First official images and details of the new Honda Jazz have been released ahead of the car’s Japanese launch in September.

Honda’s third-generation Jazz city car embraces a new design language dubbed ‘Exciting H Design’ and features upgraded drivetrains across the range.

The Honda Jazz Hybrid benefits most from the overhaul. The hybrid teams a newly developed 1.5-litre four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle petrol engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The latter is the brand’s first dual-clutch gearbox, designed wholly in-house.


The Hybrid produces a combined 100kW of power and 170Nm of torque, up 28kW and 3Nm from the current 1.3-litre-engined Jazz Hybrid.

Despite the power and capacity increase, Honda claims the new Jazz Hybrid is 35 per cent more fuel efficient than its predecessor, which translates to an approximate combined cycle fuel consumption rating of 2.9 litres per 100km.

Unlike the current model, the new hybrid can also operate in zero-emission pure-electric mode over short distances, as well as hybrid mode with both the petrol engine and electric motor engaged, and engine-only mode.


As in the current range, a 1.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine will power conventional, non-hybrid entry-level Jazz models while a larger 1.5-litre will be offered in higher-grade variants.

The current five-speed manual and automatic transmissions make way for a standard six-speed manual, while an optional automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) makes a return after being dropped for the outgoing, second generation model.


The images reveal the new Jazz in pre-production form with Japanese-market specifications but closely reveal the model set to arrive in Australian showrooms in 2014.

While retaining its taller-than-average hatchback form, the Jazz takes styling inspiration from the City sedan and Civic hatch, with angular headlights integrated into a single-bar grille. Heavily contoured creases mark the side profile, while the rear features tail-lights that extend from the rear quarter panels and up along the D-pillars.


Inside, the large infotainment screen and touch-sensitive climate control panel shown will likely make way for more conventional controls in lower-grade models.

A large circular speedometer flanked by digital displays dominates the instrument cluster, while most other fixtures including the air vents, dash, centre console and automatic gear lever are more squared-off compared with the outgoing car.

Full specifications of the third-generation Honda Jazz will be revealed closer to the official launch.

Click the Photos tab for more images.

  • Ruqis

    The new Accord & CRV are good, and if this is priced right, then maybe HONDUUH can have a future!

  • O123

    I think this will look best in base trim, So much going on in the top spec models

    • Vti07

      No chance of top spec models coming here. The current shape Jazz has options for sat nav, leather and panoramic roof available overseas but not here.

      Seems like there are some Jazz haters here. The versatility and practicality of the Magic Seats (available on Jazz and certain other Honda’s) is one of the major benefits of the car.

      • gibbut

        ive had two 5kg washing machines in the back of my 09 model. lets see ANY other hatch do that :)

  • garl

    that’s very nice looking, like a star trek shuttle craft

  • Jon

    much better looking than previously posted here..

  • KiddingMe

    I think it looks terrible. The Mazda 2 render looks heaps better, in my opinion.

    It’s far too busy at the front and the centre console stack I think looks weird.

    Though, like most things, it probably looks better in the flesh.

  • HJP

    I still like the current generation Jazz, it looks very nice. This new generation Jazz looks horrible. Sorry Honda, you’ve messed it again.

  • Kd

    Looks like something from the 3rd world.

    • therock

      It is. Its from Thailand.

      • Igomi Watabi

        Thailand is not a “third world” country, to use that outdated vernacular.

        • Tanakrit Boonjit

          Check your facts Igomi. Not everyone in Thailand lives in Silom/Sathorn.

  • gibbut

    i hope they dont give us that horrible sat nav panel!! yuck! i love my 09 jazz, might end up with this shape next!

  • JD

    The outside body has a ford fiesta vibe to it, especially the doors

    • Poison_Eagle

      Definately; the upward sweeping belt line and doorhandles are identical. Others have copied Fiesta too, like Hyundai Accent.
      As for the Jazz, the original is such a pure, cohesive, wholesome, great looking car with alot of character. This will age alot quicker IMO.

  • Billy

    Looks awful just like the rest of the Hondas now days, they are really slipping

    • D987

      They sure do. This new Jazz just looks terrible, there’s not one angle where it looks good.

      • Brayden Cresswell

        I agree that back end is horrible.

        • Doc

          Back is too busy. Front is not too bad.

