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Walkinshaw Performance has released the W310 performance package for the all-new Holden VF Commodore SS.

The first enhancement package developed for the VF Commodore by the Melbourne-based Holden tuner and the first in the new ‘W Series’ of upgrades, the W310 pack combines a host of mechanical enhancements to boost the 6.0-litre V8’s output from 270kW/530Nm to 310kW/580Nm.


Included in the VF Commodore SS W310 pack are Walkinshaw ceramic-coated headers, high-flow catalytic converters, a Walkinshaw stainless steel cat black exhaust system, Walkinshaw cold air intake, a custom ECU calibration and a W310 build plate and rear deck-lid badging. (The wrapped carbonfibre-look bonnet and bootlid spoiler are not part of the package.)

The SS W310 is backed by Walkinshaw Performance’s driveline warranty, which lasts for the life of the standard manufacturer’s warranty – three years/100,000km.


Walkinshaw Performance general manager Tony Harris says the W310 pack is the best performance package the company has ever produced.

“The final figures are impressive as our previous power pack saw gains of up to 10 per cent,” Harris said. “With the W310 package it’s more like 20 per cent, and we did this without compromising the driveability of the vehicle.

“One of the highlights of this package is the all-new exhaust system that brings back the growl V8 owners love so much.”


The W310 pack is priced from $6495, totalling $48,485 when added to the price of the Commodore SS manual and $50,685 with the automatic.


    I like the extra performance, and the name is legend status
    Would love this performance in a STEALTH baseline rep-mobile

    • big jim

      Checked out the VF ss the other day and must say I was impressed, it’s a shame these performance figures aren’t factory specs with the redline model.

  • Shak

    That’s actually really good value compared to some of their other offerings.

    • Greg

      bogan value

    • Car2013

      Dear CarAdvice, can you please do a review of the W310 pack? It is great that Walkinshaw Performance is providing this upgrade at a reasonable cost. I am impressed with the torque going up to 580Nm (HSV Clubsport is 317kW/550Nm, R8 SV is 340kW/570Nm). It would be good to have a video having the sound of the upgrade at idle and when accelerating. It seems like a good option for those who are unable to afford the extra for a HSV. I wonder if this upgrade can be had for a VE SS.

    • JooberJCW

      Heh and much better than other makers charging the same amount for some bodykit and gearknob 😉

  • Billy

    Good amount of power but looks awful!!!

    • Narpas Sword

      Don’t worry. The carbon-fibre wrap and plasti-dipped wheels are (or should be) optional.

  • Lindsay

    Do they realise they forgot to paint the bonnet, or did someone forget to tell them that riceboys don’t drive Commodores, or both?

    • Homer

      riceboys what does that mean? Even after “performance tweak” this old pushrod can only muster less than 52KW/litre. Hmmm pushrod he. My almost two decade alfa twin spark at 1970 cc muster 110 kw so that equates to 55.8 kw/l. yeah pushrod is the way to go. Tell Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen to adopt pushrod technology in their F1 engines.

      • zej

        Who really cares about kw/litre apart from spec-sheet anoraks?
        If you really want to talk about engine efficiency, you should be using BMEP or VE where it is depentant on engine rpm.
        Not sure what people have against the poor old pushrod. I suspect they’re really whining about the 2 valve head. Either way I don’t particularly care how the torque is made as long as there’s enough of it and it gets to the driven wheels.

        • Homer

          you don’t care but many do. No matter how stubborn you are, it leaves no doubt that twincam, direct injection and variable valve timing engines are more efficient, no argument, period.

          • Karl Sass

            Pushrod engines can have variable valve timing and they can be direct injection. KW per litre is far from a good measurement of the merit of an engine, far more complex than that.

          • $29896495

            It is the accepted measure of what is good and bad in engines. Usually a sign of efficiency.

          • Karl Sass

            I have a background in engineering I can assure you that efficiency is a separate measurement that’s always expressed as a percentage. That is; how much power you get out of a given unit of energy (contained within the fuel). However even that isn’t a straightforward measurement (especially for a spark ignited engine) because efficiency changes with engine speed and throttle angle and other variables. KW/litre is just that; how much power is generated for a given unit of engine capacity. For example you can whack a huge turbo on an engine and hugely increase it’s specific output, but it’s usually using more fuel to generate that extra power (out of the same engine capacity).

