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The price of the Proton Preve has been slashed to $15,990 driveaway, making it one of the cheapest small cars on the market.

Originally priced at $18,990 driveaway, the $3000 price cut represents a 16 per cent saving on the five-speed manual Preve. The automatic CVT-equipped Preve is now also $3000 cheaper, down from $20,990 to $17,990 driveaway.

Proton Cars Australia claims the new pricing makes the Preve “Australia’s most affordable car”. While the Chinese-built Chery J3 is technically Australia’s cheapest small car at $12,990 driveaway, Proton says the Preve’s standard five-year warranty, capped-price servicing and free roadside assistance offer makes it more affordable to own.

The pricing offer sees the removal of Proton’s free servicing offer for the Preve, however. Under the company’s capped-price servicing offer, it costs $1500 to service a Preve manual for five years or 75,000km and $1600 to service a Preve CVT – effectively cutting the price saving in half.

In our review of the Proton Preve in May, we suggested the car should be priced “at least $4000 cheaper” – an opinion that appears to have resonated within Proton Cars Australia HQ.

Proton says the special pricing offer applies to Preve vehicles ordered and delivered before December 31 or while stock lasts.


Proton has also cut $2000 from the price of the Gen.2 and Persona, now both $14,990 driveaway, and $1000 from the S16 FLX, now $12,990 driveaway.

The Proton Preve is powered by an 80kW/150Nm 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, consuming 7.2 litres per 100km on the combined cycle when paired with the manual gearbox and 8.0L/100km with the CVT.

Standard feature highlights include 16-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth phone connectivity, electronic stability control and six airbags (dual front, side and curtains).

Proton sold 150 Preves in the first half of this year after hitting showrooms in February.


  • Tone

    Why would you buy this when you could buy a brand new Lancer ES for similar money after a bit of haggling?

    • Kd

      Lancer ES for $15,990 drive away? Pass the crack pipe.

      • Kampfer

        If you search in the car sales websites you’ll find new manual lancer selling under $17k drive away, within $1k of the Proton.

        • Igomi Watabi


  • F1orce

    The interior bears resemblance to VW interiors..

    • Zaccy16

      if you are blind! i sat in one at the local proton dealer and the level of quality is appalling and on par with cars of the early 90’s!

    • Karl Sass

      Tongue in cheek??

  • Shea Quinn

    Oh god what happened to the back of it.

  • WayneTSV

    This will not save the Preve. After years of mediocre models, I’m stunned that Proton still bothers to sell in cars in this country.

    • Kd

      I’d prefer Proton left and Opel stayed.

    • Aero

      It won’t, but the upcoming Prevé turbo, Prevé hatch and Exora MPV will. The cars may be mediocre, but if priced reasonably, they should generate mediocre sales as well.

  • BP

    Price cuts make this more appealing than ever. Great looks, good interior and nice features make this the best Proton to date. It’s only up from here!

    • birdseye

      BP huh? What grade of petrol do you recommend…for the Protons? 😉

  • JHP

    i remember malaysians started automotive industry around same time as koreans, while korean car companies improved significantly over the past ~30 yrs, proton still comes out with this rubbish, i can already sense the demise of this company in distant future.

    • Aero

      Get you facts straight man, the Koreans were at it as early as 1944, but their first passenger car came in the form of a rebadged 1968 Ford Cortina under Hyundai Motors. Kia rebadged the 1974 Mazda Familia, but they also made Fiat 124s under license in 1970. Hyundai eventually came out with the infamous Pony in 1975, Korea’s first mass produced and in-house designed car. Proton’s first car, the Saga (never sold in Australia), only came out in 1985, essentially a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer of that era. The first in-house designed Proton (the Waja) only came out in 2000. So there, Proton and Hyundai-Kia are not the same, however similar they might seem at a glance. I can go on differentiating them all day if you want.

      • myarm

        WAJA – The legendary ASIA’s ANSWER TO BMW 3 Series.. Hyundai-Kia is nothing compare to superior Proton Preve!

        • Aero

          …. dude…. please, don’t embarrass yourself. Hyundai-Kia is on a whole different level. BMW is even further up the ladder.

  • Aero

    This is just what the doctor ordered !

    The Preve non-turbo was overpriced to begin with, let alone its sorry excuse of an engine. This can only mean the upcoming Preve turbo would be priced in or under $20,000 (previously thought to be $25k) !

    Sales will skyrocket, mark my words.

