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by Jez Spinks

The new-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI will get a price hike but gain extra equipment, according to leaked information obtained by CarAdvice.

VW’s hot-hatch has made a name for itself since the 1970s for delivering affordable performance, though the seventh-generation version that launches on 1st October will be less attainable.

The latest VW Golf GTI is set to cost $47,900 drive-away for a six-speed manual version or $50,700 drive-away for a GTI with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch auto.


With a starting RRP of $40,490 for the previous five-door VW Golf GTI and drive-away pricing to be factored in, it suggests the GTI Mark VII could be priced from $42,990 or higher.

VW Australia, however, has added more equipment, the most notable of which is adaptive dampers that were previously a $1500 option for owners who wanted the option to switch between a softer and firmer ride.

The new GTI will also sit on 18-inch alloy wheels rather than 17s, adds satellite navigation, and features parking sensors with optical guide and rear view camera are now standard rather than costly extras. Bluetooth connectivity is also properly integrated rather than a being a dealer accessory.


Options shrink to just five items: metallic paint, bi-xenon headlights, Vienna leather uphostery, panoramic electric sunroof, and a Drive Assistance package that includes adaptive cruise control, semi-automatic parking system and low-speed automatic braking.

Other standard items of note include Sports suspension 15mm lower than regular Golfs, driver fatigue monitoring, rain-sensing wipers, leather multi-function steering wheel.

Six colours are available for the new Golf GTI. No-cost colours are red and white, while optional metallics include ‘carbon steel’, ‘reflex silver’, ‘night blue’ and ‘deep black’.


The VW Golf GTI will be available in two power outputs for the first time. A ‘standard’ version launches on 1st October with a 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder producing 162kW of power and 350Nm of torque.

Following a bit later is a Performance Pack that boosts power to 169kW, broadens the engine’s torque plateau, and quickens the GTI’s 0-100km/h acceleration run from 6.5 to 6.4 seconds. Top speed also increases by 4km/h to a nicely round 250km/h.

The GTI has been the best-selling variant of the Golf in recent years, typically accounting for about a quarter of the hatch’s sales in Australia.

  • Zaccy16

    When i was in the market for a golf wagon in 2011 i was priced $3000 for the RNS510 satnav system that was in the MK6 golf GTI so the MK7 seems better value

    • amlohac

      Hmmm no. The Sat-Nav option before was just a blatant rip off.

  • LexL

    Hmm. It seems a lot more expensive than before, even with the additional standard equipment. By the time that you add on the bi-xenon headlights and the leather upholstery to a DSG-equipped GTI, you’ll be quite close to an almost identically-specified Mercedes A250 Sport, which is quoted as $54,512.83 drive-away on Mercedes’ website.

    Either Volkswagen is asking a lot for the GTI or Mercedes is offering a very good deal.

    I was quite keen on the new Golf R when it comes out but now seeing the price of the new GTI, the new Golf R will probably be $60,000 or so. It would seem to be a little too much for a Volkswagen.

    Thoughts anyone?

    • Barry the GTI guy

      For the money, I’ll take the Merc, thanks. IMHO VW are making a mistake by pricing this car so close to the A250 Sport. The Merc is priced as a bargain; the VW as something a pretender. Bad idea, especially when the market trend seems to be pricing newer models slightly cheaper.

      • Noel

        Agree too, VW have started drinking their own (Australian) Kool-Aid and believe they are a prestige brand that can compete with the likes of MB and BMW. Competing with these two brands should be left up to Audi like Toyota does with Lexus.

      • amlohac

        I think its more of a worry that its priced too close to its cousin the A3.

    • JooberJCW

      Agree then its closely approaching s3 pricing territory which doesnt make sense.

  • Matt

    Ha ha ha ha!


    • Farken VW

      LOL, Double No
      At least you can get these things airborne easily as my wife and I discovered during a recent evening walk and a hoon came round the corner in one, nearly losing it and ending up in a wall. One less Veedud around is always a good thing.

      • barry

        No doubt.Its not just the German bogans that hero worship this car.Our bogans are lining up to get behind the wheel of a gti rolf.

  • chir0nex

    By a few thousand extra you mean $6000 extra?

    Sure, so you get a few extras but that’s exactly what VW want you to think and want journos to report.

    Perceived value does not equal to real value.
    They throw in more gear because every year they reevaluate and the price and perceived value of that gear goes down, so they obviously have to throw more in… usually at no increase in price.

    But the best time to increase price is to offset it by a major change or minor change.

    Just another case of VW trying to raise the price for more profit. They’re not out to give us a better deal.

    Support Mercedes and their A-Class. That is bucking the trend and is much better value than a Golf!

