by Daniel DeGasperi

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 has landed in Australia priced $2500 higher than before.

But the Mark VII generation is no longer available locally as a three-door, the now five-door-only range starting at $41,490 for the six-speed manual or $43,990 with the six-speed dual-clutch ‘DSG’ automatic, meaning the effective price rise is $1000 over the previous five-door.

For that buyers score 70Nm extra torque and 7kW extra power from the overhauled, 7.8kg-lighter 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which now makes 162kW and 350Nm.

Golf GTI_35_M

It propels the circa-45kg lighter, 1313-1324kg hot-hatch from standstill to 100km/h in 6.5 seconds with either transmission, while consumption drops to 6.2L/100km for the manual (down 1L) and 6.6L/100km for the auto (falling 1.5L).

In addition the Golf GTI receives more standard equipment, including satellite navigation, adaptive dampers – with Comfort, Auto and Sport modes – reversing camera, premium trip computer with lap timer, and 18-inch ‘Austin’ alloy wheels (up from the previous 17s).

Mechanically, the Golf GTI also gets variable-ratio steering with 2.1 turns lock-to-lock, and an ESP Sport function for the first time.

Golf GTI_41_M

Buyers will have to wait until the second quarter of 2014 for the Golf GTI Performance Pack however, which further adds an electronically controlled limited slip differential, larger brakes, Alcantara seats, xenon headlights with LED daytime lights, cornering lights and LED tail-lights, and an extra 7kW of power.

The Performance Pack will be available singularly with the DSG auto for $47,990, and will arrive in the same quarter as the Golf Variant and the Golf R, although Volkswagen hasn’t yet revealed pricing for either its wagon-backed or all-wheel-drive halo models.

Volkswagen said an aim for the Mk7 Golf GTI was to increase the simplicity of the range by paring back the previous four models (three- and five-door, manual or auto) to just two, while reducing options complexity from 12 to just five.

Golf GTI_37_M

Options include a ($1300) driver asisstance package incorporating adaptive cruise control, proactive-safety prevention including seatbelt-tightening before impact, City Safety auto braking, and auto park assist; a ($1850) panoramic sunroof; ($3150) leather trim with heated front seats; and ($2150) bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights.

It was initially reported that the Volkswagen Golf GTI would garner an even larger price rise following a leaked internal pricing document that suggested a driveaway price from $47,900. Confirmed on-the-road pricing will be about $46,300 for the manual, or $48,900 for the DSG.

  • joshua

    Extra 7kw. Thats massive!

    On a serious note, i do like cheaper model.

    • Nathan

      Unless you track/hoon it’s torque that matters 95% of the time. And an extra 70Nm is massive. The car will pull a lot harder from down low now.

      However without torque vectoring/ mechanical limited slip diff/ electronic limited slip diff on the standard GTI there is going to be some CHRONIC under-steer.

  • Matt

    As someone who was about to lay down cash tomorrow, I’m furious. Go on VW, remove spec from the rest of the world and put the price up while your sales are freefalling due to bad press. Penalise those of us who are standing by you. Well, they can go get foxtrot unicorned, i’ll keep my money.

    • AndyGF

      Quit being such a sooky la la… Watch Chris Harris (youtube) review on the new GTI and you will see why its well worth the money…

    • Tom C

      Go purchase yourself a focus st.

      • RS265

        No no no Megane RS265!


    Too expensive, buy an A class or Focus ST, better VALUE

    • Richard

      A250 is 50K+ORC!!!

      • Nathan

        A: it’s a Mercedes.
        B: it has superior build and interior quality.

        • bob

          Says who? I don’t think it’s superior at all. Certainly not $10k better. Plus I can still get a manual tranny with the GTI. I can’t with the Merc.

          • Nathan

            says anyone with a brain and eyes

    • Joel

      Are you blind? What a joke! Have you actually seen the A Class interior in the flesh or are you judging it by photo’s alone???!! It’s awful, plastic and garrish. Have you seen the screen that looks like it’s been taken from a fisher and paykel playset?! Only people with money and no taste would buy such a car.

  • ImNotSureAboutThis

    is it more reliable this time? I see lots of VW’s breakdown on the road..

    • homer

      Yeah, right. I do 65,000km per year and I’ve seen as many broken down VW’s on the side of the road as I’ve seen broken down Bugatti Veyrons.

      • Nathan

        This guy obviously didn’t hear about the DSG scandal. The amount of people that have reported stuffed gearboxes and engines with their new VW’s is ridiculous.

  • MarksmanR

    It’s good that the new model is better and worth more, but I’d still like it to be at least $2500 cheaper, not more expensive considering how overpriced it is for Australia.

  • VDUB

    lol at VW.. trying to cash up obviously…

    • CraigS

      Yeah the $25 Billion profit they made last year wasn’t enough

  • jerry

    It might be a good car but look at that woeful interior.

    The A250 mops the floor with this style wise, the 125i will handle better and the v40 T5 will stomp it in a straight line.

  • Yogti

    Damn a fully optioned gti would cost just as much as a a250!

  • O123

    2 issues.

