Nissan appears to have lost its exclusive rights to power New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow, after the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission decided that operators may use alternative vehicles.

The New York Daily News reports that the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission made the decision to amend the terms of the Taxi of Tomorrow program following a ruling by a New York Supreme Court Justice in May.

Justice Peter Moulton ruled that the contract awarded to Nissan by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission in 2011 was “null, void and unenforceable” due to the city’s specific call for a “hybrid electric vehicle” not being met by the 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol-powered Nissan NV200.

The amended program now allows taxi operators to purchase a hybrid alternative to the Nissan NV200 cab, at least until 2015 when the Japanese manufacturer plans to release its own hybrid version of the van.

Planned to start hitting the streets in October, the New York NV200 taxis have been modified to carry four passengers and luggage while providing greater rear legroom, and feature sliding doors, side steps, grab handles, phone chargers, reading lights and a transparent roof.

Despite the amendments to the program’s terms, the report suggests further legal challenges are still likely.

  • pixxxels

    thank god for that, this thing is an abomination.

  • LowRezFez

    It could have been worse… A yellow Stavic!

  • Jacob

    Victory for free markets!

    Banning all but Nissan taxis is communism.

    • Jake

      We aren’t free in any way or form in this world! More like a heard of sheep in a paddock that can choose from either a hay bail or green grass to munch on. But this is more about an image for the city, think of NYC and yellow Crown Vics pop to mind. This car is the image the city wants you to think of in 5 Years time when asked the same question.

  • Karl Sass

    LOL Nissan what were you thinking? There’s nothing vague about the requirement “hybrid electric vehicle” of course this vehicle doesn’t meet the contract.

  • Dr Sheldon Cooper

    Tourists in Nuyok wanna eat GREASY coronary-inducing burgers, ride the NOISY stanky subway trains and be INSULTED by nasal, tourist-hating Nuyok-ahs they see on TV and da movies. They wanna ride the wallowing car sickness causing graffitti’d land yachts that Crown Vics har come to epitomise. THIS IS AMERICA, baby. Unfiltered, un retouched, un Photo shopped. DONT LIE to tourists! Why we pretend America is GREEN? Foreigners are NOT that stupid to believe we all drive Toyota PIOUS (misspelling intended) and Nissan LEAVE. We rape the planet. ACCEPT it!!!