The Holden Combo has been quietly discontinued after close to two decades on sale and will not be replaced by the new model available overseas.

Holden public relations senior manager Andrea Matthews confirmed dealers were clearing final stock of the city-sized Combo van, which was based on the two-generations-old Holden Barina.

Holden’s European sister brands Opel and Vauxhall launched a new-generation Combo (below) – effectively a rebadged version of the Fiat Doblo – at the end of 2011, but Matthews said Holden had no plans to introduce that vehicle to our market, effectively killing off the 18-year-old nameplate.


Holden first launched the Combo – the second-generation SB-series model based on the third-generation Barina – in Australia in 1996. It was sold until 2002 when it was replaced by the most recent XC-series model.

Combo sales peaked in its first year on the market, when Holden delivered 1285 of its pint-sized delivery vans across the country. Sales consistently exceeded 1000 between 2003 and 2006 following the introduction of the new model, but tapered off in recent years, with 314 sold last year and just 14 in 2013, the last of those in May. Total sales over the life of the Holden Combo currently stand at 13,614.

2002 02paris combo02

The original Combo was powered by a 44kW/114Nm 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and was priced from $17,500.

The updated 2002 model brought with it a larger and more powerful 64kW/133Nm 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine, though reverted back to a 1.4-litre unit with 66kW and 125Nm in 2004 – the tune it retained for the rest of its life.

Holden’s light-commercial vehicle range now comprises the Commodore-based Utility and the larger Colorado ute.


    looking at the new model, i think it was a good call…

    • Poison_Eagle

      yeah awkward bow-legged lookin thing…

      • Karl Sass

        Looks like Postman Pat has found his next delivery van.

        • Poison_Eagle

          …or pedo pat.

    • LC

      I agree completely. The thing just looks god-awful.

  • Dave

    I’m surprised that Holden or Isuzu don’t over any type of van…with this little battler gone, they have a massive hole

    • Doctor

      Well as Daewoo, sorry GM-K, don’t have such a van there is no replacement.
      Isuzu have never made anything like the Combo – the long gone Wasp was as close as it got.

      • pol

        GM Korea does have a small van(it’s only $5000) based on old Suzuki Every and GM Korea announced they are going to halt production since they could not make enough profits.

        • Doctor

          Used to have….

          • pol

            ‘Does have’ since they are still selling and has not stopped manufacturing.

          • LC

            Of course, whether it met/could meet Australian Safety Standards would be another story even if they tried to bring it in.

  • zahmad

    Quite liked the look of these and used to remember the time they used to be used by some Electricians and plumbers. Nowdays they all drive Hilux and the like…

  • Phil

    Not surprised they’ve finally killed it off. Just how big is the market for these half to 3/4 tonne Euro vans in Australia? With the Renault Kangoo and Peugeot Partner at least you get a diesel. How did Holden manage to sell any with a gutless 1.4 petrol? It was probably costing them money to keep it in the lineup.

    • Zandit75

      Don’t forget the VW Caddy, I see these everywhere!

      • Phil

        yeah, they certainly own the market segment.

    • pol

      Renault Kangoo base model is also a 1.6 L petrol(which is gutless) and if you are looking for a diesel, it’s going to be $27,000+ which is quite pointless when you can buy full size new van such as Renault Trafic or Fiat Ducati.

      • Phil

        The point is not that the Caddy and Kangoo have petrol base models, it’s that the Combo had no alternative. As for the bigger vans, the Ducato will set you back another 10 grand. I imagine the Trafic would be similar. Though I agree our market favours the larger cab forward vans, it’s a not insignificant price jump.

  • Angelo


    • Nasal Explorer

      You obviously do. You’re so mad about it you left off an ‘s’, forgot the question mark, and left your caps lock on. Just calm down.

  • MisterZed

    Very old news. The Combo was discontinued last year, and was removed from the Holden website months ago. Production actually ended in Europe in late 2011 – therefore any Combos sold here last or this year were 2011 builds.

    • Jim

      I can’t stand people that comment with nonsense such as ‘old news.’ I didn’t know and this article informed me of this.

      • MisterZed

        Mate, it’s OLD news because it was already reported on this site 2 YEARS AGO. In late 2011, there was an article on the new 2012 European Combo, which stated that there was no confirmation of a Holden replacement. In other words, it essentially said the Combo was history in Australia. All this article has done is confirm that.

  • Zaccy16

    Sad, this actually handles better than the current korean rubbish barina!