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It seems that the auto industry’s (except for Holden’s Wheels magazine) constant negative reporting about Holden’s latest Korean made “aussie” car, the Holden Epica, has scared a few potential buyers.

Lets be honest, we are not Epica’s biggest fans. Nonetheless, we have asked Holden to give us the Epica for a road test, and once it arrives in the CarAdvice garage, you can bet we will give it a thorough run through.

However, it seems that despite all the public campaigning by Holden to remind us all that Epica will not be like its brother, the 2 star barina, there is still a great deal of resistance to the Epica.

So what can you do when no one wants to buy your car? Of course you can start by offering all private customers the option of bringing the Epica back if they are not satisfied! In essence, a Money Back Guarantee, but read on, because this is no ordinary money back guarantee.

This is the first time an Australian manufacturer has offered such a deal on a model. Of course, just like the Epica being “aussie” the deal has some very small fine print.

Customers wishing to return the Epica must first purchase ANOTHER vehicle! And the Epica must be returned within 30 days or 1500kms – whichever comes first. Obvious other conditions include that you do not damage the car in any way, but usual wear and tear is acceptable.

“This offer is a unique and differentiated marketing tool to launch the new nameplate in this highly competitive mid-size sedan segment.

We believe Epica stacks up incredibly well against the opposition for specification, value and fuel economy. Adding the money back offer into the mix will be a further attractive incentive for private customers considering this car.” GM Holden Executive Director Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Alan Batey,

The above statement is a little bit of a marketing ploy. Firstly, as mentioned, customers will need to purchase another vehicle prior to bringing the epica back to Holden dealers.

Lets think about that for a few minutes, put yourself into the shoes of a prospective Holden Epica owner, The Epica starts at around $25,000, so if you were unsatisfied with the Epica, you would need to first find approximately another $25,000 to buy ANOTHER car, before you can return the Epica.

Not exactly a scenario likely to happen often? You just have to read Holden’s terms & conditions to realize that the Money Back Guarantee on the Epica is a bit of a joke:

The Customer must provide proof of purchase of a new (not used) motor vehicle of equal or greater value than that appearing on the original final purchase invoice for the Vehicle (Epica)

Thank you Holden for bringing about quite possibility the most shameless (and useless) promotional campaign to sell another Korean sourced vehicle.

To put this into perspective, imagine going out and buying an expensive LCD TV with a money back guarantee and coming home unsatisfied, only to go back to the shop and be told that you must first purchase ANOTHER LCD TV in order to get your money back on the original TV, sound logical? Didn’t think so.

If you want to take advantage of this “money back guarantee” deal, make sure you have roughly $60,000 saved up, this will fund you enough to purchase the Epica and quickly purchase another vehicles afterwards if your not satisfied.

Alternatively, before being sucked in by this ridiculous offer, you can give the Toyota Corolla, the Mazda 3, the Ford Focus, the Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer, and other cars in the same class a good thorough run before you put your name down for the Epica thinking you can bring it back; because lets be honest, Holden knows your not going to bring it back.

You can find pricing and specifications for the Holden Epica here.

  • James

    What an absolute Joke!
    I can’t believe Holden are really this stupid.

    This only goes to show that Holden are really trying to sell this car any way they can,

    You dont see them doing this with their other cars!
    I hope Holden realize they are selling their brand name that once stood for Australian, Quality and respect.

    Shame on you Holden! Thank god I bought a focus.

  • superaguri

    Holden Epica – a car that not even its mother could love. Surely a recipe for disaster – and they try to dupe the public with this gimmick marketing ploy. How ironically “un-Australian” this is from Holden…..

  • Myke

    It is because everyone is so negative about this car that Holden had to put this ‘flawed’ marketing glimmock inplace. No one knows how this car drives and exactly how good the quality is and unless it is exactly like the TK Barina, then fair enough judge it all you want.

