Peugeot 206 307 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Recall

Make & Model : Peugeot 206, 307

Number of Vehicles Affected: 228

Model Years From: January, February, March 2006
Whats wrong?: In certain cases the engine coolant temperature sensor may be cracked, tThis cracking could cause the engine coolant temperature warning light to come on inadvertently and in rare cases, may cause engine operating faults.

What you should do?: Contact your nearest authorised Peugeot dealer.

  • Martin

    In my oppinion the peugeot 207 should have had a recall on these coolant sensors aswell, as i have had to replace many of these on the 207. They are of very soft metal & on every one i have replaced they have cracks in them which the pressured water gets in to the electric part of the conponent & makes the temp gauge go shooting up to the maximum when in fact its not overheating at all, then when trying to start engine from cold the temp gauge is giving a wrong reading & then the car wont start. Peugeot should heve recalled these cars & beefed the sensors up.

  • teresa

    have got a 206cc and in last 2 or so months have had to stop when driving on the highway due to coolant temperature needle going into zone i drove about 2 km and had to stop immediately.maybe someone could suggest what i should do.

  • Gary

    There appear to be a lot of people that have a Peugeot 307 CC on an 06 plate that are suffering coolant leaking from a sensor into the wiring loom and subsequently into the ECU causing ‘engine management system faulty’ messages and ‘limp mode’ breakdowns (me included by the look of the symptoms on mine, which has done less than 20k miles) which is now sat in the drive as I’m reluctant to spend over a thousand pounds to put it right as many seem to be doing).

    Isn’t it about time Peugeot a) did a recall of ALL models that might be affected and, b) starting using some high quality components so that people who do buy/own/drive Peugeot’s cars despite their track record of unreliability (mainly because they look and drive nice) are at least made to feel valued and looked after for their loyalty?

  • Richie

    My older 206 is having problems I suspect is one of the temperature sensors – overfueling and poor starting, occasional hiccup. Previously it blew it’s brains out when the coilpack fried the ECU. This I hear is common. Too many things designed to fail.

    My local dealership has just closed, and I will never buy another one. I think people are aware of these problems and won’t buy them again.