  • Tom C

    $10,000 more then a Ford Focus ST which is quicker and offers all these accessories and more stock. I know people will but I would really find it hard to justify this decision when there are so many other packages which are arguably better for less.

    • Phil

      Focus ST is $37,900 driveaway? Rubbish!

      • Tom C

        “The latest VW Golf GTI is set to cost $47,900 drive-away for a six-speed manual version”

        Need I help you with your mathematics?

        • Richard

          How much is the driveaway price of a focus ST? $42400

        • Phil

          My maths are just fine thankyou.

          Here, I’ll help you with your comprehension: $47,900 drive-away is not $10,000 more than a Focus ST.

          • Tom C

            As read below Jas and I both picked up Focus ST for S37990 Drive away.

      • JooberJCW

        Yes it is close to there. Check out carsales if you dont believe

      • Popper

        You’re wrong, buddy. That’s the price all right. Even less than that is achievable.

      • Jas

        I bought my Focus ST for $37990 drive away only six weeks ago … so it’s absolutely not rubbish

        • Tom C

          I bought my Red Focus ST for the same from Elsternwick Ford.

        • Phil

          Congratulations on your negotiation skills. What was the list price?

      • Tom

        Bzzzz wrong!!! $36,990 drive away for a brand new 2013 Focus ST in just about every state on carsales. Have a look and stop being such a twit.

        Also unlike VW Australia stuck up dealership salespeople who rent in 1 bedders in Bondi and think they are selling Ferraris, Ford dealers will negotiate if you know how too. I know of 3 people who have picked up their ST’s in NSW for $35,500 drive away. No options needed because they come fully equipped with every option under the sun except for sunroof.

        VW can’t touch Ford for value. Especially when you considers both the Focus ST and Golf GTI are built in the same country Germany!

        • AC

          Is the Focus ST built in Germany? I went to buy a diesel Focus a few months ago to find out the new ones were built in Thailand.

          • $29896495

            Made in Germany. Only lower models from Asia

          • amlohac

            For once, you’re correct.

        • Nubreed

          Are you bale to provide details of where they purchased the cars from? I am in the market for a new car, and that price fits my budget.

  • bob

    I’m confused as to where people are getting these numbers from in the comments. The MK6 GTI in 5-door form with a manual transmission had a RRP or $40,490 + on roads. So that takes it to around what, $45k?

    For the extra $3k the MK7 roughly costs you are now getting:
    -Sat Nav
    -Rear view camera

    All of these were options on the older model, and ran upwards of ~$8k. I know as I had one with these options.

    Why are people complaining about a $3k price hike?

    • Tom C

      If these are left as options it leaves those who are uninterested in ugly wheels that are to big, dampers and cameras a more affordable performance car. Isn’t that what the hot hatch is about?

    • pinkie ponk

      as time moves on, more and more extras are expected to be included as standard. people are comparing it to rivals and fairly stating that if this is the new price, then there are possibly better value propositions out there, ie Mercedes A250.

    • mketu

      I don’t want any of the options bob, so why should I pay $3K extra for it?

      As Tom C already pointed out, a hot hatch is not about luxury inclusions, it’s supposed to be about cheap(ish) all around performance.

      I mean a rear view camera on a hot hatch? That really is a joke.

  • Jim

    Think about the second hand german car’s you can buy with that sort of cash

    • Tom C

      Think about the other brand new German cars you can get for that money.

      • AC

        Think about the brand new Insignia you can now get for almost $20k less than what they were selling for six months ago.

  • Sean

    I hope the performance pack comes with the trick diff here. And what about the Dynaudio option?

    • MK

      Pretty sure Dynaudio was cut from all VW’s as an option.

    • Tom

      The performance pack comes with the trick diff in every market around the world. Extra power, E-Diff and slightly larger front rotors with GTI embossed on them.

      The good thing is its a proper locking diff and not one that uses brake modulations like on the standard car to get it to hook up. It senses slip in the wheels and then via electronics activating a hydraulic pump engages the diff to lock or send power to the wheel that is not slipping. Reviewers overseas have commented that it has transformed the way the car pulls out of corners now without slowing your momentum.

      Heaps of technical vids online showing how it works.

  • Sa

    Why would you buy this when you can get a250 for about the same price

    • Jakewilliam5

      Oh I would, for the simple reason that this is a manual! No manuals on the A-class (to me; and I know it is only me who thinks it) is a crime.

    • Richard

      A250 is 54K on road

  • Barry the GTI guy

    And to think the outgoing Golf R started at $50k. Why buy the GTI when for the same money, you can get either the R or the fancier Merc A250? Merc are giving us a bargain, VW are trying to rip us a new one.

