by Matt Brogan

While we don’t have a great deal of information available at this stage, we do know that Volkswagen is set to reveal the world’s most economical non-hybrid car to shareholders attending the 42nd annual general meeting of Volkswagen AG in Hamburg.

The single-seater is capable of 0.91 litres per 100km (or 258mpg in the old measure) and can manage a top speed of 123km/h.

The prototype, as shown here, was built in conditions of such great secrecy that little more is known about the car, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted after next week’s meeting.

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  • errr

    err… why did they have to make it butt ugly? clearly not meant for production

    also, wouldn’t want to be in a collision of any kind – heck a crash with a motorcyclist would probably kill you and leave the motorcyclist unscathed!

    • dwd

      it has over 200mpg… compared to the crappy cars now days that do 30 average..

      is their something wrong with you?

      • Gramps

        There’s something wrong with you, you don’t know how to spell.

        • Lynn Hudson

          Don’t be too hard on the morons out there, I mean “their”, “there”, and “they’re” are really super complicated for most idiots who believe they are actually intelligent.

          • MaxxPadd

            They’re there to find their wear of hair. Please don’t stare if I drive one where there are no bears, only hares that care, ’cause life ain’t fair…on silly message boards. Pass me another bear… I mean beer, because my mind is bare.

          • ConsiderationWouldBeNice

            Have any of you stopped to think that some of the comments on the boards may be made by individuals whose primary language is not English. It would also be considerate of you to actually respond to the article.
            I personally would love to have a car with the fuel economy this car boasts. I drive between three and five thousand miles a month.
            Yes I realize that I am posting on a comment that is years old. I figure that I was able to find it years later, so other will be able to also.

    • richard

      How when and where can I buy one of these in the U.S..

      Richard Callahan

      • Vera Herelle

        Do you or anyone know what the name of this wonderful innovated car is ??????Where is it made ??? I want one too.!!!! Seems by the dates on the comments here that they have been selling in Europe since sometime in 2010

    • Ibrahim

      Dear Sir,

      how i can purchase the Volkswagen car the most economical car

    • anchorite

      Yes because the Ford Taurus was just gorgeous.

  • Chris

    Would LOVE to see the Stig punt this thing around the TG test track just for kicks 😛

    Also noticed the numberplate on it is “WOBL 1″ Oh the Irony of a three wheeled car…though I’m sure in reality its actually quite stable :)

    • JD

      Looks to have 4 wheels to me

      • Jesse

        2 wheels in front, 1 on back.

        • jazz

          It has 4 wheels. I want one..Will they come to the USA?

          • http://yahoo Barbara Leavitt

            They say from what I’ve been reading the car will be in US next year. I want one. Going to VW dealer and see if I need to get on a list or make a deposit. I only drive around town anyway and this is perfect. Very excited. And the article I read said a lot was put into the safety features.

          • Faraon

            Yeah, Right. Remember the VolksWagen Fox. It was made in Brazil, and started selling for about two thousand dollars. As soon as the greedy VW people saw that it was widely accepted, they began selling it for over US 8,000. 

        • Fuuehhhs

           wow I have now found the stupidest bloggers on the planet…or a set-up by the Car Advice people. don’t mean to be mean.

  • Chris

    ^^post fail… looks like a three wheeler at first glance though its not…must be thinking of another VW design :)

  • Chris

    this looks much better – Three wheel sports car by VW

    • Al

      That 3-wheeler is a toy, but the 1L is serious alternate transportation.

  • RoFlmaTiC

    Probably has to look like that for a lower drag coefficient Errr

  • Frontman

    Sorry I looked at this car and the first thing I thought of is I’m glad it’s not white, also happy that it isn’t a plug in hybrid…… (the mind Boggles) 😮

  • dubber

    Chris Says: March 6th, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    WOB stands for Wolfsburg – where VW headquarters and manufacturing facility is.

  • Marcoz

    All you tree hugger eco friendly liers, please STOP THIS MADNESS…..

    • Mrkando

      So Marcoz…..based upon your words alone I would guess you have an SUV and a very large truck. Well I am sure you are quite comfortable, but whoever buys this will waive at you while you fill up.

      • Mr

        But, I bet Marcoz will be waving at the driver of this when he’s driving himself and 5-10 of his friends and family to dinner. I guess if you have a vehicle like this, all your friends and family will disown you, and you’ll be eating alone anyways. :)

      • Bob

        However, if hit by an 18 Wheeler on the Interstate they will have to bury you in the car.

        • Al

          … as they would have to bury you in your SUV.

        • http://caradvice tom

          we’re only here for a visit, nobody lives forever. this would make an excellent work vehicle. i’d probably park my motorcycle!

  • Joe

    Well sure but all that money you save on petrol isn’t going to do much good when you’re dead.

  • Alex

    Um, this hasn’t just been introduced. It’s a concept from 2003. If you don’t believe me then google “Volkswagen 1-Litre car”. There’s is also more information about it on the wikipedia page for it and it actually seats two – one behind the other.
    So either Volkswagen is unveiling another one and CA have the wrong pictures or they need to do their research better. The NetCarShow gallery will also prove me right and show you more of it, such as the second seat.

    • http://N/A John

      if you look at the picture carefully in the website you gave, it has this car right behind the one you think it is!

      • Nahbuts

        The one above is the original concept. The newer one that you’re talking about has a bigger motor and seats two. It also does not do 0.99lt/100km. The two seater does 1.38lt/100km and is a two cylinder. The one in the article above is a 1 cylinder.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Sorry guys but you’ve been taken in here.
    This thing got a bit of publicity about 4 years ago when the megalomaniac Piech drove it from some corner of Germany to a motor show somewhere as a demonstration of what VW could do if all practical considerations were cast aside.
    It’s a PR stunt, a joke, and I’m surprised that it has resurfaced.

    • MAC

      VW is starting to sell it in China for $600.00 or 4000 yuan in this year 2010.

      • Don

        $600.00 in China or 4000 yuan = $20,000.00 in NY or CA, right? Ater all, VW will do the supply/demand/US eco craze math.

  • Alex

    The other thing is that it has good safety features and will get more for the production version so considering it will mostly be used in the city, I think all the safety concerns are a bit unfounded.

  • Alex

    Captain, it’s been signed off for production in 2010.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry chief, you were wrong. Two years later, it’s not available in China, nor the US.

      Don’t believe everything you see online. Research it a little. You can’t prove a negative (like the car never existed), but you can confirm that it’s not being sold. Take a peek at their sites. for the US, and for China. China appears to have different cars for their market, but nothing like this.

      There’s no way that car would pass American safety standards anyways. Side impact? Crush protection? It’d do as almost as well as the G-wiz. if you haven’t seen it, check YouTube for the Top Gear’s G-wiz versus Table. They do a speed test, with four guys in lab coats carrying the table down a 1/4 mile track. Keep watching for the crash test, again is only the car versus a table. It’s worth watching a few times. Then think, “do I want to be in anything like this?” They couldn’t do enough magic with air bags to save you.

      • lpincher

        The single cylinder would be safer than a motorcycle, and that is the manner in which it should be used.

  • Pete

    I’d prefer something that uses five times more fuel at half a litre with a bit of safety. Imagine that in a german 200kph autobahn! That level of economy even with great aerodynamics probably means it’s a lightweight shell…death trap. Anything hitting that cockpit valley will spear into the poor driver.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Whacko Alex! Are you going to buy one?

  • Alex

    Why would you write that? Of course I’m not going to buy one! If I want an economical car, I would either get a diesel Smart or wait for the Volkswagen Up!. Or I would simply use the Cooper D that I already own. I know none of those touch 285 MPG but they’re not uneconomical either.

