Toyota Motor Corporation appears set to become the first car maker to build 10 million vehicles in a single year, as it simultaneously holds a six-month sales lead over both General Motors and Volkswagen.

Helped by demand for hybrids in Japan and a declining yen that has bolstered the value of Japanese exports, the Nikkei newspaper reports Toyota will announce a 10.1 million vehicle global production plan at the end of the week.

According to the report, of the 10.1 million vehicles made, more than 3.3 million will be produced in Japan, with the total figure including models from Daihatsu Motor Co. and Hino Motors Ltd.

Toyota RAV4

At the six-month point, Toyota holds a lead in global sales over GM and Volkswagen, with 4.91 million units sold to the US brand’s 4.85 million total and the German’s 4.7 million.

Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn has previously stated his confidence in reaching 10 million units ahead of any other manufacturer, while GM is planned to bring 18 new or refreshed vehicles to market this year in its pursuit of increased sales.

Toyota claimed the title of the world’s largest automaker in 2008, ending a 77-year reign by GM. The Japanese brand held top spot until GM regained the crown in 2011 following Japan’s natural disasters. The car maker bounced back into top spot in 2012 shifting 9.75 million units ahead of GM’s 9.29 million and Volkswagen’s 9.07 million.

  • dadda

    GM isn’t the GM it used to be in the 50s 60s 70s

    now they are all plastic korean trash

    • Zaccy16

      yep completly agree, just look at the range of horrible gm korean c##p with a holden badge! the VF commodore is easily the best and only good holden currently on sale in aus

      • adfg

        Yet you keep whining on about the way the Commodore drives.

        • Zaccy16

          no i don;t the commodore ignoring the torque less evoke drives well and much better than any of the Korean sourced s**t

          • jsfgj

            Yea, the Evoke – the status quo for the Commodore, the model that makes up most sales.
            Yes, just ignore the most significant model.

          • Zaccy16

            it is the most significant model for fleets because of its claimed fuel consumption, but the best seller for private buyers is the much better SV6, the SV6 looks good has a much better less strained V6 that actually uses less fuel in the real world than the smaller 3.0 in the evoke and the SV6 has a more exciting interior

          • fsgh

            News flash, fleets are basically the only customers for Commodore.
            SV6 looks basically the same, “more exciting interior”? Been reading the brochure to quote that one?

          • Zaccy16

            no it has better less boring trim colours

  • F1orce

    Toyota is a company of unprecedented proportions in so many ways..

    • gtrxuone

      One thing that’s not going to change is Toyotas domince in the Australian market.If Toyota becomes the only Australian vechle builder(hope I’m wrong) that will put them in a stronger position downunder.

      • Modern Man

        They have made it quite clear that if holden shut up shop it would take a miracle for them to stay. most of their components are imported anyway so it wouldnt take much to leave.

      • Jim

        Yes well, Holden once had more than double the market share that Toyota currently has, now look at them.

    • wtj

      But they haven’t done it yet…

  • Andy Whitby

    Reports from the USA state that Toyota’s sales are down overall Globally and both GM’s and VAG’s are up.

    Could be an interesting race to end if their (American’s) results are correct.
    I wonder where Ford stands these days ?
    Also on side note, ‘dadda’ GM is better then it was in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I would in fact argue that GM is the best it has ever been. Toyota and GM appear to be the ones who are starting to become complacent. Perhaps the American’s have learnt a lesson that some of the Japanese and German companies are yet to learn.


    how’ ya going there vw?? bwahhhhhhhh!!
    hows the dsg going for you, all good> bwahhhhhhh!!!

    • hqer

      can’t you read?????? bwahhh !!!!

      VW has sold 4.7 million cars so far this year> bwaaah!!

      • Mr Irony

        That’s a lot of potential DSG failures.

    • CraigS

      Volkswagens profit for 2013 $21.5 Billion USD (the highest of any car maker), Toyotas? Only 4$4.9 Billion, who’s laughing now?

  • Brian

    That’s very impressive considering how (T)oyota is the only core brand.

    GM has many core brands, such as Chevy, Opel, Vauxhall that are major brands in many countries.

    • adfga

      I don’t see how “core brand”s makes anything more impressive here.

      GM only has one or two brand names in most countries which is the same as Toyota. GM just a name that sounds local to the people in their respective countries.

      Are Toyota’s significant N’American sales actually less significant per sale than other regions simply because they used a extra nameplate (Scion) there?

  • Gues

    I was in California (USA) earlier this year and the majority of cars on the roads were Toyota’s, Lexus and Honda’s

    • Zaccy16

      shows how dumb americans are that they think that a prius is a good car that is ‘saving the environment’!

      • wjg

        Whats dumb about it? People can get from A to B with half the fuel costs and half the pollution of the average car.

        • Modern Man

          in some situations. not ok for 50% of the poulation.

        • Zaccy16

          because there are cars that don’t handle like a boat and don’t look as hideous that use less fuel and cost less! new vw blue motion golf will only use 3.1 l per 100 km!

          • sgh

            For crying out loud Zaccy16, will you ever get your facts right before leaving comments?

            According to VW’s USA website, the best diesel Golf VW has to offer only does 42 MPG Highway and 30 MPG City. Prius does 49 MPH Highway and 51 MPG city.
            There is no Blue Motion Golf listed there.

            So why are you calling Americans “dumb” for not buying a car which they can’t buy?

            Also VW’s USA website also lists the Golf Tdi at US$24,495 for the two door and $25,200 for the four door.

