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A prototype of the Nissan Pulsar hatch has been spotted testing in Europe, supporting suggestions the car will be sold across the continent from 2014.

In April 2012, Nissan announced plans to produce an “all-new hatchback” at its Sunderland plant in the UK from next year, but is yet to officially confirm what that model will be. The car is also set to be produced in Spain.

These images, captured by CarAdvice’s spy photographers, suggest Nissan is preparing a version of the new Pulsar hatch for Europe with a series of unique tweaks to increase its appeal to that market.


Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer shed some light on the new hatch in May, telling UK publication AutoExpress it would feature sharp styling and was intended to rival the small-car benchmark, the Volkswagen Golf.

“We’ll start by not making any excuses for our car,” Palmer said. “In terms of dynamics and perceived quality it has to match [the Golf].

“Where we can be different is that it won’t look like the Golf. We can go after customers bored with the Mk7. We can be more provocative.

“The face is a little bit left-field, a little bit edgy. You can see what we have been doing recently with the V-grille going into the [bonnet].”


Nissan’s as-yet-unnamed compact Euro hatch is expected to be revealed at the 2014 Geneva motor show in March.

  • Vczc

    The Pulsar is quite a good car. It’s underrated. Maybe not as good in paper, but very good in practise.

  • Keis

    What is nice about this Pulsar and the previous 2005 Pulsar was the engine. Such a tractable piece. You climb hills all day and it never needs to spin above 2000rpm and it maintains any speed you want. I think the engine name was the 1.8L QG18DR (series 2)

    Very impressive for a 1.8L 4cyl

    • Keis

      QG18DE **

  • Smart US

    is there a different Pulsar for EU than OZ? are we getting leftovers again?

    • $29896495

      Left hand driver position everything else looks the same. Maybe the Euros won’t have to suffer the ugly chrome grill. But doubtful.

  • Observer

    I was always under the proviso that the Sunderland plant was going to manufacturer a new hatchback next year for the Infiniti luxury brand?
    Could this be the vehicle in developement…

  • Laz

    Still ugly.

  • Dave W

    With the new Mazda 3 around, all I can say is good luck Nissan.

    • Henry

      AS a Pulsar FAN… True , NISSAN need to make it more sportier/Manlier

  • bmwfan

    i think they will call it Almera in Europe