  • Wheelnut

    Looks like an over-sized cordless mouse for a computer

    • angela


  • http://300kw GFYS

    Why not just buy a scooter? still one seat and use 0.001 lt of petrol fer 100k

    • NeilCW

      You’re in la-la land,GFYS: I run a 250cc scooter which gets me 65 MPG and consider myself fortunate to do that well, but there isn’t a scooter available anywhere which gets the economy you mention.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Its a mini bugatti for the paupers!
    The driver is really trying to squeeze extra mpg by leaving the lights off in poor weather in lane 3 of a motorway!

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Notice the number plate sounds like WOBBLE. Is that why it can olny do 123kmh? What happens if you get it to 125kmh? Will it go from WOBBLE to WIGGLE.

  • RoFlmaTiC

    Pretty crazy mpg… even if you compare to motorbikes and scooters this thing blitz them :S

  • Fasthonda

    Amazing MPG..however,it does look like a giant suppository!

  • sg1fan

    i think, you’ve all missed the point, .9ltrs per100k. that’s exactly the thing that is needed,i live about 10k from work, i would love to have this little vw for the daily trips, and all the comments posted here about looks and performance are pointless. this is the kind of car that is needed to offset other larger cars, i own a 302bf gt and believe if you use more or waste more then its up to people like me to help reduce our footprint.

  • eric

    This will NEVER be sold to the general public. The world is owned by bankers and oilmen and this will NEVER fly. EVER (so long and the bankers and oilmen own the world). Just like the hydrogen and electric cars.

    • http://caradvice tom

      i agree. the oil companies will buy the patent and put in a vault to collect cobwebs.

  • mike


  • Dennis

    Do they make a chubby American version? Parking would be easy, just pull up next to your cubical.Good for college kids. Yeah I’d buy one. Pocket change.

  • Beau

    Can’t wait to put my hands on one. Best solution for the daily comute to the office! Even if it would only last a month (given that it is a German car, most likely it’s much longer) it would be cheaper to buy a new one every month than maintaining a stinking Hummer or similar crap.

  • Jeff

    Well, I like it. It will appeal to anyone who appreciated the old “bubble-car” concept (Heinkel, Messerschmidt, Trojan, Nobel etc) and, modest as it must be to drive, it will not seem at all out of place in this credit-apocalyptic world we now inhabit. I’m sure that it’s not meant to compete with larger saloons, but must be safer than a bike and or Clive Sinclair’s 1980’s C5. Nice that VW have the nerve to put this sort of vehicle out on the market.




  • Stephanie N

    I think it would be awesome if this kind of car would be mandatory for commuters. I live in Atlanta and rush hour is HORRIBLE here. It begins around 3:30pm and lasts until about 7. It would be nice if in those times… all but 1 or 2 lanes were only allowed to be occupied by vehicles like this. Make all those SUVs from the suburbs wait even more! if that were true it would be SAFER on the roads…

  • Joseph M

    If it ever makes it to the US market, they will raise the sticker price to $25,000 (or more), finance at 35 percent and jack gas prices to $12 a gallon. Only the rich can afford to be economical. Otherwise a nice idea (need a long fiberglass/LED pole on top to keep from being crushed between trucks).

  • kim m

    if i am not mistaken – the forerunner to this was in the film BRAZIL – perhaps manufactured by Messerschmidt?? i know i have seen the basic shape auto years ago… possibly in the 60’s or earlier?? cant remember its been that long.


    Ferdinand Piech (former VW CEO) is the driver of the car. It was produced in early 2000’s as a publicity stunt. Will definately buy two at $600-00 each (what is the chance of buying a car for $600-00, cannot even buy a proper bicycle for that). Imagine the saving in fuel costs. Only way to get the masses to drive environmentally friendly vehicles would be to make them affordable. Due to it being so narrow, two can drive next to each other in one lane. Everyone that say it will be dangerous, European laws will prevent VW from selling it. VW, IF YOU BUILD AND SELL IT AT $600-00, IT WILL BRING AROUND A NEW REVOLUTION/EVOLUTION IN THE MOTOR CAR INDUSTRY. EVERYONE THAT SAYS IT IS UGLY, SMALL, DANGEROUS WILL EAT THEIR WORDS. IF IT SELLS AT $600-00 EVERY MANUFACTURER WILL PRODUCE A SIMILAR PRODUCT.

  • suraci

    Looks fantastic, I’d buy one tomorrow. I’d be surprised it they produce it though. Other technologies are coming to make petrol dead except as a plaything for boy racer types like Jeremy Clarkson etc. Electric cars began at same time as petrol and diesel but strangely never got the money investment that the others did. Big money like oil corporations run this world, and there’s not much money for them in electric cars which run for ever, never break down and use hardly any consumables.
    And of course, electric cars leave super cars in very silent dust.
    We can’t keep murdering people for their oil for ever. Even the fields of Iraq will run dry one day.

    • Nahbuts

      “And of course, electric cars leave super cars in very silent dust.”

      Really? you name me what electric car will make a super car look slow… it doesn’t exist.

      • crankyfranky

        Look up the LIGHTNING electric car in the UK

        • Joejoe

          …or the Tessla supercar

          • mrgreenjeans1

            There are even electric drag bikes that do 170MPH in the 1/4 mile!

  • http://Volvo Will Mische

    I have had 33 years of great transportation from VW cars and it is appropriate for VW to once again change the auto industry. Wow! I would like to see the motor, suspension and transmission features. Where do I sign?

  • Jerry

    Where do I put my kids?

  • Mike

    Love the look and MPG!! I’ll buy one!

  • AdVrt1


    No matter which side of the global warming fence you sit on….we NEED smaller cars. Now, c’mon, i grew up with v8 sedans in Australia, so i understand power/size/safety issue. But guys guys guys, someone has to start somewhere. Otherwise we’re all going to be sitting stubornly in our stupid suv’s, with no petrol in the tank, no money to run it, and spewing tons of gross emissions in the air for us to get sick on.
    I dont know about all of you, but im willing to try something new.

  • Tony B.

    Wow, this is a revolutionary step towards super low fuel technology. If it could seat at least 4 i would start talking my wife into buying one lol :)

    • Nahbuts

      buy 4 if you need 4 seats

  • QwkEddie

    If I drove a Kenworth Truck,I would be tempted to run over this type of car.
    I can’t understand some of the comments about this vehicle,you sound like a bunch of tree hugging eunuchs.And just because it’s from VW you seem to go weak at the knees..similar to a love infatuated 16 year old school girl.
    Regarding Global warming,yes it is happening…. maybe, but don’t be so arrogant as to some how even entertain the idea,that people have the power to control Nature.
    If people are sooo…maniacal about CO2 emissions and litres per 100kms fuel used,GET ON a FREAKING BICYCLE and start pedaling!!!

  • Ran

    I love it. Bring’m on quickly.

  • Gilles

    I love the car and will buy one for commute to work on secondary road though, no highway for safety. I think this is ideal for college students, and will also be good for developing countries where car affordability is a problem.

  • Lou

    So VW’s big secret is that they put a shell over cheep version of a Can-Am Spyder Roadster, I’d rather see the Spyder Roadsters on the road but I imagine that people will want these VW’s if they actually do keep the sales price under a thousand do$$ars U.S., Still, I think VW is now making knock off bikes_sad.