          • $29896495

            Can’t remember exactly but the magic number used to be 100Kw per litre.

          • zej

            Ooo magic numbers! So if a car makes 99kw/litre it’s a muggle?

          • Brendo

            What about where the torque power is made in the rev range? The pushrod motor works better at low-mid range, where as the overhead cam engine is better suited to high rpm applications. Fine example is Nissan and Erebus struggling to get 620hp under 7500rpm as well comparable mid-range response out of Quad Cam 5.0L V8 engines! I believe they will catch up to the 20 year head start of Holden and Ford, but the pushrod V8 is inherently better at getting airflow going at the lower operating range. As someone who has worked on many types of cars as a profession, experience has shown that efficiency at higher rpm results in a deficiency at lower rpm, although variable valve timing has done much to reduce the gap.

          • Daniel D

            I test drove a 6 litre SS this week. Not once did the lack of twincam or direct injection cause my smile to be any different. Plenty of power on tap.

            This from a guy who owns a AWD Mazda 6 MPS.

            In the end you can read specs all day. What matters is how it feels to drive. The new VF Commodore is very, very good.

      • Phil

        How does F1, with its pneumatic valves, bear any relationship to production car valvetrains? And I’d like to see your Alfa on a dyno, Italians are legendary for overstating how much power their engines produce. After 20 years, my guess is it’d be lucky to put out more than 80… make that 70.

        • Homer

          you really are an airhead. that was 15 years ago. In 15 years Holden could not even match what alfa was capable of 15 years ago got it airhead?

      • F1orce

        Honda still makes SOHV V6 and it’s still one of the best and actually better than most DOHC V6

      • Hung Low

        Gee Homer your Alfa made almost as much as a 1.8 VW dohc, d.i turbo with 118kw. Kw/litre means squat in the real world, its a brochure term used by school boys.

        • Homer

          That’s not the point kid. The point is pushrod can’t even hope to match efficiency of a DOHC engine especially those from Germany and Italy. Cars technology originated from europe. Got it??

          • Clive

            Obviously your not old enough to remember someone named Repco Brabham and Phil Irving. World championship in their own designed and engineered car. Where was Europe then?

          • Clive

            Shoud read ‘something’

          • Homer

            hey look, when people talk about performance cars, what names spring to mind? Porsche, Merc AMG. BMW M series, etc and they are all from Germany. Holden? Holden? Have you been hiding under the rock the last 30 years?

          • zej

            Some people are after the brand image of a performance car. Some people are after performance. To each their own.

          • Chad

            Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa, Lotus, Koenigsegg, Mclaren, Corvette, Shelby all over the world really

          • Job

            Would that be why pushrods need more capacity to get the same output as DOHC oh wise one?

          • Chad

            so DOHC engines are always more efficient??? not really, do some research you’ll see

          • Homer

            why doesn’t F1 engine use pushrods, overhead valve, 2 valve per cylinder? why doesn’t DTM adopt the same formula as holden? When it comes to engines holden can learn from teh German but not vice versa. Got it??

          • guest

            Efficiency doesn’t matter than much, otherwise Can-Am would have been the domain of smaller engines. Instead it was predominantly huge pushrod V8 “mountain engines” of 500 cubic inch or even more powering very light cars.

            These mountain engines were actually more fuel efficient than the turbo flat-12 engines in the 917.

            What matters for absolute performance is power and torque, response of the engine and the power to weight ratio, along with the handling and traction to make use of the power, and some good aerodynamics.

            Remember of course the 917/10 with a decent power advantage over its pushrod V8 McLaren rivals, yet the McLarens, if anything were faster in a straight line. Efficiency can take many forms, other than just mere kilowatts per litre.

            Just having mere overhead cams isn’t the be all and end all of efficiency.

      • Job

        Wow you must be a real car enthusiast to drive an old Alfa twin spark. Would be a great daily driver, oh hang on you can’t really use them everyday can you? They have very poor reliability unlike this pushrod commodore.

      • horsie

        LOL I can just imagine you getting out of your car after getting your a
        *ss anded to you by the commodore (I am pretty sure a stock SV6 would have no problem ‘but i have higher kw per litre’ LOL

        • Homer

          Stock SV6 isn’t pushrod, overhead valve, 2 valve per cylinder id**t. It is the modern DOHC engine imported from the USA. That’s why it is a good engine.

