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by Alex Gibson

Toyota will host a development forum for Australian car component suppliers tomorrow, as a part of the car maker’s efforts to support the local manufacturing industry.

The goal of the forum is to encourage local suppliers to become globally competitive by developing new business relationships with other Australian producers, and to share ideas about how to increase the competitiveness of the Australian manufacturing industry in the face of increased foreign competition.

In particular, the forum aims to facilitate increased domestic production of automotive related supplies.

“There may be companies that are currently importing parts that can easily be made by our local suppliers at a competitive cost,” said Barry Budge, Toyota Australia’s corporate manager.

“If we can facilitate these introductions, our local suppliers can strengthen their businesses and become more efficient. This will lead to a stronger local supplier base, which is critical to Toyota Australia and the future of local manufacturing.”


For the first time, two non-automotive manufacturers, Thales Australia and BAE Systems, have been invited to attend the conference. Both specialise in defence and security components, but have been identified as potential additions to the domestic automotive industry.

Joining Thales and BAE will be 20 of Toyota Australia’s local suppliers from New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Toyota Australia manufactures its Camry and Aurion ranges at its plant in Altona, Victoria. Over 65 per cent of the vehicles produced are exported overseas.

The forum is being held in the wake of Ford Australia’s announcement last month that it will close its Geelong and Broadmeadows manufacturing plants in 2016. As a result, over one thousand jobs in the domestic automotive production industry will be lost.

Ford attributed the closure to the domestic production of cars no longer being economically viable. The forum seeks to address this problem.

  • Jimbo

    This is brilliant! The government should throw as much support behind Toyota as possible. The dream would be Camry/Aurion, then Rav 4 and perhaps even in the future the Corolla and Hilux. The last two may only be a bit of a pipe dream, but why can’t we think of Toyota along Holden as the big two Aussie car companies now that Ford is shutting everything down. US or Japanese it doesn’t matter. Jobs are jobs and Toyota could very well be the Australian car industries saviour. So long as we play our cards right.

    • gtrxuone

      Toyota are here to stay and Australians like that about Toyota.There market domince down under is amazing.

  • Lukaas

    Obviously it benefits Toyota by more local suppliers, because it drives down prices.
    But it benefits suppliers also, more investment local resources, people, knowledge and down the line, manufacturing technology and know how can be passed on to other markets/industry in the manufacturing sector. Which means more jobs for australians, which in turn support the economy.

    Australian suppliers have a lot of room for improvement…. tons.

    Would love the Government to support Toyota and Holden with this task..

    First step would be to match other countries’s tariffs….
    Australia is the one of a few developed nations that offer cheapest and lowest import taxes… freedom of choice to buy products? or a stable economy that provides income to people?

    Why not add additional tax on imported cars? If buyers still want to buy imported cars then they should pay the additional tax to have their “choice”….. they do it in other countries….. in the end, a healthy economy and high employment rate translate to a highly confident consumers who won’t mind paying the extra tax at all because their job outlook is good.

    • Jacob

      You either have free markets or you dont.

      If protectionism is so good, how come the USSR went bankrupt, North Korea, East Germany, etc

  • F1orce

    Toyota’s export program to the rich Arab Gulf region is what’s saving it compared with the other 2 manufactures..

    The Arabs really like the Aurion & Camry

  • Ruqis

    Arabs are buying lots of Aurion V6 for young boy

    and Camry 2500 for Taxi for airport and limo service

  • Concerned

    Don’t fooled – ‘globally competitive’ means they want Australian workers on Asian wages. Do you want your family to end up like those in Asia? Families crammed into small apartments and living on scraps just to survive? This is how the car companies (and industry in general) want us all to live.