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Smart ForTwo - Offroad

A humorous new ad for the Smart ForTwo has been released that has become an award winner, with the premise that the city car is as poor off road as an SUV is in the city.

Showing the 52kW/92Nm rear-wheel drive Smart Fortwo getting stuck while attempting to tackle steep inclines, rocks and a river crossing, the clip is rare in demonstrating a car’s weaknesses; but it actually subjugates another car, or in this case a genre of car, the SUV.

Put together by BBDO Germany for Daimler, ‘Offroad’ recently won a Gold Lion award for Film Craft at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

According to its makers, “With these absurd images we turn a presumed weakness into a strength: just like SUVs are not made for the city, the Smart Fortwo is not made for off-road driving. The spot thereby evokes a reversal conclusion: the smart fortwo is perfect for the city.”


  • Terry

    It appears that the Smartcar actually glances the Merc while parking. Fail

    • marc

      ..situation normal in the city

    • Jason Bourne

      goot spotting….but its a normal occurance in most european cities to bump or glance the cars in front and behind when getting in/out of parking.

      notice how the front wheels hit the kerbs as well? I reckon they deliberately did the parking manoeuvre like that to reflect your typical city parker in a european city.

      • MisterZed

        Except the last scene is clearly New York, not Europe.

  • David Zalstein

    Indeed it does – well spotted Terry.

  • Phil

    the Smart’s weakness is an automated gearbox whose shift times can be measured without a second hand. Why isn’t that in the ad?

    • Zaccy16

      that was a huge problem in the roadster too!

  • Neil_Way

    Pretty decent advertising effort. Certainly better than the car itself.

  • F1orce

    I understand why people choose SUVs

    No reason for all the anti SUV advocates.

    • Karl Sass


      • Dr Sheldon Cooper

        Specially now that B Triples are allowed in Melbourne, increased used of petrol in SUVs and larger cars are a SMALL PRICE to pay for increased SURVIVABILITY in an accident.

        • Neil_Way

          Hence why almost all new small cars come with a five-star safety rating?

          • Dr Sheldon Cooper

            Excellent question! I asked that myself but surveying big vs Small crashes for 3 mos consistently showed BETTER SURVIVABILITY in bigger, more massive vehicles. Also, TALLER vehicles ie, SUVs, cross overs, trucks,… Have DISTINCT ADVANTAGE. Newton’s laws of physics STILL win over any ANCAP safety ratings. And sadly, most hoons drive HEFTY V8s, killing and maiming “environmentally responsible” people in SMALL cars.

          • Nasal Explorer

            It has also been proven that if you use to many BIG CAPITALS in your posts that people think you’re deranged and will ignore what you are saying.

          • Phil

            way to go, focus only on passive safety – not active safety which helps you avoid the accident in the first place. No, you just ignore the fact that larger, heavier vehicles are dynamically inferior and take longer to stop, and with a higher roll centre SUV’s are more prone to rollover accidents. But that doesn’t matter, because you have more vehicle around you to protect you when you collide with whatever it was you couldn’t steer around…

          • Dave W

            Saw an SUV flipped over on Victoria road after being hit on the right side by an Audi that ran a red light. The SUV ended up on its roof.

  • Zaccy16

    great add! the smart car would make sense if it was $10,000 less!

  • jeanluc

    Nice ad clever use of reverse psychology…

  • MisterZed

    Pathetic – look closely and you’ll see the smart car hits the car behind it as it goes into the spot. Going forward into a parking space = stupid.

    • wer

      Pathetic – lookg closely and you’ll see that several people pointed this out several hours earlier.

  • StevieP

    This commercial is adorable.

  • Daniel D

    Very clever ad.

  • LowRezFez

    Funny ad… Too bad the car is, well, bad.

  • Dr Sheldon

    Great car – if all cars are SIMILARLY SIZED. This is why Smart cars are NOT popular in America – land of the Hummers,Escalades, Suburbans and F-1500s.

  • jne83