The new-generation Ford Mondeo will go on sale in Australia in the second half of 2014, roughly 12 months after it was originally planned to reach our shores.

Unveiled 18 months ago at the Detroit auto show in Ford Fusion guise and initially scheduled to hit local showrooms towards the end of this year, Ford Australia today confirmed the new mid-sizer is still around a year away from launching in our market.

To be offered in hatch and wagon body styles, the all-new fifth-generation Ford Mondeo will be offered with three four-cylinder turbocharged engines: two ‘EcoBoost’ petrols and one diesel.

Go Further - All-New Ford Mondeo (UK)

A new 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol will kick off the range, producing 133kW of power at 6000rpm and 240Nm of torque from 1700-4500rpm.

Ford has not released performance data for the larger 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines, though they are expected to at least match the 149kW/300Nm (petrol) and 120kW/340Nm (diesel) outputs of the engines in the current Mondeo line-up.

Ford says the Mondeo becomes the first model from the company to feature a new integral rear link suspension configuration, which is designed to deliver more dynamic performance, greater ride refinement and noise reduction.


It will also feature inflatable rear seatbelts for added passenger protection in another Ford Australia first.

Like the Fiesta, Focus and Kuga before it, the new Mondeo will feature Ford’s Sync connectivity system, which uses voice control technology to allow drivers to access functions of their smartphones and media players.

The new Mondeo will effectively take the place of the Falcon when Ford Australia ceases production of the large car in October 2016, as the company says it will not replace the locally made sedan with the similar-sized North American Taurus.

More details of the all-new Ford Mondeo will be revealed closer to its 2014 launch.


  • O123

    wow almost 3 years to get it here, thats just sad

  • Neil_Way

    What’s the bet they’re now waiting for the mid-cycle update before launching the Mondeo?

    Once again, Ford have dropped the ball when it comes to launching a new product.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      It hasnt been released in Europe either, cant have a mid life update, before its released.

      • Ken Block

        It can have a mid-cycle update as the Fusion.

        • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan


      • $29896495

        Notice the word hatch used. The US “ONE FORD” Fusion is a boot only.

  • Exar Kun

    A shame that it’s taking so long as it’s a great looking car. I was in North America recently and there are Fusions absolutely everywhere.

    • DreamSomniac

      Are you serious?? This looks like an Aston Martin and they age pretty well.

  • Hjalle

    Sorry Ford, it will be old and dated then – actually it already looks old and boring…

    Lift your game.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      So where exactly is this looking old & dated?

      • Mick

        Having first seen this one and a half years ago, it won’t exactly look fresh when it finally gets here.

        • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

          Fair enough, but I tend to think that as it would’ve been seen on the roads here, it wont look as dated as you might think.
          I could be wrong though….lol

  • Steve

    It’s not Ford Australia’s fault. It’s due to strike and union action in Belgium where it is due to be made. This car isn’t sourced from Thailand. Take a moment to get informed before typing!

    • gkm22

      It may not be Fords fault as you say, but we don’t want 2year old models sold to us as the lastest upto date cars.

    • Hjalle

      This might be the case but consumers and the market won’t pause their opinions and product development so that Ford can sort its unions problems out and finally get their ‘new’ product in the market

      They should have sorted this problem out before revealing the car, to make sure the car stayed fresh and new when it finally reached the showrooms

    • lk-90

      The Belgian plant is closing next year.
      This will be coming from Germany.

    • $29896495

      The fact they call it a hatch I think is the answer. Currently no hatch exists.

      • Brandon

        There is a current hatch model.

  • gkm22

    Once again to late to the party just like the Kuga beaten by all the competitors. Shame, it looks like it would be a great car if we got it when everyone else did.

    • Marka

      europe hasn’t got it either yet

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      Not everyone else has it yet, only North America I believe

  • F1orce

    So Ford will kill off the superior Falcon and give us this thing for a higher price..

    Am i missing something here?

    • Joe

      …..superior Falcon???? surely you jest…….

    • Telly

      Yes, the Falcon is not profitable, the Mondeo is, obviously due to its higher price and cheaper overseas labour cost……

      • $29896495

        In Germany I think not. Labour costs that is. Then there’s transport etc etc.

