Kia Australia has confirmed the all-new turbocharged Kia Cerato Koup will go on sale in Australia in a few months, marking the first performance orientated model in the company’s local lineup.

Speaking at the launch of the new Kia Cerato hatch, Kia Australia’ chief operating officer, Tony Barlow, said the Koup will be the beginning of a new phase for Kia in Australia.

“[The Kia Koup turbo] is the final chapter of the Cerato launch story but it’s also the first chapter in the new generation of Kia excitement. I can confirm today that the new Koup, to be launched in a couple of months time, will pioneer turbo power for Kia in Australia” he said.

A 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, powers the Kia Cerato Koup SX developing 150kW of power at 6000rpm, and 264Nm of torque from 1750-4500rpm, the turbo is the most powerful Koup ever.

The Kia Cerato Koup, which we expect will launch in October, will share the performance limelight with the hotly anticipated Kia Pro_cee’d GT, which will arrive early next year, also powered by the same engine.


“The Koup turbo will be just the first example of Kia’s future plans to keep our customers satisfied and delighted.”

As well as the turbocharged Kia Koup, a regular 2.0-litre naturally aspirated model will also be in the lineup. Set to replace the outgoing sub-$25,000 model, the new 2.0-litre direct injected four-cylinder engine produces 129kW at 6500rpm and 209Nm at 4700rpm, an increase over the outgoing car’s 115kW and 194Nm.

Both engines will be available with either a six-speed manual or auto, with Turbo scoring paddleshifters.

From the outside the two-door Koup’s design is a change from the previous model’s sedan like shape, with a more sporty focused theme. The previous car’s appeal to the design conscious, but not neccesarily performance-focused buyer will change with the arrival of the turbo.

We expect all models to get Kia’s FlexSteer steering system that alters weighting between three modes – Comfort, Normal, and Sport. All Koup models also run a strut-front, torsion-beam rear suspension set-up.


Kia is expected to launch one specification trim for the naturally aspirated and turbocharged Kia Koup, with the only difference being the engine choice. Standard features are likely to include 18-inch alloy, dual chrome-tipped exhausts, LED tail lights, larger bumper and grille openings, a black gloss grille insert, larger front brakes, alloy sports pedals, and front and rear seats with carbonfibre-look inserts.

Pricing on the Kia Koup Turbo are still unconfirmed, however we suspect it will be in the low $30,000s.

  • Vti07

    Never really been a fan of the previous Kia Koup but the new model turbo is nice. This is what a Lancer coupe would be like if they still made them today.

  • Zaccy16

    looks decent, why would you get the horrible looking velosturd while you can get it in the much better looking cerato koup? the carbuyer review of the pro-ceed showed that it was more of a warm hatch than a hot one because of the steering and 0-100 time of 7.6 seconds

    • matt

      meh zaccy… I was expecting it to look nicer. Doesn’t seem to have the “cool” factor I was expecting, but agree, better then that retro beetle Hyundai thing. 7.6 seconds? that’s slower then wheels of all people got with a bog spec XT falcon

      • F1orce

        Yeah 7.6 to low 8’s is what it does. Quite slow for a small 150kW+ vehicle if you tell me.

        Besides, after 100km/h the Falcon would eat these up..

        • $29896495

          Well discounting the probably optimistic kilowatt rating, It’s still a nice car. So it won’t rip your toupee off, once you take price into account, it’s not to bad. Realistically it’s priced just above and below the Fiesta ST. The offset, is it’s bigger. A class above for about the same money or less. Obvious negatives , there is no way it will handle as well, or perform as well or look as fast, (being mostly a conservative coupe). Could do a whole lot worse and buy a turd. (So what a Falcon will beat it, Really that is an absurd comparison) Much bigger 4 door car with a much bigger engine. Some of us don’t want 4 door cars which will soon be in museums.

          • Sumpguard

            Yes huwtm it was a stupid comparison with the falcon and is KIA’s very first foray into the performance side of the market here in Australia. Baby steps for KIA but definitely a worth while one.

          • matt

            calm down it was just a reference to a “family” car, a turbo C segment vehicle should be faster then that, just seems slow for what it should be, that’s all.

          • F1orce

            Even the Ecoboost would beat it, and that doesn’t have a much bigger engine.

            And power to weight ratio is defiantly in favour of the Koup.

          • $29896495

            The big issue is the quoted power. I think it would be fair to say that it is most likely an imaginary number. But on the other hand it could be that the engines are really tight. I have seen reports that after 15 or 29K, these engines fly. Not stating it as a fact. Just what some owners say. But also gearing kills these things.

          • Phil

            Same engine as the Veloster turbo. The Veloster is 1277kg kerb weight yet has been recorded doing the quarter in 14.6sec. I’d say the numbers are very real.

            We’ll see what the actual results are when production models arrive, my guess is it’ll be within a few tenths of the Veloster given it’s much the same car wearing a different suit. If Kia have local chassis tuning done by Graeme Gambol as they’ve done with other models, it could be quite an interesting proposition for the money.

          • $29896495

            I’ve got to say, I’ve only ever seen that number quoted by you. Never for a bog standard turbo turd.

          • Phil

            That figure came from Wheels, in the comparo test of the Astra GTC with the Veloster. Don’t agree take it up with them.