  • Foggy

    If holden really had confidence in it themselves. they would match Mitubishi’s 5-10 Warranty.

  • Paul

    I find the Epicas TV ad prity funny… trying to portray it as some classy car. Ummmm I think not, its a Daewoo that doesnt even come with ESP

  • Damo

    Oh come on, Holden’s management team put a very good effort into this, nah I’m just kidding they are still unfamiliar with the word “efficiency”. The Epica is only a good match for the so-called bogandoore omega, it does have more leg room you know, probably the same builtd quality and safety. Seriously, since when is something built in Elizabeth better than Korean crap (Hyundai are excused)?

  • Zookygixx

    Once again very upset with Holden they cheat the public anyway they can to make a dollor not only with the V8 supercar championship like our dodgy Rick Kelly, Mark Skaife etc but their stupid promo’s and stupid cars, Holden GM I wish you would grow up and smell the roses I’m sick of the unrealible cars that you manufacture eg,(Epica) meaning grand and heroic yes heroic that another Korean built piece of junk can make to our Australian soil and make everyone upset because they break down like all your other stupid cars, not all Australians love you Holden you were’re wishing we did.

  • zara

    i love it

  • Igor

    can’t wait for the current affairs stories to air from people who tried to return the car. They love to report on such SCAMS!!!!

  • chuj

    it’s a daewoo!

  • Lazybones

    Oh dear, Holdens Korean partnership really isn’t working. With Denny concerned about the Barina’s bad publicity and now this.

    The next nail in the coffin will be when Ford release their secret weapon.


    This will go head to head with the Epica, with maybe price being the difference. I’m not sure the Epica will stand a chance in the quality stakes.

  • Damo

    Yes, the new Mondeo will kill it, as well as the upcoming Galant Fortis by July. I can’t see this car even being accepted in our domestic market when yo already get much better build quality, reliability, and outstanding value from the out-going lancer, mazda 3, ect, and these cars have been on the market for almost 5 years and are still a far better package. I don’t believe this lame excuse for a vehicle is a challenge for the lame duck nissan tiida. Holden are a joke and would have been long gone if GM didn’t save them when they were nearly bannkrupt. Now GM is fading and posting numerous losses, except this time nobody is going to save GM so the so-called Aussie company (holden) who aren’t one bit Australian may finally be gone within the next decade and will no longer be producing these abomonations of cars.

  • 280ZX

    Damo! Thanks for you insight into Holden who are only half as stuffed as Mistubishi in Australia! Witness the 380 abomination that nobody wants to buy,maybe they should offer a money back guarentee! And lets not even bother to talk about the TMR 380 what a stillborn joke!

  • Damo

    Seems like you have been listening to too many Holden executives 280ZX. The sort of attitude you have is the whole bogan things that ruins the remaining half of Holden’s highly damaged reputation. I find it funny that you say that Holden are half as stuffed as MMAL when you consider that they sell five nearly five times as many vehicles and make a substantially larger lost. MMAL on the other hand actually know how to efficiently run a company and is being run by Mr.fit-it himself Rob Mcinery, the person who fixed Holden, Saab, the rest of GM, and even saved some other non-automotive companies from bankruptcy all throughout the past decade. He hasn’t been at Holden in quite some time and he isn’t going back and with Denny Mooney in charge I don’t believe Holden stan a chance. You really don’t know what your’re on about 280ZX. MMC is one of the only automotive companies to be making a profit (as well as toyota, mazda) at the moment, and they are heading in the right path. Bag the 380 if you wish, because MMAL isn’t entirely focused on it, because unlike Holden, their family car isn’t their flagship top of the line vehicle. They actually have an entire range of good and reliable vehciles. I don’t think Holden have one reliable vehicle. I find it immensely funny that you still go on about MMAL closing its doors. The original reports through the media about MMAL in trouble started in 1999, that was eight years ago, they are a completely new company (management and design-wise) since then and I think time has showed that they aren’t going to close down. Denny Mooney covers things up, so what if some false “project pheonix” document created by an outside source makes its way to the media. Most people got the explanation for that but clearly you wern’t one of those people which all comes down to you being a Holden loving bogan who goes around with some retarded name of a Nissan. At least I tried to cover up my Nissan name. Hence, Damon = Nomad backwards and don’t try and tell the world I am a complete c#$ktard.

