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The Caterham Seven 165 has been officially unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show, revealing the classic British brand’s newest sports car.

Intended to be an uncomplicated, easy to run and exciting entry point into the marque, the Caterham Seven 165 is powered by a Suzuki-built turbocharged 660cc three-cylinder engine.

Producing 59kW and 107Nm, and teamed with a Suzuki five-speed manual transmission, the powerplant is smallest and most efficient unit ever installed in a Seven.

Caterham Seven 165 - 1

Unveiled at Frankfurt by Caterham Cars CEO Graham Macdonald and Suzuki executive vice president Toshihiro Suzuki, the Caterham Seven 165 is to be sold across mainland Europe and Japan at a price of 25,000 euro ($36,600) including local taxes.

The model will also be joined by a cheaper variant in the UK, dubbed the Seven 160, promising to start at less than £17,000 ($29,300).

Combing a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout with turbocharger characteristics and super skinny tyres, the Seven 165 is sure to be an entertaining package for those on a budget.

Production is planned to start in January 2014, with first deliveries to follow in March.

Caterham Seven 165 - 2

  • $29896495

    Budget? It’s expensive for what it is.

    • lk-90

      For a race car ?

      It won’t be sold here, btw (not ADR compliant).

      • $29896495

        Sure expensive in pounds, puts it against hot hatches.

        • lk-90

          See that space frame ? Hand built.

          Not a warmed over fwd hatchback assembled by robots and farm labourers in the third world !

          • Roadtard

            86/BRZ money. That’s a RWD coupe built in a high-tech, first world factory.

          • $29896495

            That thing has been around for over 50 years. You can throw them together as a kit car, which is what they designed for by lotus. You know Lotus super 7. If you like it fine, if you live in England buy one. That’s your choice but learn some history.

          • Westie

            I own a Westfield (similar but cheaper), my better half has an 86. After the Westfield, the 86 feels quiet, comfortable and compromised. Nothing can compare with a clubman for four wheeled fun, nor for being impractical!

          • $29896495

            Closest thing to a motor bike with for wheels some one wrote once.

          • Ivn

            Well, that someone might have written that before quad-bike existed…

          • $29896495

            Quad bikes don’t count – they aren’t a bike and don’t perform

  • Golfschwein

    Nice. A bit of emerald green, steel wheeled purity never goes astray. I’d fancy a steer.