          • F1orce

            The issue with Hyundai is that they don’t really gear their vehicles for good 0-100 or good 1/4 mile times. The actual gear ratios are short alright, but they all use quite long differential/final drive ratios.

            A good example is Sonata 2.0t, watch on YouTube and look how strong it pulls after 80mph, but the 0-60mph ‘could have been better’

        • MightyMouse

          When you say Falcon you mean Dodo – cos its goin in the same direction….

        • racrepus

          It weighs ~1300kg. How much faster should it be according to you with a laggy 1.6 turbo and economy gearing? What’s slow is the 86 with roughly as much power, weighs a couple hundred kilos less and isn’t really any faster.

          • zahmad

            That should be it’s real comparison….

          • Max

            You clearly have no idea mate. 86 is proven to be in mid-high 6s in manual form. Enough after-market exists to turbo it as well.

            The RWD 86 with IRS would EASILY out-handle the FWD Koup with cheap and inferior torsion-beam rear. There is a reason why 86 is already popular. Besides I’d rather a Japanese Toyota/Subaru love child then a Kia. Driven enough Kias to not want one for the next 10 years.

          • racrepus

            I’m not your mate, guy. Proven mid-high 6’s by who? Your mate who owns one, right? You’re kidding yourself. Yeah maybe, on a good day, nearly an empty tank and a skilled, skinny, little Jappo 60-70kg driver. That I might believe. There’s no way your average 6′ tall 75-95kg Australian male with a tank fill of fuel is going to do that time. 7-7.5 sounds about right in average real world conditions. Fact is there’s no definite 0-100 time for a car. There are that many variables to consider. The Koup is more practical and has a usable back seat, is round about just as fast and arguably better looking (in & out), and you don’t have to rev it to redline to achieve all it’s power and torque, so rolling in gear acceleration is a little bit better. In general it’s a better all-rounder. The 86 is focused on one thing handling. Not power. Not comfort. Not style. Not speed. Not practicality. Just handling.

          • Max

            6.9 seconds. Tested by Motor magazine in a top spec GTS. Use better rubber then low-grip originals and can go lower.

            So going by your logic Motor Magazine testers are all skinny Asians? BTW I know PLENTY of asians who are neither stick figures nor light.

          • racrepus

            So about 7 seconds… Still not that fast. Other places have got 7.2’s and 7.3’s. Like I said, your average Aussie on an average day would be lucky to get 7 seconds. If it had more torque and did it in a genuine 6.5 seconds everyday day, I’d say it’d be perfect! 205Nm isn’t enough for it currently. Plus when you include the other drawbacks of it’s tiny size and impracticality – it just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be unless you absolutely must prioritise steering feel & handling over everything else.

            Haha. I know a Korean guy who is taller than me(184cm) and as bulk as Arny lol. My generalisation was toward Toyota’s test drivers who typically are short (by comparison to us Westerners) and don’t weigh much and thus would have no problem achieving mid-high sixes like you so stated.

          • matt

            im not gunna say 6’s like max below but seven dead is auto car UK’s time to 62mph for the 86, making it over half a second faster then the “claim” for this supposed turbo car.

          • Peter

            That might be in zero temps. I’ve driven the manual 86 is it isnt fast at all, second doesnt really give much, I’d have thought late 7’s tops. Much slower than the missus’ s40T5 which is meant to be 7ish.

          • matt

            oh, I would not disagree, I think we all love Volvo’s turbo T5 in all makes and models, of course the 86 would feel slower then that :)

          • F1orce

            Why are you comparing this thing to the 86?

            I thought the Genesis Coupe was the rival here?..

          • $29896495

            Genesis Coupe is a class above. We’re talking mid size like Focus, which doesn’t seem to have any Coupes other than this one. Well discounting the Megan and GTC which is no longer sold.

          • F1orce

            Yeah technically it’s a ‘class above’
            But in USA the Genesis Coupe 2.0t costs only $50 more than the base Scion FR-S

            But we all know in Oz the Genesis Coupe would probably cost much more than the GT86

          • $29896495

            It doesn’t have to cost that much, and if Hyundai are smart, and it’s based on the design we’ve seen, they’ll undercut the Toyota by at least 5K. They wouldn’t be able to get enough of them. But that’s common sense. And seeing we pay higher prices than any other country they can afford to sacrifice singular profit and make bags of money off multiple sales.

          • F1orce

            That’s a big ‘if’

            But they’ll probably overprice it.. As per usual

          • racrepus

            I compared the 0-100 times because people say this isn’t fast enough. But the same people will say how awesome the 86 is despite not really being much faster.

  • Andrew_diablo

    Koup Turbo or 86 GT? Hard to choose

    • $29896495

      Two very different cars doing very different jobs.

      • racrepus


  • omega

    I like it looks more grown up than the previous model but still looks sporty. People are comparing this to the 86. If I see one more of those things driving around I’m going to shoot myself it’s like every guy has bought one it’s annoying. This has a better engine won’t need to rev it’s guts out and looks a whole lot better as standard, u don’t get much in the 86 for the price u pay

  • pol

    Why comparing to 86? This will most likely be under $30,000, meanwhile 86 is $38,000+ Considering 7.0s-ish is what Falcon does then I would say it’s decent enough.