by Jez Spinks

An online bookmaker is offering odds on whether Volkswagen Australia will lose sales in 2013 compared with last year.

Sportsbet has priced Volkswagen at $1.75 to sell fewer cars in 2013 as a result of recent negative media coverage.

The German brand’s June sales results were down a significant 20 per cent compared with this time last year, suggesting Volkswagen’s public perception has been damaged by extensive media coverage relating to its reluctance to issue a recall.

Sportsbet says it’s the first time it has offered bets on a car maker selling more or fewer vehicles compared to a previous year.

“We have done a market previously on how many Commodores Holden will sell this year,” Sportsbet spokesman Shaun Anderson told CarAdvice, “but this is the first time we have done a market comparing the sales figures against last year’s results.

“We have found that these bet types are pretty popular, but it must be noted that they are designed to be ‘novelty bets’ that are monitored closely, usually don’t see any bets more than $50.”

“Some recent bad press certainly hasn’t helped Volkswagen’s chances to topping last year, but it looks to be a close call at this stage as to whether they can bounce back.”

Volkswagen has sold 27,654 vehicles across the country to the end of June, putting it 2.6 per cent up on 2012. To eclipse last year’s record tally of 54,835, the German brand will need to sell 27,182 cars in the second half of the year – an average of 4530 per month.

For punters who believe VW can recover with a strong second half of the year, Sportsbet is offering $2 for them to sell more.

  • crouchy35

    This countries alcohol and gambling culture has to change. We do so much to stop the heartache caused by drug addiction and violence yet continue to promote alcohol and gambling across the mainstream while the results can be just as catastrophic.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, internet gambling has got out of control, so many dumb things you can bet on these days is amazing!

      • pro346

        Its actually near impossible to stop internet gambling as the websites could be based offshore and we have no control of overseas websites.

  • tristan

    I was not surprised when I saw an ad on the age newspaper advertising 3 year free servicing on all Volkswagen passenger vehicles “for a limited time”.

    Guess in desperate times calls for desperate measures!!

    • oti

      Free servicing for 3 years is only worth about a $1200 saving.

      Free on road costs as offered all year round by most of the other manufacturers is worth about $2000 so if a limited offer worth $1200 is “desperate measures” how do you describe the measures by other manufacturers making a $2000 offer all year round?

      If you want desperation, go to Ford’s site. They are advertising XR6 for $33,990 with free on road costs AND 3 years free servicing. With a RRP of $39,990 + on road costs, it’s a $10,000 offer which makes it about 8 times more desperate than VW.

      • fjd

        The only thing desperate here is your attempts to deflect.

        • rui

          Well there is absolutely no desperation in offering a $1200 value incentive in a market where competitors are routinely offering incentives worth 8 times as much.

          Maybe VW will get desperate with discounts but the current discount is nothing compared to the discounts currently being offered on other cars.

      • Robin_Graves

        How about VeeDud grabbing the bull by the horns and making a more robust product instead of pathetic econo drives and giving away free servicing? They are still in la-la land and treat the consumer like an idiot.

        • pelot3

          Maybe they have, they’ve released a new Golf which hasn’t been recalled (yet).

          Econo drives do sell cars, maybe if Ford Falcon was actually capable of setting economy records, they might sell a few. Free servicing obviously does not help sell VWs/Protons/Falcons(or Daewoo who also tried it at one stage)

          • Robin_Graves

            Falcons set economy records every day for me. Effortless overtaking up hills, roomy and reliable with excellent ride and steering and returns high 8’s without trying to be thrifty.

            Anyway, what has Falcon got to do with this story? Maybe they should run a bet on how many new Golfs will be towed into a dealership in a week.

          • Guest

            I own a VW Passat Highline and it is running extremely well and economic on fuel.. There was only a small number of vehicles in the recall, especially when compared to some that Toyota and others have done in the past. I am not excusing VWA but things need to be looked at in the right context. Funny how everyone knocks VWs, but I see thousands of them running around without a problem, including several owned by those I know.

      • Zaccy16

        that is a fantastic deal for a great aussie built car!

