by Alex Gibson

The price of the Ford Focus EV car has been cut US$4000 ($4400) – 10 per cent of its former price – in response to sluggish sales.

The compact electric vehicle, now listed at US$35,995 ($39,300), struggled to meet initial sales projections in the US, owing to consumer concerns about the vehicle’s range, highpurchase price and limited charging outlets.

Initially projected to sell upwards of 5000 units annually, Ford sold just 900 Focus EVs in the past year through June.


The price reduction follows Nissan’s move to cut the cost of its Leaf EV in January by up to 18 per cent, as well as Chevrolet’s price-cut of it plug-in hybrid, sold here in Australia as the Holden Volt.

Sales of electric vehicles in the US are subsidised by federal and state governments. With the US$7500 federal tax credit, the Focus EV’s base price is now US$28,495 ($31,100), or $25,995 ($28,400) in California, where buyers also receive a US$2500 state tax credit.

California is the largest US market for alternative-fuel vehicles due to its superior infrastructure compared with other states. It was also the only market to receive the limited run of Honda’s hydrogen-powered, zero-emission FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle. In January, the Toyota Prius became the best-selling car in the state.

  • Doc Emmett Brown

    They should build the infrastructure for electric charging FIRST before coming out with myriad EV models. Even the great time machine in Back to the Future was a cool invention but Marty and I needed access to plutonium for the flux capacitor. (Until i invented Mr Fusion, of course)…

    • nmarn

      Your house doesn’t have electricity?

      I don’t know where you live, but in Australia most people live in a house with electricity and every night we park our cars in a driveway/garage next to the house for about 12-16 hours.
      I suppose if you live in a apartment or terrace with no off street parking it could be a issue but for most of us, we have infrastructure right next to our normal home parking spot.

      Also, in comparison to the 900 of these sold in the past year, Nissan has sold about 40,000 Leafs in the same period and Tesla has sold about 15,000 Model S with both these cars requiring exactly the same infrastructure as the Ford.

      • Doc Emmett Brown

        It is a matter of range. Youll run out of juice driving Adelaide to QLD, but i guess u can plug in overnight granted people LET U and u can wait a few hrs topping. Im sure they will develop FAST CHARGING, someday. Here in Hill Valley, we dont mind people using our elect , but not overnight.

        • quturpap

          We use planes to cover distances like Adelaide to QLD.

          • Doc brown

            Then i AM right. There is no such need for these cars.

          • vd

            No you are wrong. There is little need for a car that covers a Adelaide-QLD trip.
            Budget airlines threw out the need for 10-20 hour long road trips years ago.

          • Doc Brown

            I guess we shouldnt care for retired people who want to explore the countryside, driving? Some people actually LOVE driving and enjoy nature, instead of haggling for seats on budget airlines without rservations and getting bumped off, ticked off and ending up on Airline, the tv show.

          • l478

            Retirees make up a minority in the population and many of them don’t drive anyway. Out of the ones that do drive, most only do very short trips and the range of this car would be ideal – some even have licences specifically restricting them to short trips.

            Retirees who love driving and do drive long distances are in the minority of the minority. Also they normally use either a Campervan or a large car – typically a 4WD so they can tow a Caravan or go off road.
            They don’t use small hatchbacks so this Focus is not suitable for them and it has nothing to do with being electric. It could have a 10,000km range and they wouldn’t use it as it’s too small and can’t tow a caravan nor can they sleep inside it.

  • MarksmanR

    Californians get a bargain for this (US$25,995), I’d expect it to be $65, 000+ if it comes to Australia.

    • Jeremy

      Yup. If you keep buying them at crazy prices , they will keep selling them to you at those prices!

  • Joey

    Love the new Ford facias. Just wish they do a better taillight for this one – kinda awkward.