  • Homer

    “The final figures are impressive as our previous power pack saw gains of up to 10 per cent,” Harris said. “With the W310 package it’s more like 20 per cent. Hey liar, (310 kw – 270 kw) / 270 KW = 14.8% ad NOT 20%. you try to fool the public??

    • thomasrdotorg

      It’s the auto. That’s a 260kW V8, not the 270kW of the manual.
      Sooooo 50kw increase. 50/260 X 100 is 19.2%

      I’ll pass on your apology to my boss…?

      • Nathan

        You’re both forgetting about torque. Total gains of both power and torque are: (19.2% +12.2%)/2 = 15.7%, not 20%
        When they say “power pack” they’ve referring to the name of package. However they list both power and torque both before and after the package therefore you need to look at both of these factors, not just power alone.

        • thomasrdotorg

          I have never, ever seen torque and power percentages combined and then divided by half. It’s unprecedented and the final figure gives the consumer no idea what it actually entails.

          • Nathan

            It’s called a weighted average. Considering that torque is just as important as power it’s kind of pointless talking only about power.
            No idea…dude the final figure is the average percentage increase of the two. What’s not to get?

          • thomasrdotorg

            Re-read the quote: “previous power pack saw gains of up to 10%. With the W310 package it’s more like 20%”

            The VE power pack offers 10% increase in power. I have the dyno figures. 270kW went to 297kW. The VF (Auto) went from 260 – 311.5 (but rounded down to 310). So the comment “now it’s more like 20%” is still right.

            And that… is that.

  • Brayden Cresswell

    Wow some people are so in informed on what there talking about you can tune these cars to put out more then 310kw with the above upgrades they keep the power down to save the drive terrain look it up people with the same mods are getting 320-350kw from the motor.

    • G


      A little punctuation would help as well

      • Brayden Cresswell

        Ill was a iPhone mistake as well as drivetrain but thank you for correcting me I’m sure you feel amazing as a person well done.

  • tristan

    Seriously I can easily paint my bonnet and alloys black and my commodore could look similar to this car. However, with this performance and price, who cares right?

    If only Shelby starts importing LHD GT500 maybe Walkinshaw may start giving a damn of the car’s desirability.

  • Nathan

    Pretty sure that’s a ~15% increase in power and ~10% increase in torque.

    • thomasrdotorg


    • thomasrdotorg

      I’ve already replied to Homer BUT the auto VF SS is 260kW. The 50kW increase is 19.2%.
      So I’d ask you to withdraw this incorrect assertion. Thanks.

      • Nathan

        First; when they made the statement of almost 20% gains there was absolutely no mention that this was only for auto. This is therefore implying an increase of nearly 20% for both transmissions which is FALSE. This is misleading information.

        Second; Even for the auto that’s an increase of 19% power and 12% torque giving a total average increase of 15.7%. 15.7% is close to 15%, not 20%. That’s a large exaggeration of gains by about 30%!

        So no I will not withdraw this claim of false advertising as it is CORRECT.

        • thomasrdotorg

          So you are standing by your incorrect statement because you didn’t have all the facts?

          • Nathan

            And that’s exactly what false advertising is: hiding certain facts and wording things in such a way as to deceive. It’s your job to provide all of the relevant information.

        • zej

          You really have no idea, do you? If you’re going to be pedantic then at least be accurate. The article states:

          “The final figures are impressive as our previous power pack saw gains
          of up to 10 per cent,” Harris said. “With the W310 package it’s more
          like 20 per cent,…” -ie MORE LIKE 20 per cent than 10 per cent. Or closer to 20 per cent than 10 percent. Not nearly 20%, not almost 20%, not 20% for both transmissions etc.etc.etc.

          Secondly, it’s not advertising, it’s a statement about the car’s approximate power increase made by the General Manager. If you think it’s bogus, buy/beg/borrow/steal one, remove the engine and run it on a calibrated brake-dyamometer. I personally think differences of 10% are negligible and probably within production tolerances for mass produced engines so claims like that are to be taken with a grain of salt anyway, but some people take them quite seriously it seems.

          • Nathan

            If you do not specify that it is transmission specific than it is to be assumed that it applies to ALL transmissions unless you say “up to” etc. Kind of obvious.

