an Audi rs4 would buy a VW golf gti if the RS4 was discontinued

        • George Gallan

          People used to buying Falcon will probably buy some Kia or Hyundai – Ford is going upmarket with this new post-2017 showroom, and good on them.

          • Rick

            Upmarket ? You’re kidding right?

          • George Gallan

            No, I am not.

          • Rick

            Umm ok , well in that case they better hope they make HUGE improvements over the current models . At the moment the Koreans ,Mazda and even lazy old toyota are miles in front of the mondeo . So I wish ford luck , they’re going to need it

          • Robert Ryan

            Agreed. Outside of the Ranger and Everest , all the rest is going to struggle.

          • Rick

            I think you’re right Robert , the ranger and hopefully the Everest will be their shinning stars along with possibly their focus and maybe the flex but the rest all make the Toyota Camry look exciting

        • NM

          I went from a Falcon to a Mondeo and 4 & 1/2 years on im still not sure if it was the right decision!

        • ixlplix

          Before the Falcon was the Zephyr, the Zodiac etc, People will buy the next available product. Your example above is meaningless. It’s two different brands.

  • pro346

    so if you want a performance car you have to buy a mustang? epic fail! no 4 door sedan! mondeo with eco boost v6 and awd would be good! what about the guy with a family that loves fast fords?

    • pro346

      for those guys ford needs to have maps ready directing them to the nearest Chrysler dealer so they can pick up a 300c or maybe a charger … what about the Taurus sho awd ttv6

      • Rick

        Chrysler will be rubbing their hands together , especially since they have already said that the 300 and charger will always be rear drive and V8

      • Ben Aubrey

        You can’t compare the 300c and the Falcon at all. The 300c is a boat compared to the Ford.
        Ford are not bringing the Taurus to Aus at this stage.

    • barry

      Motoring experts also say North American build quality is well below Japan ,Korea and Germany.

      • Rick

        Go for a drive in a new Chrysler 300 of new jeep and you’ll see that it’s more about brand snobbery than actual facts

        • Sydlocal

          As long as you don’t try emergency avoidance maneuvers in a Grand Cherokee you should be right!

          • Rick

            Hahahaha , you mean the test where they overloaded the vehicle by almost 500kg and independent testing has since ruled it out . The jeep actually performed better than most of its rivals with the porche Cheyenne being the only vehicle to beat it . Don’t believe me have a look on YouTube , Wikipedia etc it’s well documented .

          • Sydlocal

            The most recent update of the Grand Cherokee has been fixed, but the prior to the fix it still didn’t do that well. A 2011 model still skipped and hopped sideways during double lane change avoidance maneuver on multiple runs by the same testing group where the most recent one passed.

            Also Wikipedia is hardly what you call a statement of fact and and ‘only source’. It is handy to use in conjunction with your wider research over multiple sources though.

        • Zaccy16

          Chrysler 300 is nothing special but an improvement over the rubbish last gen, but i agree the grand cherokee is a great car, other jeeps such as the patriot and compass are rubbish cars though

          • pro346

            when I drove the srt8 core it felt rather special…..a lot more special than anything in the vw lineup which doesn’t have nothing special!!

  • Hermesbemused

    The European Fords are well put together and the Focus sold so well it was either second or first for 2013 world sales depending on the publications you read. They have to solve the production quality in Thailand if they want to improve sales in Australia, because the Corolla and Mazda 3 couldn’t compete with the Focus in Europe. Australia is a long distance away and we don’t buy too many cars so that will make it tough for us to dictate where releases should be made and when. I was reading a British magazine and noticed the UK built Nissan Qashqai ( which we might get next year) is still selling at better than 500,000 units per annum; more than double the total of all cars sold anually in Australia.

    • Exar Kun

      We already get the Qashqai here – it’s called the Dualis. And the Australian market is over 1.1 million cars.

      • Hermesbemused

        My apologies; I meant to say the whole Australian market is double that of the Qashqai, and Nissan will be selling them in Australia as Qashqais this year rather than Dualis.

    • Robert Ryan

      Ford has quality issues. The sort of killed them in the mid 2000’s now they are becoming prominent again.

      • Tone

        The biggest quality issue has been sorted, because Ford Australia no longer source cars from South Africa. The RSA-built MkII Focus was a shocker.

    • Sumodog

      You are not very good with numbers :-)


    All things considered this line-up looks pretty good, Ford could very well get the upper hand on Holden market share wise if all these articles are accurate.

    • Robert Ryan

      Diasagree. Most of those models have not sold well in their previous incarnations. looks like a free kick too the Japanese and Koreans.

  • CarCrazy

    What about the Transit Connect? The Connect would be a good alternative to a Renault Kangoo or a Volkswagen Caddy anyday.

    • Buckles

      wow. such comment. so avatar. many vans.

      • CarCrazy

        Much Doge.

        • Buckles


  • Volvo Turtle

    The history of the Ford Mondeo in Australia is misstated. The HA Mondeo was European Car of the Year in 1994 and sold in Australia from July 1995. Gregg Hannsford was killed racing a Mondeo at Phillip Island in March 1995.

    • suomi95

      And thank goodness the Mondeo from the MA series is a much better car than the HA.

  • Rick

    It’s not looking real exciting , thank god for Chrysler group

    • pro346

      we could still get an ss rwd holden from the states if chev want a nascar hero car like they have with current vf chev ss they have now maybe….

