The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class sedan will start almost $15K higher than its A-Class sister car when it arrives in showrooms in October.

The local division has confirmed a $49,900 price tag for the entry-level Mercedes-Benz CLA200, making it $14,300 more than the less-powerful A180 base model hatch and $9000 pricier than the mechanically identical A200, though Mercedes-Benz Australia points out the difference between the latter is only $4000 when equally specified.

The $63,400 CLA250 Sport sits in the middle of the petrol-only CLA-Class range that is topped by the brawny CLA45 AMG at $86,900. The CLA250 Sport commands a $13,500 premium over its five-door equivalent, while the four-door AMG is $12K more than the A45 AMG hot-hatch.

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Edition 1, (C117), 2012

Standard equipment highlights across the CLA-Class range include 18-inch alloy wheels, climate control, satellite navigation and a reversing camera.

The CLA250 Sport is distinguished by its silver studded grille, intelligent light system, AMG alloys and AMG tuned suspension, while its cabin benefits from a sports steering wheel and sports pedals, heated electric leather sports seats and AMG styling features.

The flagship CLA45 AMG adds the AMG driver’s package, AMG night package, AMG performance steering wheel, COMAND navigation system and Harmon Kardon surround sound.


Standard safety features include collision prevention, blind spot assist, pre-safe, attention assist and an active bonnet. The hot sedan also adds distronic plus and lane keeping assist.

The CLA200 is powered by a 115kW/250Nm 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine that uses a claimed 5.7 litres per 100km on the combined cycle.

The CLA250 Sport gets a larger 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder with 155kW of power and 350Nm of torque, while the CLA45 AMG produces 265kW and 450Nm and distributes it to all four wheels, helping it sprint from 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class manufacturer’s list prices:

  • CLA200 – $49,900
  • CLA250 Sport – $63,400
  • CLA45 AMG – $86,900

  • Poison_Eagle

    Gorgeous! I am a huge fan of this- I would buy it for the Cd factor alone.

    • AndyGF

      Agreed this is gonna be as big as the 1 coupe was to BMW… maybe even bigger!

    • Zaccy16

      i agree it looks good but i would still rather a hatch i think

      • Poison_Eagle

        Horses for courses 😉

  • WileE

    Get into the 45 before the dollar drop takes effect

  • Crusher66

    Love the look and styling of Merc CLS but can’t afford the price tag. Will definitely get one of this

  • O123

    15k for a boot? why didnt they make it 40k?

    • LosLobos

      Read carefully before commenting @0123: CLA200 is $14,300 more than the less-powerful A180 base model hatch and $9000 pricier than the mechanically identical A200, although the difference between the latter is only $4000 when equally specified.

      • O123

        Hmm thats true, Guess we will see a CLA180 sometime soon then. Great looking car but, Might challenge the C class for sales.

  • theillestlife

    86K for AMG. Going through with my deposit on it for sure!

  • qikturbo

    Yeah,I might order a CLA250 Sport @ $63,400 and watch myself get humiliated by a Focus ST,Megane RS265,Opel Astra,Golf GTI,Ecoboost Falcon or the upcoming Fiesta ST et…etc..C’mon,what a ridiculous price for an anaemic engine in a so called performance car!
    Reviews overseas can’t be bothered with the Sport editions of these cars,they seem to be only interested in the AMG versions.

    • theillestlife

      Pretty sure it’s not the performance car of the lot, with that crown going to the 45AMG.

      The 200 Sport is more of sports car, i.e. looks, goes a little harder, tuned suspension, over the standard car.

    • Joe

      They are poser cars.

  • Corporal Clegg

    Why on Earth is the CLA 45 AMG $12,000 more than the hatch version? Disappointing. I have a deposit on one but not sure I want to pay $12,000 for a boot. Not only that, it has a lot less rear headroom.

  • ESP

    Cla 45 amg. Ordered and waiting. Anyone heard what options are available?

    • Corporal Clegg

      There are only three options: 1. Carbon interior pack ($990), 2. blacked out 19 inch wheels (around $500 I think) and a 3. Performance suspension package (likely too firm for day to day driving) about $1900. Our CLA45 AMGs will be very well ‘specced’ when they land. Lots of things standard that they pay extra for in other markets like panoramic roof, the AMG wheel, red cut leather seats, 19 inch wheels, blacked out bits etc.


    has the quality improved, even Korean rubbish is vastly superior to benz, they are the laughing stock of the world, pay the most get the least

    • CLS500

      What’s your problem with Mercedes? Are you envious because you don’t have one or will never be able to? Mercedes Benz are universally acknowledged as the pinnacle of automotive engineering. I also think that you should learn correct spelling, punctuation and grammar before you call others stupid. People may mistake you for a troll and we wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

    • F1orce

      Yeah the fit & finish of Mercedes-Benz of today is of very poor quality.

