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The Hyundai Veloster Street special edition has launched exclusively in Australia priced from $24,990, adding a sporty, more affordable alternative to the flagship Veloster Turbo to the local line-up.

Inspired by the Veloster-based Street concept car unveiled at last year’s Australian international motor show in Sydney, the new Street special edition features a larger rear spoiler, ‘Street’ badging and sports suspension borrowed from the 150kW/265Nm Veloster SR Turbo.

Hyundai Veloster 'Street' Special Edition - 2

Exclusive Sonic Silver exterior metallic paint and red-accented 18-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior highlights, and the cabin gains red leather upholstery and ‘Street’-branded floor mats.

Mated to the base Veloster’s 103kW/166Nm naturally aspirated 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and available with either a six-speed manual or six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, the Hyundai Veloster Street is on sale now at dealerships across Australia.

Hyundai Veloster 'Street' Special Edition - 3

The unique hatch – with coupe looks on one side and two doors on the other – has been a huge success for the Korean brand in Australia, becoming one of our market’s top-selling sports cars (behind the Toyota 86) since going on sale in February 2012.

Hyundai Veloster manufacturer’s list pricing:

Hyundai Veloster manual – $23,990
Hyundai Veloster Street manual – $24,990 (new model)
Hyundai Veloster automatic – $25,990
Hyundai Veloster Street automatic – $27,390 (new model)
Hyundai Veloster Plus manual – $28,990
Hyundai Veloster Plus automatic – $30,990
Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo manual – $31,990
Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo automatic – $33,990

  • Observer

    I thought ‘oh yea’ till I saw the red seats. Yikes. Is it based on a Veloster or Veloster+?

    • Adrian

      The base model.

  • Tom

    The novelty of these Velostars has certainly worn-off for me.

    • Gunther

      Luckily it’s still a decent car to live with day-to-day, according to reviews.

    • Adrian

      And I’m really over the boring blandness in the design of Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, VWs… I’d continue but my hands will get tired writing 90% of car manufacturers in 2013.

    • JooberJCW

      Agree now they are going to start flogging crumby ‘special’ editions just to scramble more sales…

      • Adrian

        Yeah… they are really crying out for more sales when there’s already waiting lists for Velosters at hundreds of dealers due to supply not meeting demand.

  • Jakewilliam5

    I used to see Veloster’s everywhere, now I don’t. Where have they all gone?

    • Adrian

      Dunno where you are but they are increasing in number. I see more and more around Sydney. Besides, the rarity of them makes them more appealing. But I guess people on this forum want to stick with the Mazda 3 every second woman has…

      • $29896495

        Just want something that is well designed balanced and attractive, Like say, just about everything other than a Hyundai. (especially one that can’t make up it’s mind what it is) – By the way, I think they are getting repoed, saw one on the back of a tray top yesterday, undamaged)

        • Adrian

          You want something boring everyone else has? Suit yourself.

          • $29896495

            Style and good design over ugly and weird. I’ll take the former. When you and if you ever learn the difference, you will too.

          • Adrian

            And you’ll be bored of it after 3 years and sell it for something else. That’s what all you CarAdvice readers care about right? Resale? Speaking of which, the Veloster has a very high resale value.

            I prefer to buy a car that I love. Not one that has a high resale value so I can get rid of it later on…

          • $29896495

            Will you must be like a mother of a circus freak – you know the saying. Looks only a mother could love. By the way, freaks you get bored with, not things of beauty.

          • $29896495

            Also, it’s to early to tell about resale. Usually ugly cars like yours end up with poor resale because they are just to different or the main stream. As Hyundai loks are dating very badly, I’d keep my fingers crossed if I were you.

          • Adrian

            Whatever… keep your Toyota 86 or Mazda 3 and see how many appreciate it when there’s 5,000 others in the same suburb.

            Velosters turn more head than most cars these days do. Because it is because they are beautiful or ugly is subjective. I think they are awesome. Others like you, huwtm, seem to be a fan of Toyota Camry styling it seems?

            Hyundai/Kia make the best looking cars these days second only to the German Axis – Mercedes/BMW/Audi.

          • $29896495

            See you don’t know restraint. Kia make great looking cars, hyundai don’t. Mercedes have gotten dodgy, BMW are improving after Bangle, and Audi all look the same. Camry is ordinary, veloster is unfortunate. They were looking for something along the lines of the first CRX. But were very wide of the mark. Honda pretty, Hyundai, ugly.

          • Adrian

            CRX is god awful. Honda have lost it and need to go back and learn from their 90s line up. Have you seen the new Honda Accord? Extremely dated appearance already, worse than the Hyundai i40.