  • Matt

    Good God that’s horrendous. Magic seats can’t help you when the thing scares you off going near it in the first place… and that dash, WTF??? Every time a new Honda is released I hope they are going to be better… alas it is never to be… poor Honda LOL!

  • Galaxy

    The only thing that stuck for me was a 7sp Dual clutch box. Could this be the first reliable one. Ie Japanese quality?

  • F1orce

    The orange & silver one’s above look nice. The interior is also on the nice side.

  • Zaccy16

    im not sure if i hate it or like it, its definitely not beautiful like a mazda 2 or classy like a polo but it has something, the interior is a step forward but still looks cheap and ugly, that hybrid drivetrain sounds impressive, finally a japanese hybrid with a proper transmission not a horrible CVT! this tranny should be in the new is300 h not the cruddy CVT

    • KiddingMe

      I’ll go to a Lexus dealer in upcoming weeks and take one for a test drive (if it’s available). If it’s anything like the Corolla CVT then it wont even get a mention on my shopping list… ever.

      Don’t get me wrong, the Corolla one in ‘manual’ mode is actually very good and fun; but ‘auto’ mode is effing horrible.

      Before I got my current car I rented a Corolla for a week and by the end, I couldn’t wait to give it back. Never ever want to drive one again.

      The dash was the main reason I wanted to give it back but the CVT was the tipping point.

      Did I mention how bad the CVT was?

    • Robin_Graves

      The prius cvt uses a planetary gearset and varies the ratio by controlling the speed of the electric motors. Have a look at eahart dot com /prius /psd Its not a belt and pulley setup.
      Polio is not classy it just makes people laugh at you for buying one.

      • Zaccy16

        when did i mention the prius? i know that its a completely different set up to a normal pulley and belt set up

        • Robin_Graves

          You said ‘finally a japanese hybrid with a proper transmission not a horrible cvt’ so the prius springs to mind as its a constant mesh not a belt and pully cvt.

    • Chris

      How is the interior “a step forward but still cheap and ugly”? That’s an oxymoron surely? If it’s a step forward then it should be neither cheap nor ugly.

      • Zaccy16

        its a step forward from the previous interior that is cheap and ugly but the new one looks like an improvement but the same problems

    • Dieseltorque

      Current Jazz interior is excellent far more practical than 2 or Polo. The cup holders and load carrying of this car demonstrate this is a well thought out design. Cheap is a Mazda 2, don’t they come with ear plugs for the road noise.

      • Zaccy16

        previously the 2003 mazda 2 that i owned had the same or even more practical interior than the jazz

        • gibbut

          ah no it doesnt. but having said that, the previous 2 was a lot better design than the current ricebubble

          • Igomi Watabi

            different strokes – I’d take the 2’s pretty design and better drive over the rarely-used folding seats in the Jazz any day.

  • azlan

    how hard is it to just make a nice funky little car… this looks grose. interior is ok and the jazz practicality is awesome. theres lots of funky little cars out atm honda really need to up there game in the looks department, practicality will only get them so far if they looked great you couldnt buy anything else

    • Homer

      yes the engine with its power and torque sounds promising but the interior and exterior is ugly. Japs need to learn how to design exterior and dashboard from Volkswagen!

      • gibbut

        like the bland boring new golf??


        no thanks

  • Shak

    Stick this ones interior in the current gen body and then they’d have a great car.

  • marc

    The Honda ride-on lawn mower is a winner

  • $29896495

    Don’t like it, current one looks better. definite thumbs down on the dash. The heavily creased sides to hide the slab.

  • Eric V

    I would have to see it in the flesh and drive it before I could even think of replacing my Vibe-S with the new model. The ‘Honda City’ inspired front end looks like a fail here, it fails on the City and fails on the Jazz.
    Shame about the looks on this model as the Jazz is a brilliant little car, that’s why I’m currently on the my second on.

  • WayneO

    I’m a Honda admirer and almost bought the current Jazz (ended up with a slightly bigger vehicle) but this design is just AWFUL. The side profile is quite OK (not much different to the current car which looks far better IMO), but the interior, front and especially rear are just too fussy and an eye sore. We are looking at getting a small hatch in the next 12-18 months but sorry Honda this new Jazz won’t be it.

    • gibbut

      having owned 2 jazzes, i think this will be my third. someone who has owned a jazz realises just how easy they are to live with day to day, and really dont care about its looks. the exact opposite to mazda 2 drivers.

