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October 2013 Australian New Car Sales Figures

1 Toyota 18,129
2 Holden 10,528
3 Hyundai 8,130
4 Mazda 7,967
5 Ford 7,486
6 Nissan 5,286
7 Mitsubishi 5,071
8 Volkswagen 4,910
9 Subaru 2,860
10 Kia 2,529
11 Honda 2,453
12 Mercedes-Benz 2,261
13 Jeep 2,004
14 Suzuki 1,662
15 BMW 1,607
16 Audi 1,281
17 Isuzu 871
18 Renault 707
19 Lexus 646
20 Land Rover 596
21 Great Wall 437
22 Volvo 424
23 Fiat 393
24 Skoda 311
25 Alfa Romeo 231
26 Peugeot 214
27 Chrysler 203
28 MINI 203
29 Porsche 159
30 Dodge 153
31 Ssangyong 129
32 Fiat Professional 120
33 Jaguar 103
34 Citroen 100
35 Proton 87
36 Opel 79
37 Chery 61
38 Infiniti 31
39 Aston Martin 9
40 Maserati 9
41 Smart 6
42 Lotus 5
43 McLaren 3
44 Rolls-Royce 2
45 Lamborghini 1
46 Morgan 1
47 Bentley 0
48 Caterham 0
49 Ferrari 0
50 Saab 0

(units sold – market share)

Light Car Segment Winners :

  1. Hyundai i20 (1,732 – 17.1%)
  2. Toyota Yaris (1,327 – 13.2%)
  3. Mazda 2 (1,011 – 10%)

Small Car Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Corolla (3,861 – 19.1%)
  2. Mazda 3 (3,613 – 17.9%)
  3. Hyundai i30 (2,379 – 11.8%)

Medium Car Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Camry (2,251 – 50.9%)
  2. Mazda 6 (472 – 10.7%)
  3. BMW 3 Series (435 – 27.9% of medium car segment over 60k)

Large Car Segment Winners:

  1. Holden Commodore (3,315 – 65%)
  2. Ford Falcon (1,076 – 21.1%)
  3. Toyota Aurion (599 – 11.7%)

Upper Large Car Segment Winners:

  1. Chrysler 300 (195 – 51.6% of upper large under 100k)
  2. Holden Caprice (183 – 48.4% of upper large under 100k)
  3. Porsche Panamera (6 – 33.3% of upper large over 100k)

People Mover Segment Winners:

  1. Kia Carnival (201 – 29.6%)
  2. Hyundai iMAX (107 – 15.8%)
  3. Honda Odyssey (99 – 14.6%)

Sports Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota 86 (598 – 36.6%)
  2. Hyundai Veloster (379 – 23.2%)
  3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe/Convertible (124 – 26.1% of sports over 80k)

Supercars (200k+) Segment Winners:

  1. Porsche 911 (26 – 35.6%)
  2. BMW 6 Series (14 – 19.2%)
  3. Maserati (9 – 12.3%)

SUV Small Segment Winners:

  1. Hyundai ix35 (1,480 – 26.6%)
  2. Mitsubishi ASX (833 – 15%)
  3. Subaru XV (706 – 12.7%)

SUV Medium Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota RAV4 (1,598 – 19.3%)
  2. Mazda CX-5 (1,540 – 18.6%)
  3. Subaru Forester (930 – 11.2%)

SUV Large Segment Winners:

  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee (1,373 – 15.1%)
  2. Holden Captiva 7 (1,292 – 14.2%)
  3. Ford Territory (1,114 – 12.2%)

SUV Upper Large Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Landcruiser Wagon (640 -82.5%)
  2. Nissan Patrol Wagon (136 – 17.5%)

Pickup 4×2 Segment Winners

  1. Toyota Hilux 4×2 (768 – 21.3%)
  2. Holden Utility (615 – 17.1%)
  3. Ford Ranger 4×2 (525 – 14.6%)

Pickup 4×4 Segment Winners

  1. Toyota Hilux 4×4 (2,404 – 21.1%)
  2. Nissan Navara 4×4 (1,860 – 16.3%)
  3. Mitsubishi Triton (1,518 – 13.3%)

  • Matt

    Renault on the rise!

    • RS265PT

      So true it’s unbelievable how well they are doing, I very proud of the way Renault Australia have been playing the cards.
      Must admit they are great cars it’s just up to the population to realise how good they are and forget the “conspiracy theories”.

    • Exar Kun

      First thing I went and looked at – by far the best of the Frenchies. They’ve come so far in the last few years.

      • Sam Stratten

        Imagine where they’ll go with a new Koleos and Megane. Captur out next year too.