            15 to 20% is a relative difference of 33%. Kind of a big deal. Just saying.

  • bradzed

    “cat black”… typo or not I can’t decide given they either painted some other random parts black as well… or didn’t paint them at all… my head hurts!

  • Greg

    This Car Is Bogan

  • MisterZed

    Caradvice why are you censoring comments? I said that this car was $94k and doesn’t even come with body-coloured mirrors for the price. Someone else said – black mirrors are in. I replied: well, why don’t they make the door handles black too instead of body-colour?

    • ip8

      No one cares about black mirrors. Go do something more with your life than going around and complaining about which cars have black mirrors.

      • MisterZed

        My point is that readers should be able to make any comment they like as long as it’s non-offensive. We are all entitled to our opinions. I don’t agree with censorship.

        • $29896495

          I agree with you on the mirrors. If I’m paying that money, the least they could do is paint them the same colour as the car. black mirrors were and still are a sign of cheap, cost cutting.

          • super_hans

            While I agree it looks cheap I dont think its a cost cutting measure. Walkinshaw arent alone, a few companies are painting the mirrors black as their performance trim, usually to match the front and rear spoiler. Take a look at the Audi TT-RS caradvice have just reviewed

          • thomasrdotorg

            hey guys, Tom from WP here. the styling of the car is one off just to make it look different to a stock VF SS.
            The bonnet and rear spoiler are carbon wrap (the new VF bonnet/boot are aluminium and doing them in real carbon would be an expensive and save very little weight). The wing mirror caps are indeed carbon fibre and are not colour matched to the car to show the carbon weave. Yes we sell them, no they are not a part of the W310 pack. If you prefer white mirrors, then don’t buy them. Something that gets lost here; we are not a car manufacturer (like our sister company HSV), We are an after market company- if you don’t want an item; there’s great news, it’s not compulsory. We are very comfortable with people saying “I hate that and I’d prefer this” That’s what personal choice is all about. But don’t fall into the trap of assuming that what you see here is all we offer….!
            The styling on a power pack car is a clear case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If we left it a stock SS, some would say “the least they could do is XYZ” but when we do something a little different some say “that’s gone too far” As noted; do what suits you.

          • Tim

            Interesting to hear from someone in the know. Unfortunately some people, such as the ones you’ve replied to will find anything they can to bag anything Holden related.

          • Peter

            Cheers. I’ve noticed that carbon looks ordinary in photos but much better in the metal. I often am up at Jag, the Astons and the XKR-S both have CF bits that look very downmarket in photos (like plain black) but in the (non) metal look pretty hot.

  • WileE

    Following the discussion below re pushrod engines it is interesting that from Wiki info International Engines of the Year awards I cannot see one pushrod engine having won an award in any category…ever.

    May be 2014 with the new lighter brighter Corvette V8 but I doubt it.

    Enjoy the big V8s while you can cause the next fuel crisis will kill em all off.

    • Nathan

      By 2020 the amount of turbo 4’s in new production vehicles in the USA will have doubled when compared to 2012.
      Turbo-charged engines are the future. Big, heavy, fuel guzzling N/A engines will be a relic of the past.

      • Homer

        you bet and yet some “bogans and airheads” can not understand why. Oh well must be because of their education level then

        • Greg

          bogan education

          • Jaffar

            Thats an oxymoron.

        • Job

          Once again you are correct professor homer.

    • zej

      No pushrods, but the BMW M73 V12 from the E38 750iL is a SOHC 24v with 2valves per cylinder.

  • LSx

    $6500 for that little increase? I’m pretty sure that a ;Intake,Cam,Cylinder Heads, exhaust would yield more power then that!

    • Max Glazer

      It is indeed possible to get more out of this combination as stated in some comments above. Its been set at this level to A) protect the driveline and B) to retain drivability. Please bear in mind that in order to really understand what is done you should see the dyno log graph.

  • guest

    Who wants a car like this.I want a front wheel drive Euro with soft touch plastic interior.

    • Brayden Cresswell

      Amazing mate go buy one then.

  • KiddingMe

    I like it! Personally, I’d go without the bonnet, spoiler, wheels and wing mirrors. I, whilst I love power, maybe the Nelson racing engines are powerful enough (possibly), I like keeping something that visually doesn’t attract. I’d go with all the upgrades but keep the visual upgrades off.

