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Official renderings of the Hyundai Genesis have been released, confirming the look of the next-generation sedan caught undisguised last week.

Hyundai‘s renderings clearly outline the luxury large sedan’s angular front end and sleeker body lines, and give us our first clear look at therear of the Korean manufacturer’s all-new 5 Series rival.

The swept rear windscreen flows to a short boot lid with a stylised lip, while thin, wide-reaching tail-lights stretch from the tailgate to deep into the rear-quarter panels.


The second-generation Genesis will become the first to be built in right-hand drive, and is under consideration for our market. Hyundai Australia has already committed to importing the 2015 Genesis coupe, following confirmation it too will be available in right-hand drive.

The new Genesis will feature a choice of rear-wheel drive and the new addition of all-wheel drive, called HTRAC. Engines are expected to comprise the carry-over 3.8-litre V6 and 5.0-litre V8 petrol units, while the transmission is likely to be a ZF eight-speed automatic, though Hyundai is also developing a 10-speed auto for future premium models.

The Hyundai Genesis will make its official public debut at January’s Detroit motor show.

  • $29896495

    I’d rather see a pic of the coupe.

    • bd

      Take a look at the HND-9 concept as that indicates the design language for the new coupe.

  • Dave W

    You know… Perhaps it’s not people’s taste in V6 or V8 that has changed. Maybe it’s people’s taste in the styling that has become more refined. If that is so, this Genesis sedan might actually do quite well if Hyundai price it competitively against the Commodore.

    This car actually looks pretty good, very Euro… Although that front end reminds me of the new Mazda 3/6 a little bit.

    • Kampfer

      The car does look very nice. When Falcon/Commodore are gone or move to FWD Hyundai should be able to finds a market here. In US the Genesis prices similar to the Chrysler 300, my guess it’ll price somewhere similar ($40k-$60k).

    • SuperHans

      yea thats the thing if they price it right it could do really well and cater to the more “refined” people who want a classy large sedan. But if they price it against say Audi or BMW it will have no hope.

  • peddy.d

    so where do i sign?

  • F1orce

    ZF 8-speed? That cannot be right as Hyundai uses their in-house developed 8-speed auto.

    Having said that I think this car is quite sharp. No doubt a good car.

    • matt

      Hyundai does not have RWD automatic’s… Previous/Current gen has used an Aisin 6 speeder and ZF’s 8 speeder, Hyundai’s in house transmission is the above mentioned 10 speeder, not ready for use yet.

      • bd

        Actually, Hyundai does have their own 8 spd AT which is used in the Genesis (replacing the the ZF 8 spd).

  • Smart US

    nice – mixed bag of everything… i though its Mazda6 then Audi… but still looking nice

  • MK

    Considering the current top level genesis is $47k in the US I would be suprised if you get any change out of 80k here in Aus.

    Nice looking car though.

  • Rick

    If its priced at say $35k for the base and upto $50k for the top spec it’ll be a good car at realistic price .

    • c3vzn

      That isn’t realistic at all. This is a budget 5 series competitor, $45k to $50k is a more accurate starting price. Hyundai’s $35k car is the Azera/Grandeur.

      • Rick

        I know it’s not realistic , but neither are the prices of the euros . They’re ripoffs and nothing less .

  • Autoholic

    Mercedes and BMW together again?

  • Jon

    Do a 7sp manual

  • quivive

    Hofmeister wants his kink back!

    • bd

      Considering that Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Subaru, Ford, GM/Holden, VW, Volvo, etc. have all used it, good luck with that.

      And actually, Hofmeister didn’t originate it.

      • Adrian

        You are taking quivive’s comments to literally….I think its funny :)

  • klowik

    Good to see they change the design closer to the German which has more strong straight lines and creases then those flaccid curves.

    • $29896495

      I agree. It’s also the issue that the Infiniti doesn’t have them. This I feel is much better looking than those Nissans.

      • Dave W

        A lot of things look better than those melted looking Infiniti cars. And yeah… This Genesis looks WAY better than them.

    • bd

      Actually think the current Genesis is more Teutonic-looking.

      This has more of a Swedish bent to it.

  • Coffee

    This doesn’t impress me.

    • Daniel D

      Well thats killed that then.

  • caster

    Looks a very nice vehicle..

  • Armyboy

    The only Hyundai car that is nice and attractive. It will sell well if its $ 30000, if its more than that it will struggle.