  • Scott Searl

    I am currently commuting 90 miles roundtrip per day. The freeway is packed both ways. Everyone I’ve talked to who drive the same route wants one of these, if only because gas is going back up to $5.00 per gallon. Those who want safety can walk, driving is already a deadly game if you’re not very cautious. Kudos to VW for truly rising to the challenge to provide a “people’s car” to the world.
    If Detroit carmakers took notice of this kind of engineering a few years ago, they would all still have jobs, and I would be driving an American version.

  • http://na nono

    yawn, so this is all we can come up with. A sardine can on wheels.

  • Ken

    Come on people….use your head…this is a HOAX….You cant buy a decent BICYCLE for that kind of money, why oh why would you think for one second that you can buy a car for 600.00????…..dont be so gullible !!!!

  • Gerry

    Love the gas mileage and price, although I don’t believe the price. Don’t think I want one because of the safety. In fact I know I wouldn’t buy one.

  • Daniel

    Lets hope we see this great car on Australian roads soon. VW profits will soar I think.

  • liberty_bell

    Sorry guys but you’ve been taken in here.
    This thing got a bit of publicity about 4 years ago when the megalomaniac Piech drove it from some corner of Germany to a motor show somewhere as a demonstration of what VW could do if all practical considerations were cast aside.
    It’s a PR stunt, a joke, and I’m surprised that it has resurfaced.
    It was more like 6-7 years ago when the concept was first introduced. In any case, at that time VW projected that the cost of carbon fiber would come down enough by 2012 to make production feasible. Costs have dropped faster than projected so the car is going into limited production in 2010. Very limited production.
    It’s not a joke and it’s really no surprise that it has resurfaced. Perhaps lacking in the styling department, and the size is going to provoke more than a few cries of “deathtrap.” But I don’t see much difference in the way of a Smart Car, personally.
    Although, me thinks someone shifted a decimal point on the quoted price tag. $6000 is more like it.

  • Beau

    Interesting to see that some people hate this little car more than their mother in law! What did it do to them? And it’s not even the first in a (nascent) long line of cheap cars. Tata in India is about to start serial production of a car for $2,000. Get your head out of… wherever it is and face reality. This is the trend of the future. No more “boast mobiles”!

  • proff

    i like this car
    VW had done it again
    Were can I get one ?
    how much does it cost?

  • George LoBuono

    I like it. If it is as noted in the original post, it would be safe if EVERYONE drove such. You’re dead if a truck hits your Volvo, so we’re even. The time will come when the only cars available will be something like that one. I’d gladly dump mine for one of those.

  • mustacheo

    U.S. will never let this car on the Road does not use enough fuel to pay excise tax. The system to be stops all attempts to reduce consumption of the old Carbon Based Fuels. If you can reduce the mileage per gallon maybe you have something. Oh by the way Excise Tax on Fuel-Tires-Booze-Cigarettes-U.S. postage to mail letters pays for the US Gov to operate Not Personal Wage Tax! ( OLD NAME INCOME TAX )????
    Google: Aaron Russo see what you find WE NEED A CHANGE????

  • lol

    “Jerry Says:
    March 30th, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Where do I put my kids?”

    That’s your problem, you had them. Duct tape them to the hood.

  • Pete

    Funny how the people who react negatively to cars like this seem to be the ones who all drive around in V8 Hummers and supercharged Porsches – then have the gall to complain about the price of petrol. When you’re in a traffic jam the cars all become very very similar, i.e. 5 kph and massive pollution.

    In response to “where do you put the kids?” I’ve yet to see more than a quarter of vehicles on a highway with more than one person in them. I know, I count. And as for the price, there’s this thing called scales of economy. The more something is produced and sold, the cheaper it becomes. And everybody should realise that car manufacturers actually take a loss at point of sale. They make no money off selling cars, they make the cash from servicing and repairs and selling re-branded replacement parts.

    Even if the economy figures are double what they claim, it’s still less than 2 litres per hundred k, half that of a 500cc Suzuki bike. Now, where do I put my name?

  • Bob

    I like this little car, and unlike some of the naysayers, I like the suppository looks, this is for AIR PENETRATION, this thing has an incredibly low Cx : going at 130 km/h with just 6 kW of power is quite a feat.

    Of course you could go Sam Whittingham but his 130 km/h world record bicycle isn’t what I’d call practical…

    Empty vehicle weight is 290 kg only ! That’s 10x lighter than a damn SUV.

    Bottomline, if you need to drive lots of km to meet with your clients, this is great.

    Of course for short distances (like less than 30 km) I’d rather use my bicycle cause it’s a lot more fun, and in the city, faster : no traffic jams, no looking for a parking spot, etc. Fat / old / lazy asses can use e-bikes too.

    avg speed of my car in city : 10-15 km/h (door to door measured)
    avg speed of my bicycle : 18 km/h (door to door measured, pretty constant anyday anytime)

  • Mark

    This is what we call a CCC (car coffin combo)!

  • Ormond Otvos

    The Chinese make scooters with similar techniques for less than a thousand. I’d guess this would sell well at about $4000. That’s what I’d pay for what is essentially an underpowered enclosed motorcycle with a safety cage and freeway legality. Remember the Vincent Black Knight, a 1000cc enclosed motorcycle? Seen a Burgman scooter, 120 mph step through scooter? The Suzuki S40, 650 cc single for $4000? Made almost exactly the same since 1985.
    If it keeps off the rain, runs, stops and steers, it’s OK. I can also buy a Miata now off craigslist for less than $2000. Think, folks, with something besides your blood-engorged apparatus.

  • cool

    what is the price?

  • Bosco

    I wonder if they are correct about this being a one-seater. I looks like they are using the same photos as the VW 1-liter from several years ago which has tandem seating. I would drive one.

  • Bosco

    Google VW 1 liter.
    This is a joke!!!!
    Someone is recycling photos from years ago.

  • RailBaron

    If this little beauty gets released in 2010 for 600 bucks here in the USA, I want one. I will not get rid of my other autos and my Harley, but think this will be the perfect around town in the rain vehicle. I was thinking of getting a 16,000 buck Can Am Spyder 3 wheeler but it has no rain protection. I noted somewhere that a person thought this little jewel was ugly. I think all the current production vehicles from all makers are ugly with their horrendous bulbous design which makes them all look alike. One last shot, the smart thing would be to reinstall the trolleys and interurbans we used to have and go electric.

  • Louisiana Crawfish

    Great! I’ll buy one now! Even at twice the price!
    I don’t think the government would allow it to be imported into USA (PITY!) Would make a great car for short trips to grocery store, or town to get small items. Would also be a boon to older retired Americans living on a fixed income! I’d gladly trade my Ford F-150 pickup for one if I could.

    I owned a VW “beetle” I bought in 1959 for $1545 and it was the most practical car I EVER owned. It was a sad day when they “regulated” the old Porche classic VW design out of the country! In these days of greedy oil barons/shieks it would be a welcome car to own again!

  • Chris


    This article was originally published in 2002 !!

  • Rudy Gildehaus

    When will the car be available in the USA?
    Why is there no public announcments or other news? Is it true that this is merely a redo of an older idea?

  • Lorry Smith

    Eco-gullibility. The love that dare not speak it’s name. This is an example of why late night infomercial hucksters can still ply their trade with profitable impunity. People have not evolved enough to adequately think with their brains. WISHFULL thinking is still the order of the day.
    If only half the energy of the wishful thinkers and enviro fraudsters went into identifying and working toward actual solutions, the real problems of this planet would be far less.