      • Igomi Watabi

        90% of cars are easy to live with day-to-day. 90% of car drivers care about looks.

  • LowRezFez

    Looks like a teenager designed this, its, ugly.

  • Gianni

    As much as I love Honda’s, I’m certainly not a fan of this. The front looks nice and dare I say it, aggressive. However, I have to ask what the designers were thinking when they designed the rear, or the side; that crease is an eyesore!

  • Robin_Graves

    How did Honda fall from grace to such a low level? I hope they are turning things around but this looks a little too kooky

    • Karl Sass

      They still make some good stuff, did you see the ride on lawn mower!

    • matt

      need to remember, holden and co are whinging about our “high dollar” for about 24 months…. the japanese have been dealing with it for the better part of a decade, it has effected them to no end (the evidence is in the product) there is even a story on CA that i seen you reply on about how that economic situation has strangled them (Honda CEO’s).

      • Robin_Graves

        They dont make most of our models in japan so that should have insulated them somewhat. Poor decisions have a lot to do with it too. Lost all that enthusiast following and chased shopping trolleys.

  • Jonno

    Damn Ugly! Honda’s been following up their Civic, Accord new generation launches new design language dubbed ‘Exciting H Design’ with this design abomination. Every redesign – Civic (FD->FB), Accord & Jazz seemed worse than the model it replaced save for the CR-V & Civic Hatch. The current Jazz model especially with the recent mid-model redesign ie. Vibe, Vibe-S looks very futuristic & sporty. The GE model Jazz together with its Magic seats, fuel-efficient engine is the ultimate City car for the masses. The mid-model upgrade came with Bluetooth, cruise, VSC & multiple airbags which weren’t on the earlier stripped down but more expensive version. Overall, the GE version is the best; exceeding the previous gen GD (with the 7 sp CVT) & probably far exceeds this new generation Jazz (now back with CVT)

    This new Jazz abomination tries too hard with the psuedo-Lambo styled air-intake vents, high waist side profile & the worst, the swage lines with kinks a-la the TK Barina 5-dr hatchback. There’s no overall beauty in the design coordination, it looks like a Frankenstein stiched together from various body parts. Lambo styled air-intake vents never look good on passenger cars ie. sedan & hatch. HSV E-series, new Toyota Camry Sportivo & this new Honda Jazz are examples. The high waisted side profile looks like the Colt Plus (a lengthen version of standard Colt) which was never imported to Australia. It looks a design afterthought. Car designs using swage lines with kinks tend to look very fussy and uncoordinated. Compared the TK Barina 3-dr vs 5 dr hatch, this was a Giugiaro design originally for Daewoo in 2002. Todate, the 3-dr hatch looks a coordinated design still fresh & stylish (straight swage lines) compared to the TM Barina (loads of cost cuts & actually copies the 3-dr design language). In contrast, the 5 dr was forgettable (dumpy, ugly – the ugly sister).
    The new Jazz interior is terrible compared to the current Jazz. The steering wheel is a Fisher-Price version of the current Jazz model (hint:cost cuts). The dash goes back to the 80s – note the climate controls. Honda’s “new design language dubbed ‘Exciting H Design’ – Please unsubscribed me! I’m not convinced!

    • $29896495

      Totally agree with you. Inside is an unfortunate throw back outside is clumsy. What happened to that attractive little 3 door they showed months ago? To good loking for the current Honda line up?

  • Karl Sass

    What is it with the Japanese making the body look too wide for the track? The Camry has a similar issue.

  • pixxxels

    Those mother-of-all creases on the sides make it look like a minivan

  • Richard

    Finally better fuel consumption figures than Toyota’s Prius C; however Australia has to wait till 2014 which is 6 months away, more likely 8 months as it won’t be till march usually for new launches – that’s a hell of a long time to wait for a new model when the current one is severely dated in it’s technology and style. Something tells me the harsh firm ride unsuited for australian choppy roads will not improve with the new model.

    Considering Toyota is still offering it’s amazing low finance levels till the end of the year & the fact it’s Yaris & Prius C are 100% made in Japan counts heavily against the cheap Thailand made Jazz.

    The styling isn’t un-creative but it doesn’t flow very well and looks as if it’s been in a slight front and rear collision – as if it’s slightly shortened.