  • 280ZX

    I thought damo spelt backwards was NOIDEA! Anyhow i wont tell the whole world your a C*&^&tard ill let you do that yourself !

  • Damo

    Well, you are in no position to bag MMC or MMAL in anyway. I wouldn’t go making outrageous claims that Holden are far better off becaus ethye aren’t because they have not made a profit in about 5 years now and have posted 140 million dollar losses 2 years in a row after tax but you don’t hear about much of that in the media do you? A far greater loss than MMAL which they aren’t actually making a loss they just haven’t made the enough profit from 380 sales to break even with the 600 million development cost. Back to my point about being no position to talk, you go by the name 280ZX. Nissan have been dead for a long time you know. Nissan Aus. died years ago and being run by Renault with their well “different” designs and ideas they tend to post losses worldwide. 380 abomination? Let’s see, Nissan Tiida, Maxima, and the rest of the gang. I don’t mind the 350Z myself, it is a modern Japanese muscle car but that is all they have in the sports car segment at the 60k price range so like Holden they only have one car which appeals. Luckily the car doesn’t appeal to bogans, as bogans they are unitelligent so they are pretty one-eyed, which is why their mind works like this. Holden=Aussie=fully sick sony xplod subbie in tha trunk bro sweeeeet!!!

    So don’t get fucking smart with me and next time put together a decent argument or point because you don’t know shit and you”ll see in ten years time when MMAL still exist. Except you”ll probably be an old bitter man by then and I won’t.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Dingo

    What is with Holden being portrayed as ‘Australian’. IT IS NOT. Holden is 100% American owned as with Ford. Toyota Australia and Mitsubishi Australia is 100% Japanese owned so NO local manufactuer is Australian and that 100% goes for Holden and it hasn’t been like that for over 60 years. Holden is just another off-shoot of GM and that’s it. Stop living in the past, today is today not yester-years.

    Toyota Australia does more for our local auto industry then the other 3 three. Holden is currently retrenching Oz workers while Toyota is hiring, the Camry and Aurion are not only Australian manufactuered as with the Commodore, Falcon and 380 but actually utilise a greater percentage of Australian sourced components including the 2.4 VVTi which is actually biult here to and has the largest export programme of all which not only ensures local job security but greater investment in our own economy.

    HOLDEN IS NOT AUSTRALIAN… AMERICAN and doing less for our own industry then TOYOTA AUSTRALIA.

    While Toyota continues to import quality, reliable, dependable and durable products, Holden has become the modern Daewoo outlet selling Australian’s disgusting 2 star crash rasted vehicles that will most likely end up in the hands of our daughters.

    And, Holden has NEVER stood for quality. Commodores of all models have aged disgracefully over the years while the humble Camry has proven to be a rugged, reliable, dependable and durable family hack giving motorist little or no hassles.

    Get over this Holden is Oz because IT IS NOT !!

  • Damo

    I agree with all what your saying Dingo. I still believe that both Toyota and Mitsubishi are more Australian than Holden. Mitsubishi offer Australia’s best warranty, built the first local v6 which most people would prefer than the pushrod piece of crap sitting in most bomadores known as an “ecotec” or even the dreaded “alloytec” which has so many flipping problems. Toyota are going somewhere and have more than enough security and I would love them to get involved with more racing development here in Aus other than the local ralling which I still enjoy immensely as well as building a third vehicle at the manufacturing plant in years to come.