  • Vladi

    Wow! Imagine! We get brand NEW car EVERY yaer for cash! All of us! We do not have Auto Loans, just cheap liability insurances. We pay ourself for 11 months the remainder; and on saved money we travel the world.
    Just think about it! No more Equity Loans to take, no more dependency on Middle Eastern Oil, no more Global Warming, no need for ethanol, solar and nuclear energy. Also no need to spend on education…. Germans will think for us. No more Federal Deficit, maybe……

  • Harley 54 mpg…

    >>>You’re dead if a truck hits your Volvo

    You’re dead if a Volvo hits you while driving this.

    Those old enough to remember the Corvair that was deemed “unsafe at any speed” was 10 times the “car” that this is.

    If someone wants to drive a V8 and pay for the gas, that is their right. If someone wants to risk their safety driving this that is their right! That is what makes America great!!

  • Erick

    Looks like the Tata Nano from India :) While not a first, this sure looks cute and cool.

  • John W.

    Unreal I just can’t believe they would release this at that price being the greedy bastards that they normally are. This is a real coup, no pun intended!

  • Allen

    We need to get the real word from VW, but if this is true at any reasonable price, twenty million Americans and more throughout the world need to buy this jewel and use it to commute each week to work. We can drive our over sized boats (SUV’s) on the weekend. We’ll still have more money to spend and bring back the world economy. Sub-prime mortgages and over-priced energy are what brought down the world economies. This baby could help us bring it back.

  • John

    I am am about to pay between $6,000 to $8,000 for a Velomobile. Either the Greenspeed Glyde or the Trice T with the Borealis shell. I would gladly pay twenty times $600 ($12000) for this car, and twice THAT if it was a two-seater, like a Toyota concept car I saw. I don’t see how they could sell it for much less than that. It is awesome!!!

  • HANK


  • Terry

    Of course I’ll buy one (or two or more…)

    But Chris’s comment above is correct: this protype was announced in 2002. See the URL he listed.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • rusty

    How many SUV’s do you see every day with just one person in them? 98% in this area are that way. Personally this is perfect for 80 percent of the driving I do during the week.

    As for the “safety” line. It’s a overused boogie man any more.
    Only way to be safe is to stay off the roads and in your caves and fallout shelters.

  • James

    I must say I’d love to own this car if the price is as they say ($600 u.s) I’d even mail order it lol. Don’t think i’d drive it on the highway though. My reasons for buying it would be because i am to lazy to ride a bike and am to cheap to continue paying the price of gas for driving my mini van to and from work daily. Cudos to VW for at least getting the creative juices flowing even if this rumored super mini car aren’t true… I for one will be watching out for it!!!!

  • John

    $600 is the equivalent price of the vehicle at introduction in China in 2010. I guarantee that a China ready vehicle would not pass safety/eco muster for the US market so you can forget the $600 in the US.

  • Luke

    Reminds me of the Messerschmidt of the 60’s, I have been looking for one for years.
    I would buy one of these new models tomorrow if they were available in OZ

  • Peopleunit

    I remember reading about the two seater prototype version of this several years ago. That one had a carbon fiber body (expensive) and was/is powered by a one liter – 3 cylinder diesel engine. If it were to go into production, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sticker price of $60,000.00 initially.

    I love the straightforward aerodynamic styling. Throw the kids in the trunk where they belong. 😉

  • Ian R Bell

    This car defies belief.
    No commercially available petroleum powered vehicle has ever achieved the MPG figures these people state.
    This car and the Chevy Volt will most probably never be available to the general public.

  • wabidoux

    Finally!, VW has done it again, resurrected THE PEOPLE’s CAR . . (.for all seasons and reasons! ) Our Mike Corbin never got it right with “The Sparrow”and now They have! . . . It defies me to understand what part of German R&D, engineering, technology, design, QA&QC, manufacturing, etc. is it that You detractors Do Not Understand? . . . Keep It Simple! You knuckleheads! . . .More Is Less!
    Hegel, once said, “Quantity Destroys Quality” and less of anything, primarily People in whatever type of “perigrinators”, would obviously be for the better! . . ., We’ve always been a day late and a dollar short, and “Shortsightedness is the Myopiate of the People” but The Germans somehow, at least technologically, always somehow seem to get it right!

  • Al Barrs

    But, how well does the air conditioner and heater work? If it even has them???

  • namron11

    For the individual who likes the car and concept of having your own private cheap transportation, it is great. My concern is that why now? This item was needed years back to help relieve the so called oil crisis. My big question with this car is, is it real. How can they produce a car like this for $600.00, even $1000.00. Sure I will buy one, but I am finding it hard to wrap my brain around such a vehicle and its price. I want to be proven wrong on this one.

  • Wrangler

    I love my 4256 pound Jeep.
    I don’t care if gas goes to ten dollars a gallon.
    The idea is cute.
    May find a place for some folks.

  • FrugalOne


    “but we’ll be sure to keep you posted after next week’s meeting.”

    So what was the outcome?

    Rather use double, say 2L/100km, which should not be that difficult to do yet have a *normal* mini hatch, NOT this mobile-coffin…..

    The recent economy from a new SEAT diesel model, Spain to Austria was pretty impressive, in the 3’s for a bog stock production car.



  • MattMix

    I’m having trouble believing this is legitmate because the same claim was made in 2002, also siting their upcoming VW conference for a roll-out announcement. Google this and you’ll find links to the same photos referencing 2002.

  • TRex

    I’m still driving my 1988 Chevy (Suzuki built) Sprint. One liter, 3 cylinder, 58 mpg. Wish I could buy a new one just like it.

  • paul

    The best thing I’ve ever seen perfect for commuters thanks vw I admire your skilled enviromental thinking WoW great job thanks for making this world a better place creatting less polution. That may wake up some of those other car companies …thank vw paul

  • paul

    just wanted to say I own a petrol station with a depanneur I won two 4 cylinder car ther both 13 years old and one is for the operation of my business saturn wagon very good on fuel the other is more a summer car mitsubishi eclips lol but I take my bike into work its about 4 kilometers I just say that I would love a car like this its real cool and the best its ECO friendly thank again

  • FrugalOne


    It will be like $40k, if not more…

    Waste of time, get back to us VW when you make a car that can be sold for $15k, gives decent economy ie 3% [thats do-able] and is *normal* 4 seater in size and safety.

    Pass on this motorised coffin-cum-motorbike!



  • marc 80012

    Like some of you wrote, I have a hard time beleving it will cost only $US600. But if it does, wow. What about VW, did it say anything about the production and when if it does start and at what price.

  • Sadly at work

    You better believe you sweet butt if it does go into production and comes to the US I WILL buy one to drive to work. I don’t care what it looks like… It would be great for me to drive to work and on business trips.

  • Dean the Skeptic Machine

    Too good to be true…and its not. According to VW this prototype that appeared years ago is not going into production, anticipated sell price if it did is over 25K.
    Check out this link

    Read a lot of squawk about ‘right to drive gas hogs’. No wonder the govt. has to step in (wish they didn’t) due to dumb *hits who think there’s no global warming or gas will last forever.

    • BuzzardT

      Those of us that do not believe in the Global Warming don’t think so unkindly of the ones who are fooled by the believers.
      This thread has nothing to with that. It is about a car that get 258 MPG. And if it comes in at $25K, it wont sell.

      • The Real Car Fanatic

        Climate change fool, not Gloabal warming, Summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder, look at Europe, heaviest snows in a long time. Global warming would equate to less snow in winter.

  • Greg Rogers

    OMG…….I want one soo bad !!!

  • Ralph Gedeon

    i need to buy 2 of this car, can anybody please advice me about the location or any contact adress of the supplier? regards

  • TT

    You might have to have it ship from Shanghai to Canada.. then drive it to US.

