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The 2014 Toyota LandCruiser Prado has arrived in Australia with revised styling, new technology and restructured pricing.

Revealed in August with a new grille, headlights, front bumper and tail-lights, the facelifted Toyota LandCruiser Prado range has been reduced from 13 variants to 11 following the discontinuation of the slow-selling three-door body style.

Now available exclusively as a five-door, the Prado is offered in five- and seven-seat configurations in GX specification – where third-row seating commands a $2500 premium – while GXL, VX and Kakadu trims all remain seven-seaters.

2013 Toyota Prado GX

Priced at an unchanged $55,990, the entry-level Prado GX (pictured above) teams the carry-over 127kW/410Nm 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel with a six-speed manual transmission, and continues to deliver combined cycle fuel consumption of 8.8 litres per 100km. Adding $2700, the optional five-speed automatic is slightly more frugal at 8.5L/100km.

Diesel-powered VX and Kakadu grades are paired exclusively with the auto gearbox.

Offered only in GXL, VX and Kakadu, the 202kW/381Nm 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine also carries over unchanged, andconsumes 11.5L/100km partnered to the five-speed automatic.

2013 Toyota Prado petrol engine

Regardless of engine, all Toyota Prado models come with a full-time four-wheel-drive system with a lockable Torsen centre differential and two-speed transfer case as well as a 2500kg towing capacity.

Standard across the range is a seven-inch colour screen with rear-view camera display, cruise control, smart entry and start, a six-speaker stereo with Bluetooth, USB/AUX and iPod connectivity, and alloy wheels. Trailer sway control and emergency brake signal are now also included along with seven airbags and electronic stability control. Prado GX auto models gain hill-start assist and downhill assist, with the addition of third-row seating mandating extended side-curtain airbags.

Starting at $61,490 – up $355 on the current model – Prado GXL adds front fog lamps, roof rails, side steps, heated and retractable exterior mirrors, rear parking sensors, three-zone climate control, vehicle alarm, and privacy glass. A premium steering wheel, shift lever knob and handbrake lever further boost the equipment list along with a roller blind cargo cover and two additional cup holders.

2013 Toyota Prado VX

Priced at $77,990 for the petrol and $78,990 for the diesel – both up $1355 – Prado VX (pictured above) gains Toyota’s electronically modulated kinetic dynamic suspension system (KDSS), automatic LED headlights, front parking sensors and 18-inch 12-spoke alloy wheels. Rain-sensing wipers, satellite navigation and a 17-speaker premium JBL audio system with digital DAB+ radio are also included, as are leather-accented seats (heated front and second-row outboard), power-folding third-row seats, an electro-chromatic interior mirror and chrome interior door handles.

Starting at $91,590 (up $1455), the range-topping Kakadu (pictured below) is further equipped with adaptive variable suspension, height-adjustable and auto-levelling rear air suspension and an enhanced five-mode selectable multi-terrain traction control system.

Helping off-road capability are Toyota’s five-setting CRAWL cruise control system, an electronic rear differential lock, a millimetre-wavelength radar sensor and a four-camera multi-terrain monitor, while adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring aid safety.

2013 Toyota Prado Kakadu

The flagship Prado also features a moonroof, refrigerated cool box, key-linked driver’s memory seat and steering wheel and a rear entertainment system comprising a nine-inch roof-mounted monitor, Blu-ray player and auxiliary inputs.

Interior trims vary from the GX and GXL’s silver and piano black to woodgrain-look and chrome in VX and Kakadus, while all have a redesigned dashboard and revised driver’s instrument cluster with new dials.

2013 Toyota Prado Kakadu

Two new exterior colours have also been added for the 2014 model year – Dynamic Blue and Liquid Bronze – with metallic and pearl paints again coming at a cost of $475.

Stay tuned for CarAdvice’s full review coming soon.