    • Richard

      The R was 50K + orc costs. The prices quoted in the article suggest the GTI starts at 43/44K + ORC. Significantly cheaper than a R (old) or a A250

  • $29896495

    Not worth it. It’s a cash grab. Surprising considering what they’ve put people through.

  • boy

    for all the debate on price, check out European and UK prices. I believe the Golf GTI in Australia always has and will be somewhat of a bargain. For example the 3 door starts at 25,845.00 driveaway in the UK before you touch the options list, which is roughly 44k AUS, add the options seen on the Australian Car and the 3 door in the UK is tipping 55k AUS

    • Exar Kun

      Yep. An M135i in the UK is only 30k GBP so they’re much closer over there than here.

    • $29896495

      That’s a pointless comparison. Unless you are comparing the glf to every other car that sells at that price around it. It’s not what the dollar converts to, it is where it sits in the market. Which is mid twenties. You and others may not like this but this is the real comparison. See what cars sel next to it and just below and just above in say UK, Germany, France and the US. Then you take that model and look at the cars we have here and how they sit on our market. Then judge it. (Having done that I see it as obscenely over priced)

      • flypejock


        • $29896495

          It’s what’s known as commonsense. You should try it sometime, you might like it.

      • amlohac


  • O123

    Still no Bi-xenons, lame, Why wouldnt you just get the A250

    • Richard

      No manual A250 and the fact the A250 is 54K+ On road.

    • Eddy

      Exactly, and get panoramic sunroof with electric blinds as well included as well.

  • tonyW

    I know this is an article about price, but I look at that interior photo of the dash and just marvel about how good it looks compared with the offerings with the 1 series, A3 and A Class. No ugly circular vents or fold up screens, just simplicity in design.

  • Mick

    No doubt this is a great car (VW quality issues aside), just priced $5k too high in our market.
    I’d say the price will be cut when they realise this.


    william wallace called, and he wants his kilt back…

  • Stevie S

    I love how people are so predetermined by price, without seeing, or even driving the car. When it comes to refinement, the MK7 is impeccable, one of, if not, the nicest car I have ever driven, and that is comparing it to various other new vehicles (BMW 135i, Ford Focus ST, Mercedes A250 etc etc) I have had the pleasure of driving. Before you ask, no I dont work for Volkswagen, but it is seriously that good, in fact, I walked away from my drive of the 90tsi comfortline wondering how good the GTI is going to be if this car left a gigantic smile on my face. Its so easy to be a keyboard warrior and dismiss a car based on price, but until you touch it, feel it, and drive it, you ultimately have no understanding of what you are paying for.

    Also, to the guy who stated that they get airborne, you have to be going extremely fast to manage that, and he cant of been a very good driver at all, as the Golf is one of the most predictable cars to drive on the limit.

  • Neil_Way

    Price is a bit on the high side, even with the supposedly better equipment levels. Still unlike Ford, VW aren’t attempting to steal more market share – they’re already the leader. A somewhat arrogant attitude to have, but this can be seen across a variety of segments.

    Be interested to see the reaction to Mazda’s supposed price hikes for the 3.

    • Tom

      Actually in australia they lead no market share in any category. The numbers speak for themselves. Their supply is limited that is why they always have a waiting list on cars like this, not that they sell in any big numbers. Not in australia anyway.

      Just the Mazda 3 alone outsells the entire VW range combined in Australia.

      • MK

        Wasting your time. Neil_Way is the new face of VW on CA.

      • fi

        Your Mazda3 claims are wrong. Mazda 3 sold 4100 last month – and that was a bumper month for them – they usually sell about 3000 but VW range sold 4500. Last year, VW sold 54,000 cars here and Mazda sold 44,000 Mazda3s.

  • TG

    Flap off VW, you arrogant pigs.

    • Golfschwein

      Their presence in the market must be irking you terribly.

      • DAVID.ZYK

        hows the recalls and dsg going these days, managed to get themselves off the bottom of owner satisfaction surveys yet?


    I think VAG are making a mistake trying to have this rival the A250 Sport.

    Everyday folks looking for a cheap and cheerful hot hatch will opt for the Focus ST while those with 50k to spare will go for the more exclusive and upmarket A250.

    The GTI could of made MB look like rip off merchants if they kept the prices similar to the mk6 but instead it could be the other way around..

  • Andrew

    How is the A250 a better car than the GTI? Brand snobbery aside, the GTI would be cheaper to service & repair I would have thought. It’s also slightly roomier, has active dampers for a smoother ride on bad surfaces, & a media screen which is better positioned & less subject to glare……

    • jsd

      For many people I think the Golf Gti badge will have more cred than the Benz A class.