            There are effectively no better looking alternatives to the Hyundai Veloster besides the Kia Cerato Koup…

          • $29896495

            What tha F***! There are heaps of better alternatives, you named one. The Cerato Koup pounds the Turd into the ground for looks. “CRX is god awful”, but you prefer the turd. Funny thing is that a sweet looking standard CRX would eat the Turd alive on the road. Good for 8 sec or just below 0-100, over 200k top speed. From a N/A 1.6. handling way ahead of the Korean. You’re problem is I think you are blind and stupid. Forget the Turd, get a Koup, price is about the same and you get more for your dollar in the Koup.

          • Adrian

            Hang on, are we talking about the
            2013 Honda CRZ or the 1990 Honda CRX? Sorry, I was under the impression
            we were talking about the awful CRZ. The old CRX is great though but
            it’s not a new car?? So not really an option?! Honda is rubbish these days
            and makes nothing in the same league.

            Do you also think the Renault MeganeSport and VW Scirocco are ugly?
            Because they follow a similar design scheme but the VW is a little too
            boring and safe like the Golf but the Megane is awesome. The rear ends
            of the Veloster and Megane are similar but the Velosters front end
            eclipses the Megane.

          • $29896495

            I’m not a fan of either of those cars. People love the Renault for what it can do, but for me that’s where it ends. It’s just acceptable. Scirocco is a lost opportunity. To heavy handed. But both are cleaner than the Veloster.

          • JS

            Surely you wouldn’t seek to maintain an argument that depends on objective definitions of “ugly” and “weird.” Aesthetic appeal is individually defined. Hyundai’s design language has its ups and downs. Some people like it; some don’t. Relativism abounds. I personally love Hyundai’s work, and based on the compliments and stares I get in my Veloster, even from people with cars far more expensive than my own, I’d say lots of other people appreciate their work as well.

          • $29896495

            Stares are because people can’t believe their eyes. Australians are a very timid people as a rule and in person would never dare tell you the truth about what they are thinking. No what I’m saying. You have to see things for what they are. Good taste isn’t relative, it’s definable, think about that too.

          • Rik

            He said stares and compliments.

            Good taste is not definable, maybe definable within the context of one society or group of people.

            Fashions and tastes change. Remember the 80s?

  • crouchy35

    That dashboard styling has gotten old very very quickly. There’s a very good reason why the traditional brands stay conservative on interiors…

    • awal

      agreed. Im not a fan of how boring some brands are exterior and interior wise (ahem, german brands), but it really pays off. The Veloster looks dated already, while the bland stuff VW or someone churns out stays looking fresh for a lot lot longer.

    • Adrian

      You can’t be serious? The Veloster’s interior trumps most interiors I’ve seen. So straight forward and not over complicated and boring *cough* new Mazda 3 *cough*


    Hyundai is fkn weird. Build a sports car version of the i30, priced it higher. But gave it a smaller and weaker 1.6 (non turbo) engine. I don’t understand kimchi.

    • Guest

      According to your logic, why did Toyota price 86 higher than Veloster Turbo even when Veloster Turbo has a more powerful engine? “Sporty” isn’t entirely based on engine power, other factors such as suspension influence the performance, Troll.

  • $29896495

    Can’t see any value in it. Speaking of “one of the best selling” there are essentially two, (soon to be three) cars in the affordable bracket and it’s second, that makes it last.

  • Robbo

    Didn’t Hyundai bring this out as something a little different not expecting volume, yet it’s become a hero car and is selling heaps? I’m sure not everyone here are P platers, but it’s exactly where the car suits, lets say a apprentice hairdresser 😉 Not for me, but I see it’s appeal. I doubt buyers could care less about the engine power.

    • OWK

      i went to a dealership to asking about this street version arrival/costing ect ect

      i knew more about this product 24 hrs after the launch then the salesman.
      hes excuse was “we only received the email today” WOW .

      told him he should read carsales in that case , didnt say much.

      only 300 are coming to aus works out to be around 1-4 street versions per dealer and i was informed at this particular dealership i COULD NOT see it as it would remain at the warehouse and only delivered on purchase.

      was told i could test drive the base cause its the same !!!! ummmmm no its not F$%King idiots .
      ohhhh the retail price doesn’t inc paint so add $500 to it

      • $29896495

        Other than leather and paint it is identical to the standard Turd. Why not wait and buy a Kia koup. Much better looking car.

  • LowRezFez

    I love the colour and the red seats. For families who want sporty and practical, how about a 5 door version with 5 seats Mr H? Good on you Hyundai for being a bit more adventurous.