    1. Australia doesnt get the 8 inch screen the rest of the world gets, even as an option

    2. The xenon light are cheaper on the Audi Q3 ($2000 v $2150) and you get a wheel upgrade with the Audi, what is VW smoking?

    • O123

      And another thing, the panoramic sunroof is $3150 yet in the UK its the equivalent of $1500.

      • Kampfer

        If you read again you’ll see $1850 for panoramic sunroof and $3150 is for leather trim with heated front seats (still too much IMO…)

        • O123

          you right, still 3k for leather is unbelievable.

    • Jasper

      Yeah, I have to say the lack of the 8-inch screen (so it basically has the same screen as the base model) at this price, is a little disappointing.

  • Zaccy16

    Cheaper than was first scrutinised, as i said before the RNS510 sat nav system used to be a $3000 option on the mark 6 so that alone makes it better value even though the mark 7 has even more standard features

    • Phil

      What kind of dill thinks that $3000 for a satnav upgrade is good value?

      • Zaccy16

        its not good value but its good value on the mark 7 becuase it is standard

  • JB

    For those complaining about the $1000 price increase, factor in Front & Rear Sensors, Reverse Camera, Sat Nav and 18″ Alloys as standard!!!
    To those who are crying poor…. Grow up and compare this to the previous model based on value!!

    • Richard

      The people whinging have a Golf GTI/A250 taste but a Fiesta ST budget – lol

      • Dieseltorque

        Said Richard from his Yaris.

    • Nathan

      Well considering that everyone is throwing that in as standard these days yet they all maintained or reduced their prices.

  • yoyo

    JB, grow up and compare it with WHAT the other manufacturers are offering!!!!

    • JB

      When did I compare it to others? Numbers are black and white, the car is better value than its Mk6 equivalent!! Richard was right!

      • JooberJCW

        No duhh, id expect every future model of a particular car to be of better value and better equipped or faster more frugal than the outgoing model. Yoyo and co are right that you have to compare it to the competition if others are dropping their prices and offering a better specced base model than the one before, id expect the same here.

  • barry

    The rolf might be pricing its self out of the market,theres other hot hatches around.
    The rear wheel drive Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are the new hip boy racers around town.Nobody wants the rolf anymore.

  • Neil_Way

    Still one of the best deals for a performance hot hatch. More equipment for a minimal price hike. Good to have some competition from Merc and Ford, it’ll keep them all on their toes.

    • Trev

      So how’s the job at VW going? Have you posted any non-VW propaganda on this site yet?

      • Neil_Way

        Yes? Have you ever not trolled?

  • MK

    Fully optioned for over 60k.


  • awal

    VW got way too comfortable with themselves. The Merc A250, BMW 125 and A3 1.8TSI Quattro are all barely any more expensive and offer a premium badge. The Alfa Giulietta QV and Focus ST are more powerful and appreciably cheaper – so the GTI will face stiff competition from both ends. Sure the GTI is a good drive but everyone else has realised that and is offering rivals that are almost on the same level.

    VW doesnt offer a manual transmission with the Performance Pack? Enthusiasts who want manuals are more likely to get the Perforance Pack yet they make it auto only?

    • Neil_Way

      Majority of vehicles being sold in the segment are automatics. I’m sure there aren’t too many people complaining the A250 and 125i are auto only too.

      • AB

        I think the A250 and A45 are desirable cars, however I will not be buying purely because I cannot get a manual transmission.
        I dont care if the autos are faster or more efficient. Same applies to the performance pack Golf.

        • matt

          i dont get the efficient argument, the DGS is worse on fuel then the manual

  • Golfschwein

    Well, there ya go…not so bad as people were thinking after all…

  • Observer

    So $43,990 5-dr DSG plus the Xenons is $46,140, meaning you only need to pay another $1,850 to have the performance pack.
    Shame then that the performance pack isn’t available on the Manual transmission.

    • filippo

      I’m surprised that VW Australia are even importing the manual GTI. They only offer base-model manuals to give the impression of a low entry price, but otherwise they are determined to stamp them out completely.


    Think about it kids…if they offered a manual performance pack, where would be the impetus to buy a Golf R? This is why the manual PP is not offered here.

    • JooberJCW

      Well a gti even with performance pack doesnt even come close to a golfR, I dont think a PP can substitute awd and heaps more engine grunt

      • hjtuners

        The gti and R use the same engine. Only difference is a software tune

        • JooberJCW

          No, do a bit more research. It has :
          – Lower compression forged pistons
          – strengthened connecting rods
          – enlarged wrist pins
          – stronger piston rings
          – upgraded bearings
          – reinforced engine block
          – upgraded camshafts (longer duration)
          – upgraded injectors (+13% flow)
          – larger K04 turbo producing 1.2 bar of boost (+3 PSI over K03 equipped GTI)
          – larger intercooler (+30%)
          – relocated bypass valve

          • hjtuners

            Didn’t know that, thanks! I guess this means the R is more reliable than the GTI.