    Shame they don’t offer a performance package for my 135kW Camry SL! IT COULD BE 140kW, Imagine that!

    Maybe somebody who has an SS or who know’s what this is, what is the ‘hole’ or sensor in the middle of front bumper under the light in the 3/4 photo.

    • Karl Sass

      Parking sensors I believe.

  • Robin_Graves

    And the 48000 dollar question. Does this still get kicked to the kerb by an xr6 turbo for $39k?

    • Greg

      probably holden bogans cant drive can only drink vb

      • Karl Sass

        At least they know when to use capital letters.

        • Greg

          hello bogan

          • Karl Sass

            Really mature there Greg.

          • Greg

            bogan can type interesting

  • Doc

    They shd export this to the US to anchor sales of the SS. No local competition for a RWD performance car there. Or is there?

    Same thing with the FPV – EXPORT or die!

    • Zippy

      But is it legal? Will it pass ADR/EPA? Don’t want to pay the money only to get defected. Insurance won’t pay out if the car has illegal mods as it is not considered roadworthy. Can WP confirm if this power pack is street legal in NSW?

  • Max Glazer

    To those talking DOHC/SOHC/pushrod. The reason overhead cams are “IN” these days is not that they make more power. Its really irrelevant where the camshaft sits and what actuates the valves if all else is equal. Their advantage is that they dispence with the pushrods. Thus make the valvetrain lighter and reduce pumping losses. The variable valve timing and lift can be achieved in pushrod motor too although would be harder to accommodate the hardware. Gains are in the cam specs (lift, duration), cam timing, valve lift and duration, ignition timing, airflow rate and airflow volume of the cylinder head itself. The last reason is why most these days use 4 valves per cylinder. Some even use 5. Their other advantage is that they are easier to get to to remove/install. But they make motor taller.

  • Carlover

    Listening to all you people bickering about power and torque figures, push-rod engines, most efficiency, percentage ratings……
    Its like listening to schoolkids. Anyone who is really into cars, knows that if you want the best power and torque figures, you shell out the cash and take it to a reputed tuner – HPF and the like, and they can bring out the TRUE potential of the engine. If you want to look at how efficient and enviro friendly your car is, why not look at a Hybrid.
    Because seriously, 310kw at the engine is not that big a figure for a V8.
    I love the new Commodore. Im not a Ford or Holden man, or against Euro cars. We own a 2010 VW Golf R32 which is a pocket rocket, a 2005 BF MKII XR6T with puts out power figures that the Commodore doesnt even come close too (385.1rwkw). Both cars are driven daily. But the technology gone into the new Commodore takes it close to the BMW.
    When it comes down to it, its all about preference and of course everyone has their own opinions so no one is right or wrong.
    If you want one, buy it. If you dont want one, dont buy it.

    • Max

      Agree about the V8 power capability. But then remember that massive power levels in a street car is useless. Tires will be easily overwhelmed as street cars rarely wear anything wider then 245. Anything wider and they get really pricey real quick. Also stepping on the heels of HSV is probably not what these guys are after.

  • Damien

    this is a beautiful car.
    I must however admit, a guy at the work place has a 2008 FG F6 automatic. The car is stock and you all know its specs so i wont type it up.
    Guess what?
    stock for stock FG F6 mops the floor with this car, pulls away 5 car lengths away.
    that is a pure fact.
    moreover, my G6E 2008, with over 200,000k on clock beats this very car too, and I mean it pulls away objectively and empirically actually displaces itself away from this inflated balloon :)
    regards to you all

    • ShaneMcGrath

      It’s 2008 with less gadgets though, My mates old VL turbo will mop the floor with that ford as well and I bet someone out there even with a stock 70’s muscle car will wipe the floor with his VL.
      Point is newer car is better it’s not just about power or speed it’s about the way it drives and makes you feel.

  • Micky

    HI Daniel I too owned a Mazda 6 MPS and loved it was such a great car, i ended up replacing it with a VE SSV and i can tell you the Commodore gives me more of a big smile every time i drive it i wouldn’t trade the fantastic engine in the Mazda for my 6 litres of pushrod heaven if you paid me and i have been told that you can’t hurt them not driving on the streets anyway. I can also tell you that the Mazda drank just as much as the Commodore in fact it was sometimes worse.