        • Robin_Graves

          Even better the XR6 Turbo is $39k

          • Zaccy16

            i agree, that is a amazing bargain! the 4.0 turbo is one of the best aussie built engines IMO, its super quick, has bags of torque and is a hoot to drive, and im not saying its fuel efficient but on the highway its not as bad as it seems, im super excited that in a couple of weeks i get to borrow my friends xr6 turbo manual ute! i have only driven the auto version in sedan form before

      • gtrxuone

        The Falcons times allmost up.The motoring world moved to fast for our local manufactures.But let’s remember the great Australian design and the bullet proof i6 engine.Vw could only dream of Falcon reliability.

  • F1orce

    Gambling is not good.

  • Golfschwein

    It’s sick.

    • Justin

      So true. I know many people whose lives have been ruined by their gambling addictions. These companies should not be allowed to do this. Normal gambling is bad enough, but this spreading to mainstream things like this is just ridiculous and reckless.

    • Robin_Graves

      Whichever way it goes, buy a VeeDud and you lose.

  • theillestlife

    easy money for meeee

  • Hung Low

    Online gambling, e-tolls, direct debit, 0% finance, plus more, draw complacency to ones expenditure and are all Social Engineering tools.
    Are people equipped with the ‘smarts’ to see this these days?

  • Cl1ff0

    Simple don’t gamble then!

    • Justin

      Some people have a problem and it’s not that simple as just saying no.

  • Hjalle

    I dont support gambling in any way, and was recently at Crown Casino in Melbourne and found it quite sad to see all the people at the slot machines with some people inserting credit cards – but as long as it is done responsibly and with common sense, I think it is a bit of fun to put bets on if car makers will sell more or less cars in a period of time. I believe it would also be harder to lose as much money on these bets as with dog or horse racing because with these bets you need to wait a few months to see the results instead of the 1 minute a horse/ dog race takes.

  • Robin_Graves

    I don’t like gambling but it’s funny to see all the VeeDud fanbois banging on about how gambling should be regulated. These same people jump up and down about the government supporting the car industry in Australia. Which one is it? Communism or a free for all?

  • MisterZed

    Not worth it, might as well throw your money down the drain. Don’t know why people feel compelled to put down money on bets.

  • rickdingo

    So why do people still buy Toyotas? If the recalls affect VW sales so badly then Toyota should not sell any cars given their massive recalls and denial of the faults in their cars. Not to mention selling fake leather but charging for real leather.

    • DAVIDZ

      Because in 10 years time it will still run perfectly, and here is the crusher THE TRADE WANTS TOYOTA, no wholesaler wants a VW

      • Love_A_Dud

        Went to an auction recently and was stunned by all the Veeduds, many were passed over, its true dealers don’t want em, low mileage and still young polos going for next to nothing, ouch to the buyer, people have long memories, I was dudded by Veedud in 1995 and will never return.

    • tristan

      In comparison to VW, Toyota doesn’t offer ‘limited time offer’ of free servicing just to grab sales or meet the sale figure in Australia!

  • barry

    $1.75 is excellent odds on sales falling.Dsg chaos,MK7 receiving luke warm reviews+other possible problems.And Vw have rubbed a lot of motor journolists up the wrong way ,over recent happenings.

  • Sumpguard

    I think it’s kind of appropriate given the gamble on buying one of these.

  • marc

    I’ll bet there will be some whinging about gambling


    If you bet against VW, you will win $50.

    If you don’t buy any VW, you will win (or save in repair bills) $10,000.

    I think I soon will be $10,050 richer without doing any work.

    • Nasal Explorer

      No, you’ll only be $50 richer. Think about it.

    • Nigel

      Worst math calculations I’ve ever seen

  • Bruce

    VW Australia should have been quick to recall and not waited for all the bad press. Now, they will definitely lose sales.

  • Bruce

    Chrysler and Ford had recall headaches with their Caravan and Explorer, respectively. One company (i forgot which one) admitted that it was cheaper for them to pay for death and i jury claims than recall and repair each and every vehicle affected. The resulting disgust cost the company much more in sales and confidence. But. Just a decade later, they were back strong.

  • Tone

    Maybe Tom Waterhouse should run a promo, where some lucky (!?) punter goes into a draw to win a VW Golf?