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The all-new 2014 Nissan X-Trail will feature crossover-inspired styling, innovative chassis and cabin technologies and the option of third-row seating when it goes on sale globally from July next year.

Taking design cues from Nissan’s Juke, Dualis and Murano crossovers, the third-generation X-Trail trades the boxy styling of its predecessors for a softer, more rounded appearance.

Gone are the squared-off headlights, slab-sided door panels and pillar-mounted tail-lights and in their place come angular headlamps with LED daytime running lights integrated into a sleek version of the traditional three-piece grille, flowing profile lines and horizontally aligned tail-lamps spanning the rear quarter panels and tailgate.


The cabin also benefits from a complete makeover that looks decidedly more premium, featuring a stylish new steering wheel, instrument cluster, dashboard and centre console layout. Brushed metals, leather upholstery, and soft-touch and piano black plastics lift the perception of quality considerably over the outgoing model’s utilitarian interior.

Available as a seven-seater for the first time, the new Nissan X-Trail will effectively take the place of the Dualis+2, which will not be part of the next-generation Dualis range that is also due for release in 2014.

Nissan says it has improved the X-Trail’s practicality by incorporating rear doors that open out to almost 80 degrees and developing a new split-level cargo area that allows large items to be stored low down and lighter items placed on a shelf above.


The 2014 X-Trail will debut the new ‘NissanConnect’ infotainment system, which will feature a seven-inch touchscreen with Google navigation and a library of applications covering music, social networking, travel and other functions.

Two-wheel drive models will again be offered alongside the more capable four-wheel-drive variants that adopt Nissan’s ‘All Mode 4x4i’ system.

Nissan claims two world-firsts with the new X-Trail: Active Ride Control, which monitors the road surface to detect undulations that could upset the pitch of the body and alters the damping to compensate; and Active Engine Braking, which harnesses the power of the ‘Xtronic’ automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) to add engine braking while cornering or when decelerating to come to a stop – promising greater braking control and enhanced feel with less pedal effort.

Active Trace Control, currently found in the Infiniti M, uses sensors to monitor speed, steering angle, throttle opening and braking effort to brake wheels individually to reduce understeer.


Nissan is yet to reveal details of the new X-Trail’s engine line-up at this stage, however promises the new model will “lead its class in terms of engine efficiency” thanks to the implementation of downsized petrol and diesel powerplants.

The new X-Trail will be sold in 190 countries around the world. An Americanised version of the new model – dubbed the Nissan Rogue – debuted alongside the X-Trail at today’s Frankfurt motor show.

Full specifications will be revealed closer to the launch of the new X-Trail in 2014.

  • tony

    What a shame.. they killed the only compact suv I would have considered. Despite its new tech its now just another suv in a massivly overpopulated market.

    • joe

      why dont you go and buy one before they are gone instead of whining about it going?

    • JTambs

      That is one of my dream car, due to my financial. I will look for its detail, price in Indonesia

  • Raven

    MUCH BETTER! Both inside and out! That’s a massive improvement!

  • jack001

    this is nice looking SUV, but this should not be the new X-trial!

  • Bob222

    Its interesting to see motoring marketing people have forgotten this thing called “product differentiation”. That the X-trail was boxy and rugged was its one appealing feature. They think that being more like everyone else is somehow a good marketing strategy?!? I now see what Bangle meant when he said that there isn’t a lot of real innovation in the motoring industry anymore.

    • Martin

      I was just thinking that (hello useless marketing degree..) it now just looks like another anonymous SUV. The styling is pretty generic and the tail lights look like second generation RX. I had one recently as a rental in Middlemount (dubbed the Sextrail) and I quite liked its rugged appeal.

    • antman70

      Exactly, time for a Dacia Duster! Or maybe Suzuki might fill the void for a small 4wd that you might actually take into the bush?

    • NarpasSword

      It might have looked ‘rugged’ but, truth be told, were any X-Trails ever taken off-road?

      • ex-xtrailer

        Mine was! I took mine everywhere in Western Australia. But this one looks a bit… softer

    • Ted

      It was also being left behind and becoming a sales flop. It was dated and extremely ugly. People don’t want to drive “rugged boxes”. Most of you guys would never buy a brand new car let alone an X-Trail so your opinions are useless.

      This new X-Trail is quite attractive and Nissan have woken up in how to style a car properly both inside and out with this new model.

      I predict if the pricing is right it will become a sales hit.

      I mean seriously you guys thought the wacky tacky in the centre of the series 1 X-trails was good design? Where dagatrons would place a box of tissues in front of them whilst driving? Give me a break. You guys wouldn’t recognise great design if it came up and whacked on the nose.

  • peddy.d

    Lexus RX330 from the rear anyone?

  • rocky

    Looks heaps better. Unlike a refrigerator now. I understand the thinking behind consolidating xtrail (previous was just a 5 seater with a massive boot) and the dualis+2 (smaller but with 7 seats and a smaller engine) into 1 good product, and then leaving the dualis 5 seater as a smaller product. I wonder what engine options this would have, and how it would compete in price given so much competition in this class.
    I do agree though, xtrail fanatics would probably be reluctant on the styling changes.


