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More than 5000 Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles have been recalled in Australia to correct two different defects.

Land Rover has recalled 2995 Range Rover Evoque and 1485 Freelander 2 SUVs with the same fuel leak issue, while Jaguar has called back 765 XF sedans – 641 with the same fuel problem and 124 with an issue affecting the charge air cooler hose.

The fuel leak recall affects 2012/2013 model year Land Rover/Ranger Rover vehicles and 2012-2014 model year Jaguars equipped with JLR’s 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine.

Range Rover Evoque

The official recall notice published on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website explains:

“Jaguar/Land Rover has identified diesel fuel leaking from the engine mounted injector spill rail spigot to spill return pipe connector joint.

“If the defect occurs, the diesel fuel can leak onto the ground and could also run onto the exhaust system and turbocharger where there is an increased risk of an under bonnet fire.”

Jaguar XF 2.0 Litre

The second recall affects 2013 model year XFs with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder petro engine. Jaguar explains the charge air cooler hose can detach from the charge air cooler resonator.

“If the defect occurs the driver may hear a loud pop noise and the engine may cut out and this may pose a hazard to the driver and other road users.”

A Jaguar spokesperson confirmed there have been no reports of either defect from Jaguar or Land Rover owners in Australia.

Affected customers will be contacted by mail advising them to contact their authorised dealership for inspection and rectification.

The recall services will be completed at no cost to owners.

  • Daniel

    I have absolutely no issue with recalls as long as the manufacturers man up and admit the problem. Good thing this is being rectified before anybody gets hurt.

    • Numan

      Just like Volkswagen hey?

  • F1orce

    Whenever there is a recall its always the same ‘there are no reports of any issues from owners in Australia’

    Do Australians get the best product batches or are they too laid back to report the little niggling issues?

    • Phil

      well, the issue with the diesel reportedly only occurs at temps below -1º which I doubt is a common scenario in most parts of Australia. Given the low numbers of cars sold with the petrol engine, it’s not surprising that no complaints have been made.

      • F1orce

        But Americans in general are more litigious..

  • Zaccy16

    I wonder if the falcon has a similar set up to the xf’s 2.0 ecoboost?

  • Jacob

    VW still hasnt issued a recall in Britain.

    So newspapers here were absolutely right to point out that VW is threatening to get people sacked from their jobs if they complain about the unreliability of VW.