  • tobias

    And the best part for the consumer and taxpayer (in Germany) is: VW did not receive one cent of bail-out money. The US would be best advised to beat a hasty retreat from the automobile market; at least GM (a.k.a. General Malaise).

    Did you read that after a LOT of hemming and hawing, GM decided not to sell Opel and reverse a long-standing ban on the sale of Opel products in the US? The GM jerks realized after 60 years that Opel has some cutting-edge technology which GM sorely needs.

  • BuzzardT

    For $600. I will buy one.

  • Nick

    for all you guys asking how much this costs, it costs $600 (USD)

  • britt

    Its a great idea. For everyone saying drivers could be hurt by semis, look at motocyclists! It would be rediculous if motorcycles were allowed on the roads and this vehicle, clearly larger, wasn’t. What about your kids? Obviously this vehicle isn’t sensible for everyone, just like. F350s to haul boats aren’t sensible for everyone. That’s why they make a rediculous amount of cars to choose from. If this car isn’t for you, it isnt for you, but anyone who doesn’t need to haul a trailer, or haul kids, or haul tons of luggage, I say why not?

  • ferdi heres

    looks like the modern version of a messerschmidt kabinenroller.
    those things have been on the streets in germany in the middle of the last century.

  • The Real Car Fanatic

    But VW had the sense to flatten the nose.

  • chris

    I’d risk $600 anyday for a car like this. It would pay for itself immediately. It will never be approved in the U.S. however. Congress will never allow it. They are in bed with the auto unions and big oil. What hypocrites…Go Green? This would certainly help!

  • kvsurendran

    The single seeter car is liked for its fuel efficiency.

  • http://self Edwin A. Halderman, SSgt. USMC (retired)

    Guys, I have been trying to ask somebody to read of my idea to make electric motors while making their own electricy. AM I CRAZY? PLEASE, as remote as it seams, all I want is to make enough money to help my family.
    SEMPER FI!!!
    Edwin A. Halderman.
    SSgt. USMC (Med-retired)

    • Tommy


      A certain amount of energy, X, will be be used to produce Y amount of force. The amount of force, Y, minus friction, will be used to produce slightly less than X amount of energy. To use an electric motor to turn an electric generator will result in a loss of energy not a gain.

    • 7up

      You cannot Do this as this is against Law Of Conservation of Energy.

  • AAA

    This is not a car. It’s a toy. Fuel economy publicity stunt ~

    • Afshin

      You are an IDIOT

  • Dan Frederiksen

    this is not a toy. this is the Volkswagen 1L concept car and it’s a rather expensive carbon fiber build. if VW has made a 600$ version for the chinese market it certainly isn’t this one.
    I would be highly skeptical of this news until it is verified somehow.
    in any case it’s not the one in the pictures.

  • Jeff Shanab

    I like this and owould buy one in an instant if I can get it or import it to the united states. Maybe even two. One for long trips and one to convert to electric. Please Please VW, don’t forget the US.

  • MajorCordite

    $600.00? How can you manufacture a vehicle for this amount? Two PS3 PlayStations cost more! The price is a gimmick, too. Why would you want it in the United States? We are about Little League, towing the boat or jet ski to the lake, and tailgating at the football game. (my beer cooler is bigger than this cocoon!) What are you going to strap on the top of it at Home Depot? ” I’m sorry sir, I was going to ask you if you wanted to supersize that BigMac order, but I see you got no place for the extra fries and drink.” The Chineese are used to carrying fish in buckets, on the back of their bicycles, this might be a step up for some of them. First we had the VW Bug, now we got the VW, Gnat!

    • Afshin

      You must be one of those red necks that wont fit into barn side ways! Seems that only the ignorant and the stupid always think bigger is better??

    • MsJ

      Major, clearly this is meant as a personal, not a family vehicle. Its likely to be perfect for many applications so it has merit. Sadly it will never sell for $600 in the US, or many western countries. Pity because as a personal vehicle in the right circumstances it would be a great vehicle…its better than a golf cart because its enclosed, and would be great for us \”old folks\” in retirement communities, but probably not on the open road.

    • Betsy_Ross

      I must say, I agree with this guy. He’s right about a lot. Of course, this car would only be useful to the daily commuter. But the typical American carries a lot more than this vehicle could handle. It appears not to have room for more than a briefcase (if that) inside. Our culture doesn’t support such a vehicle, much less our highways. If a big truck running full speed went by, would this little thing be able to stay on the road? Would it be seen by that trucker or by the SUV driving mother in the other lane? It’s realistic to look at the negatives as well as the positives. The Smart car hasn’t taken off in the US & it’s impossibly practical! You can park it anywhere, it holds two people & a bit of luggage. It’s outrageously expensive, but it’s still practical & available. Hardly anyone even drives the Mini & it’s also practical. So, this guy isn’t so far off.
      Be positive, of course, but also think realistically.
      Americans aren’t willing to part with their gas guzzlers… or they would have demanded something else a long time ago.
      We like big.
      We like comfort.
      We demand it… ALL.
      This car is a really good step, but go ahead & convince our consumers that it’s going to solve their problems when they can’t pick up their kids, can’t pick up groceries, can’t do jack but get to & from work… & only if the driver can get in & out of it.

  • SnakeDoctr

    I heard someone drove this thing onto a frozen lake–right in the middle of a hockey game–and someone mistakenly thought it was the puck and shuffled him down field and smacked him into the net!

  • Cor van de Water

    For $600 I would buy one in a heartbeat, this looks like a very practical car especially in hectic traffic like here in Hyderabad, India. Tata Nano is the cheap family car – this would be an instant hit as commuter car and hardly larger than a motorcycle, so you can still sneak your way though traffic. They split lanes even with ordinary cars here, so this car would fit three side by side in a lane, just like motorcycles. The great benefit is that you sit dry – when it does rain, it pours – and it is so light and small that it begs to be converted to electric. I hope it will become available in an all-electric version with Li-Ion batteries so its weight will not change much but range can be at least 100km – perfect for in city commuting.
    There has been enough sales of the Reva that you see them driving through the city but this VW will attract many more buyers if it can accelerate up to 80 km/h while optimizing the economy for 50 km/h city driving and frequent stops (regen).

  • AntiCynicism

    I read with interest MajorCordite’s comment. His lack of knowledge about anything aside from PS3, beer coolers, Jet skis and Little Leagues astounds me. There are more significant issues in the world than tailgating at football games (sigh). As for Chinese carrying fish in buckets on their bicycles, well, I doubt this redneck has ever left the backwaters of some long forgotten banjo playing hill country, let alone visited Shanghai or even left the fine shores of the USA.
    Dude, when the streets are flooded with VW Gnats! and you’re still driving around in your gas guzzling truck with the dead pig in the back to feed the family, before you complain about the price of petrol, think about how you should have gained a decent education and broadened your horizons before criticizing the efforts of others to improve our way of life!

    • Afshin

      Well said!

    • Innisfree

      Kinda cynical , ain’t ya ?

    • MsJ

      Really, is being nasty necessary? Civil discourse and intelligent debate gets everyone much further than overt hateful cynicism. You probably had something positive you could have added to this discussion but wasted your time showing off just how cleverly cynical you could be. Pity…it makes you the loser, not the Major.

  • Paul

    This fab car is worth $600 in any currency. When are they available in Australia? Go to the Rudd Government, secure their manufacturing support and start production down under. Go Green.

  • JimPat

    Did this car ever make it? THe story is dated 2009.

  • CrustyTheClown

    Not really a *car* is it?

    Oh, and its NOT the most economical in the world either.

    The Chinese have that record, the BYD-E6 runs 400km with one overnight charge, OR 200km travel with 10 minutes charge.

