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by Alex Gibson

The new Mazda 3 sedan has been leaked weeks ahead of its official unveiling.

The images, leaked by the Russian edition of Top Gear, come hot on the (boot-less) tail of the Mazda 3 hatch revealed last week, and show a four-door design that from some angles mimics the bigger Mazda 6 sedan.

The elongated look and narrow glasshouse of the five-door hatch means there’s a natural visual relationship with the Mazda 3 sedan, with all the changes coming at the rear.


Expect some extra boot space from the sedan that is 120mm longer than the hatch.

The sedan will share its engines and drivetrains with the hatch, including 114kW/200Nm 2.0-litre and 138kW/250Nm 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engines. The latter engine, derived from the larger Mazda 6, is currently offered as an SP25 model for the hatch, and the same should be the case for the sedan.

A 110kW 2.2-litre diesel engine found in the CX-5 SUV and Mazda 6 medium car can be expected to join the Mazda 3 range not long after the petrol models launch locally in early 2014.

Mazda 3 sedan leak driving profile


  • A.A

    Sedan looks much better then the hatch..

    still don’t like the grill, seriously did they even think about the front numberplate when they designed this car? it really ruins it.

    • Anuj

      Yea this grill is a bit of a weird one but this is awesome- i was actually waiting till EOFY next year to buy a new car- was considering between the veloster + and i30 premium- but if this thing drives like it looks- i am getting the SP25- think I can have it for under 32K during EOFY?

      • A.A

        I would spend the extra money on the SP25, it looks and drives better then a Hyundai Veloster and it will most likely be more reliable.

        I don’t think you will be able to pick one up for 32K, but will have to wait and see.

        • Sumpguard

          More reliable? Come on mate . You had me up until you rolled that one out.

          • A.A

            Why’s that?

          • luke

            because Hyundai has an excellent reliability record in recent years. Hence their industry leading warranty.

      • Dyllip

        The Mazda 3 looks great at the front except the stupid number plate thing. But the rear however will date fast. The Veloster I feel will stay quirky, though many say it is ugly… I’d rather a quirky car that is reasonably rare than a Golf or Mazda 3 that everyone and their sister has…

    • Anuj

      The grill is weird but this case looks gr8. If the drive matches it- EOFY next year- I am getting the SP25. Was considering the i30 premium and even the Veloster +
      but looks way better- especially in the sedan guise. Reckon I can get the SP25 for under 32K during EOFY? Sorry if this is a repost- cant see the first one i typed out.

    • F1orce

      In USA you don’t need 2 number plates. You could do only with the rear plate..

      • A.A

        USA are lucky, because the number plate doesn’t look good on the grill.

        • Darryl

          Those Euro plates are enormous

          • A.A

            It’s just wired that Mazda would put it there, i know the design is part of their kodo design language, but they made space for the numberplate on the 6, CX-5 and CX-9, why couldn’t they do it on the 3?

          • jne83

            I agree, they could have placed it at the lower part of the grill

      • D987

        Slimline white on black number plates hopefully would make it look a little better.

      • dr sheldon cooper

        Some states DO require 2 plates. Those that do NOT, require you to ALWAYS park tail OUT – so license plates are visible to POLICE. So, it could be a hassle sometimes.

        I lived in one of the ONE PLATE states and for the front bumper was able to use authentic German plates (internet-bought, used, with REAL reg stickers) on my old MB. But at least, Aust has EU-style plates avail with the blue stripe. Danke schorn!!!

    • bob

      Should have located the numberplate on the side like an evo or alfa romeo 159

  • DanM

    Looks like an IS250/350 from that rear 3/4 angle!

    • Grays

      Looks very nice.

    • CC

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Jacques

      From that angle, I think a liftback bodystyle, a la the 323 Astina or Corolla liftbacks of the 90s, would look amazing.

  • Dieseltorque

    Wow! Great effort Mazda, good to see you are making eye pleasing cars. Subaru, Nissan look and learn please!

    • clem

      and Honda too.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, this sedan looks fantastic! very coupe like, mazda are kicking goals at the moment!

    • Leo

      Agreed. It does look great. Now since its coupled with the Skyactiv drivetrain, if Mazda just get the NVH under control, they have a winner for sure…

  • Backyard Enterprise

    I like it…. however, a lot of families buy these cars and I reckon buyers may find they have problem with their kids in the back seat.

    The rear door window line is pretty high up on the door enclosing the kids in an area where they will have trouble seeing out.

    Why is that an issue? Car sickness…. an example is the Kia Rio which I test drove which has a similar thing going on and within minutes the kids where turning pale.

    Kia and Mazda are not alone in this, however the Focus for one has deeper windows – and no chucking.

    Just a heads up for prospective buyers who have kids under the age of 10!