      • Rick

        GM at least still seem interested in building enjoyable cars . Let’s hope they do

  • Already own the TE Kuga

    I am looking forward to the Everest which I think Ford Australia have dropped the ball on by not giving it the Territory name … the could of brought over the EDGE as a new vehicle model as to have 3 AWD segments (Ecosport, Kuga and Edge) and 1 proper 4WD (Territory).

    As for the Mondeo / Fusion … I would hope that Ford Australia can get there hands on the Fusion spec Ecoboost 2.3L 4cly Turbo AWD version (which is the same engine the Mustang Ecoboost is going to get) … It would be a good replacement for the XR6 Turbo (ok some of you will say NEVER! because its not a proper RWD ect, but the future is not RWD for Ford AU mainstream passenger cars so get over it) … I just wish that FORD USA gave Ford AU to permission to continue to the now “Australian” main performance brand “XR” … give us something unique in the Ford world instead of adopting the RS / ST badges which means damn bugger all here in Australia …

    I would love to see the following and I think with the right marketing image could sell well well for Ford AU.

    Ecoboost XR3 Turbo (with the 3cly Ecoboost)
    Festiva XR3 Turbo (with the 3cly Ecoboost)
    Kuga XR4 Trubo (with the 2.0L Ecoboost engine)
    Focus XR4 Turbo (again get rid the lame ST badge, it means freaking nothing here in Australia)
    Mondeo AWD XR4 Turbo
    Mustang XR4 Turbo
    Mustang XR8

    That or bring back the ESP range …

    • suomi95

      Who wouldn’t just LOVE to see a Ford Festiva XR3 turbo!!!!! I think at the 1st corner it would be wrapped around the nearest power pole….equipped with diabolical torque steer and over and understeer previously unknown to man…..would be even worse than the SAAB 93 Viggen!!! Every P platers dream!

      Maybe you meant Fiesta?

  • Rocket

    Give it a few years and Ford will spin a sedan off the Mustang platform. It will probably be badged Lincoln but who know if we will get it here?

  • Rocket

    Is there a release date for the Everest? It looks like a Prado beater if it has the 3.2 litre diesel.

    • Rocket

      Doh! 2015 my bad…

  • Zaccy16

    Very complete and good range of cars, much better than holdens range if they stick with the sub par korean imports! the Everest will smash competition such as the horrible challenger and colorado 7

  • Tone

    It doesn’t matter how good Ford’s lineup is going to be, it still doesn’t solve their biggest problem: Ford Dealers.

  • Ex-Falcon man

    Whatever is offered post 2016 by Ford I don’t want it if it isn’t made in Australia.

  • wort

    no large RWD sedan. Thats the Australian made Falcon.
    Shame on Ford. BMW 5 series for me. Ford are a pack of losers
    who think a Mustang will sell more than 4 doors will- never. The Toyota 86 is a better buy

  • Frenchie

    Goodbye Ford you once made resonable cars.

  • Lindsay

    The old one, the one we got in the late 90s? That car was a joke with wheels.

  • Lindsay

    Not everyone wants a 300C. Not if they’ve got any sense of taste anyway.

  • Callum Andrews

    I own a Falcon EcoBoost and i’ll tell you one thing, it’s the best sedan Ford has ever made, tough, spacious, reliable, powerful, fuel efficient and will outlast a Mondeo anyday. Mustang, and Mondeo don’t belong here, Ford just needs to advertise Falcon and everything would be smooth and sales would be still good. Most of the morons who say imports are better than a Falcon and Commodore have clearly never driven one. Did you know Falcon is used by Taxi drivers because on a single engine they can do up to 1.3 million kms? Idiots Australian’s are now…

  • Robert Ryan

    Not just the SA Fords. Agree with you on the very poor quality.

  • gibbut

    ahhhhh…… cmon ford you can say “TAURUS” for LARGE CAR

  • Adam Fraser

    I am a car enthusiast and can’t wait for this new era of Australian motoring history, never before have we had so much choice not only of vehicles but makes as well. Competition for business will be fierce, and without Holden, Ford and Toyota setting the benchmark on pricing in Australia, with exorbitant labour costs, cars will be cheaper. Not to mention the amount of earnings the government will receive on import tax without the burden of bailing out these company’s year after year. So, after drying our tears over the Aussie built car fading into history and once highly paid automotive workers stacking shelves at our local supermarkets, we will come to the realization that we are in motoring heaven.

  • Franz Chong

    This will be the most interesting change in years since Cortina and Escort were replaced with Mazda Sourced Models in the form of Telstar/TX5 and Laser almost 35 years ago.I’ll be most keen to see what the next Fiesta will look like as I will be in due course looking to replace my Micra with another car in the same class size.

  • Adrian

    Is it just me or do other think that semi-automatic parking, lane keeping assist, blind spot warning and obstacle detection/avoidance are just bloatware in cars for people who cant drive

  • john

    I love the shape of that Mustang!! I may buy the V8 model when it hits the used car market. I had a V8 XE Fairmont some years back and have great respect for Ford V8s. It will be either red or yellow-what other colours would suit it?

  • LP

    As someone who has bought 3 Falcons over the years I will never buy a Mustang or a Mondeo. The great thing about the Falcon is that it works brilliantly as an every day car (unlike the Mustang) but when there’s no need to carry the family or tow something it’s a whole lot of fun (unlike the Mondeo). How Ford feels a 2.0L front wheel drive can replace a 5L supercharged V8, or a 2-door coupe can replace a 4-door sedan is beyond me. Seems my only options are to keep the old one, buy second hand, or get a bus pass.