    I am not touching anything with a belt/chain CVT as i this thing. Planetary gear CVTs (as in the Toyota hybrids) are entirely different and a lot more durable.

    • LowRezFez

      My beef too, I give a wide berth to CVTs and DSGs. Toyota’s planetary boxes on their Hybrids and torque converter autos are the only autos will will buy.

    • ET

      Me either. As a current model xtrail owner I don’t mind the new look, and I also like the current boxy body too. But I wouldn’t touch another CVT vehicle from Nissan due to their CVT gearbox reliability. Hope Toyota will release a hydrid Rav4 soon.

  • 42 = The Answer

    One would think that this may cannibalise sales of the upcoming Pathfinder?

    • MK

      Good. Can’t believe the RRP on the new one is going to be north of 70k

      • Rick

        I thought they stuffed the pathfinder up and have made it a competitor for the ford territory etc

        • 42 = The Answer

          That’s the impression I got and I thought the Murano was their premium SUV?!

      • geoff

        hey MK maybe you should research, it starts from 39,990 and heads up over 60 for the top spec.. just like any Kluger does. its actually a significant price decrease over the old one.

  • supercujo

    Does it come with a Nismo watch?

  • $29896495

    Looks nicer, Dash and interior are nice, more up market that just about all other Nissan products.

  • Bill Murray

    If this is the same or even similar size to the current X-Trail the 2 extra seats in the back are going to be useless. The Mitsubishi Challenger is far bigger than the current X-Trail and even its extra seats aren’t usable…

  • F1orce

    They finally made it look remotely ‘nice’

    The outgoing model is incredibley ugly looking, both inside & out.

  • F1orce

    I like the interior. Nice two tone contrasts. Something we don’t get here, just black on black everywhere..

  • klowik

    I reckon this is the best looking SUV in the market plus it can go off-road unlike others in the market ( except Subaru Forrester but it looks ugly!!). It looks better than Mazda CX5, Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4. It’s definitely the best looking Vehicle from the Nissan brand.

  • Haydn

    the back of it looks like the old lexus rx

  • Jim

    Nexus RXtrail?

  • Andy

    What’s the difference between this and the Dualis now? I thought X-trail was more rugged off road SUV and the Dualis the city SUV.

  • Klon

    Dear Nissan,
    Welcome to the world of lookalike SUVs, the world of Kia Sportage/Sorento/Toyota Rav4/Hyundai/WhateverComesNextSUV clones. Will I find you there..?.. Don’t think so, it is kinda crowded in that world. I much admired the boxy shape and the boot capable of swallowing a fridge, high and flat roof. The new “improved” version with all the curves will have many choosing by price instead, so, the cheapest sleek-lookalike with the biggest “entertainment screen” will win. Is that what your plan was?
    Yours truly…

  • saabcock

    stolen saab design… atleast tried to

  • Barry

    The Pathfinder is at least a class bigger yet it’s rear seats are only fit for amputated midgets. I don’t hold much hope for a 7 seat XTrail. Get real Nissan!

    • Mark Barnier

      The new Pathfinder is also going to be just like this, just slightly bigger. Unlike the current Navara based model it wont be a dual range 4×4 on a full chassis. Is should have better interior space, but makes me wonder why nissan is botheringwith a 7 seat Xtrail.

  • Terry

    how disappointing. the rear looks like lexus. doesn’t look anything like xtrail.

  • Jezza

    Thankfuly looks better and hopefully the dynamics are improved. Had the displeasure of driving an X-trail for a couple of months and unlike most cars could never get used to it. The thing drove like a boat, not to mention feeling embarrassed every time i walked up to it…ugly, and the interior wasn’t much better.

  • Barry Marling

    Looks to much like a qashqui to me.

  • nik

    This car cannot be called x-trail! I was planing to buy x-trail just for the reason that this compact suv looks different and drive different. Now is just an ordinary suv with “city” face. So disappointed!!

  • light487

    When are these set to go on sale in Australia, these new updates to the X-Trail have now changed my mind on the X-Trail and I want one.. but only these 2014 editions..

  • David

    I think this is a vast improvement. The Outlander and Rav 4 have stuffed up the styling. If you want an ugly box with wind noise buy a Yeti. I think the midget seats are a waste of time so would opt for a 4×4 Qashqui/Dualis if it has enough clearance- otherwise CX5. Back does look Rxish and side a bit Ford whatever it is called!

  • Steve

    I currently own a 2012 model….which I can comfortably sleep in ova-nite (the rear will fit a king single air mattress). This was one of the main reasons I bought the x-trail along with its ability to store more camping gear in the ‘boxy’ cargo area. Nissan has lost me on the new model…it is like all the other suv’s and no way would it store ‘me’ or as much gear in the cargo area.

  • David

    Looks great . But is it an XTrail or a Dualis? I would have liked another XTrail with removable ( are they even legal anymore ? ) XTra seats . I like the XTra room in the box design . Farewell .

  • Ed

    so I put some tissues there… it was bloody convenient! lol – love the styling. Awesome. I use them as work vehicles cause they are excellent on and off the road. Looking good to boot is an added bonus.

  • John Ernst

    Closely guarded secret is the towing capacity anyone found it yet?