          • Think about this

            *Facepalms* – those specifications you mentioned for the R are based on the MKVI R which used a ‘tuned’ EA113 (think the S3 motor & MKV GTi + Pirelli) mainly as the MKVI GTis engine the EA888 hadn’t been sufficiently developed enough for high power applications.

            The New MKVII R is expected to adopt the same engine as MKVII
            GTI (EA888) (and why wouldn’t they?) albeit in a higher state of tune and enchancement.

            hjtuners is partly correct.

          • JooberJCW

            Yes those differences are based on the mk6 but it was to highlight there will be more than just a tune, which no doubt will be the case with the mk7.

            Its like the f30 bmw 320 vs 328. Alot of people cry out its just a tune but its actually the pistons too.
            Based on that I could pretty much predict it will have stronger pistons to say the least. Theres no way you can take the gti 160kw to 223kw on a tune alone. We will have to just see and wait and see what are the key differences.

  • localocal

    so does the golf R price bracket starts from 60k?

  • RS265

    That’s allot of money for a slower than the RS265 car… 😛

  • Tom C

    Does DSG only for the Performance Pack Gti show a sign of things to come for a DSG only Golf R.

  • gtrxuone

    A big increase in torque.Its still not a bad car for under $50,000….There’s plenty of goodcars on offer in that price range.
    Vw might regret the removal of the 3 door hatch Gti down the track as an entry Gti.The 2014 Mini Cooper S lookslike it will be around the same price as Gti.Bmw might nail it this time with the Cooper S V Gti will be interesting.

  • Paul

    Have to wonder did they purposely leak exaggerated prices for the gti a few weeks ago so when the real price came out it didn’t seem so bad?

    Big deal about the options that come standard now, they are standard on the majority of new cars now days, should have just priced it at 45k man & 47500k dsg fully optioned leather, sunroof etc.. That would have made it a great deal, with the competition in the market hard not to look at Reno merc ford before a VW

  • aki

    umm $43,000 for a GTI? is this in USD or some other currency

  • Stevie S

    Look at that, Caradvice has been telling porkies again I see. Good to see the GTI is still relatively affordable, a tad disappointed that I can’t order the performance pack in a manual, but i will speak to my dealer about that, and see if i can do a special order.

    I am amazed at how much whinging is done here, a lot of keyboard warriors saying its rediculous, its too slow etc. But I ask the question to most of you, Have you ever lived with any of these cars day to day??

    Lets look at one thing that was said, “People are buying the 86, nobody wants a GTI anymore!” this isn’t correct at all, the 86 isn’t a direct competitor, lacks 2 doors, has a tiny boot, and is in fact slower in almost every area than the GTI. Lets not forget that the GTI’s comfort, ride, and overall quietness smash’s the 86 back to the 80’s.

    The Megane, I love the RS265, however, after living with one, again it fails in refinement and comfort compared to the GTI, yes it is faster, but you aren’t going to exploit it on a public road any better than a GTI. Plus the Renault is crazy expensive to repair.

    The DSG argument, I would usually say you have something to stand on, but the trouble is, the problem’s they had with the DSG were to do with first generation versions, and have since been proved pretty good, receiving plenty of accolade all over the world.

    The reliability argument for the motors, if you stay away from the twin charged engine (Supercharged & Turbo), you won’t have a problem, good news is, no Golf GTI has ever had it.

    So, If you want refinement, comfort, performance in every sense of the word, plus enough room to carry a family and luggage around, then the GTI is the car for you.

    However, If you want a boy racer type of car, and don’t really care about comfort, buy the Renault, if you want a cheaply fitted out alternative, buy the ST. The Merc isn’t comparable, nor the 86, Nor the mini (More of a competitor to the Polo GTI).


    • Bryan

      Good one Steve. Just kids complaining cause they can’t afford it. And obviously haven’t driven them before aka keyboard warriors.

  • Paul

    Well what is the real price for the GTI? VW is stating the following prices on there site today:

    6 Speed Manual

    6 Speed DSG

    Good luck with that if that’s what there expecting, at least $41490 & $43990 was not cheap but was reasonable

    • Bryan

      I gather you’ve never bought a car before?

  • Paul

    I gather I thought $41490 & $43990 was the drive away price

  • Mav

    A: Mercedes have average “chic” looking interiors. They look good but touch the plastics and play with the climate control dials and you will vomit in your mouth. Very disappointed when i jumped into A250. It looks good, maybe too flashy, but it’s all show. The screen on the dash looks weirdly out of place, like it is after-market.
    B: This is simply not true. Certainly not in anything under an E class. VAG/Audi have much better interior builds than Merc and BMW. This is an accepted position amongst those in the industry.
    A250 is overpriced and too small…

  • Mav

    I’ve driven all except the 125i – this car is superceded anyway. I can vouch for the fact that the GTI is the best all rounder. the V40 T5 R-design has numb steering that is a liability with that much power – it’s like driving a small fast bus, and the roof line is way too low. The A250 drives ok but other than that it’s all show – which is fitting really, because the people who buy this car are probably just aspiring show off’s anyway and the look is all they’re after. I don’t see any of these winning any awards except the GTI.