    Its a full size SUV fits 5 and there baggage etc.

    Well done BYD!

    • MsJ

      What would the BYD-E6 sell for in North America?

    • Betsy_Ross

      The e6 only has a range of 205miles per charge, seats four – five very short people & has a bit of room in the back for luggage, but it’s definitely NOT an SUV. Its top speed is only 87mph & it will lose a lot of power if one tries to maintain that speed for long.

      It’s also a nice idea, but it isn’t exactly as you’ve described it.

      This VW is an awesome idea, but also not very practical for anyone but the local commuter… if a person travels 30+ minutes to work every day, it’s great & will pay for itself over the course of a year or two. Of course, as westerners, we demand things like a.c. & top-end stereo systems (at least something we can plug our Mp3 players into), but it only makes sense that we are able to stop off at the grocery store on the way home & this model doesn’t allow space for even a bag of groceries, much less a week’s worth!

      They’re all working now to get ahead as quickly as possible. They want to put the latest & the greatest out in the media for the public to see & know that this or that company is REALLY making an effort. All the while we get stuck with the Ford Fiesta & nothing more as far as economically & ecologically efficient.

      My questions are, What ever happened to the car that will run on water with no carbon emissions whatsoever? Who squashed that idea? Why isn’t it in full production?

  • Mike

    Come on! Six Hundred dollars?! That seems unrealistic … the tires alone would cost the major part of that! But if it could squeeze in a 2nd person, I’d pay double that.

    I suppose it has no air conditioning. That could get brutal here in Florida, and around most of the U.S. in the summer. What do you think?

  • sandy gefre

    Would be perfect to run errands in local conditions. Economical to own. I also have doubts about it price. Cannot see how it would be possible to build and sell for only $600.00.

  • Gene

    If the car is for real and does get 258 mpg , by the time it gets to the states
    I asure you it will be a 35,000 dollar car .

  • Mikeal Halapina

    The one seater VW for $600US and also the Air Car from India and the UK started at a price of $1600US.Imagine a car that runs on air no gas at all Now that is Green. Unfortunately the only thing that the North American market will see of vechiles of this nature is on the internet and maybe a news special whether they work or not. The Major problem here is our economy. Do you believe for one second that our governments, auto makers and fuel companies would let a threat like this come to our shores it is what would called an economy crippler. Where would the goverment and existing businesses dependant on the auto and fuel industry make up the financial loss to these green vechiles. The only way I can see these vechiles come to our continent is by bring up the prices to meet with our economic factors. So $600US in China for this vechile would be $60,000.US as to keep our economy stable. One day the change will come for example the Industrial Revolution came and people leaned to live with the machinery of the new age. Technology is moving quickly but so is Greed!

    • Jim Miller

      Good point about the automakers, dealers, oil industry, protectionist politicians. This “bigger is better” mind-set was GM’s years ago, which mind-set is what sunk the “old” GM and is now sinking the SUV market. Demand for the one or two seater will be so great that no elected official will dare raise a tariff against it.

      Consider this: Many of the newer freeways have the inside travel lane reserved for a vehicle with at least two people riding. That will change to add these one-seater (possibly two seater) econo-cars. State legislators will be quick to change the rules so that use of the inside lane will be limited to two persons riding in an standard car, motorcycles and the one/two seater econo-cars.

      Let’s preempt the lobbists for the automakers and oil industry, and start pushing our local state legislators to introduce the change in the rules for use of the inside lane of freeways. This small step costs the state nothing and each legislator who votes for the change gets a gold star.

      Our next campaign is to get each state to grant a 1 to 1 reduction in taxes to be paid equal to the cost of the econo-car. The greater the cost, the more pressure it puts on the Legislatures to act to keep the costs down.


    The two-seat monocoque, including the tubular frame driver’s seat and passenger seat as well as the exterior body skin, all consist of CFRP. There are no doors. Instead, the driver and passenger climb into the L1 from the top. An electrically actuated entry canopy above the seats is opened and closed for this purpose. Headlights and taillights all utilize LED technology, which consume a lot less energy. The rear wheels are completely covered; their wheel covers can be removed to change the Michelin low resistance tires (“Energy Saver”: front 95/60 R16, rear 115/70 R16). The underbody is also completely enclosed. The 0.8 TDI is cooled via adaptive air channels integrated in the sides of the car body. These automatically open and close based on the hybrid unit’s operating state and vehicle speed. The tailgate is opened in the usual, manual way. It too consists of CFRP. Inside is a stowage space of 50 litres.

    CFRP advantages – composition and weight

    Carbon fibre reinforced plastic, as the name implies, consists of multiple layers of high-strength carbon fibres, which are integrated in a very tough matrix. This mix results in an extremely strong and lightweight composite material. Until now, producing a body like that of the L1 from CFRP, while conforming to industrial standards, was an insurmountable task. Up to now CFRP was only practical for very small production runs, as in aircraft manufacturing or motorsport. Now Volkswagen has succeeded in finding a production-viable and cost-effective way to produce CFRP parts in suitable volumes.

    The reason that CFRP is the ideal material for the L1 body is demonstrated by considering its weight and strength. The L1 weighs just 380 kilograms, which is equivalent to the weight of a very high-end, fully equipped touring motorcycle of the 1200-cc class. The L1, on the other hand, is an automobile through and through. Of the 380 kilograms curb weight, 122 kilograms are taken by the drivetrain, 79 kilograms by the chassis, 35 kilograms by interior furnishings and 20 kilograms by the electrical system. 124 kilograms remain, and this is precisely the weight of the body.

    These 124 kilograms can be further broken down: 64 kilograms are accounted for by the CFRP monocoque including integrated passenger seat, 28 kilograms is the weight of the entire CFRP exterior skin, 19 kilograms for the CFRP entry canopy, 9 kilograms for the CFRP driver’s seat and 4 kilograms for the LED lights. By way of comparison: The body of the legendary Lupo 3L – until today the smallest Volkswagen production car ever built – weighed 306 kilograms, and the entire car weighed a lightweight 813 kilograms. That is 433 kilograms more than the L1.

    And there are other advantages: the material’s extremely high stress limits and its ideal forming properties for even the most challenging of design features.

    • Larry

      Is it true that it would be made available to the US for a US price of $600.00?

  • Peaches

    If this car is legite, think about it. For all those new teen drivers that parents buy cars for….one driver, no passengers for distraction while driving, possibly less accidents, insurance rates lower. Great for the budget watching, the single guy/girl who wants build-up a savings first before getting something bigger, might interfere with dating (driving), but at least u can afford to eat somewhere nice and afford others things.

  • Larry

    I actually like this car but can’t believe it would be available for sale for $600.00 US dollars. It can’t be any more dangerous then a motorcycle and it is a covered compartment. I think it would be great traveling back and forth to work which is only 5 miles for me and 248 miles per gallon with a top speed of 60 to 70 mph seems unreal. I’ll believe it when I see it being made available to the public for that price.

  • JB

    I think this is a great car for everyday ‘running around’. I love small cars but, I wouldn’t feel safe driving this on the interstate. I would gladly shell out 600$ just for that.

  • David James

    Keep your gas guzzler for towing the boat and picking up the kids.
    Use this for the other 90% of trips.
    Its got to be a winner.

  • Mitch Carr

    Hey, doesn’t anyone get it. This thing has two markets: kids in high school and college and commuters. Did you happen to notice that these two markets are HUGE. As for the kids market, it has one really big safety feature – IT’S A ONE SEATER. No more party cars with 12 kids inside.