    • Mike

      Having seen pics of both of the rear seat interior, there doesn’t seem to be much of difference between the Focus and the 3. The Focus’s windows did unfortunately decrease in size with the new model – these rising beltlines are a sad trend not only in the segment, but in current design trends. But all in all, it shouldn’t really be an issue with the 3 if it’s not one with the Focus.

    • Norm

      Agree. Why are rear seat passengers condemned to sitting in a cave in so many modern designs?

      That said – provided they’ve continued to improve NVH the 3 will storm back to the top of it’s class here.

  • KiddingMe

    Sensational Mazda. Sensational! This could easily be the best looking car on the Australian road.


    I’m in love!

  • $29896495

    Looks pretty good for a sedan – looks BIG.

    • matt

      LOOKS yes….. but the hatch, as every review/journo has mentioned, is no larger then the current gen. I don’t think the sedan will be any larger aswell. Which means, and this should make you very happy, that the 3 since its launch, has not really grown in 3 generations now, I remember reading a gen 2 review and they were complimenting on how it hasn’t “grown” like its competitors.

      • $29896495

        Well actually they did give measurements and it is wider and the wheelbase is longer. That was in the release story.

        • Hrustrem

          It’s also shorter and the same overall length.

          • Hrustrem

            Shorter in height.

          • $29896495

            width is the key

          • $29896495

            and the longer wheelbase and flowing design draws your eye along. Creating that visual impression. But if you really look at a current 3, it’s no baby. The added width will push it up a class.

          • Karvan

            Not really. Length is the main deciding factor in terms of segment distinction and comparison between models.

          • Sydlocal

            I’d like to know how that works with the Camry/Aurion!

          • Johnny

            Exactly, you wouldn’t class the Ecoboost Falcon as a medium car.

  • Brayden Cresswell

    Can’t say I like that front end but in real life it may be better.

    • Dr Sheldon Cooper

      That snout seems bigger than Howard Wolowitz’s schnosh. I know a good surgeon to do rhinoplasty. Wink.

  • JoeR_AUS

    Looks like a Mazda 6 but in the gen 1 Mazda 6 size.

    People criticize that the Cruze is too big, will see how this Mazda 3 goes.

    • $29896495

      I don’t know if they criticize the size or rather just comment on it’s actual dimensions. What people do criticize is the LOOKS. No problem for mazda there.

      • JoeR_AUS

        huwtm Cruze size 18500 hits on google

        • Gunther

          Did you mean Cruise size? 😉

        • $29896495

          In the greater scheme of things 18500 isn’t that many on the net. But yes we (or a lot of us) have search dimensions a few times. It is a big car. relatively speaking. Same as Mazda 3.

    • Harley

      This model (at least the hatch version) is the same size (length) as the outgoing version, so your point is moot.

      • JoeR_AUS

        So length is the only measurement, very one dimensional.

        • Harley

          At least I gave some sort of criteria, rather than some vague and subjective idea ofsize. It’s also shorter in height, FYI. You still keeping count?

          • $29896495

            Actually it’s wheelbase and tracks. So the width of this thing moves it up a segment. Which is no big deal they are all doing it. They even state that is is LONGER in the story. Nuff Said.

          • Harley

            The new model is shorter in height – does it move down a segment by height standards then?

            In the story it says that the sedan is 120mm longer than the hatch. The current sedan is 120mm longer than the current hatch. Since the hatch has not changed in length and the difference between the two hasn’t either, the new sedan has not grown in length. Nuff said.

          • $29896495

            To be polite, you are just being silly because you were wrong. Width is really the mark of a big car. plus being around 4.5 metres give or take. Once you have 1.8 as well it’s moved up a class.

          • Harley

            To be polite, you’re just grabbing at straws now because you were wrong about it being longer. You’re just pulling arbitrary figures out of the air now – the new model doesn’t even reach your made-up criteria of 1.8m in width and only increased by 4cm over the existing model. That still puts it smaller than the Cruze, which was the whole point of this thread.

          • $29896495

            I’m not actually. Last one was round 1769 + 40 (4cm) = 1809. I think I’ll just give up being polite with you. How big’s the hole in your foot? That was your NUMBER!

          • Harley

            No, you’re wrong again. The outgoing model has a width of 1755mm. Source: Mazda Australia website
            You were saying something about the hole in someone’s foot?

          • $29896495

            What do you mean “again”? I haven’t been wrong so far. These words – “was round” – approximation. 1755 + 40 = 1795. 5 mil of 1800 so little you wouldn’t pick it by eye. “round” quarter inch. Length and width this is a good (meaning big) medium car. How can you possibly say otherwise. BIGGER than a VL Commodore. My foot is fine, yours is shot to pieces like your argument.

