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The first official images and details of the Opel Monza concept have been revealed ahead of the striking coupe’s Frankfurt motor show debut in September.

Despite bearing a name that harks back to the 1970s, Opel CEO Dr Karl-Thomas Neumann says the Monza concept showcases the brand’s next-generation design philosophy and bundles together all the company’s targets for its future models.

“It is our vision of Opel’s future and stands for our fundamental values: German engineering and precision, combined with enthralling design and innovations suitable for everyday use,” Neumann said.

“The Monza Concept carries these elements forward in a visionary fashion, expressing them with fresh inspiration and clarity. This car is a study that will have a long-term impact on the next generation of Opel models.”

Opel says the Monza concept showcases standout efficiency through its aerodynamics, architecture, use of materials and “ground-breaking powertrain solution”.

It also promises “trailblazing” connectivity systems that represent “quantum leap in the development of infotainment” technologies.


Opel says its designers targeted an athletic design rather than one of pure power and muscularity. Signature styling elements have been enhanced: the central bonnet crease now more prominent and swept-up winglets added to the chrome grille bar that supports the Opel badge.

Sinister headlights and aggressive air intakes flank the Monza concept’s broad trapezoidal grille, which dominates the coupe’s long, low front end.

Just as the original Monza Coupe was the first car available with a digital dashboard display, the German car maker says the concept “continues this innovative theme” with technologies for future infotainment and connectivity possibilities designed to “address the needs of a closely connected and sharing society”.

More details on the Opel Monza concept are expected to be released in the lead-up to its Frankfurt debut on September 12.

  • Nigel

    Looks pretty cool but 50 bucks says the production car won’t look anywhere near like that

    • WileE

      Yep would shred a pedestrian just lookin at one

  • O123

    Looks like they stole the current Mzada 3s front

    • NoFear

      LOL, what is Mzada 3 ???

      BTW: First spy shots of this coupe concept are from January 2013.

      New Mazda 3 was revealed in June 2013.

  • sheldon

    Opel Head cheese: “Mazda calls their design language Kodo. We shall call ours KoPo – as in – we are copying Mercedes Benz’s SLS”

    • NoFear

      Really do you see same design lines as MB SLS ???
      Or you see low profile coupe with big grille in similar color as MB SLS ?