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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has received some subtle specification upgrades for the 2014 model year.

Mitsubishi Australia has cut its Evo range from three variants to two, discontinuing the ‘TC-SST’ six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission option from the entry-level Lancer Evolution.

The 2014 line-up now comprises the base model five-speed manual and the high-spec Evolution MR TC-SST. Pricing carries over unchanged at $56,990 and $65,990, respectively.


The 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution gains two Isofix child seat anchor points in the rear, as well as new interior trim patterns. Lightning Blue paint returns to the colour palette and rounds out the changes for the updated model.

As such, the 2014 Lancer Evo retains its predecessor’s turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, producing 217kW of power at 6500rpm and 366Nm of torque at 3500rpm.

Both transmission options send drive to all four wheels, while the active centre differential splits torque between the front and rear axles and operates in three modes: tarmac, gravel and snow.


The entry-level Evo is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, auto headlights and wipers, dual chrome exhaust outlets, keyless entry, heated part-leather Recaro sports seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearlever, aluminium pedals, and a four-speaker/two-tweeter audio system with 6.1-inch touchscreen, reversing camera display, USB input and Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming.

The optional $3000 Evolution Performance Pack adds two-piece Brembo front disc brakes, front and rear Bilstein shock absorbers, front and rear Eibach springs and 18-inch BBS forged alloy wheels.


For $9000 over the standard spec, the Lancer Evolution MR gains all the features of the Performance Pack, along with colour-coded bonnet and fender vents, chrome exterior details, adaptive HID headlamps, leather Recaro sports seats, chrome scuff plates, and a four-speaker/four-tweeter Rockford Fosgate audio system with a seven-inch touchscreen, satellite navigation, and subwoofer.

The Evo updates follow a similar 2014 model year upgrade for the standard Lancer, announced earlier this week.

  • Phil

    Time for an all new model. C’mon Mitsubishi, what are you trying to prove – that evolution really does take millions of years?

    • Dave W

      Hah!! That’s a good one. I agree, 5 speed manual has no place in 2013, let alone 2014, specially in a sports car.

      • hehe

        well – it’s still faster on the track than many cars of the same price range mated with a 6 speeder on the track.

        • Dave W

          Well, for those that do most of their driving on public roads, I bet the fuel saving provided by a 6 speed gearbox when driving on motorway will be most welcome.

          • hehe

            dude this is a purpose built car. It belongs to the track. You don’t ask for fuel consumption at the dealership when you’re buying this car (or the Rex STI etc).

          • kr

            Funny you say that. So looking at the 2014 update – child seat anchors and a new color palette? That’s what you want on the track? Well as your name implies…..hehe

          • hehe

            hah! bringing the kids to the tracks. why not? :)

          • Dave W

            Actually, it isn’t a purpose built track car.

            Purpose built track car would be something like the Caterham, Bac Mono, KTM Xbow, etc.

            The Evo, much like the WRX, is just a sports sedan. It used to be a homologated rally car but they’re not even in WRC anymore.

    • James T

      You know they are killing off the evolution after this generation right?

  • Dudeface

    Would you take this or a Merc A45 for 9K more? Just sayin’….

    • George Gallan

      I’d but A45 tomorrow if its a 6-speed manual.

  • George Gallan

    I agree that 5-speed is well past its use-by-date but really do hope 6-speed or even 7-speed manual continues. As an enthusiast driver I need a manual – semi-auto cars suck…they are boring…

    • hehe

      Formula 1 cars are semi autos and I’d rather have that over the crappy manual car i’m driving!!

      ah ok i get what you mean

      • George Gallan

        Don’t get me wrong mate, semi-autos have a purpose, and that purpose is to get the best possible laptime, it also improves the fuel consumption figures………but, and it is a big but, manual still offer best connection between the driver and a car. Listen, I recently ended up my relationship with a semi-auto supercar so I’d know a thing or two about how it really works.

        • neth

          There’s a test by Fifth gear doing lap times in a Cayman manual and then a Cayman PDK to see if the PDK was really quicker but they recorded faster times in the manual.
          The test is on youtube.

          Also I remember they tested the Evo SST and the gearbox wouldn’t respond to handbrake turns. It seems it selects neutral on its own when you put the handbrake on, but doesn’t put itself back in gear when you finish the turn and release the handbrake. They were left sitting there with the engine revving but going nowhere.

    • Seano

      You are all wrong, 5 speeds are heaps better to drive, 6 speeds are good on the track but for fun around town it’s 3, 4 or 5 speed. Duel clutch and auto didn’t kill self change, 6 speed did, they suck you never stop changing its a massive pain.

      • hehe

        That’s my view as well. Alot of people keep thinking the more gear there are, the better it is. Well, bad luck, the truth is that a well designed / pair 5 speed gear box is better than an ill – designed 6 speeder.

      • ,fj

        What on earth you on about? If you don’t like 6th gear in a manual, then don’t put it into 6th gear.

        • hehe

          2 words – gear ratio

  • JamesB

    Bad move to cut the SST from the standard car. At least they should have upgraded the manual to 6-speed.

    • Dave W

      They’re probably saving it for the next gen Lancer.

  • Tom

    It’s a shame you guys don’t understand why the 5 speed manual box was chosen over the 6 speed manual in the previous EVO IX.

    The 5 speed manual box is the motorsport gearbox used in all rally / tarmac events for EVO’s It’s much stronger and durable than the 6 speed box. The gears are thicker and stronger as there is more room in the gearbox housing.

    Plenty of guys who modify their EVO IX with big power eventually switch in the 5 speed box after they blow up the 6 speed unit.

    If you have ever driven an EVO X with a 5 speed manual against an EVO with the SST (which goes into limp mode after a few hard laps at the track) you would much rather prefer the manual. I’ve driven both back to back and I would take the manual 5 speed over the SST every single time.

    This car does not need a 6 speed, what it needed was a factory power increase to 260Kw and a price drop to under $50K and that would have boosted sales. At the moment you hardly see an EVO X on the road these days and I can understand why.

    Sure you can tune it to 300Kw no problems but you loose your 5 year warranty.

  • Trance Freaks

    The new shape is coming in 2014. Doesnt look like it will appear on the 2014 Evo. Looks like we may be waiting until 2015 for the new Evo shape.