    • Jim

      Ah I doubt that….sales won’t “sky rocket” for this brand because the reality is, hardly anybody really cares about Proton. This is evidenced by the fact that for the past 20 years hardly anyone has bought them. There is nothing desirable or even remotely interesting about them…

      • Aero

        Still living in the past, I see. Doesn’t really matter anyway, I’ll let the sales do the talking from here on out.

        • It’s a car, maybe

          Yes you are very correct indeed and you can predict the future brilliantly!
          Quote ”
          Total Proton Car Sales in Australia :
          Year – Sales
          2008 – 1856
          2009 – 1635
          2010 – 1898
          2011 – 1542
          2012 – 1005
          2013 – 328 (YTD June)”

          Errrr oopssss,, what did i said just now?

    • birdseye

      Dr Jayant Patel , I presume?

      • Aero

        I have no idea who that is, sorry.

  • Narpas Sword

    What? Proton’s STILL selling this? How many years has it been on the market for?
    *Goes to read up on the car.*
    It started worldwide production in late 2011!?

    • Aero

      Your point is ? The car is still new, it’s only 1 1/2 years old.

      • Narpas Sword

        It looks around 10 years older than it is. That’s the point.

        • Aero

          Ahh okay, it’s supposed to appeal to a more mature audience, the previous Protons look a lot bolder (especially on the interior). But sales were bad because they didn’t cater to the market demand (no frills, budget people’s car), so sales died down in the domestic market. Granted, I’m not a fan of the Prevé’s design, most aged 21 and below won’t be either. Then again, most aged 21 and below can’t afford brand new cars anyway.

  • $29896495

    Still to expensive – But did predict this.

    • Zaccy16

      yep i agree, should be the same price as the cherry j3 IMO

  • MisterZed

    Proton Preve sales = 150 for the first 6 months of this year.

  • Will

    Total Proton Car Sales in Australia

    Year – Sales

    2008 – 1856
    2009 – 1635
    2010 – 1898
    2011 – 1542
    2012 – 1005
    2013 – 328 (YTD June)

  • klowik

    Don’t know why Proton still wants to sell cars in Australia when they can only sell about a thousand cars a year!! The only think I can think of is becaue their cars have a Lotus-ish logo. LOL!!

    • Aero

      Australia is supposed to be the world’s automotive ‘testing ground’… if a car succeeds here, it can succeed everywhere else. That’s why Proton’s still hanging around Down Under.

  • Dave

    mmm! if i were to spend 16 grand, would i pick a proton or a fiat punto? tough choice.. not.

  • Scout392

    So resales gone down the drain.
    Was it overprice to begin with?

  • myarm

    WAJA is once Asia’s answer to BMW! Don’t underestimate Proton! This PREVE is ASIA’s ANSWER TO MERCEDES C200! You guys just wait and see! HOLDEN can’t even make it close to AUDI!

    • $29896495

      If you aren’t writing that in jest. You are deluded.

      • myarm

        If you can’t afford BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Lexus, why shout to everyone the incompetent you. A car can’t buy happiness, but money can. Buy Preve and the money saved can be use for quality vacations or weekend outings!

        • $29896495

          Are you paid to do this? If you are you should hand the money back and apologize. Incompetence is in your ballpark. Internet marketing is about being subtle not obvious. try it.

      • myarm

        In my opinion, this thing is priced value for money already. Guys you should go to showroom to see and try out for yourself. Gossips are worthless. It’s your money you decide. Not by someone who you didn’t even invite you for a drink.

  • marcel dimoski

    Just sell it for the cheapest price you can! If you make a loss who cares. your only selling 1000 units a year. Why not just spend big on marketing increase your volume then you can cut the cost of parts in Malaysia at the same time and make a profit in the future when the sales figure goes up. sell it cheaper than the cheapest car in Australia and maybe people will sit up and take notice.

    You will never get market share without sacrificing some place!

    I am sure the Malaysia people already are subsidising the sales around the world by charging them 3 to 4 % interest for a car loan over 10 years! or are the banks making the money? Why not open a proton financaing and take advantage of all the overpriced cars and 10 year loans and make a huge profit in malaysia to subsidise the lack of sales in Australia and UK!

    • myarm

      Preve gxr the turbo version in its hometown is valued at 62% of a base toyota corolla. a base toyota corolla is 19,990 here. so preve gxr should stand at 12,990.

  • Marcel Dimoski

    yeah in theory it looked good on paper. But in reality the back lights are ugly. The front is a little strange but ok. SO they need to rethink the rear light design. Also they should only sell the turbo model and nothing else. The price also needs to be cheaper thatn waht VW or other car makers are offering in small cars. I am still confused why they continue to make the same size medium size cars in Malaysia. They need to build a camry sized car!!!! TOO narrow Preve!