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August 2013 Australian New Car Sales Figures

1 Toyota 17,758
2 Holden 10,606
3 Mazda 9,825
4 Hyundai 7,808
5 Ford 6,222
6 Mitsubishi 5,626
7 Nissan 4,765
8 Volkswagen 4,505
9 Honda 3,304
10 Subaru 2,881
11 Mercedes-Benz 2,715
12 Kia 2,531
13 Jeep 2,045
14 BMW 1,655
15 Suzuki 1,498
16 Audi 1,301
17 Isuzu 705
18 Land Rover 589
19 Lexus 577
20 Renault 534
21 Fiat 489
22 Great Wall 378
23 Alfa Romeo 371
24 Volvo 370
25 Peugeot 349
26 Skoda 324
27 Chrysler 248
28 MINI 218
29 Porsche 175
30 Ssangyong 153
31 Dodge 146
32 Opel 115
33 Fiat Professional 102
34 Citroen 101
35 Jaguar 95
36 Chery 73
37 Infiniti 37
38 Proton 36
39 Bentley 11
40 Aston Martin 10
41 Maserati 8
42 Lotus 5
43 Smart 5
44 Lamborghini 4
45 Ferrari 3
46 Rolls-Royce 3
47 Morgan 1
48 Caterham 0
49 McLaren 0
50 Saab 0

(units sold – market share)

Light Car Segment Winners :

  1. Mazda2 (1,380 – 14.4%)
  2. Toyota Yaris (1,040 – 10.9%)
  3. Hyundai i20 (813 – 8.5%)

Small Car Segment Winners:

  1. Mazda3 (4,118 – 19.2%)
  2. Toyota Corolla (3,681 – 16.9%)
  3. Hyundai i30 (2,552 – 11.7%)

Medium Car Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Camry (2,281 – 45.2%)
  2. Mercedes-Benz C-Class (861 – 43.4% of medium car segment over 60k)
  3. Mazda6 (669 – 13.3%)

Large Car Segment Winners:

  1. Holden Commodore (2,809 – 66.7%)
  2. Toyota Aurion (655 – 15.6%)
  3. Ford Falcon (573 – 13.6%)

Upper Large Car Segment Winners:

  1. Chrysler 300 (235 – 74.6% of upper large under 100k)
  2. Holden Caprice (80 – 25.4% of upper large under 100k)
  3. Porsche Panamera (11 – 31.4% of upper large over 100k)

People Mover Segment Winners:

  1. Kia Carnival (239 – 33.6%)
  2. Hyundai iMAX (122 – 17.1%)
  3. Honda Odyssey (92 – 12.9%)

Sports Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota 86 (753 – 42.2%)
  2. Hyundai Veloster (307 – 17.2%)
  3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe (292 – 16.4%)

Supercars (200k+) Segment Winners:

  1. Porsche 911 (19 – 23.5%)
  2. BMW 6 Series (17 – 21%)
  3. Aston Martin Coupe | Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (10 – 12.3%)

SUV Small Segment Winners:

  1. Hyundai ix35 (1,692 – 29.4%)
  2. Nissan Dualis (1,026 – 17.8%)
  3. Subaru XV (862 – 15%)

SUV Medium Segment Winners:

  1. Mazda CX-5 (1,914 – 20.8%)
  2. Toyota RAV4 (1,780 – 19.3%)
  3. Subaru Forester (1,078 – 11.7%)

SUV Large Segment Winners:

  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee (1,319 – 14.9%)
  2. Holden Captiva 7 (1,255 – 14.1%)
  3. Toyota Prado (1,235 – 13.9%)

SUV Upper Large Segment Winners:

  1. Toyota Landcruiser Wagon (822 -87.4%)
  2. Nissan Patrol Wagon (119 – 12.6%)

Pickup 4×2 Segment Winners

  1. Toyota Hilux 4×2 (831 – 21.9%)
  2. Holden Utility (585 – 15.4%)
  3. Mitsubishi Triton 4×2 (506 – 13.3%)

Pickup 4×4 Segment Winners

  1. Toyota Hilux 4×4 (2,053 – 20.8%)
  2. Holden Colorado 4×4 (1,396 – 14.2%)
  3. Ford Ranger (1,369 – 13.9%)

  • A.A

    Mercedes-Benz is flying, wont be long till we see it in the top ten.
    Looks like the new Cherokee is working wonders for jeep ! It’s great to see the Toyota 86 sell 753 cars, those people obviously don’t mind the long wait..