  • Phil

    Well done Holden. Not only is the Commodore outselling the Camry and Aurion combined, the Statesman has dramatically closed the gap to the Chrysler 300, and the Ute has very decent sales figures. 4113 sales off the Commodore platform, or near enough to 40 percent of their total sales. Good result for the Aussies whose job it is to build them. And the Cruze accounts for nearly another 20. Who says nobody want the local product?

    • NarpasSword

      You mean the Caprice. Holden (unfortunately) dropped the Statesman nameplate back in 2010.

      • Phil

        yes, and no – I dislike using the name Caprice as it reminds me of god-awful Chevrolets, and I’m a proud Aussie. You are lucky I didn’t call it a Brougham 😉

        • Des KSA

          Brougham was a god awful GM US name plate before we borrowed it Phil.

          • Phil

            geez, and I was thinking of the horse drawn carriage, not the Cadillac 😉

        • Don Quay

          Hey, don’t knock Broughams! I learnt to drive (and to do other things 😉 ) in a Brougham.

          • Phil

            I hear you, Don. 307 and powerglide, depending on the diff ratio you could hit 90mph in first… and the brocade upholstery, pure luxury! Well, it was for us folk used to “scorcher” vinyl in the Premier!

          • Golfschwein

            Broughams are beautiful beasts, but I mean ‘beautiful’ in more of the sense of them being the high point of the HK to HG ranges with glorious tack such as the brocade upholstery and ridiculously long boot. I have a soft spot for them probably because of all those things.

            Could Holden bring out a limited edition Caprice Brougham with all the chintz the Chinese Park Avenue gets? mmmmmm!

  • Aero

    Finally ! Proton got ahead of Chery….. oh, who am I kidding. -__-

  • awal

    Renault is doing very welll. Surely this and the fact that Alfa (with two models) is outselling Peugeot and Fiat (with a small range) is outselling Skoda is proof for Skoda and Peugeot that they are in dire need of a new pricing structure…

  • Golfschwein

    Happy campers at Renault. Skoda needs some help from Daddy.

    • Exar Kun

      Skoda are being squeezed badly by VW. VW need to get serious about finding Skoda a place in the market or pulling them out. Great cars that are being let down by the pricing.

  • Luxury Export

    Lexus need to pull their finger out.

    Clearly the GS styling isn’t appeasing people and the IS sales seems to be dismal too.

    In fact, the GS already looks dated I hate to say.

  • Wayneo

    Is there a source that lists, for example, the top ten of a particular segment or perhaps the top 50 selling vehicles etc. I would find it interesting to keep an eye certain models that I have a personal interest in and their sales progress.

    • Seen Data

      If you can get the VFacts figures you get vehicle by model code and state.

      So if you see Commodore, you can see how many were base model and SS, SSV and SSV Redline and so on by state and how many were auto and manual.

      You can also get all truck info too. It will give you all the data that you need.

      It goes out like 20 off columns of data and how many rows down depending total number of cars/trucks sold.

  • Anthony Mindel

    Corollas just sell,and sell,and sell…

    • Phil

      proves there is no accounting for taste 😉

    • gazza

      That’s because they are a great looking car!

      • Matt

        No it doesn’t. It just proves how many Indians and Asians there are in Australia!

        • henry

          If only you had a brain you would do much better in this world. Corolla is bought by fleets e.g rental car companies and businesses. They are also popular with all private buyers of all nationalities / age / religion who want reliable transport.

          • Matt

            Wow someone needs a sense of humour adjustment… Being in the car industry for 9 years i know exactly why they sell so many. I’m also doing quite well in this world too… :)

          • henry

            Well done. Save your racist comments to yourself.

          • Tom

            Oh don’t be so politically correct, it’s not racist; he’s just making an observation, which is actually wrong anyway, I’m sure you’d find most Corolla owners are, let’s say, ‘Anglo,’ because they certainly are in Melbourne. The fleet buyers are another reason as stated above.

          • Anuj

            dude its an observation……..also probably not the most accurate one. I know a lot of indians love the camry……….dont know why but it just appeals to them. Cant say the same about the corrolla however being from an indian heritage i have owned one 😀

          • Matt

            Freedom of speech :) No racism intended and it looks like you were the only one offended.

          • Anuj

            Im from an Indian heritage and i get the flak hes handing out. dont go too serious on a forum. Having said that matt ive seen plenty of asian in the sunnybank hills area of brissy driving high end audi’s and minis. Actually the latter one baffles me- whats the attraction to mini’s and asian!?!?