  • Zaccy16

    looks good, it will be very late here though!

  • joe

    Like other have said this looks dated already, nothing really ground breaking with it’s looks….yawn.

  • MisterZed

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of a hatchback model existing. From everything I’ve read up until now, there has only been a sedan and wagon.

    • Tom

      Then you’re uninformed. The Mondeo has been available as a hatch since it was first re-introduced into Australia in 2007.

      • MisterZed

        I was referring to this new generation of Mondeo.

      • $29896495

        The current fusion is sedan only. With no plans in the US for a hatch. US hates hatches for some reason.

  • zahmad

    Just a good looking car, minus the new grille…..
    How much does it cost to engineer a car from FWD to RWD?

  • MK

    Wagon looks the goods IMO. Interested to see more info when its available.

  • Not Good Enough

    I sold my XR5 Mondeo a few weeks back knowing that the new model would be here sometime next year but never did I expect that it was still a year away from reaching our shores. I have a second car that I was prepared to use until I could see and test drive the new Mondeo but it looks like I will be moving on to something different. I agree with other comments on the topic – it will look dated even when it is released because so many other brands newer shaped vehicles would have been released. Australians wouldn’t except the IPhone being released here 12 months after its launch date yet we are expected to be happy with Fords neglect towards the Australian consumers by bringing a car here almost 2 years after it has been launched. Surely this explains why they are a company on the slide.

    • Rick

      Why not buy a 4cyl falcon it’s a much better car

      • $29896495

        XR5 obviously had a 2.5 – 5 cylinder turbo motor from Volvo. Some say the 2lt isn’t as good.

        • Phil

          The 5cyl Volvo is a nice torquey engine, but geez it likes a drink. The ecoboost is unquestionably a better thing overall.

          The real question is will Ford AU offer the 177kW Ecoboost in the Mondeo, now that they’ve given up on the Falcon? Seems little logic in sticking with the lower tune in the Mondeo just to give the Falcon a point of difference.

  • Modern Man

    to everyone saying ‘get it here now’ there is a small issue.
    it is only sold in the USA at the moment as a fusion and since thiss is a LHD market only we will not get this vehicle.
    Check the UK website for Mondeo and it is not even on sale there or even in their ‘future vehicle’ section. this is the delay you speak of not ford australia delaying it.

    • gkm22

      It may not be sold in Europe yet but it is still for sale in the US. wether it has sold one car or a million cars it is still a model that went up for sale early this year. Hence it is nearly a two year old model when it gets here.

      • Rick

        For your info, in Europe some countries drive on the left side and some on the right so if car manufacturers in Europe are able to make cars in left hand drive and right hand drive variants out of the same factory why can’t this be done from the US and these cars shipped here now. Ford are content to make us wait until the car is 3 years old and has 3 year old technology in it before selling it to us, they think this is acceptable, well I don’t and I’m sure many others feel the same way, they should be ashamed of them selves. Ford have really dropped there ball on this one, I for one will never buy another ford again. Ford should note, your only as good as your loyal customers without customers you’re nothing.

  • $29896495

    It’s going to have a hatch not a boot. At last some sense. But it is the same size, infact a bit bigger than the current falcon so calling it a mid sizer is a joke. Having a wagon for the cigarette reps is a plus.

  • Rick

    Why would someone buy this over a falcon ?

    • $29896495

      Same size – no falcon available

  • doc

    How is this made in Germany and not in Oz? Do Germans get paid less than Aussies?

    • $29896495


  • davo

    Ford you really need to lift your game, you may need to take some tips from your competitors like Holden or Mazda. who release there new cars on time not make you wait for 3 years. I was looking forward to taking home my new Mondeo but too late I’ve now just got my new Holden vf and what a car it is. that’s another customer your lost.

    • peter

      By the time this “New” model as ford calls it reaches us it will be 3 years old and have 3 year old technology in it, ford of course will expect us to buy it at todays pricing. Wake up ford your competitors are already selling their new models here. Don’t expect people to buy your current Mondeo which is 8 years old (and looks it) over your competitors cars.

  • Ford Driver

    I just want a C Max manual Diesel, please.