    • Drizzle

      Mercedes had a really good month but looking at these numbers he counts all of their commericial vehicles so its not really a like for like comparison with their other competitors.

  • Zaccy16

    Very sad for the falcon, but great month for mazda, and also its good vw are deservedly gaining sales again

    • kdtuk

      It’s not sad for Falcon, it is well deserved. It doesn’t meet your needs, it doesn’t meet my needs, why should people bothering handing over their money for it? Ford knew people were either downsizing to smaller cars or wanting their large cars to be more practical yet Ford made the sedan bigger than ever and ditched the practical wagon version – the complete opposite of the market trends.

      Not sure that VW deserves more sales but it is mildly amusing that they sold so many this month after we had so many naysayers on here going on about how VW sales were gonna crash.

      • Dieseltorque

        Excellent response. Falcon is a superb car to drive however it no longer meets most people’s requirement. Sedans are not very practical and many SUV’s are a lot more economical with their Diesel engines.

    • Rocket

      Yes all us Falcon owners are going through the Kleenex tissues lately. Amazing such a good car is being punished so severely when it is such a good car to drive and own…………

      • Cam

        Tell that to the people who forked out their hard-earned money, only to be screwed over by patchy engineering integrity, apathetic dealers and diabolical depreciation.

        • Farken Stats

          Sounds familiar, GM and VW did the same thing to me, maybe Ford and GM are running out of customers to screw over, VWs turn will come, sad for Honda being beaten by VW, anyone who says VW are a better car, come to auction with me and watch what the dealers bargain for.

        • Rocket

          Why would I tell that to people if I am happy with my car? I spend 10 minutes at the dealer once a year when I get my car serviced so not sure what bad service or experience you talk about. The car sees to be engineered fine to me and the resale is comparable to most makes and models. In fact many older model Falcons are worth more now than when they were new unlike Jaguars and Mercedes Benz etc.

          If you don’t like Falcons go and buy whatever rocks your socks but you don’t know much about cars………

          • Daniel D

            Oh please Rocket. I’ve owned my fair share of Falcons and anyone who has, knows exactly what he is talking about.

          • Rick

            If you’ve owned your “fair share” ? I’m assuming you’ve owned more than one . If that’s the case why would you buy a second one after having a bad experience the first time ? It makes no sense

          • Daniel D

            It doesn’t have to make sense. Most people buy cars on emotional grounds and justify it later. I liked enough about the cars to put up with the faults they had.

            Many driving VW’s today are doing the exact same thing.

        • Rick

          Can’t I don’t know any REAL people with ACTUAL problems

        • PM

          Yes, that is the reason people no longer buy Fords, their poor quality and after sales service.
          Just noticed long time Ford dealer in Sydney Alto Ford have closed down, things are really crook when some long time loyal Ford dealers start closing down.
          To rub salt in the wounds Alto have now taken on the Holden franchise on the North Shore and building a new $6 million dollar showroom opposite Chatswood Toyota.

      • Zaccy16

        i agree, why would anyone in their right mind by the understeering horrible to drive aurion over the sweet handling falcon?

        • Rocket

          I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people do not care about how a car drives but just want the cheapest, boring, uninspiring transport that they can buy. I would fall asleep at the wheel of some of the cars in the current top 10.