2014 Toyota LancdCruiser Prado manufacturer’s list price:

Prado GX diesel five-seater manual – $55,990
Prado GX diesel seven-seater manual – $58,490 (+$236)
Prado GX diesel five-seater auto – $58,690 (+$436)
Prado GX diesel seven-seat auto – $61,190 (+$1013)

Prado GXL diesel manual – $61,490 (+$355)
Prado GXL petrol auto – $63,190 (+$555)
Prado GXL diesel auto – $64,190 (+$555)

Prado VX petrol auto – $77,990 (+$1355)
Prado VX diesel auto – $78,990 (+$1355)

Prado Kakadu petrol auto – $91,590 (+$1455)
Prado Kakadu diesel auto – $92,590 (+$1455)

  • Sumpguard

    I didn’t think they could put an uglier front end on a prado but they have succeeded.

    • Zaccy16

      only toyota! the rear still looks as horrible as before also

  • Phil

    Same old diesel, same class-lagging tow rating, even uglier styling and in the higher spec levels a price that would get you into a Disco4. What’s to like?

    • Tom

      Mine companies and retiree’s will still buy them by the bucketload though…thus convincing Toyota they can continue to sell us outdated, overpriced drivel for another 3 years.

      • Phil

        mines maybe, but the retirees with grey nomad delusions might be shopping elsewhere given the tow rating makes it borderline for a decent ensuite van. Toyota have handed that market to Jeep.

      • Beware of the school zone

        Don’t forget soccer Mum’s who buy these in bulk too, almost designated parking for never-been-off-road variants outside a school near you. And then can’t drive them properly but it’s all good cause they sit up high.

      • Zaccy16

        yep they sell in australia by advertising, and that buyers don’t research they just go into the toyota dealer and ask “i want a white automatic sedan” and the saleman sees a sucker and directs them to a camry! all toyotas are below average compared to rivals, recently they have managed to make the new cars even uglier and cheaper interiors! eg. new corolla, rav4 prado etc…

    • Zaccy16

      yep its beyond me why you wouldn’t buy the disco over the prado or the land cruiser, the disco has a quality spacious interior, powerful refined diesel engines, amazing off road abilty and good on road handling, all things except for the off road bit that the prado and full land cruiser don’t have, especially the handling bit!

      • BSMonitor

        The Disco also has terrible resale value , terrible reputation for reliability and dealerships few and far between. It might be a shock but most Landcruiser and Prado owners don’t do many track days or want 20 inch alloys with no sidewall or air suspension that lets go after a few 1000 km of dirt road travel.

        • Zaccy16

          The majority of these SUVs would never be used of road even though they are capable so the discoverys far superior road manners do make sense

        • Cam

          Prado = dull, boring, ugly, reliable, robust, overpriced, capable, uninspiring
          Dicovery = refined, unreliable, comfortable, unreliable, capable, unreliable, unbeatable, unreliable
          Had experience with both, Discovery is untouchable until it breaks down. Wish I bought a Toyota, I agree with your comments. I just want a car that isn’t going to have something go wrong with it every 6 months, no matter how uninspiring that car may be.

    • ggg

      Its a toyota you fool

  • Camry lover

    This facelift is a revered aesthetic improvement to the eminently esteemed Toyota Land Cruiser Prado line of four-wheel-drive automobiles. The unique, attractively-styled grille pays homage to previous iterations of the highly acclaimed Prado family that have been granted a litany of awards since inception in the 1990s.

    I also find the restyled alloy wheel designs to be worthy of high praise, with their design rivalling many designs found in prestigious Lexus products that they likely derive from.

    A friendly acquaintance of mine currently owns a 2003 Land Cruiser Prado and he is presently canvassing a list of suitable replacement vehicles, including the RAV4, Kluger, Prado and Land Cruiser. I will be sure to print out a copy of this review and pass it on to my acquaintance for his private research purposes.