            The Prius is listed at $24,200 and the Prius C is listed at $19,080. That is cheaper.

          • Zaccy16

            i am talking about australia not america, i stated that americans are dumb because they buy prius’s so people think they are ‘saving the environment when the prius is worse for the environment to build than a v8 commodore! in aus the mark 6 golf bluemotion was 28,000 dollars, about 7,000 les than the prius and it uses 3.6 l per 100km,the mark 7 which is not out in aus yet uses only 3.1-3.2 l per 100km look it up it is on sale in the uk already. It will probably cost the same as the last gen. America would never have the bluemotion golf because they don’t sell many small cars in america and it only comes in a manual!!!

          • dfgh

            Right, so you call Americans dumb, but you’re talking about Australia?
            No wonder you’re muddled.

  • USA

    I hate GM and American brands and culture for that matter in general. Look around, America is the source of all problems, propaganda and controversy.

    GM is passively forcing the Australian government to dump tens of billions of dollars just to keep Holden running, they want to cut wages, benefits etc. yet they want billions, I wonder where the greater majority of these billions go? Sure some of it is used to fund the local operation, but the majority of the billions goes to America right in the pockets of the greedy CEO, CFOs, the board etc

    The issue right now is that if the Oz government refuses or cuts the funding then GM will pull out right out, so they’re literally holding the Oz government at ‘gun point’

    -this is just a grain in the ocean of one Americas dirty ways.

  • Zaccy16

    Both toyota and GM made mediocre cars, VW on the other hand have a car that is close to or is class leading in ever car class

    • Robin_Graves

      Pity they don’t last.

      • john

        Excellent point Robin. For some reason in reviews VW’s rate very highly in journos hands when they only have them for a couple days, but for customer surveys like the JD power 90 day and 3 year surveys VW has not been seen in the top 20 car makes for over 5 years. Obviously customers have to live with them so they get to see what the journos do not. Me included. VW for me. Never again!

        • wjg

          Actually they placed in the top 10 in last years UK and German JD Power Surveys – which are based on customers owning the cars for two years.
          Also Wheels magazine do long term reviews, They’ve had VWs for 6 months/20,000kms at a time and haven’t published any major problems with them.

          That said, they don’t appear to be reliable all things considered, but no need to make up stories or cosy up to someone who’s so psychotically obsessed with leaving anti VW comments like Robin.

          • Robin_Graves

            I remember when a mate bought a Golf GTI when the DSG first came out. I loved the ‘pop’ when gears changed and the interior looked fantastic for the time (mid 2000’s I think) It had heaps of power and handled great. What more would you want I thought? The answer? – something that you could depend on to start and go when you wanted it. If only VW would sort out the reliability I could possibly have one on my shopping list. The other bugbear for me is the demographic that seem to buy VW’s. Smug and metro are two words that spring to mind.

          • wfg

            “what more could you want?” you ask?

            Well considering VW sales have doubled since the DSG was introduced a decade ago, VW is surely producing cars that many people want.

            Back in 2003 when VW released DSG they had about 5 million annual sales. As you can see from this article, they’re on track for for about 10 million. Suggesting that VW isn’t producing what people want in such a article makes you look a little foolish.

          • Robin_Graves

            Let me spell it out for you, what I want is a car that lasts more than 50k. I’m not the only one, did you happen to see the drop in sales last month after the reliability issues were all over the media?

          • afghs

            Funny, all VWs come with a standard warranty that covers twice that many kms.

            Also if what you want, is what everyone wants, how come VW are selling millions of cars and your FG Falcon is a complete sales failure?

          • Robin_Graves

            Did I say “What I want is what everyone else wants”? Clearly that is not the case as I just upgraded to a new FG2 G6ET. As for the sales – Justin Bieber and one direction sell plenty of records, does that make them good? It’s a growing problem – fashion and perceived desirability over substance and longevity.

          • barry

            Who cares what the rest of the worlds doing.The challenge for you is to take your 2011 Fg Falcon in for trade.And your 2011 veedud in for trade.
            No one will trade one of those POS regardless of age,there good for land fill I suoppose.

          • jsfgj

            Barry, if you don’t care what the rest of the world is doing, why did you open and comment on a article titled “global annual sales race”? Don’t you know what “global” means?

            Robin – upgrading your FG to a FG2 so soon? So much for the longevity. If longevity is so important to you, how come you’re not still using a Falcon from 25 years ago? You know, the ones with a awful engine that only revs to a diesel like 5000rpm, 3 speed gearbox, puny 286mm brakes, live axle rear end – the models that set Falcons reputation as a cheap, nasty piece of rubbish and are half the reason no one will buy one now?

            Falcons and VWs are just transport to meet peoples essential need to move around, there’s nothing particularly desirable about either. Pop music is not essential, there is no comparison. VW is selling because they make practical, efficient cars for a modern world. Falcon is not selling because it’s thirsty, big and not practical plus appalling resale.

          • Robin_Graves

            An essential need to move around requires an ability to move so a broken down car is not really practical. My FG was a ’09 model and NA – always wanted a turbo FG and now is the time, longevity has nothing to do with it. If you actually drove an FG you’d realise that they are not thirsty, are practical and have had fairly good resale for a while now (especially the higher spec models) I lost 6k over 3 years, bought it 1 year old with 24k km on it. Average fuel use 8.8lt / 100km mix of rural and metro.

          • agfs

            Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time picking fights here, you’d have someone cosying up to too.