          • Zaccy16

            I agree rocket, out of the top 10 i can see 3 cars that drive well and are fun to drive, the mazda 3, mazda cx5 and the new VF commodore!

          • Sumpguard

            -21 Zaccy? (at last count)
            That’s some sort of record.

  • Kriston

    Toyota could easily make the Aurion a very desirable car. It has a very nice engine/drivetrain and refinement.

    Just let down by a bland exterior and interior.

    My company has the 2013 Aurion and every time I get to drive one they go so well and the engine is excellent.

    Even the driving dynamics aren’t too bad for a big and powerful FWD car.

    Put the Aurion drive train into the Kia Optima or Hyundai i40/i45 and you have yourself an extremely nice car. But that’s life.

    • 56k

      The dynamics are bad in the Aurion. The gearbox also has issues if you’re into performance driving as the 2nd gear ratio is too tall and it overides manual shifting. The traction control is very intrusive and you can’t turn it off. The engine does run nicely but fuel economy isn’t brilliant, there’s no diesel, there’s no wagon and the resale values are poor. It also has shorter service intervals than other cars.

      Sheesh, Hyundai i45? You’ve got to be kidding. It has terrible handling – read some reviews. Putting a different engine in it won’t fix that, in fact the Aurion V6 is probably heavier than the 4 cylinder in the i45 so you’d make the handling even worse.

      • Zaccy16

        and the i45 already suffers from terrible understeer so with more power through the front wheels it can only get worse!

    • SE

      Although i’m no big fan of the Camry, I must say the V6 motor in the SE V6 Camry they use is simply a refined workhorse. It debuted in the 2005 Avalon which makes it 8yrs old. If you ignore peak HP, the 2GR is still the best V6 available. It achieves incredible real world MPG and the performance is effortless as its an extremely efficient design with ultra low low friction & ultra low reciprocating mass and is extremely efficient at every engine speed And also is one of the most reliable motors available today that doesn’t even consume an ounce of oil. Oil analysis prove this, check out bob the oil guy,

      • Rocket

        Hard to fault Toyota engines even though most of their cars are boring. Check out Eric the car guy on Youtube if you want some good information on car repairs if you get a chance.

  • Shak

    I’ve always wondered, where do HSV sales go? Are they counted in with Holden’s or as a separate manufacturer, because if people like Caterham and SAAB are still counted then HSV definitely should be.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      HSV don’t release their sales figures as part of VFACTs, like some Chinese manufacturers.

      • Shak

        Ok, good to know, thanks mate.

      • Rocket

        Maybe they are included in Holdens sales to HSV otherwise they are stolen goods.


    Its silly how Opel pulled the plug so soon, they are making more sales than long established Citroen, and triple that of Infiniti who entered the market at the same time…

    • Jacob

      yeah, Opel sold more than Infiniti and Proton put together, yet they are leaving?


      • $29896495

        That’s why I think something shifty was going on with GM and and it’s two brands. Any normal business would be very happy with the increase they were seeing in sales so soon.

    • Ben

      I was at an opel dealership recently and the amount of $$$ they have knocked off the cars is probably the main reason for the sales. In some cases the discount was 20k. Insignia OPC for less than $50k drive (ticket price)

  • Sammo

    Still amazed at how well Jeep are going, whatever strategy they have in place seems to be working!

    • Rocket

      Jeeps look like good value compared to Toyota in my opinion.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      It’s pretty simple, the Grand Cherokee represents excellent value for money even allowing for the diesel option, it makes the Prado look very ordinary value for your dough

      • Homer

        Jeep and Chrysler prices in Australia are reasonable (not a big mark up compared to US prices) and their cars are now very good unlike they were a decade ago. It’s the Germans who rip us off big time. Boycott them! Likewise the Koreans lately although to a lesser extent. Buy second hand (1 – 2 years old) ecoboosts as they represent a very good value much better value for money than those german snobs.

    • Tone

      Pricing, mainly.