          • Harley

            The first time you were wrong was when you claimed that they said it was longer in the story, but the truth was that you had misread/misunderstood. The second time was when you pulled an arbitrary width figure of 1769mm out of the air, when the actual figure was 1755mm. If you’re going to try raise a point, at least give the people here, as well as the truth, some respect, by using the easily obtainable correct figures. If you can’t do that, you’re only wasting everyone’s time. The third and final time you were wrong was when you mistook my argument as being shot to pieces, when the only thing in tatters (and to be honest, it was in tatters right from the start) was your argument.

          • $29896495

            It says it in the story read it again. 5 mil off 1800 big whoop, you were wrong it is wider. What else is there it is longer and wider. Get over it, you trying to sell them as a small car or something? Because they aren’t!

          • Harley

            You should read more carefully, because I never claimed that the new model wasn’t wider than the outgoing one, nor did the story say that new model was longer than the outgoing model; what the story did say was that the sedan is longer than the hatch, which is already the case, but the sedan has not grown in length.

          • $29896495

            You are the one who actually had a number I was quoting the pre-release. This is over.

          • Harley

            First you said they said it in the ‘story’, now you’re saying you were quoting a ‘pre-release’. You’re so wrong that you can’t even keep your story straight. This IS over.

          • JoeR_AUS


            I have a mate at work who has a 2005 Mazda 6, I told him wait for the new Mazda 3, as he does not want a large car (which the Mazda 6 has become) . The new Mazda 3 is a good size but the market will decide if its suitable.

          • Harley

            I’m ‘touchy’ because I decided to reply to your ‘touchy’ response? Right… Sorry, but I don’t live in the world where the things a person says aren’t ever subject to scrutiny.

        • Johnny

          Heres some lengths to compare the Mazda 3 against.

          Ford Falcon – 4967mm
          Holden Commodore – 4900mm
          Landcruiser 200 – 4990mm
          Current Mazda 3 – 4580mm

          Thats 387mm difference between a “small” car and a “large” car and 410mm shorter than a Landcruiser. These cars are becoming friggin huge. Why would you need to buy a large car when a small one is just as big.

          • $29896495

            How old are you, that’s not huge, it’s 38cm or just over 12 inches or 1 FOOT. 1′ in plus or minus when there’s a long wheel base isn’t a big deal. If it were i foot narrower it would be and be bloody cramped – that would make it roughly the width it was in the 80s

          • $29896495

            yeah exactly johnny

          • Johnny

            When I say “these cars” i mean small cars, they’re all upscaling to full sized cars. Thats the reason large car sales are suffering. Can buy a ‘almost’ falcon/commodore sized car for $19990, or you could buy a $40k 1 foot bigger car.

          • $29896495

            Totally get it. Post below (now above) is in the wrong spot. That is exactly the issue.

          • JoeR_AUS

            You are right look at the early VB-VL Commodore and the outgoing Mazda is wider and higher. This is not a negative comment but shows why these size cars, including the Mazda 3, Cruze and new Golf are a viable choice esp compared to what size these cars (Golf and 323) were back in the 80’s and 90’s

          • JoeR_AUS

            However, large car do have there place. If you need to carry full size people in the back and lots of luggage they are superior but then again I know a couple of families who have 7-8 seat vehicles even when there are only 4 in the family. There are plenty of choices out there and that’s why Commodore and Falcon suffer to the extent that with over 200 models to choose from it is a tough market as nobody sells 60,000 a year of one model any more.

          • Peter

            And it’s pretty unnecessary length too. My missus has a volvo s40T5, same platform as the Mazda 3. It is 4.4m long but much more legroom in the back than the Mazda, in fact it is pretty much the same in the back as the current s60 which is a foot plus longer. But it isnt as wide as the s60 which makes it easier to park, though you cant fit as many goodies in the front.

          • jfg

            It had a smaller boot, was wider and weighed about 200kg than the 3 though.

  • TG

    Does this mean Toyota Australia will wake up and put the Camry 2AR-FE 2.5 litre engine in the Corolla? Thought not…

    • $29896495

      In the US sure, it will have and gets the 2.5 has does the Civic. You’ll have to chat to both companies and ask them why they consider us lesser than the US.

      • Pebble

        Probably because of demand. I don’t think many Corolla buyers would want/need the 2.5 litre engine and such a Corolla would probably start encroaching on the Camry’s sales.

        • O123

          I see more sp25s than base model. Good marketing tool as well.

          • Mach

            3 buyers slightly different to Corolla buyers. Not to mention fleet buyers.

      • Dave W

        2.5L would’ve been nice in the Levin. That’s where Toyota’s losing out I reckon. I’ve seen quite a few current gen SP25 on the road, and why not? Better value than the top of the range Corolla Levin with its wheezy 1.8L.

        Or Toyota could’ve put that 2.5L in the Corolla and make it the new Sportivo. Lots of Toyota enthusiasts would flock to that. My workmate sold his modified Corolla for the 86. That’s a good start for Toyota but they need more sporty car that isn’t only cosmetic.