  • Igor

    Anyway, back to the pride of Aussie motoring ‘The Epica’….I just read some of the first reviews and it seems like the car it self is just OK (whitegood appliciance). Holden is pitching it against the Camry and hoping to lure some Accord/Mazda 6 buyers as well. I think the selling point will be that it is a 6 cyl ‘power plant’ eventhough it produces less Kw than the current Camry. Fuel comsumption is somewhat lower than the average in the class (8.9L for 2.5 auto).From what I could figure out the only real advantage of the car is that it is value for money and it does have a very smooth engine.

  • http://tido262 tido262

    I just thought i would say that i agree with dingo about the quality of toyota and what it is doing for the australian auto industry. damo dont forget that while MMAL might be doing OK Mitsubishi global is plagued by massive debts that still have the capacity to send them bankrupt. and as for the 5-10 warranty my 2006 pajero has had 2 recalls, and has had to have both back shock absorbers replaced under warranty because they were both leaking with 22000kms on the car. this was after having an argument with MMAL because they claimed only one was faulty when it was both. it was then a six week wait because apparently this part was not redily avaliable in australia. this is not what i would call good service on a $60000 car. Next time i will go with toyota

  • Myke

    The Auto Epica has 115kw/237Nm, so the Camry only has an extra 2kw, plus the Epica has more torque.

  • http://australiancaradvice Kevin Dedekin

    The Camry for 6 generations has been tested, tried, proven and gained worldwide recognition for being a rugged, reliable, dependable and durable vehicle that provides ordinary families with no or little motoring hassles. JD Powers which is the leading and most respected automotive analysist has consistantly for many years supplied statistics that support this very claim.

    Daewoo has an organistaion has a tarnish past and the Epica in Holden guise has no history to speak from. I would purchase a Camry especially the Sportivo variant heads and shoulders over a Holden imported Daewoo.


    Well put Kevin I could not have put it better myself,What person with half a brain would choose a piece of Korean crap over Quality car like a Camry,I should know I have 3 camry’s over 9 years for a total of almost 1 million klm’s and never had a problem in that time,let’s see a Daewoo do that.

  • Myke

    If searching for a mid-sized car, I probably wouldn’t get a Epica, unless I needed a big car for little money. I wouldn’t exactly say that buying a Camry is the next best thing, I’d go a Mazda 6, Honda Acc Euro or Subaru Liberty anyday. Still retain the reliablity, they are a lot better to drive and ten times better looking.

  • Riker

    I recently bought a new car (previous car being a Mazda 6 Luxury).

    Test drove the Subaru Liberty and Honda Accord Euro, amongst other cars, and in the end, bought a Toyota Aurion ZR6. This was easily the best of the lot for many reasons.

    If I had a smaller budget, I would get the 2007 Camry over the Epica if given a choice.

  • Paul

    QUOTE = The Auto Epica has 115kw/237Nm, so the Camry only has an extra 2kw, plus the Epica has more torque.

    Yeah the 2.5L V6… Id want it to have more torque AND power, its rather poor performance as well when you consider that the Aurion puts out 200kw and loads more torque at only alittle bit more fuel consumption from only a 1L extra (Hypothetically to get that power from the Epcia’s engine at its current tune you would need a 4.3L engine).

    This aside… its also going to lack build quality, refinement and very certainly reliability. And above all this, the Camry also has a more diverse range (if you include the Aurion then its a massive range) to suit different customer tastes while the Epcia only comes in like 2 variants.

  • Myke

    The Camry and Aurion may have a more diverse range, but the change in variant only changes interior and exterior options (such as slightly bigger wheels, which were too small to begin with), Toyota need more variety in engines, such as diesels, hybrids and turbos.

  • Damo

    Why debate the Epica? The only thing it can be compared tp is the Daewoo crap and evrything else in Holden’s bogan filled lineup. I believe that the 8.9L fuel figure is optimistic anyway. Come on guys, this is GM, they don’t even know what efficiencey means!