    Honda is going to have to Offer pricing that matches Toyota’s uber` competitiveness & 2.5% or LESS no deposit finance in order to even sell close to what Toyota is currently putting out.

    But we all know this won’t happen and at the end of the day with the great price equation, reliability, quality of Toyota’s small Yaris & frugal Prius C (Aqua in Japan) there is little hope for Honda’s relatively poor sales overall for the brand in the last 6 years.

    It still amazes me that some of Honda’s most amazing creations are going to waste by being massively over priced for the Australian market considering half of them aren’t even made in Japan and the other half are STILL more expensive on a brand to brand comparison with Toyota.

    Mazda has escaped the Honda’s current fate by at least creating small hatches that at least look decent, Japanese & drive well and age well when you look back at older model designs.

    Honda will you ever learn?


      I agree if you *must* buy a hybrid it has to be a Toyota [BIG.T[tm.F/0] as they have stand alone proper engineered models in the Prius range


      I agree if you *must* buy a hybrid it has to be a Toyota [BIG.T[tm.F/0] as they have stand alone proper engineered models in the Prius range

  • Norm

    Oh very dear. Design wise at least Honda have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • Doc

      Haha!!! Good one.

  • 42 = The Answer

    Does anyone else think the wheels and wheel arches look a little out of proportion?

    • $29896495


      • 42 = The Answer

        Reminds me of the Liana

  • Don Quay

    Oh dear! Once upon a time, Honda made the best looking cars from Japan and were known as the BMW of the east. This new Jazz looks like worse than anything from Korea.

  • al

    For quite a few years I’ve had the feeling that those Japanese and Korean designers spend too much time on their computers watching Manga…I don’t know how else you could come up with such ugly designs.

  • ujb

    This car looks horrible.

  • BP

    I think Ssangyong have better looking cars now haha.

  • Daz

    God honda make ugly cars !!!!!

  • A77

    I thought this was bu*t ugly to begin with, but I’m warming to it. Honda’s side creasing on the previous Accord was a real turn off, but this new one mixes things up a bit. Needs a bit more rear track though.
    I wonder if it comes with a rear bumper insert for low speed crashes.

  • Dylan

    I drive a Camry Hybrid. It’s a good car, but it is annoying that the seats can’t be folded down. If it has the magic seats and doesn’t have disgusting dead cow seats/steering wheel/gear shifter, then I will take the new hybrid jazz for a drive when it comes out. I think it looks great.

    • Tony Abbott Slogans for Bogans

      I agree. For what it’s priced at (currently $23k) I think it looks good enough and the 100kw will make a big difference vs the other small cars like the Mazda2, Yaris etc. And using only about 3.5L/100km makes it all look like a good buy to me.

  • Jacob

    Euro door-handles. Finally.

  • Edward

    I’m with the consensus here. It looks OK from the front, the side looks elongated like a mini-van, and the rear is a disaster. Honda haven’t designed anything good-looking and cutting edge since the FN2 Civic Type-R, and that car was designed in Europe.

    I’m not one for stereotypes, but design is something the Europeans seem to do better whether it be cars or fashion. Honda Motor Co. need to capitalize on this and get Honda UK to design their cars.

    If Japanese consumers insist on having the busy looks, then why not can slap on the Mugen bumpers after the body shape is designed correctly first? That would be a win-win for all of Honda’s different markets.

    Kia and Hyundai hired European designers a few years ago, and their cars today have been praised in all their different markets. Honda seem to be designing cars to suit adolescent manga fans. They need to realise this, and start designing cars that people want to be seen in.

    Lastly, the Jazz only looks good from the front because most of that design is derived from the UK Civic Type R.


    It looks awkward for mine, like 2 different design teams started at the front/rear and met in the middle
    Will be high teens in price, and Thailand Made, so the koreans will smash this to pieces
    As for a hybrid, why bother, the std. ULP [$5k less] will be super frugal [bit like buying a diesel]


    It looks awkward for mine, like 2 different design teams started at the front/rear and met in the middle
    Will be high teens in price, and Thailand Made, so the koreans will smash this to pieces
    As for a hybrid, why bother, the std. ULP [$5k less] will be super frugal [bit like buying a diesel]

  • Yetiman

    I found your comment very seductive, hope that you are a woman.