      When I think Golf Gti, I think well regarded hot hatch. When I think A class, I think of the original awkwardly styled, top heavy model from the late 90s that failed the Swedish Elk test.

      That said, I don’t agree with this pricing, it seems greedy and if I were in the market, I’d rule the GTi out at that price.

      • $29896495

        I think the same thing about the GTI, once it was a fun 3 door hatch. Only marginally more expensive than its brothers. Now its a fat 4 door which is way over priced for what it is, and it’s potential longevity. VW definately doesn’t have the cache of Merc

  • Jimbo

    BMW 125i $52,000 driveaway, rear wheel drive, better interior, better resale, same kw, and its BMW not VW.

    Look for a revision of this pricing structure within 6 months.

    • elephino

      Better interior? No.

    • Frosty

      You must be joking not even made by BMW last one I owned resale shocking reliability was discraceful

  • KaniSS

    40K FOR THAT?? You fanboi’s are being ripped off hard.


    I think the tartan seats have been done to death

  • Guest

    Will the gti come with the larger 8″ media screen for Aus like in the picture above or the same 5.8″ as the rest of the range?

  • Tom

    18″ wheels in Europe are now standard on the GTI. Is VW Australia telling us porkies by trying to make out they are giving us an upgrade at no cost?

    Also metallic paint & bi-xenon headlights should also be standard here in Australia considering their extraordinary price hike. The other 3 option I can do without so have no problem if they want us to pay more for them.

    It’s still a big rip. If they kept the price to $40K with the added options they have included plus the 2 I mentioned then the price would have been just OK. But at $50K? Might as well spend the extra $10K and get the new Audi S3.

  • Tone

    You’d like to think for that kind of coin, it’d come with a free crack pipe. You’d have to be on crack to buy a Mk7 GTI when it’s basically the same price as the A250 Sport. If it was priced at Focus ST money, then yeah … maybe. VW needs to get their hand off it.

  • GTI

    i’ve just got off the phone with my local VW dealer, they said the GTI will be about 40k driveaway not 47k as mentioned here!

  • Matt

    I would never touch a VW… it’s just too risky. Some of their designs are okay but the reliability factor or lack there of seriously scares me off. Add to that their poor customer service and it’s pretty clear they don’t want customers.

  • bryan

    Just got told by dealer – the current GTI Mk6 when brand new was 48K drive away (with DSG). He said there is no way VW will increase it by two grand. At the most will only be a 1K increase. Normal golf pricing is the same as for Mk6 even though has a lot more standard equipment. Same thing for GTI. more equipment but the same price. And confirmed there is only 4 options. First shipment is on the way and expect to collect cars early oct. launch is on 1st oct when everyone (dealers inc.) know the true pricing. Wait time after first shipment is one year! Get in guys!

  • Brayden Cresswell

    $47,900 for one of the most boring run of the mill styled cars on the road no thanks vw.

  • Gti

    There’s no price hike as reported here, it going to be about 40k drive away when it arrives

  • Rogue

    $48-50k starting price this should Be coming with leather & doing under 6sec 0-100, as everyone is saying why would you buy this over a 250 merc, all those options they ripped everyone off for years, should be standard now instead they up the price & make it look like your getting more for your money, they used to charge 3k for the sat nav now it’s standard in the cheapest cars

    Look forward to HONDA re-entering the market with the type-r nothing beats a good Honda

  • JB

    Leaked misinformation that will lead to a pleasant surprise instead of disappointment when GTI pricing is announced in October.

    There is no way VWA is going to price this car $10k above the competition and $6k below a competitor from Mercedes-Benz.

    As someone else said, it’ll be around $40k for the five-door plus ORC.

  • Gustav

    This is sad indeed. All the extra $$ going into kit that I don’t even want, like 18″ wheels (lower ride quality), parking sensors (for people who can’t drive) and satnav……seriously, all this crap should be on the xtras list for people who actually want it.
    I was looking forward to upgrading my 4year old 118tsi, but the closest thing to a direct replacement has 15kw less and no manual option and this thing is going to be $15900 more to drive away($47,900 drive-away for the GTI – $32 000 drive away for my 118).
    SS commodore here I come :)

  • max

    They are making a huge mistake… nobody will pay 50k for GTI.

  • Oggy

    MB A250 over it any day.

  • Steven

    Lol over 50k ? No thanx. Other brands offer better deals.

  • Denzo

    Wow some of the comments here are really just people having a crack, aren’t they?

    “I have a VW Golf 118 TSI and i am not spending This-many-$$ extra on a GTI..”

    C’mon mate – rev heads dont buy 118s.. get YOUR hand off it! As for A class being on another level.. last time I checked its the GTI cars were trying to be like.

    Not some bottom of the range poverty pack A class.