  • Paul

    QUOTE = The Camry and Aurion may have a more diverse range, but the change in variant only changes interior and exterior options (such as slightly bigger wheels, which were too small to begin with), Toyota need more variety in engines, such as diesels, hybrids and turbos.

    Fair enough but whats that leave th Epica at with 2 choices? Or the V6 Commodores which are on the same boat? And generalising Toyota maybe you meant Aurion, because Toyota/Lexus have hybrids currently on the market along with Honda… I dont think Holden nor anyone else do (Well at least in most peoples prices range)

  • Myke

    I wasnt talking about Lexus, but come to think about it, they still have a lot less variation in engines compared to their rivals Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

    Commodores have a choice with the V6 engines, the base models differ from the Sports and Luxury models with different engines. So when you go up a class you know you are getting more then a slicker interior and bigger wheels. They also have a V6 diesel on the way.

    The only hybrid that Toyota (excluding Lexus) is a Prius, which is a stand alone vehicle. ATM the Corolla, Camry and Aurion, only have one option in terms of engines. Their close rivals may not offer a hybrid engine, but many are bring in diesels, such as the Holden Astra, Ford Focus and the Mazda 6.

  • Paul

    The Commodore V6 only gets changes in I believe the engine head for the SV6 while the rest is the same as the Omega. Eitherway I dont see the issue…. 200kw acorss the range is a good thing for buyers, it beats Holdens SV6 and smashes the Omega. Sure it would be nicer to have a different one to differentiate the Sportivos apart from suspension etc wise, but thats what the TRD Aurion is for though.

  • Myke

    The Aurion only has 5 extra kilowatts then the Commodore SV6, if you are going to argue that, I might aswell say the SV6 has 4Nm of torque. The Omega has 185kW, not as much as the Aurion, but I still wouldn’t say thats weak. Also considering not long time ago large cars produced around 150kW from a V6 engine.

    If you want to argue about power, I could say the Corolla has 93kW, which is behind most of its close rivals (Mazda 3 108kw, Focus 107kw, Astra 103kw, Civic 103kw). It’s funny how no one comments on the Corolla’s lack of power, considering its Australia’s favour small-med car.

  • John Lindsay


    Just to clarify on behalf of Holden, you don’t need to find the full price for two cars at the same time as suggested in your article.

    The conditions are such that you just have to provide ‘proof of purchase’ which can include a contract for the sale of a new motor vehicle ie you may only have put a small deposit down on another vehicle but as a contract it proves you are genuinely committed to buy one.

    This is purely as a safeguard for GM Holden to prevent the offer being abused by separating the genuine buyers from those potentially looking for a free car for a month. That message that this is purely a safeguard is reinforced by the fact that the new car does not even have to be a Holden…

    In addition, as further reassurance that this is a genuine offer, we have committed to a third party claims assessor who will assess and process the Claim not the dealer. There is also a commitment within the terms and conditions for the dealer to advise the customer of the outcome within seven days of a claim being made to ensure there are no delays.

    The rationale for introducing this offer is that this is a highly competitive market segment which doesn’t see many changes in volume so to get a foothold we need to move buyers away from the more established brands to ours.

    This is seen as one way of potentially providing that extra incentive if someone is thinking of buying but is looking for that added reassurance.

    I hope by explaining this a bit more clearly it will help people understand the rationale and the fact that it is a genuine offer…

    John Lindsay


    Very nicely put John,but I think the vast majority of the Australian buying public will only see it as a lack of confidence in the Holden product by Holden and it’s dealer network and confirm what we already know and that is that it is a cheap and nasty alternative to importing quality cars purely because GM worldwide is in a tailspin as far as profitability goes and can’t afford the alternative,this is consistantly proven each month by the sales figures compared to Toyota in Australia and the US.They are falling further and further behind in R&D worldwide and are concentrating on cheap and nasty imports and it will and already is proving to be their downfall. I have spoken to a few Holden dealers and none of them are to excited about the path that Holden is heading down.Brian.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    I agree 100% with your Brian,
    its a path that will lead to ultimate failure,
    If you are going to use the Holden badge to sell cheap and low quality cars, expect a backlash down the line!