        • $29896495

          Yep exactly, if this was 86 to 89, that’s what we’d have. Don’t know why Toyota changed policy back to pre 86 with us.

          • Dave W

            Toyota reverted to their pre-86 policy? Haven’t heard that one and very disappointed if true. Where can I find an article on that?

            To be honest, I’m a Toyota fan. Started with Starlet GT turbo when I was in Japan, to a non-turbo Supra to a Prado to a Corolla and V6 Tarago couple years ago.

            I’ve been waiting for a Toyota (semi) hot hatch to swap my Corolla with. Looks like it would have to be the Mazda 3 after all.

          • $29896495

            Pre 86 Toyota ran standard engines in everything going right back to Celica’s early days just the bog standard 1.6 when the rest of the world got twin cams etc. Corolla Coupes had 1.2lt and bog standard interiors. They finally went to 1.5 when everybody else was miles ahead. Every car they had up to 86 was the same base model.

    • Guest

      2.5L would’ve been nice in the Levin. That’s where Toyota’s losing out I reckon. I’ve seen quite a few current gen SP25 on the road, and why not? Better value than the top of the range Corolla Levin with its wheezy 1.8L.

      Or Toyota could’ve put that 2.5L in the Corolla and make it the new Sportivo. Lots of Toyota enthusiasts would flock to that. My workmate sold his modified Corolla for the 86. That’s a good start for Toyota but they need more sporty car that isn’t only cosmetic.

      • JoeR_AUS

        food for thought

        How about a direct injection engine with a turbo like the new Pulsar SSS.

  • Ox

    Australia’s future best selling cat no doubt

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Jaguar won’t like that

      • Ox

        Oops I mean car, though Mazda has always given jag a run for its money for design, remember the 929 and Eunos 500 back in the 90’s…stunning!

        • Sydlocal

          That 929 also showed Mazda could do NVH well and make a quiet car as it was regarded as having Lexus-like levels of quietness inside. I wonder why they dropped the ball?

          • $29896495

            weight – making a car quiet cost a weight penalty.

          • falcodore

            Lack of money didn’t help either…..

          • falcodore

            I don’t think Mazda had a dud car in the early 90’s, they were all brilliant. It just goes to show what they can do when they have capital and are not tied to a parent company’s idea of what they should be.

        • v

          If I remember correctly,the 929 was said to mimic Jaguar design. The Eunos 30X was a popular car as well. Even the 323 Astina still looks good after so many years.

  • Dr Sheldon Cooper

    Looks decent. Just dont ask for an arm, a leg and my first-born and we will do just fine, Mazda!

    • O123

      mazdas always seem to be well priced and specced, not as good as the koreans but better than the other japs.

      • dr sheldon cooper

        Maybe for other models but $50 large for a Miata (MX-5)? That’s Lotus Elise money back home!!!

        • falcodore

          The next gen model will come down in price, especially now they have Alfa Romeo sharing the costs.

          • Dr sheldon cooper

            Lets hope so. Theyre talking $80,000 for the Alfa. Theyre makig the Toyo/baru 86 look EVEN MORE attractive!!!

          • Dave W

            The convertible version of the 86 looks pretty decent too.

          • Sheldon

            I believe you.

  • Tek

    The Astina is back

  • Rocket

    If it has OK rear leg room this could steal sales from mid size cars including the 6 as the boot size would be pretty close in size. However those really looking for a small car may find it too big and downsize to the 2 or similar?

    • JoeR_AUS

      or Corolla

  • Ted

    Lovely looking car and Mazda, you have done it again – well done.
    I have said it before, but the Corolla needs to do something to keep private buyers – how about a decent engine !

  • marc

    Shades of the Astina sedan, circa mid 90s?

    • falcodore

      That was a beautiful car, i still turn and look if i see one.

      • Henrie

        Yes, very nice looking and ahead of its time.

  • Telly


  • Petar

    One Ugly Car it’s as bad as the Pulsar sss hatch

    • A.A

      Bit harsh.

      • Petar

        The front is ugly and i personally wouldn’t buy one just like the Nissan Pulsar sss poor styling outside it’s a re badged Tida and inside it has no sporty feel to the car pretty cheap. I would much rather purchase an A Class Merc and i have driven a C Class which is fun to drive….

  • Ruqis

    Mazda on a roll

  • Anthony Mindel

    I think the new Mazda 3 sedan,and new Toyota Corolla sedan will have a big battle on their hands next year,Mazda looks STUNNING

  • Poison_Eagle

    Looks like a Hyundai i40 in that colour. The hatch is better IMHO.

  • David Rome

    looks great but I still prefer the sportiness of the hatch…..the baby 6 has touched down.

  • Alex


  • FarmerNIC

    Cool sedan it looks better than the hatch but the grill is really ugly along with the head lights