    I do have one criticism though, I would like to see additional wood veneer highlighting for added prestige to the already airy cabin ambience. I do not believe this would encroach on any Lexus GX sales as this Prado derivative is retailed in left-hand drive markets only.

    On the subject on the Lexus GX, Lexus Australia should definitely consider the addition of that model. Now with the new class-leading and exceptionally value for money Lexus ES back on our sunny shores, Lexus will without a doubt be on a high sales ascent in the new year.

    • Joof

      Woah there fella, easy up on the Toyota love juice…

      Incremental update at best. Unique styling, yes, pretty…No. The 120 series prado was definately the best looking (and still is).

      I still drive a 120 and love it, but it’ll be a Disco 4 or 5 for my next daily driver. I cant stomach these and can only imagine they’ll get uglier until they Sack their current designers at Toyota. Only good looking thing they got now is the 86.

    • Don Quay

      Welcome back.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      I love it…your verse & love of everything Toyota is a thing of marvel, I dont think you’re right, in fact I think you’re quite delusional.
      However it was an entertaining read.

      • birdseye

        Couldn’t agree more! That’s why I had to give it a like :)

        • Skull

          Gents I am looking to replace my Prado which I have had new since 1998. It has been brilliant and absolutely bullet proof having been extensively used off road including towing a caravan and spending 3 months doing the top third of Australia last year towing a camper trailer on all types of roads. As I am about to retire I am considering purchasing a 20 ft caravan and wanted to match it with a new Prado. After researching the idea extensively I have to agree it is extremely disappointing that Toyota has failed to meet the publics needs by not increasing it’s towing capacity to 3 tonne taking it out of consideration for many. To my mind my research is positing to buying a Pajero as it ticks all the boxes unless you want one of the many non Toyota utes on offer.

  • Rick

    They’ve made the already OVERpriced prado more expensive …….. No wonder jeep grand Cherokee sales have flogged them for another month

  • pixxxels

    I sincerely hope the storm-drain finds its way onto all Toyota models. Especially the Prius.

  • KH

    hard to believe you don’t even get rain sensing wipers until the $78k VX, then again these things sell like hotcakes regardless of how Toyota price them

    • Zaccy16

      like sub par korean holdens, they are all below average like toyotas but still sell well in australia because of there badges and that most consumers do not research before buying, its amazing to me that a huge purchase like a car and people do’t buy a $8 magazine or look at CA for free!

  • Bryan

    They like to charge for the options don’t they! Two and a half grand for the third row of seats and five hundred dollars for different coloured paint! At least air-conditioning is standard now… Anyway, the blatent rip-offs aside, Car Advice – did you drive a petrol as part of your review? Did it get anywhere near the 11. something litres per hundred k’s that Toyota are quoting?

    • BSMonitor

      $500 for metalic paint is about the cheapest around .

      • Bryan

        You might be right, I don’t know but I’m sure that the robots that apply the metallic paint don’t get paid any more than the robots that apply the standard colours.

      • Zaccy16

        mazda metallic paint is free

        • BSMonitor

          They make it up in their massive service costs.

  • Vrx26

    Their greatest omission is no updates at all with the drivetrains. Toyota is milking the same drivetrains for ages already. I bet those quoted fuel consumption is way too conservative especially that some of the model would have definitely gain added weight due to added features. It’s a T-oo O-ld Y-onk O-ver T-ried A-lready.

  • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

    Its the state of the art diesel engine that gets me…lol. Even more amazing is that so many people will pony up for this.

  • milad from iran


  • trax

    the three ton beast is now refined but handling still remains an issue

  • Mary

    Have just bought a 2014 Prado GXL which has an ac220v 100w plut in luggage compartment – not sure if I can plug the Waeco fridge into socket (3 prong socket) can anyone help

  • nidal

    I need more photos for the kakadu diesel auto full option from outside and inside.

  • chabi

    am overwhelmed with this machine i want to pick it as soon as i get my job ,i cant wait ..