  • Bryce

    Have any of you driven a Captiva yet? Or indeed the Epica? You seem to be able to tell a lot about a car from what is written in a column. Motoring magazines will be chasing you for jobs because they will not need to send jounos all over the world to launches any more.

  • Alan Watson

    Hey Bruce,
    I haven’t eaten cow S%#T but I know I wouldn’t like it.
    Maybe I can write a column in a dineing out guide.


  • http://www.autolync.com.au Marcello

    Well, well, well, you see what happens when we let an American run the Australian Holden business, cheap rubbish starts to filter through. At least with mr Hannenberger we had good quality GERMAN engineered cars in the mid size and small class that is now being populated by less well engineered and less safe Korean vehicles. Remember when the old Kingswood and Torana range were managed by the yanks, they handled like big old barges, then along comes our German friend (Mr Hannenberger) and he immediatelly fixes up the handling (RTS on LX and HX models onwards) while the old Kingswoods and Toranas were still being churned out, then introduced the Commodore, which grew into a world beater and best seller, we were tempted with the new Torana Concept car a couple of years ago….pity Holden did not built it as I am sure I am not the only one who would have happily shelled out the dollars to buy one.
    Unfortunately people grow old and have to retire to pursue other interests, and Mr Hannenberger moved on, so now we’re stuck with a Texan, and we’re being told to buy Korean? Pffft….this might offer GMH some better margins (profits and things) but this is short term, as people get wise to these cars and stop buying them. Then it’s back to Germany or our own engineers to come up with something better, but then the formula was good, so why mess it up? Ultimately you get what you pay for. No disrepect to our Korean friends, you guys need to make a living too, but I’m afraid when it comes to cars, I will not be considering anything that is made in that region. If it’s not made here in Australia I dont want it.
    FYI, the list of cars I have and have owned is below:
    1963 EH Holden Special.
    1971 HQ Holden Kingswood Wagon 173 (Modified).
    1972 HQ Holden Kingswood Sedan 173.
    1977 LX Holden Torana SLR 4.2V8.
    1980 UC Holden Sunbird 1.9 Auto, later converted to 4.2 V8, and now 5.0 EFI V8 (they work better this way) Still own this one.
    1987 Holden Astra
    1988 VN Holden Commodore Executive.
    1992 VP Holden Commodore Executive.(Still own this one)
    1997 VS Holden Commodore Equipe (Still own this one)
    2000 VT Holden Commodore Acclaim (Still own this one)

    Can you see a trend here ??? They are all made in our own backyard!!! And no, I won’t bag Fords, it’s not my style.


  • Chopstar87

    Well, well, well, good old holden are starting to import cars to save money because they spent 1 billion dollars for a car that the market doesnt really want anymore…. and say that even after 1 billon dollars which was spent its only just a bit better ten the BA/BF Falcon in some area, but saying that they still have nothing that competes with the Typhoon… away i know what you are about to say…. ford is importing a car as well… but look at it this way the cars that Ford imports the Focus, a well built car and the next import which is to go head to head with the ”epica” is the all new Mondeo, what a top quality car, i know it cost more, i rather part with my money for a good quality car and not a korean piece of C#%P that will play up and fail me..

    thats my point of view on this issue.
    now we just got to wait for the New Falcon to Distroy Holdens 1 billion dollar mistake !!!

  • http://- Ben

    Come on guys,
    the Epica hasnt even been tested by u yet and u r already picking on it??????????????
    give it a chance and if it is complete @#!$ then bag it.

