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Another prototype of the as-yet-unconfirmed Lexus GS F has been spied, adding weight to the already rampant speculation that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing a high-performance BMW M5-rivalling super sedan.

The images, first published by Japan’s Best Car magazine, reveal the front and rear of the blue prototype almost completely free of camouflage. Tellingly, the only parts of the car that are disguised are the badges, and Lexus’ distinctive ‘F’ badge can clearly be made out beneath the black tape in the rear-end shot.

The new images come five weeks after a seemingly identical silver Lexus GS F prototype was spied in a garage in Germany.


Distinguishing the high-performance duo from the standard GS is a carbonfibre boot lid lip spoiler and a matching lower skirt with stacked quad exhaust outlets. The pair also wears the same multi-spoke grey alloy wheels.

The latest shots also reveal the GS F prototype’s front end, which sports assertive angular air intakes underpinned by carbon skirts, while aggressive vents behind the front wheels are expected to aid cooling and air flow.

The grey carbonfibre theme also appears to extend to the wing mirrors and exterior door handles.


Best Car also generated a rendering (above) from the spy shots, painting a seemingly accurate picture of what to expect from the highly anticipated luxury performance sedan.

The magazine also list a speculative 465PS (342kW) power figure for the GS F’s 5.0-litre V8, which would give it a healthy advantage over the current 311kW Lexus IS F sports sedan but leaving it some way behind the likes of the updated M5 (423kW), the new Audi RS6 (412kW) and the refreshed Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG (430kW).

A spokesman for Lexus Australia said he had no information on the prototype.

Reports have suggested the production version of the Lexus GS F could be unveiled as early as next year.


  • Chen Wu

    Ok team thank! One-another great spied shot of this attractable-styled car.

    High sights can gaze over the dazzle of their blue body paints. Furthermore, the fender has remarkable sculpting unseen to the high levels of intricacy on offered.

    I am just hoped that the tail lamp lensels will be updated to Altezza white lensels as per prestige of the Lexus RX. Such Lexus signature style give them semblance to distinctive individual styles. We all give our aware of how BMW has distinguished contours. I am agreeable with he who says Lexus will be at best to aim toward likemindedness level of distinctive designers influence. New grille intake is just the starts!

    Kind regard,
    Chen Wu

    • Hector

      sweet story bro

    • Chinglish I’m Like It

      Gotta love Mr Chen, seems like he would like to R.O.O.T. a Lexus. I love his work.

    • TG

      OMG, lol of lols.

  • F1orce

    I like the ISF better.

  • Mick

    Lexus need to work on the new ISF, not the GSF!

    • GAH!

      It’s a different bl00dy engineering team, most likely. Let the IS-F team work on that and the GS-F team work on that!

  • Henry Toussaint

    About time they put a V8 in it!

    • F1orce

      V8 isn’t new to the Lexus lineup.

      Most Lexus historically were V8s the first Lexus was a V8

      The ISF is also a muscle grade V8 and so on..

      • Henry Toussaint

        I know that, I’m just saying they should of put a V8 in it from the start.

  • StevieP

    In the looks department it’s a little too boy-racer with all that tacked on carbon fibre, not svelte like the German super sedans.

    • Kane Thomas

      It’s a sketch from a magazine based off a dodgey blurry photo of the rear, who says that is what it will actually look like!?

      • StevieP

        The carbon fibre is pretty easy to spot. And I assume the top two pics of the cars with covered badging are protoypes of the real deal, sorrrrrr… Looks pretty legit to me.

  • Vip

    A lot under powered againt it’s german rivals, I was hoping they use the Yamaha tuned LFA V10 minus two cylinders or r some sort of force induction to put it into the 400KW club.
    But it’ll a nice car nonetheless.

    • Ivn

      I agree. They need to introduce forced induction to compete with the likes of M5, RS6 and E63. Maybe use a supercharger to keep the power curve linear…

    • John

      If it were to use the 1LR V10 with a couple of cylinders lopped off (disregarding the poor balance and unsuited torque characteristics) that engine would only have about the same power as the existing 2UR V8, 330kw.

  • David

    With only 342kW this thing is more a rival to a 550i with sports pack.

  • Tom

    Unfortunately, I don’t give a rat’s rear about big HP sedans! Give me big HP coupes.