          • Matt

            Thanks for not having an e-cry like Henry did. Funny how i offended Henry but you were able to see the lighter side of it. There was no racism intended anyway. Poor Henry..

            Asians love the way the minis can be customised and the quirky looks of them. The retro style does it. they also love the VW Beetle, Toyota Ruckus and Nissan Cube.

          • Anuj

            I think its just the medium- hard to understand intent behing a typed up comment without the emotions, tgone etc…… Please do not get me started on the Ruckus. That car defies logic!!!! Time for me to be politically incorrect and wonder if the number of toys/ dolls a car’s window can display has anything to do about it!?!? :D…….ok i apologise in advance for any offence taken….

  • Rick

    Well done to jeep , another month on top

  • LowRezFez

    Honda have a lot of work to do. Good product is starting to come through, however, they need to make their warranty a standard 5 years and offer Toyota level fixed price servicing. They also need a well priced mainstream 5 door hatch, to get volumes up. The Civic hatch is cool, and practical, however, it has a few quirks that need sorting out, like the split rear window, concealed rear door handles, split instrument panel, and old school 5 speed auto and a fairly dull 1.8 engine that needs 95 RON fuel.

    • Anuj

      I am surprised at where they are in that list- particularily being behing volkswagen considering the premium the brand charges. Ofcourse having said that honda can be a bit expensive too……….still, it offers more range than subaru however still sits behind it……..very very interesting to see how they will respond to the market challenges here in aus. Must be notes half the problems have been created by themselves- SI civic being too exp, CR-Z under powered and over priced etc………….

  • MisterZed

    Some brands are missing from that list – namely, Geely, Mahindra, Tata, and Foton. These brands don’t report their figures to VFACTs.

  • 42 = The Answer

    Fiat Professional is the trucks and vans?

    • crouchy35

      Correct. Interesting that they keep it separate

      • Tone

        If anything, it makes Fiat’s figures look worse than they are. When you add back the Fiat Professional figures onto Fiat, they’ve been shifting over 500 units a month for the last few months (I think CA themselves pointed out a couple of months back that it’s Fiat Chrysler Australia that are reporting Fiat Professional to VFACTS as a separate manufacturer).

  • emil_io

    Good work Fiat! I’m one of those October figures, picked up my new 500 a couple of weeks ago 😀 I hope the company continues to do well.

  • Zany

    I’ve Ben reading a few US web sites and they are saying that slow delivery of Caprice PPV is causing order cancellations. Come on Holden get your export act together because they really like the car.

  • Nevs has restarted production

    Saab still on the list and equal to Ferrari

  • crouchy35

    Despite the 86/BRZ dominance, the Veloster is maintaining good numbers.

  • Bondie

    It’s a shame the great Falcon Ute is not their!

  • Atul

    TOYOTA Means
    sorry Toyota haters

    • Golfschwein

      do you mean like…Tony Abbott…? Sounds good in the brochure until something actually goes wrong. And you can count on it.

    • Matt

      Toyota actually is japanese for “white goods on wheels”

  • Phil

    yes, they are. That does not diiminish the success that Holden have achieved with the VF, both in delivering a great product and sharper pricing.

  • Over It

    I’ve heard about this, and it’s even worse in Queensland. It is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment for everyone involved. We’ve got a car industry that needs every extra sale at the moment, so, if you’re taxpayer funded in any way, you should, without exception, buy Australian. It’s just so obvious isn’t it? Yet these moronic fleet operators don’t care or even know. There is not a single car-producing country in the entire world who’s fleets do not buy locally made at every opportunity they can. I am so sick of this issue, and do not even get me started on the RDNS, whose massive fleet of cars I see every day and seems to include every single small car on the market except for the one (Cruze) made in Australia.

  • ed


  • Joe

    If you have ever driven a Cruze you would know why.

  • Over It

    You sound like you’re still stuck in the past Joe, there’s plenty to like about the current Cruze, as in, the one before the update earlier this year. It’s irrelevant though, if you’re using tax payer funds to purchase cars, they should be Australian, end of story. I don’t care if it’s the worst car on the market, you’re getting a free car, so suck it up.

  • crouchy35

    I agree. There’s nothing that a i45 police car can do that a Cruze, Carmy, Aurion, Commodore cant do….
    Hyundai must be throwing cars at the force.

  • Anuj

    Look if its not reliable, then you cant really expect them to use the car even if it is Aussie built. having said that i agree with you- all the issues mentioned seem to have turned a new leaf with the latest updates of the cruze- so from here on in- really there is no excuse for not buying aussie cars if you are using tax funds!!!

  • Over It

    Apologies for lack of proofreading, I meant AFTER the update.