  • Aussie own

    A quality car is car that you don’t think twice about, as they don’t have any nasty plastic bits, and it works so you don’t have to return it. So Holden wake up or Ford is coming.

  • Sam™

    ^ and what a better market it will be when ford does finally come around

  • http://www.autolync.com.au Marcello

    This link will take you to the real car behind the facade that is Holden Epica, not much of an Epic, but more of a Daewoo Tosca….. reminds me of a range of travel goods…. that’s it… it’s really a suitcase with wheels and an engine, probably handles the same, time will tell.


    The above is a link from this page: http://www.gmdaewoo.co.kr/kor/index.jsp


  • Devil’s Advocate

    Quote from Mike: The Aurion only has 5 extra kilowatts then the Commodore SV6, if you are going to argue that, I might aswell say the SV6 has 4Nm of torque. :end quote

    The SV6 may have 4Nm more torque, but don’t forget, the Commodore is a BIG “tub of lard” compared to the Aurion. EG Aurion Sportivo SX6 Auto 1555kg tare, Commodore SV6 Auto 1735kg. That 180kg (2 extra passengers in the 80s etc, only one now!) would more than cancel out the 4Nm of Torque. Downside for being such a strong car not using more high tech steels et al due to cost.

  • Godzilla

    How come all of your think Holden is more Australian than Toyota Australia? Guess what, knowing that a Toyota is Made in Australia and be exported to overseas will do much more to Australian Auto industry than what Holden offers. There are some patriotic Holden fans out there and only those who will continuing buying gas guzzling Holden produts.



  • Rick Harris

    Another Daewoo for Holden. When will it end. Of course you all know why ……….. they wasted 1 Billion Dollars on the catch-up Commodore. i drove a Captive 3 weeks ago………..all i can say is ………crap !!!!!! Are people stupid enough to believe this is a Holden? It drove like a cheap Korean car, felt like a cheap Korean car and after going around some corners at a reasonable speed i thought I was going to die in a cheap Korean car !!!!!!

  • Alan Watson

    As you can see in the commercial, the Holden boys drank a lot of grog before they bought a shipload of these.

    If they offer you a drink in the showroom… say no.

  • Lazybones

    Now after reading the links from Marcello, and doing my best to translate Korean. There appears to be an LPG Version of this car. But no LPG in the Holden lineup.

  • Marcus

    It was time to trade in the 5 year old Magna this week. I spoke to a friend of mine and he recommended I look at the Holden Epica as I told him I didn’t want to spend anymore than $28 grand a new car.
    Paid a visit today to our local Holden dealer and can very happily anounce I have ordered a new Epica.
    The whole car is great value for money and definitely the best medium sized car under $30 grand.

  • Mufti

    This car is more Australian than the Commodore

  • adsGsxr2007

    You are a bunch of jerks, have you ever heard of the saying, bad press even sells, slag holden off all you want, you will never buy your perfect car, off the show room floor, there is no such thing as the perfect car, holden make good cars as well as all the other car Manufacturers, they all look as boring as each other these days, you tintops want a car with everything, go and build one yourself, or just a thought learn how to drive one first. Also there is no true ausie car manufacturers, and with out the Governments help, overseas cars,is all Australia would have but thousands of jobs would be lost, so whats more important winging, about why Australian car manufacturers cant be better than overseas ones, or getting behind what is suppose to be Australian, keeping jobs here, so called Ausie cars are just as good as the imports, but cant say the same for the drivers who spend alot of money on new cars only to drive them, like shit, grow up, tintops, and stop winging

  • http://www.autolync.com.au Marcello

    Build my own car you say? done that…
    Want a car with everything, not likely, I’d give anything for the “driver assists” on my VT to be off permanently, they are there for people who can’t drive around corners or park and have no idea how rain, oil and sand affect traction.
    I’m looking forward to getting back in my 5 litre EFI V8 UC Sunbird with no driver assists except a steering wheel, brake, clutch and accelerator pedal, and a lever thingamy to change the gears MANUALLY. Oh it has a fan too, for the windscreen demister/heater, and a nice Radio, thats all the mod cons it has.