    As for those of you who scoff at it as a “Concept car they talked about 12 years ago” I’d say that gave it 12 years to be developed. I’m a development engineer and I’d say it sounds reasonable to me. The darned insurance will cost more than the car.

    I had to laugh when someone asked me the resale value. Hey, if you wreck it, YOU THROW IT AWAY AND GET A NEW ONE.

    I personally hope two things. First, it’s recyclable and second, someone makes a rally kit for it.

  • MAC

    You do not need to drive and SUV all the time. This is a great IDEA.
    I would buy it for 5 or 6 times thr price of $600.00.

  • Nuclear1

    I could see a use for these in large metropolitian areas (where space is a concern), but not out in the vast rural areas of the midwestern USA where I live. They just are not very praticle for everyday use when you need to move other things with you (the reason why large pickups are common here). To me, if you want to save $ and the environment, knock yourself out buying these things if they ever become avaliable. Just don’t expect (or demand) that I take your lead in getting one……

  • shaun

    So, redneck ignorance is still bliss. Guess people forget we ride motorcycles in the U.S. Remark for the Beer hauling Tail gate guy. I am all for beer and tail gating but love that we could have a choice…. at a car that is made for around town travel. I will pay the 600 Plus the 5000$ for shipping it to the U.S.

  • Edward

    I think that its a great idea ,but in reality lets face it. I think as a consumer it will cost me just as much money, and the reason why it will cost me just as much money, as soon as these cars hit the road. The oil companies will raise the price of gas to 20 dollars a letre

  • Jerry

    Does it come with a retractable handle so you can wheel it behind you at the airport?

  • raybo

    258MPG, 75MPH, SINGLE SEATER, 1ST 4000 go to China (4000 will be produced this year) so don’t think you will be able to import one for at least another year, if then. The demand for this car will be unbelievable, much higher than any other car ever introduced. I doubt you will see one in the US anytime soon. $600 price tag? Not when a 1 cylinder Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine costs $800. I think, when one is available in the US you will see the 2 seater, with all the options, and a cost over $10,000.

  • Paul

    Expecting this to show up in the Darwin awards this year or on Myth Busters! The sales team must have been in a fantasizing frenzy pushing the boundaries to ..”Infinity and Beyond!!”
    Reminds of the Flintstones car I sure I can see that drivers feet through the floor pans

  • Bud Hullings

    I want one of the $600 cars today.

  • suryaprakash


  • suryaprakash


  • Grandma

    How cool!!! If it is to be believed that is…… I would buy one tomorrow, when it becomes available. Thanks to someone FINALLY seeing that we DO NOT NEED GAS GUZZLERS….. Now if government will allow it!!! That is the question?????

  • Rod Cronin

    Loos like a Meschersmidt from the fifties and sixties which were an extremely stable car if a little noisy inside. I think I would love one of these for scooting about. Carbon fibre tough, light and no rust – whoopee!

  • Cheryl Anderson

    I’d love one of these. I have to drive to work in the city every day and I’m too old for a scooter so one of these would be ideal.
    where do I sign?

  • John

    When will we learn to appreciate technology. Not all people will have a need for such a car or may use it as a second car, anything will help our situation in this country and around the world is critical.

  • Mikey Likesit

    I think this is a good idea, but if/when they start selling in the US, I hope the drivers aren’t like the Prius drivers who incessantly weave between lanes like they really do own the road. (If I still had my old gas-guzzler truck I would flatten a lot of Prius drivers). What I think is an even better idea is the hydrogen powered car whose only ‘exhaust’ is water. Of course, GM scrapped the idea, probably because they own a lot of oil stock. Bottom line, we all have to do something to get out from under ‘big oil’s” thumb. It will be good for us, good for the planet, and good riddance to big oil!

  • Andy

    Looks fun with speeds that helps it keep up with tarfic. A really fast go-cart! BUT I wonder if this will come in double wide for the American Mid-West farmer. I would imagine this vehical is designed mostly as a second car, because it doesn’t look like it has much more space for groceries than an old Yamaha mini bike. Now if they can match the price of a TATA in India, I might by one for my kid to drive to school in…

  • kassem

    how can i tranfer 3 to lebanon ?? how can i contact the main company ?
    thanks for ur help

  • Jennifer Perez


  • http://CarAdviceReviews Tangie

    I saw this car on Good Morning America this morning. I am 51 years old, and I want want one. If this car is large enough for me and 2 bags of grocery I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase one. Especially to go to the movies, store or church. When I am by myself this car is idea, and if it comes to Pensacola for $600.00 I know they will sell one.

  • jack

    Billions of Chinese will buy these just watch VWs Stock and then criticize them. But you may want to buy some VW stock!

  • jack

    250 miles per gallon and rain free better than a motorcyle for older people and poor chinese!!!!!!!!

  • Bigg Fredd

    Read the earlier comments. This is not a $600 car that would be given to every kid by his folks when he got his license. It’s $25K, which will buy a lot of gas for a 13mpg full size van.

  • Lee

    would be nice to have,and I would get one just like that,BUT!!,our government would let it be sold for the price of 600 bucks,more like 3000 bucks if not more,that the trouble here,greed!!

  • Andrew Holden

    I own a 1958 Messerschmitt KR200 three wheeled cyclette powered by a 200cc Sachs engine.

    Please supply contact in China Shanghi as I will buy one.
    Or Canada.
    Andrew Holden WA ( AUSTRALIA )

  • James

    Well, 2010 is almost over and still no VW L1 sold for $600.00. I’m not surprised. If it sounds too good to be true……! Most have been hoping, including myself, that this would be the “real deal”! This might be a decoy to take our minds off child exploitation, world hunger, increasing debt and terrorist issues?
    Vehicle manufacturers read these blogs also and we help them in their decision making process that either the first generation concept cars design is not believable or the price isn’t. A 2002 modern design is now out-dated and can’t be sold for $600.00; so they come up with a modern design that the blogs say they love but the price has increased another $26,000.00 which IS more believable.
    The 2-seater Honda Insight hybrid in 2000 has very similar lines and lets 2 occupants sit beside each other and still, probably, holds the best mpg range than any other production car to date. Keep this in mind; any car that reduces the carbon footprint and bought for the right reasons, is better than if you hadn’t bought it. I personally enjoy the idea of bike lanes being shared with any polluting vehicle, any single occupant vehicle, any gas-guzzling auto/suv’s/trucks, farm vehicles, motorhomes and vehicles over earlier than 1985. 2nd lane for taxis without fares, and well maintained late model small, medium and large family vehicles and lastly, all lanes including an HOV lane for Hybrids, HEV’s, Buses and emergency vehicles.
    Think about it; if a family of 4 each bought a $600.00 throw away fuel efficient car, wouldn’t that mean 4 more vehicles needing insurance? Instead of fixing the car, it would be cheaper to throw it away if the cost was more than $600.00 to fix meaning 4 more vehicles in the landfill? 4 times the highway lanes to handle 4 times the extra vehicles? 4 times the tolls.
    Be careful what you wish for, it might come true!

  • pradheep


    • Jenny Moss

      If this is for real. I want one. Maybe if everyone in the US bought one, they would start drilling for oil here instead of relying on other countries. There is no good reason whatsoever not to drill in the United States. The oil is here. You know it.

  • Elemental5

    I was riding in a 1986 Isuzu Trooper II SUV when the driver ahead came to a complete stop. My son hit the brakes, and leaves in the road were wet underneath, and he did his best to stop without locking the wheels on the leaves.

    I said, \”Prepare for impact!\” just as we hit the rear end of a huge Cadillac Brougham.