      But that’s not unexpected as these cars are simply overpriced Chinese subsidiaries.

      • KRudd2013

        Chinese subsidiaries? What are you talking about F1orce? Get your facts right. We appreciate diverse opinion but please say something that makes sense?

  • C250

    Any one knows the kerb weight for the CLA 450?

    • Henry Toussaint

      Well, just to Narrow it down for you, I reckon it’s around 1350-1500kgs…

  • mike

    Hmm it looks ugly..was this mainly made for the US market?

  • Matty Meow Meow

    I’m really liking this machine, but don’t want a hatch, and I hate the bent banana sedan shape. I guess I’ll have to wait for the new Audi RS3 sedan…..

    • Corporal Clegg

      The CLA 45 AMG will likely comprehensively tear the RS3 a new one.

  • Javo

    I can’t believe some people like the look of this thing. Looks like it was designed by Homer Simpson.

    • Homer

      I didnt do it. No one saw me do it. You cant prove i did it. DOH!!!

  • sam

    This looks like a great car! I get the feeling however that it will cannabilise sales from other cars in the showroom though, rather than create a large increase in overall sales volume for MB. We will see though. Pricing seems very good.

  • Hung Low

    That rear is hideous, welcome back Taurus! Nice interior though and the hatch is much better looking. The Amg model aside why would anyone buy the CLA250 over the new IS350??? This and the 1series are very ugly puppies.

    • F1orce

      In Australia the shoppers don’t like Lexus.

      • Doc

        That is unfortunate bec Lexuses are refined Benzes and Beamers with sedate styling – except the new ones that seem designed by HotWheels.

  • Ectomorphian

    Why is the rear end melting?

  • Doc

    Clearly, MB is going after the boy racer crowd. No offence to them. if THEY can afford it, good on them. But fForty and fifty yr olds should feel a bit silly driving around in a car designed by HotWheels, regardless of pedigree.

    • Hald3x

      Forty and fifty year olds will buy C and E Class. That’s called market segmentation to capture different niches

  • MisterZed

    US CLA250 price = $29,990. AU price = $63,400.

    • KRudd2013

      Hey MisterZed, notice you keep appearing on every forum constantly complaining about price difference with US. Guess what? We already knew that. Car importers will not change their pricing because of your ranting. And we still buy car here regardless.

      • DAVIDZ

        :GO HOME YANK:

  • robbo222

    You’re paying excessively for badge and looks as well as getting ripped off by living in Oz. And personally I’m not even fussed about the looks, I’d rather have the hatch. The price is just ridiculous: 50 large ones for a FWD 1.6 with 115kW? I am interested in the AMG but it needs to be tested on Aussie roads: the guys at EVO highlighted ride quality issues with the A45 AMG hatch. I’ll also take claims of 4.6 sec 0-100 times with a pinch of salt until tested here.

  • Carats&Carbon

    Game changer based on all real cars on on the road now fuel economy to performace plus being a Merc the CLA AMG has no real peers, will be interesting when the motor journos try and compare it against M5’s Audi Rs5 , Jags, Astins etc which are all using double the fuel are twice the price slower and not holding the Merc badge, our Japanese rice burner friends are great but not in the same league fun but just not leading unless they can out engineer AMG, I think I new cult classic is coming down the birth canal, look forward to the words.

    • Matty Meow Meow

      With a Haldex awd system? You been smoking some good stuff lol!

  • turpinator

    Ah, this car is a signal of where the auto market is headed and also a monumental mistake by MB in the USA. Cars are becoming commodities just like computers (get rid of your Apple stock.) This is an entry level Mercedes at entry level quality. For every two CLA-class cars they sell they will lose 2 C-class sales. And unfortunately MB has either made an error or at a minimum recognized that the MB luster is wearing off. The unfortunate by product of this car will also be the loss of some E and S class customers who thought they owned something special in the MB brand. All they need to do now is make and sell a police car model for American municipalities and that will begin the end of MB here in the states.
    Personally I think they should remove this car from the US market and then service billy goats a nickel a herd until they get their self respect back.


    LOOK, must be PRIMARY school holidays!
    Thinks he can learn about cars from websites and mags, POP your head in dealership workshop and learn something….

  • sicko5

    No need to keep repeating yourself, keep on asking people to pop in dealer workshop is pointless and will only further prove that you are just confused but keep on blabbering. Take a rest n stop talking nonsense : )


    I have to, as your stupid and wont learn, like a child u are need to be told a million times
    God back o your vw lemon, your made for each other

  • sicko5

    Next time you think of making some comments, please check yours against potential grammatical error and do not forget to check your spelling as well.