A high-performance Hyundai i30 SR Turbo is under development in Germany and a company insider has revealed Hyundai Australia will be the first to put its hand up for the hot-hatch if it is given the green light for production.

CarAdvice understands the proposed i30 SR Turbo will employ the same turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine as the Veloster SR Turbo, producing 150kW of power and 265Nm of torque.

At that level, the Hyundai i30 SR Turbo would be a genuine rival for the Volkswagen Golf GTI, and would also give the brand an answer to the Pro_cee’d GT from sister company Kia, which will also sport the same 1.6-litre turbo engine when it goes on sale in Australia around December/January.

The new car is expected to be engineered for both right- and left-hand-drive and be built in the Czech Republic.

The news follows this week’s launch of the Hyundai i30 SR – the most powerful i30 hatch to date, with a naturally aspirated 2.0-litre petrol engine producing 129kW and 209Nm. The i30 SR is priced from $27,990.

  • bleh

    Pulsar sss rival yes, wouldn’t call it a golf gti rival…

    • Adrian

      Pulsar SSS is fugly trash.. And the Golf is boring been there, done that.

  • pro346

    Will cost almost as much as golf gti…but will have the same performance as cruze sri! Typical Hyundai now.

    • Nathan

      18kW more power. 35Nm more torque. Torque is delivered far earlier in the rev band AND it will weigh about 100kg less.
      Most certainly not the same performance as the SRi (and that’s coming from a bloke that owns one!).
      I would call it a GTi rival.
      And btw GTi’s are not as good as most people seem to think. The real “hot hatch” Golf is the R.

      • Nathan

        Just FYI the 2.0L SR has a higher power-to-weight and torque-to-weight than the SRi and no surprise it’s also got a faster 0-100 time.
        A turbo SR would be a quick little car.

        • pro346

          The veloster turbo isn’t really quick so the i30 won’t be any different.

          • Nathan

            You’re implying that the Golf GTi is quick…
            My 10 year old stock WRX has an official 0-100 time 2s faster than last years GTi. My SRi is less than 1s behind for almost half the price.
            The new one is also slower than a MPS and ST.
            The Golf GTi is the retirees warm-hot hatch.
            If you’re after performance you’d spend the extra 10k and get almost 50kW of extra power, AWD and the firmer suspension set-up of the R.

          • Jav

            What stock wrx has an official 0-100 time of 4.9 sec?

          • pro346

            If your into performance you wouldn’t buy a frontwheeldrive hatchback….

          • Rick


      • pro346

        Did you read the comparison in wheels…veloster turbo vs pulsar sss vs sri not a great deal of difference between them and not even close to a gti! Veloster turbo is really just the same as the i30 underneath isn’t it? And yes I’m not a gti fan but that seems to be the benchmark everyone uses. I’ve driven the 2.0 in the i40 and that’s Incredibly gutless.

        • Nathan

          Comparing those cars to a GTi is stupid, The GTi costs 10k more.
          Cars in that price range are the WRX, MPS and ST. And they’re ALL significantly better.
          No point in comparing apples with oranges.

          • pro346

            Your the one saying i30 will be a gti competitor not me!

    • Chad

      GM turbo products are nothing but rubbish ,thirsty and not very powerful.

  • Pauly

    Im confused by Car Advice’s comparion between Kia and Hyundai’s cars:

    Kia Pro Cee’d GT goes against the Hyundai Veloster Turbo (both are 3 door)
    Kia Cee’d GT goes against the Hyundai i30 Turbo (both are 5 door hatches)
    Kia Koup GT goes against the Hyundai Veloster Turbo (as its kinda a coupe too I guess)

    Dont forget that Kia has both 3 and 5 Door versions of the Cee’d GT. We are only going to be getting the 3 Door I think? or is it the 5 door?

    • Rick

      Hopefully the 5 door

  • F1orce

    It is starting to become a little repulsive with the same cars different shell hyundai does, enough of these overpriced toys we get here from hyundai.

    They’re getting greedy, give us the same cars USA gets at same or similar price.

    Toyota can sell the 86 for a good price, why can’t hyundai which is a much cheaper and more downmarket company do the same?

  • dsfsf

    the i30 SR is not a good move imo

    the Veloster Turbo already has the same engine and why would Hyundai want to cannibalize sales of the Veloster Turbo?

    Since the Veloster Turbo is already quite a successful established product. & the i30 is also an established product. i just do not see the point

    • Igomi Watabi

      For people who want a Hyundai (!), who want the performance, but who can’t keep their lunch down every time they see the repugnantly-styled Veloster?

      • Mark Rodriguez

        If you want ‘repugnant’ styling look no further than the Nissan Juke. Nothing beats it for the puke-factor in my books.

        • Adrian

          Look no further than any Japanese car if you want ‘repugnant’.

    • JooberJCW

      Good point, but then again , they have the i30 and accent which is too similar, and in the past the i40 and i45. i’m not sure what Hyundai’s product department strategy is with all this…

  • Sumpguard

    Every brand needs a couple of performance models that are not sky high in price. Hyundai and more so KIA need to shake off the “second rate” image they still have with many buyers and it appears they are finally doing something about it. The i30 with the 2 ltr naturally aspirated engine is a good move. With this turbo even better.

    Kia going the Cerato turbo and Ceed Turbo will do them no harm at all. Personally I think the ceed will exceed expectations (tongue twister anyone?) and make many who would not consider a KIA finally take notice. Exciting times ahead for the two brands. It will be interesting to see what Schreyer does with Hyundai.

  • MK

    Hyundai is out Toyota-ing Toyota.

  • http://Animeindo.tv Faried-Shiori 詩織シャツ

    A high-performance Hyundai i30 SR Turbo is under development in Germany and a company insider has revealed Hyundai Australia will be the first to put its hand up for the hot-hatch if it is given the green light for production.