    The caddy was totalled, with the rear bumper dug into the pavement. The Isuzu had a broken front grill and headlights pointing upward, but was able to not only drive us home, but, the next day, to the body shop 12 miles away.

    The owner of the body shop explained that the 1986 Trooper II had a box frame, not a C-beam, and that this was then attached to a unibody. He had seen a lot of these with the Trooper II, and called it \”the strongest body on the road.\”

    This was pre-airbag, and no one was injured. But, when the driver of the Caddy told my son that \”everyone knows you have to stop at a Yield Sign, the cop broke in and said, \”Wrong, sir. In fact, I am writing a warning ticket to you since you actually caused this accident by stopping with no oncoming trafic,\” which he earlier admitted to as did my son.

    My son got a real ticket, but photographs of the road resulted in a judge cancelling it. The Isuzu is still going strong with 243,000 miles or so on it, and the Cadillac is rusted junk by now.

    All the talk about SUV\’s being dangerous is a bunch of horse hockey. They stopped importing the Trooper, but I drive a Rodeo and will keep it for years. When CBS 60 minutes ran a bogus program about Troopers rolling over, which Isuzzu won in court, their price fell. I wish I had taken advantage of that.

    From age 14 to 65, I have had no wrecks, and no tickets of any kind. I hope I didn’t screw things up by bragging. 😉 I always wanted to do this, and finally did.

  • Cheryl

    Well….I would buy tomorrow…..for sure..with the gas prices still going up…just we all need……BUT….if this is a big HOAX……shame on you….for putting this crap on innocent people who trust others……

  • Candace

    Well, if you want to be the littlest one on the road and you don’t mind being run over because the big white van (shown in photo) didn’t see you, then sure, it’s a great idea. As far as I’m concerned, this is a coffin on wheels. No thank you. I’ll stick with something a little less “death-trap”ish and a little more “excuse me, comin’ through”.

  • Jon Allie

    OK, if this is all true then start selling it now with a delivery date in 2012 and an alotment for any cost over-runs and then include shipping costs. But, sell it on which is in a centralized location in Lexington, KY. And ship the parts to the United States – lease the old school bus factory just North of Lexington, KY in Bedford, Indiana to assemble these autos. Please contact me with points of contact for large quantity purchases because I want to submit an Army Beneficial Suggestion and will have it at the Pentagon the same day you give me the POC info and large qty purchase infor with a tenative delivery date and shipping costs. The Army could purchase thousands of these vehicles and sell them through their commissarys and PXs worldwide. And we could easily assemble these vehicles at an undisclosed Army depot so as to save you costs. I\’m sure your VW company can start shipping these automobiles as kit cars or simply ship crates of parts to be assembled. This would save the US Armed Forces millions so lets do it…. We already have an vehicle factory with the technical know how – and it\’s here very close to Lexington, KY which I would like to again emphasize that this is a centralized distribution location for many parts of the United States and we also ship world wide so lets do this now….. Also, I know several people in the auto business and my father was the founder of the largest steel fabrication company in America so if we run into difficulties we can simply do a fabrication modification or even fabricate parts which you don;t currently have readily available… lastly, I\’ve always wanted to own a VW so I bought 2 of them and modified them into Baha VWs and one of the guys I work with modified a VW into a Baha with as rolls royce front end and another guy I work with made a racing VW with a beer keg for the gas tank. Hey, I like German Beer too; but, not enough to use a keg as a gas tank. I had the entire back set area for my gas tank. Anyway, if our Army base can get a few of the kits or assembly parts then we\’ll work our majic on your German VW. Thanks

  • mrgreenjeans1

    I wouldnt mind one for to and from work and running errands. Where are side view mirrors or windshield wipers though. Cant buy a scooter in the US for under $1200.00. For $600 Id take 2.

  • Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro

    I really liked this new car.

  • Gonzalo

    This is the car every body have been waiting , with the gas so expensive and all products going up every single day and the heavy traffic all year around. This car is a most, as soon as they are for sale in Puerto Rico I will purchase at least two abd as long as I know it will become the every bodies car.

  • http://nil charlie

    exxon already bought them.

  • http://nil charlie

    sounded too good to be true anyway.

  • Megan

    the car seems good, well many things are great about it but the one person can fit in it is crazy! and there is no space like to go shopping!

  • http://notavailable shahi

    I must congratulate the team behind this great effort. I am one who is ready to Launch this One seater economical car in Pakistan as a Sole Importer and Distributor.
    I aleady have 3 big show room spaces and an Advertising team to Launch this product in Pakistan.
    Let me know the contact of Sales office as I am willing to place an order for 20 cars for display and test drive on advance payment.
    Waiting for your response pls.
    Shahi Agha
    Director Marketing
    Atee & Co.

  • http://notavailable shahi

    can u advise me contact of VW single seater car.

  • Mike in Kentucky

    If the height of it could be lowered just a tad, this would make a handy little COFFIN . . . so you could be buried straight from the FATAL accident you are definitely going to have. You would abe lready self-contained. You could be ‘on view’ at the funeral home by looking through the window. Lower the height and it will fit nicely in the burial vault!!!!

  • Sohail

    Hello Sir,
    Can u send me contact detail where i book the above small car

  • Sabir Hasan

    can we get this car in America? If yes, then when. Please let me know.

  • Sabir Hasan

    How soon can we get this car in America?

  • carologoy

    love VW, cab’t see myself in this one.

  • JHP

    wow… cant wait til i take my girlfriend in that car…
    she’ll love it

  • Richard

    If it ever reaches the U.S., it could possibly be classified as a moped in most states, thus bypassing the need for most expensive/weighty safety equipment, tags and insurance.

    It would also appear that this mini-car would definitely offer more protection from weather than a moped. However, it probably would and should only be allowed on state side roads (up to 50mph), and not on super highways, for obvious safety reasons.

    Isn’t it rather embarrasing though, that someone in the U.S. has not yet built a similar vehicle for perhaps, $2-3K? What has happened to all our young, capable engineers in this country that they have allowed the Chinese, or anyone else to be the first to put forth such an outstanding vehicle that almost everyone would want, even if just for short trips? Imagine how many millions of barrels of gasoline could be saved each year with such a car.

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    • Zeddy

      you sound like Mr Magoo

  • Leo crotty

    I was in Peru last fall for a week working with the orphans.  There were these 3 wheeled vehicles that are being used for taxi’s & lots of other jobs.  They are 250cc & only go about 50mph which is
    fine for going to the store or to work.  They are completely enclosed.  One wheel in the front & two
    wheels in the rear.  They are completely street legal & haul 2 passengers.  We actually put 3 in one of these things going on a short drive.  They are made in India & can be purchased for $900.00 US
    dollars.  I can’t figure out why they can’t be imported to the US.  When you go outside of Lima, Peru, they are all over the place.  I took lots of pictures of them because I wanted one when I got back to TX.  Everyone I have contacted, say right off they cannot be shipped to the US.  Would be great for seniors on a fixed income to run back & forth to senior centers & the grocery store.
    Leo C–Katy, TX

  • Muhammad

    i wish i have that car’

  • Dan D.

    There are no wiper blades, It has No  weight and it looks like you dont want to park this cheap thing outside it will blow away.
    Slip Sliding Away…….

    • DianaC

      Just throw out your anchor, lol.

  • Jason Harrison

    I’d like one, too bad they’re not available in the United States.

  • g_a_bs

    I would buy one in a heartbeat.  Just like taking my snowmobile to work but all closed in.

  • John Gillespie

    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!

  • DianaC

    I wish they sold these stateside. It would save me hundreds of dollars a month commuting.

  • Usman

    Where can I buy this in islamabad