    • Rick

      Build quality , refinement, drive , equipment, price . basically everything the prado doesn’t have


    Nissan Patrol Wagon (119 – 12.6%)

    How many of these are the older Y61 4-cyl diesel Patrols and the newer Y62 V8 petrol Patrols?

    • Rocket

      I saw one of the new ones the other day and wondered why would you spend so much on a shiny 4WD to take the kids to school? The old workhorse models make more sense to me.

      • MK

        Not to mention the fact that most people have the compulsion to throw up whenever they look at one of them. Easily the ugliest car on the road right now.

  • Glen

    Could we have a list of all the vehicles with more than 1,000 sales each month?

  • $29896495

    The MEDIUM size Mazda 3 is really rocking and rolling. Of course the mix up of Camry and Aurion really means they are large car winners. Can’t believe how well the 86 is selling.

    • Captain Nemo®™

      Huwtm if you are going to include the Camry/Aurion as one large car you might as-well include the Holden Ute aka Commodore Ute also. It’s basically the same car just with a different body shape.

      Camry/Aurion 2936
      Commodore/Ute 3394

      • keuy

        Different body shape gives Utes and sedans different segments.

        Identical body shape but different engine and minor cosmedic changes shouldn’t put the Aurion/Camry in different segments, I don’t understand why they are. A Commodore Evoke V6 vs Calais V8 have different engines and minor cosmedic changes & are as different as a Camry/Aurion so why not seperate them too?

        • Captain Nemo®™

          Oh i don’t know Keuy,

          It’s all a bit odd isn’t it? And then you have the ecoboost Falcon why isn’t that classed as a medium car like a Camry? how do Toyota get away with it but not Ford. But at the end of the day lets hope both sell enough Aussie made cars to keep them in Au.

      • $29896495

        As keuy states below, it’s not a sedan. They Camry/Aurion are essentially the same car with different engine options. So Holden still lose. In another country the Aurion would be called a Camry V6. Below is the Holden example here is the Ford, (old) Futura with a straight 6, Fairmont with a V8. essentially the same car, but with different trim levels and grills and details. But still 4 door Falcons. Just like the Toyota.

        Utes, pick up, tray tops etc don’t count.

  • Tone

    I’m not sure why Fiat Chrysler would report Fiat and Fiat Professional (i.e. Fiat vans) as two separate manufacturers. It just makes Fiat’s sales performance look worse. That said, congrats to Fiat for continuing its upward trajectory – they’re being rewarded for offering realistic pricing (and rightfully so).

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      This is the first month they have reported it as such

  • Doctor

    Chery has tanked – why wouldn’t you pick something else….

  • leigh

    I have an FG MK2 XR6 turbo ute and it is brilliant…..
    GM wont last much longer in Australia…….2800 sales of a new (ish) model isnt very good. Well the less they sell the less money they lose I guess!!

    • Rick

      I have to agree we’ve had 4 falcons ( fg xr6t ute currently ) and none have let us down . They are extremely underated in my opinion

    • Daniel D

      You went from mentioning a brand that is finished in 2016 and sacking thousands of workers (directly and indirectly) to wishing the same fate on thousands of other workers in a completely different company. All of these workers of course, being fellow Australians.

      Not satisfied with that happy outcome, you also compared the sales of Ford who are struggling to sell 500 sedans a month and has record low sales for Falcon to a company that sold five times as many sedans as the other brand you own. Because you own and like the Falcon and the other company only sells fives times more Commodores per month, you concluded Holden must be the one in trouble and hoped they were losing money.

      Good one.

      I think the Australian car industry could do without your support.

      • Dieseltorque

        I commented on the same thing, complimented him on his car choice and was deleted. Strange moderators on this site!

        • Golfschwein

          Looks like your comment automatically parked itself, Dieseltorque. Hint: your use of word meaning ‘opposite to Heaven’. It’s Disqus that won’t allow it, not moderators.

          • Dieseltorque

            Cheers. That would explain it.