Honda Civic Type-R Nurburgring Teaser

Honda is clearly feeling supremely confident about its upcoming Civic hot-hatch, releasing a teaser clip branding Germany’s Nurburgring with its iconic ‘Type-R’ insignia.

Claimed to have been filmed at the famed 20.8km Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, the clip shows a young man dressed in black scale a fence to gain access to the circuit and proceed to stamp the Type-R logo on the already graffitied track.

Despite not even showing the recently spied fourth-generation Honda Civic Type-R, the video shows huge confidence on the part of the car maker in reaching its goal of building the world’s fastest front-wheel-drive car around the circuit.


That title is currently held by the Renault Megane RS265 Trophy, which recorded an 8min7.79sec lap of the famed German racetrack in 2011.

The all-new Civic Type-R is expected to be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, developed with knowledge learned from Honda’s involvement in the World Touring Car Championship, likely to see outputs near 200kW and 400Nm.

The Japanese manufacturer plans to build the new Type-R alongside the standard Civic hatchback at Honda’s UK plant in Swindon and launch it by 2015.

Honda Civic Type-R Spied - 13

  • Shak

    Surprising that the graffiti only says ‘Type R’ and not Civic Type R. Could this point to a potential revival of the Type R brand as a whole?

    • Dave W

      Well, the only surviving Type-R is the Civic, but I hope your assumption is correct.

  • Dieseltorque

    Now this is more like it Honda! Yes please.

  • Rocket

    Good to see Honda returning to the performance field but it will have to contend with the next Focus RS for the Crown by 2015.

  • F1orce

    Type-R is always a good word to see.

  • dsfsdf

    it will be awesome

  • Dieseltorque

    Now Honda Australia don’t stuff this up.
    Don’t take forever to get it here and no we don’t want auto only!
    Lord knows your track record of late for selecting desirable cars for Aus has been woeful.

    • Edward

      I would point the finger at Honda Motor Co. as a whole, as opposed to just Honda Australia. A few things to consider about the last CTR:

      1. It was built in manual only, which is consistent with Type R ethos.
      2. UK Release was March 2007. Australian release was June 2007. 3 months was not a long wait even for a fan like myself who put down a deposit before release. Also, the currency exchange back then did not work in our favor. It was a tough one to negotiate.

      The problem with Honda was that they globally made the decision to invest in being eco-friendly with their hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, their ‘Earth Dreams’ rubbish campaign, and they even ordered the removal of their vehicles from racing titles such as Need for Speed.

      They abandoned their glory days of cutting edge engineering and it showed in the waves of dull and insignificant vehicles they inflicted on the public for years. A recent turning point came when the US Consumer Reports slammed the civic sedan for being cheap. Since then, they rushed a facelift (which got offered to Australia at a bargain price), they re-instated development of the NSX and made a public commitment to wow the auto world with this Type R.

      Change is coming. But as development cycles are long, not for a while. Until then, we have to cringe at the sight of dreadful vehicles like the new Accord.

      • Dieseltorque

        Well Edward lets hope its nothing like the wait for a Diesel CRV. As long as this next Type R is five door I will be one of the first to drop some coin down.

        • Edward

          Im on the same boat there. But my current Type R is still serving me well and still looks fantastic imo :)

  • Clem

    “Building the world’s fastest front-wheel-drive car around the circuit”
    Honda you better eat your word.

    • Dave W

      Why is that? Honda knows how to make a great handling FWD car. The CR-Z is one of them, despite being underpowered. Honda also races in their Super GT series so they do have the know how.

      I’m not saying they’ll definitely succeed in the claim to be the fastest but don’t dismiss them just yet.

  • Dave W

    If only Honda would fix that fat rear end styling, they’d still be better off even if they come second.

  • OGU

    Nice to see Honda has finally announced they’re coming to the hotly contested fastest FWD party. Shame they’re so late! The current king of that party is the RS265. Perhaps by the time Honda gets there… Renault Sport will be setting their next record.

  • Hoe

    In Honda, We Trust

  • Bro

    2015? Seriously by that time the record would be broken by another car. Honda as usual too late to the party…

  • Ivn

    NSX Type-R