    Now may I please go back to whinging about less than adequate Korean imports posing as Holdens? Infact any cheap less than adequate import posing as something it’s not… Ford have done it too….Except they mostly stuck with Mazdas which are better than Daewoos…. well that’s my opinion anyway.

    Suppose I should get back to work then.

  • Joe

    Maybe this is a good thing for Holden…they have smoked fords sales for so long (i know there are exceptions…but seriously they have) and maybe they have almost got to a point where they can give us a below expectations car and still have people defend it to death that it is better than its fords rivals…. now ford is off to a conservative start with nothing particularly bold in its line up… but it has jumped majorly in quality ride and saftey while still being great value… so now it could be holdens turn to try and pull something out to match ford… just as ford will be trying to do with the Orion… im guessing 380 style sales and reponse for the Epica…which is sad, but at least they haven’t soiled the vectras good name like they did with the barina… so maybe the vec will be making a comeback in the future… please no more korean rebadge jobs… Australia is not ready to suffer them and their reputation is compost and it will take a miricle to change that, even though the phrase Jap crap has in reality gone for good… korea will have just as much work to do to shake their reputation. North America GM should give GMH a little more to work with… why there are non of those toranas on the road is to much for me to understand, and its not profit, cause exports would solve that….. i dont know really Australias car manufactoring future is to up in the air for my liking

  • http://jackyan.com/blog Jack Yan

    I think it took guts for John Lindsay and Holden to come on to a blog where the product was being bagged and give its side. Good on you, John. I might not like the Tosca but I respect you coming here and clarifying your company’s position.

    Just to follow another point in the original post, about the Tosca’s safety. Remember that the Tosca is basically a development of the Daewoo Leganza, on the old V100 platform. The Leganza, from memory, was not as safe as it could be. Even in Australia (see http://www.aaa.asn.au/ncap/PDF%20Docs/leganz99.htm), it rated two stars. Its V200 successor, the Daewoo Magnus, was found to be one of the least safe cars tested by the NHTSA when it was sold as the Suzuki Verona in the US: ‘The Suzuki Verona received the lowest rating in driver-side frontal crash tests among passenger cars for the 2005 model year.’

    The Tosca—V250 in Daewoo-speak, which means a revised, second-phase V200—might not have been tested yet, but I am not confident that it scores as well as the Opel Vectra C. Holden remains mum on the results, yet I thought GMH or GMDAT tested all their cars and should have some indication of its safety.

    Call me a cynic, but I think those results will be held back while Holden pushes as many Toscas as possible. Then, when independent results come out, the brand will take a greater nose-dive.

  • http://jackyan.com/blog Jack Yan

    Marcello: and you know, Tosca stands for ‘Tomorrow Standard Car’. Not ‘Tomorrow Superb Car’. Daewoo wasn’t really aiming high. Just Standard. Not Special.

    Holden? Standard? Special? Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

  • the UN

    adsGsxr2007 you have taken the wrong approach to this… your opinions….fair enough, but dont just get pissed off at people for not liking a corporations moves…. or accuse people u dont know of not knowing how to drive….. what do u want…to sweep the publics opinion under the rug…for holden to say shut up we dont care what u think ur stupid u get the cars we give u….thats crap…. peoples feedback should be embraced by manufactorers…. and yes i plan to build a car of my own…and i would like to see how u handle a car if ur so cocky……… game on

  • me again

    true u may never buy the perfect car….but why not strive to get as close as you can…

  • Non-Bogan

    anyone seen australia’s best cars car of the year awards? Epicrap got 17th in its class. Good one Holdenwoo, haha.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Yes I saw those results in Royal Auto. I had zero faith in the quality of the Epica before that. Now…..

  • Me.

    Apart Is not that good after all.