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by Alex Gibson

The upcoming Tesla Model X SUV will be priced slightly higher than the marque’s existing Model S sedan, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Speaking at a Tesla store opening in London, Musk said the Model X would be priced “very similarly to the Model S”, which currently starts at US$64,200 ($65,600). Although he did not reveal the final sale price of the SUV, he said the price increase would be the value of a “low single-digit percentage”.

Musk also confirmed the Model X would be available in all-wheel-drive configuration only, contrary to earlier claims Model X buyers would be able to choose between all- and rear-wheel-drive.

Tesla Model X - 2

Production of the Model X is set to begin in March, delayed from the originally planned date of the end of this year. Musk says he will personally deliver the first Model X, which has been ordered by a “high profile” buyer.

The three-row Tesla Model X was first revealed in February 2012, sporting ‘falcon wing’ roof-hinged doors similar to those on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar, and a choice of 60kWh and 80kWh batteries capable of propelling the dual-motor SUV from 0-100km/h in less than five seconds.

Interested Australian buyers can put down a deposit for the Model X now, despite the Californian car maker’s Model S, released in the USA in June last year, not having yet reached local shores. Tesla says it is accepting a $6000 deposit for the standard Model X, and a $40,000 deposit for the higher-spec Model X Signature.

  • nugsdad

    And this is of interest why ??????????

    • BSMonitor

      Maybe your on the wrong site ?

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Car news on a car website?! What are they thinking?

    • Gus

      you can find miley cyrus and justin beiber news on eonline DOT com

  • Smart US

    Cherry car

  • super_hans

    The 4WD drivetrain and ‘Falcon wing’ doors seem to be at odds with one another. Given this a luxury SUV, the only time the 4×4 will ever really be needed by the cars key demographic is on trips to the snow, but the falcon doors prevent the use of roof racks to bring any skis and boards. I cant imagine many taking it on unpaved roads so the combination just seems a little half baked and gimmicky. Maybe standard doors will be an option down the track

    • Norm

      Im a Tesla fan but I haven’t heard a convincing argument for the “falcon wing” doors yet. Also not sure why they wouldn’t have RWD option? Maybe potential customers all said they wanted 4WD?

    • Karl Sass

      It could be for American and European buyers who live where it snows, rather than an actual trip to the snow. Or just marketing?

    • Roberta Mangano

      it’s an all wheel drive, not a 4wd in case you people don’t know how to read. that’s a big difference. another words, it’s a rear wheel drive first until is senses slip. you can also put the ski’s inside the vehicle because the top of the vehicle is glass. the reason why you don’t put racks on vehicles like these is simple, you mess with the aerodynamics, you mess when the mileage rating.

  • azlan

    shape is a bit underwhelming but i like the idea of electric 4wd’s, im not saying this is an all out offroader but the torque from electric motors makes a lot of sense to use in 4wds.

    • Roberta Mangano

      all wheel drive, not 4wd

      • azlan

        ohhhh deary me i am sorry…

        • Roberta Mangano

          you do realize the drivetrains are completely different right? full time 4wd wastes tons more energy than all wheel drive deary.

          the article specifically mentions all wheel drive and never mentions 4 wd… reading is fundamental deary

          • azlan

            yes i do. i was merely posing the idea of an off road car being electric is good,more emphasis of the idea of it rather than how it all works. i sincerely apologize for offending you by accidently saying 4wd not awd. thank you for bringing it to my attention.

          • Roberta Mangano

            you’re not offending me, you’re misleading like all the others that read this article and decided to say 4wd instead of all wheel drive. this is how misinformation starts and spreads like wildfire.

          • Jober As A Sudge


          • azlan

            hahahahaha. aw mate ok im sorry to all the people who i have mislead

          • Roberta Mangano


          • Igomi Watabi

            yes, agree with Jober. It’s semantics. The difference between AWD and 4WD is pure marketing. AWD was invented so “soccer moms” didn’t get mental images of rock-hoppers when they turned up at dealers with their blank cheques. All wheel drive means four wheel drive, unless there are more or less than four wheels. All (four) wheels are driven, when required. Much like in my Ranger. To get stuck into someone for interchanging the terms is to be a massive victim of marketing weasel words.