The first images of the new Toyota Harrier have been released, potentially hinting at the styling of the next-generation Lexus RX.

Due to debut at November’s Tokyo motor show and go on sale exclusively in Japan by the end of 2013, the third-generation Toyota Harrier crossover will feature a hybrid powertrain, with details to be released closer to it unveiling.

Toyota Harrier 2014 - 3

While the new Harrier’s glasshouse and roofline remain similar to the current Lexus RX, sharper front and rear ends suggest a more aggressive look for the upcoming fourth-generation Lexus SUV.

The new RX is expected to go on sale in the US in 2014 and locally in 2015, replacing the current-generation car that dates back to 2008.

Toyota Harrier 2014 - 4

In Australia the Lexus RX line-up comprises the 138kW/252Nm 2.7-litre four-cylinder RX270, the 204kW/346Nm 3.5-litre V6 RX350 and the 220kW/317Nm 3.5-litre V6 petrol-electric hybrid RX450h.

In July, the $69,400 Lexus RX270 X Special Edition was launched, offering over $7000 worth of extra features at no additional cost.

The 2013 Tokyo motor show begins on November 22.

  • Andy Whitby

    Lexus and Cadillac (GM) need to realize they can’t just wack a different bumper and badge on it. Their luxury products can’t share any sheet metal with lesser brands or they will never be considered true luxury cars. Cadillac is starting to work this out, how ever the new Escalade will be like the LX-570 and just be a tarted up Chevrolet like the Lexus is a LC200.

    • bd

      The new Escalade will get sheetmetal and an interior that is significantly more differentiated from its GMC and Chevy counterparts.

      • Andy Whitby

        This may be true, but it shouldn’t share any sheet metal. It should be like Camaro and Commodore, both Zeta platform, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at them.

    • Poison_Eagle

      Uhh this isn’t a Toyota outside of Japan, and its a premium model there.
      And reports about the next ‘Slade say they are going to differentiate it more from its GMT900 stablemates.

      • Andy Whitby

        Yes I read that, as you can see in my reply above. It doesn’t matter if its only a model in Japan. The RX is based on it and now we all know about it thanks this article. Its like how the Prado is a Lexus in the USA, or was.

        • Poison_Eagle

          Well if its not sold anywhere else, your point is invalid. A bit different from an ES300 in a market where you can buy a Camry, or Lincoln MKZ/ Fusion.

          Most customers would be oblivious anyhow- unless the pedigree of a unique model translates into something tangible to even non car heads, old ppl. I’d give it a wide berth though.

          PS Do like that colour, not as much as the Pink Mark X though- doubt it would translate on a Camry/Aurion, would probably look too effeminate on them.

          • Meinecke

            I think you mean Avalon, not Camry.

          • Poison_Eagle

            I think you mean potato, not think.

        • matt

          yes and the GS is loosly based on the toyota crown, (although i think the crown looks a million times better then the GS inside and out) depends if you consider the german base model pov packs luxury.. i dont.

  • Txone

    If the new IS250/IS350 is what Lexus will be doing then i must say I am impressed. I checked out the new IS In person and it was very good. The seats were magical, so comfortable and the interior quality was top class. Everything was nice and very high quality. I didn’t get a chance to drive it but they started it up and it sounded nice and very smooth.

    • Guest01

      Once you go Lexus, you never go back to European.

      • ag

        Interesting theory but pretty baseless. Lexus owners on the whole tend to be very satisfied but Lexus sales have been flat for the last few years and you do sometimes see Lexus’ for sale in the European brand’s used car lots where they’ve been traded in for a European car.

      • bd

        Except Lexus RWD sales in the US and Canada have been dwindling with the FWD ES and RX making up a greater % of Lexus sales.

        Will only increase with the upcoming RAV-4 based CUV.

        • ag

          “Except Lexus RWD sales in the US and Canada have been dwindling with the FWD ES and RX making up a greater % of Lexus sales.”

          And the wheels by which the cars are driven is relevant to this discussion, how? Nevertheless, to entertain your digression, ‘Lexus RWD sales’ were ‘dwindling’ in recent years because the models (primarily the IS and GS) were reaching the end of their lifecycles. If you had bothered to check data for 2012 (the year in which the new GS was released), you’d realise that the GS experienced a 491.6% increase in sales for the year, compared to 2011. I suspect the new IS will also experience a boost in sales upon its release. So much for your interesting, but pretty baseless theory.

    • F1orce

      Agreed the new IS Lexus is spectacular and the seats are wonderful indeed..

  • MisterZed

    Third generation Harrier?! Huh? First gen was 1998, second 2003, third 2009. That would make this one the 4th gen.

    • nz_alfa

      Technically Toyota never sold a third gen Harrier in Japan as that was sold as a Lexus RX.

    • Chow Ling Xu

      That’s where you’re wrong pal!

      When the new Lexus RX premiered in 2009, the previous Harrier remained in production and is still sold today (i.e. the 2003-2009 Lexus RX).

      This new model replaces the Toyota Harrier from 2003, thus is the third generation Harrier.

  • Ruqis

    The Lexus will have a hidden rear windscreen wiper for sure

  • bd

    Looks better than the RX, but then again, that’s pretty easy to do.

  • Vins

    This Harrier just look like to current gen RX. Could it be Toyota just change the bumper and front end of the current RX and make it as new Harrier?

  • Jhvihvhi

    looks very sleek elegent and refined

  • Hfgjc

    The current RX is a nice car

  • William

    Hmmm? I was under the impression that Toyota had introduced Lexus to Japan and no longer sold the Harrier there as it now sells the RX there.

    • matt

      google 2014 toyota crown, and tell me what you prefer, a GS.. or that, lucky japanese have a choice. Toyota never needed a luxury badge to sell high end cars in japan, they have cars over there as nice, or nicer, than any lexus. There was a TRD crown a few years back (think it was a crown) they made a twin turbo version of the 4.6 V8. Again what lexus has had anything like that???

  • O123

    weird it looks dated, obviously the lexus will get a different face, but its a bit weird that toyota doesn’t differentiate it.