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by Alex Gibson

Top Gear Season 20

A teaser for the 20th season of Top Gear has been released by the BBC, ahead of its premiere in the UK this Sunday.

The first episode will feature a European road trip in a bevvy of drop-top supercars, including an Audi R8 V10, Ferrari 458 and McLaren MP4-12C.

The clip also highlights a few of Clarkson and co’s shenanigans to come, such as getting air in a Ferrari F12, power-sliding limos, and disposing of an even less-emotive-than-usual Stig into a dumpster.



Other things to look forward to include tests of the new Jaguar F-Type, Range Rover Sport, and the world’s most powerful all-electric vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive, as well as the building of a hovercraft to save those living in flood-affected areas.

Supercars and mad challenges aside, perhaps the biggest question about this season is just what will replace the (well and truly) tried and tested Kia Cee’d as the show’s “reasonably priced car.”

  • Zaccy16

    can’t wait! looks great, this show only works so well because of the 3 presenters! but we won’t get it on channel 9 for months after the uk, i will have to download it with other means!

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      Thats why you get Foxtel, the last series was shown a week after being shown in the UK.

      • Zaccy16

        i don’t want to waste money on foxtel!

        • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

          Well then don’t whinge like a little boy about having to wait to watch it on free to air

  • Daniel

    I’m glad it’s still here for the people who still enjoy it, but I am tired of how staged and predictable this show has gotten. And Jeremy used to be endearingly pompous, now I feel he’s just full of outdated grumpy opinions and prejudices with little to base anything on. I will give it a chance to see if they’ve done good, but this show is well past it’s best to me.

  • horsie

    Please somebody put this old dying dog out of its missery

    • yehrite

      Why so we can watch more rubbish like mkr and the block and the mole and house rules and such gems like house husbands? Give me a break. Give me season 56 of Top Gear, with a long dead Clarkson appearing in cyborg form over any of the crap Australian TV has to offer.

    • azlan

      over 300 million people watch it…. what is your definition of misery??? :/ i know its sometimes a bit staged and its a few idiots sharing opinions where they may not have a lot of ‘racing cred’ or anything but what top gear has done to get people interested in cars and the car industry is amazing.

    • guest

      Have to agree with you And the reviews are ancient already. Chris Harris already did a much better review of the SLS AMG Electric Drive which Top Gear will not be able to beat. He has also tested the 918 already, along with the Le Mans winning 962C of 1987, and over at Evo, Harry Metcalfe has already driven Zonda 760RS, Veyron Vitesse, Aston Martin One-77 and even driven in the Mille Miglia in a Veyron, along with comparing a Veyron Vitesse to the Pagani Huayra. What has Top Gear done apart from making silly comments and blowing up caravans?

      • Hoon

        Chris Harris is awesome, he seems to have a much better understanding of the cars he is driving and only trashes the bad points of a particular car rather than the entire car or even the manufacturer unlike Clarkson (especially when it comes to Porsches)

      • Autoholic

        Top Gear is not just a car show, it’s entertainment for a wider audience…it has to be for BBC to throw money at it.

    • deacon_2112

      ‘ow about we put you out of our misery, mate?

      have a pint, and chill, ok?

  • zahmad

    Whats the UK air date?

    • TG dude

      “4 days, 6 hours, 25 minutes, and 08 seconds until the next season of Top Gear starts on June 30th.”

  • Des KSA

    If you want to watch Top Gear as it is aired in the UK then get FilmOn (it’s free in standard definition guise) on your computer. Loads of free channels including heaps of Brit channels. Of course the required BBC2 is there for your entertainment. It will probably air at stupid o’clock Oz time, but hey, if you are a fan you get to watch it with the Poms. Google it, it works a treat.

  • gdggrgywh r g De yw

    The pirate bay peeps

  • Tone

    Great news: the Dacia Sandero will (probably) be the new Reasonably Priced Car.

  • Norm


  • Peter

    Actually I thought that the last season was really good, and the africa story was excellent. But I was watching it without ads. I think that previously it was really butchered by channel 9 with all of the ad breaks – complete pain to watch and put me off. Much better on SBS.

    • Autoholic

      Agreed, when the Top Gear trips are aired I sometimes want to not watch it then on regular TV and instead wait for a bit and then view it through my Apple TV.

  • Autoholic

    …the dacia sandero?