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The German-built Ford Focus ST has been upgraded with the manufacturer’s Emergency Assistance automatic emergency services calling function.

But the regular Thai-sourced Focus models will be forced to go without the potentially life-saving technology indefinitely, with Ford Australia confirming the system is currently only compatible with its European-built cars.

Emergency Assistance is a feature of Ford’s Sync voice-activated connectivity system that uses an occupant’s paired mobile phone to automatically call emergency services if sensors detect the car has been involved in a crash.

The Focus ST becomes the second model in Ford’s local line-up to get the Emergency Assistance function following its debut the new Spanish-built Kuga, which launched here in April.


Ford Australia brand communications manager Neil McDonald confirmed that the rest of the Focus range would miss out on Emergency Assistance for now because of differences in the electronic architectures of the Sync systems fitted to vehicles produced in Europe versus those made in Thailand.

He said Ford had no timeline on when the advanced safety system would be available in its Thai-built cars, suggesting the updated Fiesta, due later this year, may also miss out on the clever technology.

The next-generation Mondeo, which Ford Australia will source from Belgium, is expected to come standard with Emergency Assistance when it goes on sale in the first half of 2014.


As part of the announcement, Ford Australia confirmed the 704 customers who have already taken delivery of the Focus ST would be able to have Emergency Assistance activated on their vehicles at no cost at their Ford dealer. Ford is contacting owners by mail to organise a time to carry out the activation, which takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Ford says its engineers have spent several months testing Emergency Assistance in the Focus ST across Australia’s east coast.

  • bob

    Another thing I’ve noticed about the ST is that the Australian model only features the 5″ touch screen. The US version is 8″. Odd.

    • filippo

      The US and Europe versions both get a 6 speed manual too, where the Thai ones makes do with a retro 5-speeder.

      • Yetiman

        This car has a 6 speed manual.

    • Pete

      Ummm I’m pretty sure the European model also gets the 5″ screen. Only American market Ford’s get the 8″ screen because of the ford touch link system (which by the way Americans hate and don’t want). I could be wrong though but i’m sure European models are exactly like our ST. Also American ST’s miss out on a few feature that the rest of the world’s ST get, just can’t remember what exactly, but I read Americans complaining about it.

  • JD

    So much for the “one ford” policy

    Ive lost count of the number of times i’ve written that article on ford articles.

    Why do we all miss out on features available on other fords across the globe such as my ford etc. And to top it all off we pay a premium for these vehicles that are sold cheaper in other parts of the world.

    For the record im a ford fan.

    • JD

      we are always the last to get the best features

      • Sheldon

        We should STOP BUYING at the prices they dictate to us. Then the prices will Start COMING DOWN!

  • myford touch

    Ford Mondeo on sale in first of 2014????? As if, its not even going on sale in Europe till the end of 2014
    Yes only tiny screen in my ST, wish they would upgrade us to a 8inch MYFORD touch

    • Marka

      Not sure about the date(i thought the euro release for the mondeo was q4 2013, as the end of 2014 is a long way off!) but I’m pretty sure that Ford is closing the Belgium factory

  • Batman

    “Hello, Alfred? I’m in a bit of a pickle. Could you bring the Batmobile around, for me please?”

  • Just saying

    It’s no wonder consumers get up in arms. We pay premium prices for bog stock vehicles. The way Ford OZ is going, they need to bring full spec cars here for the price the rest of the world pay. It just goes to show. Our market means nothing compared to other markets around the world. Sad.

    • Yetiman

      The rest of the world has 3 specs, we have one. I think ours is the best value.